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Generally favorable reviews- based on 31 Ratings

Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] More Pirates! More Adventure! More Monkeys! Relive the second swashbuckling misadventure of the wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood as he searches for the lost treasure of Big Whoop, attempts to win back the beautiful Elaine Marley and takes on the now evil zombie pirate, LeChuck! Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge faithfully re-imagines the original classic in signature Special Edition detail. Plus, interact with the world of Monkey Island like never before with new direct-character controls, an interactive object highlight system, behind the scenes art viewer and creator commentary featuring the original developers of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge! Play it again for the first time with signature Special Edition features. [LucasArts]
Rating: E10+
Official Site:
Developer: LucasArts
Genre(s): Adventure, General, General, Point-and-Click
ESRB Descriptors:Animated Blood Comic Mischief Mild Cartoon Violence Mild Language Use of Alcohol
Cast Credit
Ron Gilbert Creative Director
Ron Gilbert Original Game Created And Designed By
Craig Derrick Project Lead
Eric Johnston Code Archeologist
Michelle Hinners Lead Engineer
Michelle Hinners Lead Engineers
Wayne Frost Senior Production Manager, LucasArts Singapore
Thomas Busser Additional Engineering
Jesse Harlin Music Supervisor
Tom Bible Sound Designer
David W. Collins Voice Director
Matt Aldrich Art Director
Christopher Chu Additional Engineering
Francois Coulombe Additional Engineering
Paul Armatta Production Managers
Gary Choo Character Artist
Liew Wai Ming Additional Art
Liew Wai Ming Additional Artist
Adam D. Bormann Additional Design
Jeffrey Lim Engineer
Jeffrey Lim Engineering
Robert Rabin Game Designer
Oliver Franzke VFX Engineer
Gio Corsi Executive Producer, LucasArts Singapore
Charlie Kim Character Modellers
Ren Lin Animator
Ren Lin Animators
Julien Girard-Buttoz Producer
HoChung Nguyen Engineer
HoChung Nguyen Engineering
Jackson Koh Additional Engineering
Jason Chionh Engineer
Jason Chionh Engineering
Jern-Kuan Leong Additional Engineering
Joshua Koh Engineer
Joshua Koh Engineering
Yong Zhen Tan Animator
Yong Zhen Tan Animators
ChunGee Ooi Concept Artists
ChongKhai Chuah Concept Artists
PickChean Chong Additional Art
PickChean Chong Additional Artist
Jose Acebes GUI Artist
ChoonWee Keh Concept Artists
Nigel Ang Technical Artist
Parinaz Shajareh Concept Artists
Ben Marsh Lead Engineer
Ben Marsh Lead Engineers
Andrew Aversa Music Arrangers
Jeff Ball Music Arrangers
Richard Lim Additional Art
Richard Lim Additional Artist
Delphi Tan Production Managers
Andrea Rhodes Concept Artists
Jowy Ng Character Modellers
Fuadz Kassim Animator
Fuadz Kassim Animators
JiaLoon Sim Animator
JiaLoon Sim Animators
JinngHwee Tan Animator
JinngHwee Tan Animators
YuChao Cheng Additional Art
YuChao Cheng Additional Artist
Nicolas Bergeron Lead Engineer
Nicolas Bergeron Lead Engineers
Michael Joos Additional Engineering
Dan Reynolds Music Arrangers
Wilbert Roget II Music Arrangers
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