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  1. Nov 20, 2012
    Great game. They fixed the flaws from 2k12 (sluggish movement and bad contextual animations). If you are having trouble shooting with the new L2 + RS controls, just switch to the shot button for shooting - it works just as good. There are some issues, the stopping catch animations, and ridiculous offensive rebounding by the CPU.
  2. Oct 3, 2012
    NBA 2K. Where amazing happens. Even online this year. Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, the greatest sports game ever made has the best online netcode the series has ever had in this years game. Finally. Finding matches is a breeze, lag is virtually non existent, and the experience is grand. The remarkably fluid gameplay (grabbing a rebound and taking off with Lebron happens instantaneously and flows like water, no canned animations, so life-like and real), impeccable commentary, and insanely good soundtrack immerse you into the game in ways that cannot be explained. Jay-Z's involvement is felt the moment the game boots up when and incredibly video compiling performance footage (of one of the greatest and most iconic songs of all time 'Public Service Announcement) from Jay-Z's concert with in game 2K footage is so sick. I watch every single time I boot the game up. And I probably always will. I love that track. But the truly amazing thing in this year's game to me, is the inclusion of Signature Skills. Which I think is laying the foundation for another revolution by 2K in the sports video game genre. There are like 50 Sig Skills. Players can possess multiple and the skills have varying ways to effect gameplay. For instance, Kobe, DWade, Durant have a Sig Skill called The Closer. In the 4th quarter, they get a ratings boost across the board and you can literally feel there intensity level go up in the final minutes. Its incredible. Lebron's iconic Chase Down Blocker is one of his Sig Skills and you can see him speed up to reach a fast breaking opponent to get the block. It's uncanny. Others include, Hustle Man, which gives the entire team and energy boost which someone with the skill makes hustle plays. Skills that give percentage boosts or drops depending on situation that can effect gameplay in ways only the deepest players will respect and love equally. For anyone who is a die hard b-ball fan and gamer this is an incredibly deep gameplay mechanic that can only get better over the years once its expanded on. The guys over at 2K Sports are collective enclave of brilliant minds and have the utmost respect of this gamer. This game is the holy grail of Sports Gaming. It gets no better. This is my Game of the Year. Expand
  3. Oct 2, 2012
    The game is ALMOST the same as last years version. There are a few Minor tweaks that make it a better game the control stick is one of them. In years past you had the same thing you just had to hold down the modifier button (LT) to use it. This year no need to hold down the (LT) button to use the contol stick.. To shoot however you do need to use the (LT) button as the modifier. I enjoy this cause also depending on how you flick the stick will depend on what type of Shooting move you do. A fade away, jumper, lean in, dunk, or under handed layup. It makes for a more realstic game play experiance. Also helping this out is the physics, If the defense switch and you have a bigger man on a point gaurd. You have a better shot of driving the lane. The Commentary is great the 3 man both does another great job and they added on to help the my player feel more relevant. If your into the shoe game the sneaker editor is totally insane and is a nice and welcome add on for me! What I dont like the menus, yes they are only menus but if you dont know what your doing they can be a pain to try and Nav. The fact i had to pre order the game from only certain stores to be able to get the All-star DLC. it should have already been in the game. All in All its up there with the best sports titles. 2K Sports tweaked just enough to get it just a step up from last yr. Which makes it a buy! Excuse me while I go and work on my control stick skills! Expand
  4. Jul 31, 2013
    This game sucks! It's all about animations and sticking animations together fluently, instead of being able to be free with your movements. This... plain and simply... makes for a BAD basketball game. The menu music is horrible too!
  5. Oct 5, 2012
    NBA 2K13, is a great game in almost every single aspect , in my career I complain because the intelligence of the machine is extremely stupid and has a lightning speed because no reason they do that, in everything else is fine, new moves, and more players actual gestures.
  6. Oct 9, 2012
    Too many glitches and bugs. The multiplayer is terrible and lags like crazy. The My Player mode is a joke because you still start out as a terrible player. Guys make 3's easier than lay-ups. Also, if you didn't pre-order the game, you don't get the All-Star Weekend which is something that has always been included throughout the history of sports games. 2K can suck it.
