Minesweeper Flags Xbox 360


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  1. But the improvements to the classic design are substantial, and they really make the gameplay more accessible.
  2. While everyone who owns a Windows PC has a version of Minesweeper to play, this version is actually better with the two new gameplay modes, improved graphics and some very fun multiplayer make this a worthwhile game to own.
  3. For four hundred points, Minesweeper is a nice little and fun to play diversion that will take a while to get through as will earning all the relatively tricky achievements. At this price it is difficult to go wrong, even if it does come free with Windows.
  4. Only the most avid Minesweeper fans will find the game entertaining for more than a couple of hours - but for five bucks, that's a pretty fair deal. [Mar 2009, p.83]
  5. Minesweeper Flags is well-crafted and easy to play, and the Flags Mode played with others might just be the fresh enough to add replayability to the fundamental gameplay, but it’s just not as smooth as the original, though thankfully it won’t cost you much if you want to verify that for yourself.
  6. At $5, it's priced right, but Minesweeper Flags is strictly average fare, even for an Xbox Live Arcade title.
  7. Now some may ask why I am so down on a game that I give a C+. It is not the game that I am so down on. It is the publisher for trying to charge for something that has been free for years.
  8. 55
    While functional and fun in short bursts, unless you want to play Minesweeper on your TV screen there’s little reason you should purchase this Arcade game.
  9. 52
    Why would I want to download a $5 console installment when I can open six different versions for free on my computer and play them all as I type this? Minesweeper Flags works as advertised, so if you’re dying for the Minesweeper experience, you won’t be disappointed. But there's nothing new here that's really worth the download, multiplayer included.
  10. The Windows timewaster comes to Xbox Live Arcade, but the only real addition is a hole in your wallet.
  11. 50
    Minesweeper Flags is a great ‘pick up and play’ live arcade game. The extra mode, content, multiplayer are a welcome addition to the series. Best of all you know what to expect: hours of addictive gameplay and it’s only 400 points.
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  1. Oct 13, 2013
    I honestly can not believe I paid for this.

    Do yourself a favor. Don't bother buying this. The free version that comes with with every
    I honestly can not believe I paid for this.

    Do yourself a favor. Don't bother buying this. The free version that comes with with every version of Windows is exactly the same. And if you don't have that, there are plenty of shareware versions.

    The visuals are nice, but pretty much pointless and unremarkable. Not enough to justify a pricetag.

    Completely needless.
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