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  1. Nov 19, 2014
    This game has the genuine feeling that it was not meant for this last-gen console. Though many of its elements seem like they could have the potential to be amazing, its obvious that the 360's software just is not strong enough. It feels like a stripped down port that was made simply so that last gen users didn't feel left out. The nemesis system is stripped down compared to the Xbox One and PS4, the textures in the environments are messy and constantly messing up, and the constant load times is insanely annoying. It's quite obvious that this is technically a great game, just not on this system. Do yourself a favor and save up for next gen before you buy it. Expand
  2. Nov 22, 2014
    The graphics in this game are unforgivable. I am stunned this has been allowed into the market after AC: Unity 'Graphics Gate ?' I can find no media reviews - presumably because they know they can't honestly score the game above 50% without facing a massive backlash from readers. There is no reason for the graphics to be SO POOR. Look at any AC Game, GTA, Destiny, etc they all have stunning graphics and it's not like this game is stunning when the textures EVENTUALLY load in !! Game play wise. So far 4 hours in I like this game. I want to like it. I like the story so far. I like the atmosphere. I have even enjoyed my brief involvement with the nemesis system. Were it not for the glitchy graphics I would score this a 7 with no hesitation. Probably even higher. And i am really hoping a patch will hit so I can get back here and up the score and feel much better about my 40 GBP Purchase !! For the steal book. More than the damn next gen versions !!! How developers think they can treat 360 and PS3 owners like this and expect future / DLC sales is beyond me. THANK GOD i didnt buy the DLC up front. If this doesnt get patched, I will come back and lower score to one and never buy a monolith game NEW (a lot of the money goes to developer) I will just get them second hand and line someone elses pockets. Which would be a crying shame. much much prefer to send my cash to the developers to be honest as thats how we get future games and sequels and so on. 3 as it sits to day. 1 if it isnt patched. 7 or 8 easy IF they fix the graphics. Developer needs to make an announcement before this becomes a PR nightmare for them ** After further play testing the texture issues seem to mostly occur after moving in and out of menu's / nemesis system etc so the problem is not quite as bad as it first appeared. But you have to limit your trips into the menu's if you can. Score raised to a 6. Surely this will be easily patched ? Expand
  3. Nov 21, 2014
    I played this game for....hmmm.....25 minutes! And it wasn't appealing at all. Bad textures, bad draw distance, bugs and clippings everywhere ... blah blah blah. This looks more like an old XBOX(R) game than a 360 game. I don't know what happens with the PS4 and XONE versions because I don't own one (and probably I won't since I prefer to give money to a good PC from now on). But I think the XBOX 360 -besides being outdated- could do far better than that. But the devs seemed lazy enough and they made a X360/PS3 game that does not -by any means- worth of 55 Euros!! Avoid. Expand
  4. Nov 21, 2014
    Im so pissed off i actually paid £40 for this. Was really looking forward to this on the 360 but this is a joke. Any wonder they delayed it. Its nothing i mean nothing like xbone, ps4 versions. Its a crime they released a version like this. If it wasnt gonna be decent on 360 dont release it. The graphics are really ugly and washed out. Loads of pop up. Bad textures. Loads of clipping. Blurry brown enviroments. Loads of loading- even from menu back to game!!!!! Why no one done a xbox 360 review i dont know. Honestly people dont buy this its really bad. Publishers of this crap must think were mugs to accept this. Taking this back tomorrow get something playable. If i do get a ps4 ill maybe get a preowned ps4 copy see how this game should have been. That way this publisher get none of my hard earned cash. This wouldnt have happened if reviewers actually still cared about ALL gamers not just the ones on the next gen. A joke. If i could give a minus score i would. Expand
  5. Nov 24, 2014
    The story is interesting but not gripping. The combat is the same as a Batman: Arkham game (Build up a kill streak, and perform a finisher). The graphics is bad, there is massive lag in the refresh rate, you are often climbing up a solid colour, no bricks and wood panels in sight. Simply loading the map to quickly mark a location takes way too long. I think this should be an exclusive current-gen game, the old consoles do not have enough juice. Still a fun game though! Expand
  6. Nov 23, 2014
    the only positive thing about this game is the combo moves. the graphics are terrible and they look like yore playing on a big back tv. i played for 20 mins and i could no longer stomach the graphics.

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