  7. Jun 9, 2013
    I don't play basketball nor do I even watch it, but I bought this game hoping to have something to do, and it somewhat succeeded in that. Although I'm not a huge fan of the game of basketball I did have fun playing this game. It did not last as long as I hoped, but for the time that I was really into it I quite enjoyed it. It takes a revolutionary step in the "Career mode" adding social media, sponsors, and one of my favorites the post game interview. THE VERDICT: I had never bought a NBA game before and I was somewhat satisfied with the purchase. If you enjoy the game of basketball you will probably enjoy this game a little more then I did. And in case you're wondering, I'm more of a hockey person;) Expand
  8. Oct 24, 2012
    What happened??? I only gave it a 2 because I liked the music, quality of the commentators, and Blacktop. Character creation and My Player is horrible, nothing kept me interested in playing this game. It feels like they took a great franchise and smashed it with a cinder block and took the remains and through them in a fire. I was a huge fan of 2K12, looked great, played great, felt right... ... This is not a good sign of things to come 2K. You really need to get back "in the game", before EA releases their title next year. Hear my full review on the show, Expand
  9. Jun 9, 2013
    This game is the best game I have ever played. My Favorite mode is the association mode. Also I Love to create players. Blacktop is really good besides that there is now fouls in it but it is good. Overall This game is my favorite game ever made. Celtics Rule
  10. Oct 28, 2012
    NBA 2K13 is good enough to render 2K12 obsolete. The NBA 2K Series is a series of great basketball games. It takes me about a month to get a great feel for the latest version, and at first I had reservations about this game. Most of my issues at first were with the Virtual Currency (VC) system. When you first start out VC seems like a ripoff, and most likely you are going to spend real money instead of waiting to have enough VC to create a competitive MyTeam or MyPlayer. Beyond the VC, this game is an improvement in every facet of the game. In 2K12 dribbling moves and breaking down the defender were only moderately effective. 2K13 revolutionizes dribbling controls to make this a much more enjoyable and exciting game. I like the Jay Z presentation and feel it is a real improvement, not everyone shares this opinion. (Guess it depends on whether or not you like Jay Z, I must.) One real presentation difference is the use of Music Videos during the intro to some games, also in MyPlayer the use of commercials versus all of the still billboards. The main new feature of this game is the MyTeam mode, which has you playing other real online oponents to move through a Playoff structure. I really like the new mode, but this is where you are going to spend real money to build a good team, instead of waiting until you have enough VC to pick up a couple of Superstars. Now, some players are abusing this mode in 1 of 2 different ways: 1) Building a team of all 3 Point shooters and launching away the entire game (completely unrealistic and could use patching) 2) Building a Superteam even though it is costing them real $ (Played a team with CP3, Wade, Lebron, Durant and Howard yesterday, again this should be patched to allow a maximum # of Superstars). Negative: If you do not have Xbox Live, you will not have access to about Half of the content in this game. All-in-all, NBA 2K13 is a major improvement where it counts - Gameplay, has improved Presentation and a fun online MyTeam mode. One last thing - 2K13 is far more "explosive" that 2K12. Expand
  11. Oct 2, 2012
    This game is good, but not great. Some great things are the new MyTeam mode, new game intros, and of course, the game soundtrack. But there are no major fixes for screwed up player models and a hard to navigate menu.
  12. Oct 23, 2012
    NBA2K13 is a great game hands down! This year the game has the best graphics to date certainly much improved better then 2k10,2k11,2k12! This is one of the most realistic NBA2K games ive ever played! This year there is a new move control stick that give players move controls to do moves while on the court using the right joystick, and now pressing X to shoot. Also the game music is all produced by Jay-Z and the game features real music. For all the crew lovers like myself CREW is not back in this game BUT there is MYplayer online. There is a new mode called myplayer blacktop online. You can play 3 vs 3 online with your myplayer guy and yet its def not crew it's certainly good enough to hold people off until nba2k14 and hopefully crew will return. Overall this game is a MUST BUY for any basketball/NBA fan it's the best 2K NBA game ever , and ive played them all going way back to even sega dreamcast! Expand
  13. Nov 3, 2012
    I bought this game hoping it would be better than the last few years... Every year I tell myself I won't buy it and I do and every year I'm disappointed at all the things they refuse to fix. Clunky/Unresponsive controls, clicking one button gets you stuck in a 3 second animation while the pc just walks past your defense, Your AI defense is so poor when the AI's defence is responsive, TL;DR Stop buying the same game with the same flaws with one new game mode with one new change Expand
  14. Oct 2, 2012
    The game is great. The pick and roll works well this year. I love the animations. Everything seems closer to real basketball than ever before. I can't wait to play more online!!
  15. Oct 3, 2012
    Clearly an improvement over last years edition, the new button layout and physics makes this game nearly perfect. The presentation is on point, and with the addition of an expansive soundtrack, it's hard to ask for much more. Well done.
