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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] The original 2-D classic Mega Man returns in the all new Mega Man 10! Mega Man 10 continues to bring the series back to its old-school roots, with retro platforming action and classic 8-bit graphics and sound. Rediscover Mega Man with new, classically-inspired boss characters, each with unique weapons and vulnerabilities. The year is 20XX and Robotenza - the Robot Flu - has spread like wildfire, incapacitating robots everywhere. One month after the outbreak, the situation worsens. Infected robots have gone out of control and have destroyed the city! It's up to Mega Man to get to the bottom of this viral mystery. Expand
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  1. 90
    The game is one of the hardest in the series, the bosses are still awesome and the old-school challenges will keep you pulling your hair out for months.
  2. The formula may be a little over 22 years old, but Mega Man 10 shows that it’s still more than capable of delivering just as much fun as it did all those years ago.
  3. 85
    In terms of pure gameplay, Mega Man 10 is easily a better game than 90% of what we play on a yearly basis. And you can take that to the bank.
  4. 80
    All in all, Mega Man is enjoyable. It’s consciously been kept retro to invoke nostalgic feelings for whoever was playing the ‘blue bomber’ 23 years ago. It just feels right and the game just doesn’t need fantastic graphics. Mega Man 10 is a game with a potential high difficulty, that’ll keep you busy for hours on end. The 800 points you have to pay, feel like it’s a bargain.
  5. Even though it's more of the same old, same old (a charge that killed the classic Mega Man series back in the SNES/PSone days), Mega Man 10 is a pretty good 2D platformer and Mega fans will thoroughly enjoy it.
  6. The price point is perfect for what it is, which is another fun entry in a classic franchise, but if Capcom truly wants to bring this back to the forefront, they've got to do something new.
  7. Another tortuously brutal NES-styled slice of gaming masochism for the hardest of the hardcore. [July 2010, p.121]

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  1. Mar 29, 2011
    By perfectly mimicking the style of the beginnings of the series, Mega Man 10 proves that games, no matter how "dated" the design may be, that are challenging, fun, and full of personality will always stand the test of time. Numerous additions like time attack challenges, playing as Proto Man, and an Easy mode only sweeten the deal. Being born the year Mega Man 2 came out I have minimal memories of the series so nostalgia doesn't quite figure into why I like this game (and MM9) so much. Hm. Must mean that they're just plain awesome. :> Expand
  2. TrevorP
    Apr 9, 2010
    I have always loved the mega man series and this is another great addition. It feels right, plays right and brings me back to the hours spent playing the old mega man games. Expand
  3. Nov 14, 2010
    While it doesn't quite live up to MM1-3, this game is still an absolutely fantastic addition to the Mega Man library and a must-buy for fans of the original NES games. Like Mega Man 9 this game features tons of nostalgic charm, good level design, creative enemies and a stellar soundtrack. Plus the addition of Protoman from the get-go, challenge stages, time attack and mostly attainable achievements really up the replay value. Really my only complaints are that the jump from easy to normal is ridiculous, the controls can at times be frustrating (but that's more to do with the Xbox's horrible D-Pad than the game itself I suppose), a couple of the weapons are awkward to use and the game features a few "classic" Nintendo "eff you" moments where you drop down a screen only to land on a completely unavoidable spike. Luckily these trial and error spots are few and far between and overall we're left with a great classic Mega Man game that's more than worthy of your $10. Expand