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  1. Jun 3, 2014
    Good ideas and premises that aren't completely able to sustain the weight of their own potential.

    Despite this, the game has soul and its own charm, try it if you are searching for a quite short and relaxing movie-like experience about ghosts.

    Pick the next gen version if possible, the old gen version is barely acceptable.
  2. Jun 3, 2014
    I think most of these reviewers are paid to promote crap like Watch Dogs which doesn't even run properly waiting for service updates, or rather not paid here. This game might have bugs granted although a different concept then those reviewers could get their heads around because they didn't know how to play something different then a generic shooter. Lets wait for any user reviews to make all these paid scrubs look bad. The concept, the adventure heck even point and click, the story, are all seemingly innovative. But if the delivery was lacking, specifically from any advertising as seen onthese reviewers paychecks.

    Simply by going on what is on offer here. I would have rated this game between 7-8 for it's uniqueness.. There might be some draw backs which I may yet find myself biting my words as I await my copy, possibly containing some game bugs glitches most of what I have heard isn't enough to deter from a new type of game experience. These would be welcomed as fresh when different to yet another generic over hyped piece of bucket bought trash that these same scrubs have given 10 out 10
  3. top
    Jun 7, 2014
    Отличный сюжет,локализация игры.,побочные миссии/загадки.Удручает частое проседание fps и легкие демоны,непонятно зачем нужные.Игрой наслаждался.Местами игра напоминает thief,metro и L.A.Noire.
  4. Jul 12, 2014
    While I did enjoy the charm of the game and my love for Salem history and the witch trials, the game mechanics needed a bit more grease. A little more time developing the game would have done wonders for this. There were quite a few unnecessary details that honestly could have been left out even if it told the story of the character you were playing. Compared to other games, it is average, maybe below average, but in its own genre, it's an enjoyable game and I found myself playing this nonstop because I wanted to solve the mystery.

    If you're looking for a change from the FPS or RPG games, then I'd recommend this game for you. If not, I'd save your money for something else.

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  1. Jun 3, 2014
    A flawed game with good ideas that could be better executed and that keeps losing appeal the further you go with it. However, it can be quite entertaining.