NBA 2K10 Xbox 360


Generally favorable reviews - based on 46 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 46
  2. Negative: 0 out of 46
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  1. NBA 2K10 maintains its dominance of basketball video games once again, and the developers are clearly not resting on their laurels.
  2. It's tough to choose between this and NBA Live 10, but in this reviewer's opinion, NBA 2K10 wins at the buzzer.
  3. This series has always been known for its presentation — particularly its animation — and 2K10 is no exception. Big and small, the movements are all so perfect now that the occasional gaffe jumps out only because it’s a reminder that you’re not watching a real NBA game.
  4. 90
    NBA 2K10 continues its legacy of dominance! 2K Sports delivers one of the finest basketball experiences since the glory days of the Dreamcast.
  5. NBA 2K10 is the best digital expression of NBA basketball. Visual Concepts took the best of the league and get it to the game: the gameplay is simply amazing, with lot of freedom and stunning AI. Graphics are a step forward for the series, with most detailed player ever.
  6. NBA 2K10 matches up well to Live when it comes to presentation and the standard expectations of features. But when it comes to basic on-court mechanics, NBA 2K10 wins this one in a laugher.
  7. Simply the best basketball simulation out there. Some gameplay mechanics could be better and players' faces would need a further improvement in the technical department. An highly recommended game and not just for basket fans.
  8. Except for some slowdowns during gameplay, and some online connection problems, NBA 2K10 has been made with astounding care: very deep modes, great graphics and an improved gameplay guarantee an excellent experience for every fan of this sport.
  9. Great graphics, amazing gameplay and awesome value are the key words in NBA 2K10. This is a game franchise that improves every year.
  10. A great, but not perfect game.
  11. When the best improves, there isn’t much more to say other than go and get your copy of the darn game! At once!
  12. 86
    It isn't the perfect game yet, but the changes in gameplay are right, and the extra mode MyPlayer works very well.
  13. NBA 2K10 is a fantastic, fun, and deep representation of the NBA experience. While it may be too much for a very casual basketball fan looking for an arcade experience and instant gratification, 2K10 will certainly appeal to longtime fans.
  14. NBA 2K10 is a well developed game! Already in the first match the atmosphere is totally realistic. Top diagram, top sound, top game!
  15. 85
    With solid, fast paced gameplay and an excellent presentation that's easily the best the series has ever had, NBA 2K10 continues its strong pedigree of great basketball.
  16. 2K's still doing its job properly, just as it has to be done. The latest edition of the basketball sim has improved in every aspect of the gameplay mechanics, but it's still suffering some lame player animations. With plenty of gameplay modes -including online, my player, real NBA stats...-, this year's version is one of the best sports videogames that we've played so far.
  17. A huge part of the NBA's appeal is the individuality of its players – 2K Sports has grasped this and more importantly – conveyed it. As a result, we’re damned if we haven’t noticed the maverick souls of Williams, Allen Iverson and Dawkins stirring within the 0s and 1s here - and the game is more "real" for it.
  18. Even though NBA Today and My Player are noteworthy additions to the franchise and the quick changes to the gameplay mechanics bring more authenticity, NBA 2K10 won’t make history or known as the game that re-invented basketball games. It did improved and that’s all we want. NBA 2K10 is a bit more complex than NBA LIVE 10 but if you are looking for the game that is closest to the real sport, you will certainly be pleased by this new version. In spite of NBA LIVE finally going on the right direction, it looks like the pressure is now on 2K’s camp.
  19. An astoundingly realistic basketball game with some of the greatest environments and graphics seen to date.
  20. 85
    With 2K10’s ruthless difficulty and learning curve, casual sports fans might want to grab EA’s friendly and more forgiving Live 10. But all those wanting the full, balls-out NBA experience, 2K10 is the better game to buy.
  21. 85
    Overall, 2K10 retains its crown as the best pro basketball game on the market, albeit just barely.
  22. 85
    NBA 2K10 manages to improve many facets of its game over its predecessor, showing that this franchise is not willing to give up its all-star status anytime soon.
  23. Nagging issues we've been complaining about for years have gone untouched, and the meager additions to this year's game aren't enough to offset the problems. The endless list of bells and whistles is pointless when your team is blowing wide open layups when it matters. NBA 2K10 is barely the best roundball game on the market, but at this point it's starting to look like a paper champion.
  24. My Player mode’s uphill struggle may not appeal to everyone, but the outstanding presentation and best-in-class Association mode make NBA 2K10 the best basketball sim.
  25. 83
    NBA 2K10 is without a shadow of doubt the best basketball experience you will find at the moment. Realistic graphics and animation, very decent gameplay and numerous modes and options will satisfy your basketball fantasies for many months to come. A few minor annoyances are what keeps NBA 2K10 away from being a classic.
  26. The biggest difference between 2K9 and 2K10 is My Player mode. It's yet another new take on a single player version of the game, and it adds a layer to what is already an high-octane version of basketball.
  27. Beautiful graphics, great commentary, and strong game modes create a very fun basketball game. However, animations that restrict movement and frame rate issues detract from the experience and prevent NBA 2K10 from bringing its "A" game.
  28. If it wasn’t for some issues we mentioned in the review, this could have easily been the best basketball game ever. Next year maybe?
