Mixed or average reviews - based on 61 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 61
  2. Negative: 2 out of 61
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  1. As ridiculous as the plot sounds, it actually works fine if you're interested in checking out the game's Story Mode.
  2. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is a decent arcade fighting game, but has its flaws. The limited content and fighter line-up adds up to the absence of gore and violence, which is really a shame. The game still retains the Mortal Kombat-feel though, and the cast of DC-heroes is a nice bonus. The one-on-one multiplayer-rounds are fun enough for fans to consider purchasing Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.
  3. 70
    It starts off fun, but once you've played enough rounds of Sub-Zero versus The Joker, there's not enough substance in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe to give it the longevity of better fighting games.
  4. A surprisingly charming game – more charming than initially expected. It features a reasonable cast of characters that represent both franchises and is choc-a-block with impressive moves and exhausting combos. It might not have the depth and content to win the respect of fans of other franchises, but unfussy brawlers will get a kick out of taking it for a rumble.
  5. This game is at definitely its larger-than-life best with two players, but doesn't have the longevity to make it an essential purchase.
  6. It contains its fair share of flaws, not the least of which are some gameplay unbalances and curious lack of interesting unlockable content. But if you’re looking for silly, lighthearted fun to kill a few hours with friends over a few laughs, you could certainly do a lot worse than Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.
  7. We had a blast playing the game here in the office, with almost everyone gathering to watch. But it is an inferior fighting game, no matter how oddly compelling it is to see two sets of fictional characters clash in such improbable circumstances.
  8. Entertaining, amusing, enjoyable but ultimately shallow, MK Vs DC is brilliant in short bursts but won’t ever take up more than an hour of your time. We bet you find yourself coming back in the long run, though.
  9. An enjoyable story mode and pleasing visuals are overshadowed by the mediocrity of everything else.
  10. Against all odds, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe turns out to be a very entertaining game. The characters that actually made it into the game are more than welcome and the chosen super hero's (and villians) are a perfect fit. The difficulty of the game is kept simple. Just the way it should be in a Mortal Kombat game. But, make sure that you have some friends over when you start playing the game, because it offers little fun for just one player.
  11. By merging two franchises Midway is being quite clever. Mortal Kombat and DC fans will lap this up and for the uninitiated it’ll still provide ample enjoyment.
  12. It seems that with the aid of their superhero counterparts, Mortal Kombat is back, and in better skull cracking shape than before.
  13. Overall this is a competent fighting game.
  14. The game graphics are alright, certainly not as polished as other fighting games this generation and definitely not a challenger against the Soul Calibur series.
  15. Despite of not showing one of the bests Fighting Systems, the game is still compared to any of the Ed Boon’s franchise, surfacing other games in terms of graphics or sounds. Still, the game can’t offer a solid experience like the ones that have inspired MK vs DC. Any fan of each (or both) Universes will certainly enjoy this game because Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe is made for the fans.
  16. It’s good to see that new life, by means of bizarre franchise combination, can be breathed into a nearly dead game series.
  17. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Enjoyable and silly, but if you want a fighter to go the distance, wait for SFIV. [Jan 2009, p.86]
  18. Technical glitches aside, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is a fun diversion in this dream-match crossover.
  19. 67
    I just wish the game's signature (and somewhat watered-down -- go Teen rating!) Fatalities ("Heroic Brutalities" for the politically correct DC heroes) appeared in each character's move lists, as I'd rather not look up a button combination every time I want to shoot my opponent in the face or drop a Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet on his head. You know, the important stuff.
  20. One of the biggest early appeals of Mortal Kombat was the forbidden factor, personified by that curtain that appeared around some of the earlier arcade cabinets to shield kiddies from the evisceration. In its quest for broader appeal, that element of MK is now dead and gone.
  21. The game has some refreshing ideas, and if you can look past these issues, you may find some fun in Midway's latest romp.
  22. As a fan of fighting games in general, with fond memories of the Mortal Kombat series, I find it a shame that the new direction that the developers have taken one of the most renowned series in gaming as one of shallowness, filled with generic design flaws.
  23. 60
    The groundwork is laid here for something truly interesting and special if a follow-up is made, but this initial outing is merely average.
  24. There really is no denying that MK vs. DCU is a simple game at heart, which makes it ideal for playing with a few mates who don't really specialise in fighting games. But its simplicity ultimately proves to be its downfall as, after a week or so of playing, your fighting skills will have outgrown everything that the game has to offer. Competent but unessential.
  25. I would certainly recommend MK vs DC, perhaps not at full price but at a sub-£20 price point I can’t see it disappointing many, and it actually does enough to deserve a seven.
  26. A solid fighter for dabblers.
  27. AceGamez
    Unfortunately, the whole experience just feels a bit pointless.
  28. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Fun reminder of the good old times when fighting games were the most popular ones. DC heroes freshen up the world but the singleplayer campaign is dull and the dubbing is truly punishable. [Feb 2009]
  29. Unless you are a MK fanboy (and I mean so die hard that you don't care if the game is the same old song and dance) or a DC fanboy who wants to see where the writers take their beloved superheroes, then this game is a rental at best. Hell I'm a fan of both, although not die hard for either brand, and I still couldn't find myself very interested in the final result.
  30. The biggest problem for Mortal Kombat vs. the DC Universe is that it’s just meh (Yes, it's now a word, so I get to use it). You will neither love it nor hate it. Instead you will find yourself in a fighting game limbo where you feel kompelled to keep playing because you love one of the respective franchises, or you’ll just play for a while until a sense of disappointment and betrayal sets in.
  31. This Kombat would have been more appealing in arcades 15 years ago than on consoles today.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 88 Ratings

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  1. Jun 1, 2013
    The story of this is one of the worst piece of fiction I've ever seen, complete "marasmus"!!! It pissed me off, violated every rule itThe story of this is one of the worst piece of fiction I've ever seen, complete "marasmus"!!! It pissed me off, violated every rule it possibly could in DC Universe. Having so many great characters, and make them all irrelevant FAILURE. Full Review »
  2. Oct 26, 2010
    If you're a hardcore mortal kombat player,or just someone who wants to play mortal kombat don't get this definitely won't feel like aIf you're a hardcore mortal kombat player,or just someone who wants to play mortal kombat don't get this definitely won't feel like a mortal kombat game at all... Full Review »
  3. Jan 20, 2013
    Terrible game! When you see that your favorite MK characters are going to duke it out with some of the Top Super-hero's of the DC universe,Terrible game! When you see that your favorite MK characters are going to duke it out with some of the Top Super-hero's of the DC universe, you get pretty excited. Then you play it and it turns out this was just a cool idea with a pretty decent trailer. Everything about this game is flawed, the story, if that, was poorly written. Now MK isn't known for their in-depth stories, but I feel like DC could have thrown some creative ideas that would have made this work instead of just having a bunch of loose concepts they strung together. The fighting system is classic MK, but the AI, even on easy, is brutal and spikes in difficulty randomly. I found myself stringing powers together and praying that batman wouldn't spam with more batarangs just so I could kill him. I like challenges, but this was far more than most people could handle. The graphics are nice, but the lack of fatalities takes away from the classic MK feel in a big way. All in all, I hated this game, if you want a great reboot of MK, go buy the actual game. I own that one and it's supremely better. Full Review »