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  • Summary: Experience extreme monster truck action as you catch massive air, crush cars, perform crazy stunts, destroy everything in your path, race to the finish line and more. Battle through stadium races, freestyle competitions and outdoor circuit tracks on your way to becoming the Monster Jam world champion. 20 of the biggest names in monster trucks: Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Monster Mutt, Blue Thunder, Bounty Hunter and more. Authentic Monster Jam action – Compete in 9 different stadiums on the Monster Jam tour as you compete in stadium racing, stadium circuit and stadium freestyle competitions. It’s like driving the real thing – Use 4 wheel steering to make hairpin turns and perform stunts such as crazy donuts. Put the pedal to the metal with turbo boost to catch massive air and accelerate past competition or through objects. Race your truck outdoors – Take your truck out of the stadium and battle to the finish line on 12 outdoor circuit tracks. Race on unique tracks such as an airport graveyard, a shipyard docks, a construction zone, and a ski resort. Destroy your environment – Each race track and freestyle event has a wide variety of fully destructible objects and obstacles including school buses, gas stations, construction trailers, luxury yachts, loaded semi-trailers and much more. [Activision] Collapse
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  1. Whilst not a technical marvel with amazing physics and jaw dropping visuals Monster Jam completes the goal that all games should aspire to complete, it’s fun.
  2. Upon first sight, and play, this game can be judged quite easily as a bog standard, mediocre, racing frenzy game, any excuse for a bit of chaos.
  3. A frivolous racer with a hefty price tag but brief brainless appeal. [Aug 2008, p.83]
  4. Really, the biggest problem with Monster Jam is its price--for $20, we'd be all over it, but $50? Get over your bad self. [Mar 2008, p.92]
  5. Monster Jam is a terrible racing game, and a laughable attempt at recreating the hefty impact of monster trucks to boot. With zero challenge and aggravating control, I don't think "MotorStorm 2" has much to worry about.
  6. A game without a reason to live, consigned to the scrapheap by the 360's real racers. [July 2008, p.83]
  7. Neither monstrous nor jammy, just tedious. [July 2008, p.84]

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  1. May 17, 2012
    Again? Monster JAM is a big competence, great, funny and savage, but the games are a big disaster, and this new version of Monster JAM is not the exception. The gameplay is awful, the graphics are horrible, the monster cars look awful. Terrible game. Expand