  29. Ultimately, the frame rate and online issues transform what could have been an incredible game into a very good game.
  30. NBA 2K10 still manages to take it all the way to the hole and slam it with authority.
  31. Manages the double whammy of being easier to play and deeper than Live.
  32. Still, if you already know basketball well, or you're willing to learn to play that game to play this game, it's a solid title including a surplus of detailed features and plenty of variety in gameplay action. Newcomers shouldn't expect to be stars right from the opening tip-off, though.
  33. There's no doubt that NBA 2K10 is still the champion: this is clearly the best basketball game available.
  34. This is a very well rounded basketball game, made by and for fans of the sport. The countless details and different facets of the sport are perfectly recreated in the game. The graphics are insanely realistic, but the frame rate suffers sometimes because of it. Still, this is the best basketball game of this season.
  35. NBA 2K10 has been improved on a couple of points in comparison with is predecessor. The My Player mode is a lot of fun, the defense mechanics has improved and the players conditions are much more realistic...There still a few bugs in the gameplay, like players defending the wrong player. And Visual Concepts, please bring back the online lobbies, please?
  36. While it may not be perfect and it may have taken a few steps backwards, the strides forward still make NBA 2K10 the best damn basketball game you’ll find on the Xbox 360 – or on any other console, for that matter.
  37. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    On top of its game - this is the one to get. [Christmas 2009, p.92]
  38. 78
    NBA 2K10 contains enough new features and improvements and has therefore become an interesting title.
  39. Not the greatest way to celebrate 10 years of the franchise.
  40. What this fast-paced basketball game lacks in depth, it makes up for in fun.
  41. NBA 2K10 is a great sport title with some big problems that prevent it from being a top score game. The graphic in awesome and the new My Player Mode is probably the best addiction in the franchise.
  42. There are a zillion game modes to keep both hardcore and casual fans happy, and minus my troubles with Xbox LIVE I’ve enjoyed my 2K experience.
  43. AceGamez
    NBA2K 10 falls down because it tries too hard to be a simulation, instead of just being a game.
  44. X-ONE Magazine UK
    The gameplay could still use a few tweaks. [Issue#53, p.94]
  45. NBA 2K10 is disappointing, to say the least.
  46. 67
    NBA 2K10 is an excellent basketball game that's full of nagging technical problems. It's a shame that some players probably won't be able to look past the inconsistent frame rate, online issues, and A.I. quirks, because NBA 2K10 does many things very, very well.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 34 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 8
  2. Negative: 2 out of 8
  1. JobA.
    Jan 31, 2010
    Ok,ok I just got done playing this game for an insane amount of time.For one I first want to say how the majority of reviewers are wrong on Ok,ok I just got done playing this game for an insane amount of time.For one I first want to say how the majority of reviewers are wrong on this one.First of all this title was released with technical problems as we all know but they have been all cleaned up thanks to a much needed patch.1 up is way off on there review,I saw how they gave 2k8 a 8.5 then 2k9 a 9.1 then they bashed nba 2k10 with a 6.7.This game is out of this world good in every respect.Review companies need to take in mind that there could be technical problems but then,of course, there will be a patch released,especially in this time of gaming.I really like how OXM magazine looked passed it and wrote such a "on the money" review.I think it is better then 9.0 though.The depth of this game,the best sound,the best replay value in sport gaming.I still get a bit upset because the 2k servers are so busy that nba today still doesn't work all the time but everything else is great.I have ALL of the 2k basketball games from nba 2k on the Dreamcast and I can honestly say that they have stepped up there game so much with this title that there is no way EA sports will ever touch this in the future.EA actually never has won at any year for there basketball title but came very close in 2005 because of the all-star weekend.This game has so much to do, and everything it offers is grade A quality not just "stuff".I have went back to every basketball game from all companies that made basketball games and the closest to this game is actually Nba 2k9,Espn nba 2k4 then Nba 2k6.Anyone can make a game look incredible or just play incredible but this game has it all and I cant imagine how nba 2k11 will top it but I'm sure they will with Project Natal,and other innovations and ideas that they will have.I just ask of 2K to please free up your servers so nba today will always run correctly.I give Nba 2k10 a 9.6 Full Review »
  2. Oct 29, 2012
    NBA 2K10 manages to improve many facets of its game over its predecessor, showing that this franchise is not willing to give up its all-starNBA 2K10 manages to improve many facets of its game over its predecessor, showing that this franchise is not willing to give up its all-star status anytime soon. Full Review »
  3. BrianT.
    Jan 21, 2010
    I am absolutely astonished at how game critics have given this game a favorable review. Either they played a different game or they did not I am absolutely astonished at how game critics have given this game a favorable review. Either they played a different game or they did not delve into any of the online features (which is a majority of the game). NBA 2k10 has to go down in history as being the most epic fail in game release and QA history. The fact that 2k released this game in such a sorry, buggy state while stealing people's hard earned cash should be a crime. Over 3 months later and it's still as buggy, and still unplayable online. I and many others (check out the forums) have wasted countless hours/days just trying to play an online game. Extremely frustrating. Again, this game should be used as the ultimate example of how not to release a game that's not finished. I doubt I'll ever buy a 2k game again. Full Review »