  16. Oct 12, 2012
    Its not entirely a bad game, but its got its major faults. non existent defense. u can literally run through defending players as they step out of the way and let u through. this is especially bad with lebron james and kobe bryant. even on the hardest difficulty defense puts in no effort. thats 40% of the game, so i took 4 marks off. the revitalised offense controls are good, but shooters can shoot over the top of people no problem. thats another 2 points. Will be eagerly awaiting NBA Live this yr, as a $20 downloadable game, might be the good stuff, Expand
  17. Oct 15, 2012
    This game is by far my favorite sports game to date. It could be the fact that I just love basketball, or the fact that I'm a huge fan of Jay-Z. Either way, this game is amazing. The controls are more fluid than ever and the signature animations are a sight to behold. It did take me at least 10 games to fully understand the control scheme, but once you get it down, there are endless possibilities. With the addition of the control stick, it does feel a little more like the NBA Live series, most recent being NBA Live 10. People are sure to nitpick, but as a 26 year old gamer, I can appreciate how far we've come. I get endless enjoyment out of playing as the Dream Team(complete with Barkley and Pippen) and also as the 2012 Olympic team. The classic teams are all here. With the exception of just a few I would have liked to see. But overall, I cannot stop playing. The animations are crisp and the gameplay is airtight. Keep in mind, I do not play sports game online. So my review is really for the offline gamers. Tons of fun. Scoop it if you can. Traded in Madden 13 to get it and could not be happier with my choice. Expand
  18. Oct 31, 2012
    I can't believe all the lies I see I had to create a user just so I could write the truth. Let me be very clear this game is not I repeat NOT better then 2k12. the my player mode or as they call it in 2k13 my creator mode is crap. as a rookie your only given like 5 min or so to play in game that determines where you get drafted making it very hard to get picked higher then 10th. I almost forgot its much harder to level your person up unlike in 2k12 that if you got high enough in a drill you would not only get XP but you would get like +1 inside shot and so forth, not in 2k13 drills are almost useless even if you get gold you only get about 60 XP that's it no extra state for doing good. 2nd if you have multiple people using your gamer tag too bad you have to create one person and they are there forever so you can't have multiple my career modes with different people because if you try it will put that one person in every time. and it won't let you change the persons name. 3rd the playlist is so short you will get sick of it before you know it. the last problem I have is with the controls well others like the whole control stick thing I hatted it and sometimes you do a dribble move you never meant to, oh and if you where like me and never really used them in the first place it punishes you with great def all around. I almost forgot for those who got the All star DLC with the pre order don't bother its controls are so glitchy its not even worth it. so whats good about the game well they have included a lot more older teams and legends into the game which is a plus in my book. the graphics have also improved. if you don't have other people using your Gamer tag my career is a plus as far as looks you can go talk to the GM of your team just like in real life and it shows it. also you can buy apparel to change your players look when he is on the court getting to the arena and all that good stuff. oh and also in the off season your GM will ask you who you think they should try to sign taking a page out of MLB2k12. though at least in my case they went after no one I said they should so it felt like they really didn't care. Overall I am deeply saddened by NBA 2k this year I thought it would be better but it was a big disappointment do yourself a favor and keep 2k12 or re-buy it because 2k13 is just a shinny pile of crap. its going down the road of Madden and that's not a good thing. only reason its not getting a lower score is because well its not as good as 2k12 its still at times a decent game. Expand
  19. Feb 26, 2014
    Everything about this game is worse than the last 2 except for the animations. The game does everything except what you want your player to actually do. If you are within 5metres of any player you will get flung like a magnet to them whilst your opponent runs free and rains three's. This even occurs running into your own players which is completely ridiculous and then you'll then get called with a foul when you knock over someone for running into them. It is virtually impossible to play D in my player mode and everything feels completely sluggish and broken compared to the previous games where your player could run fluently around the court and only get glued to players if there was a screen. Expect to get fouled out of the game a lot because steals are now non existent - you will get called every time you reach in hlwever the opponents will be able to steal the ball of you at will with no fouls which is great news for you.The jay z layout of the game is terrible - your player stats don't show up in a neat graph anymore but you have to manually scroll down the screen with one stat displayed at a time with a number which is like 40 stats. The soundtrack sucks - nearly every song is hip hop and there is absolutely no variety which is just a terrible decision because it gets old fast. The game is also impossible to play on xbox live - especially my player because you now have to sign your player up to 2k servers which basically means every time you click a menu button you'll have to wait about 3 minutes while the game connects to the servers for no reason!!! This game is a piece of junk and all the new ideas like shoe creator are wasted because the gameplay is so bad. Expand
  20. Nov 9, 2012
    As far as gameplay and graphics go, this is a carbon copy of last year's game. The only major difference this year is the inclusion of the right stick being for dribble moves and if you want to shoot you must now hold LT and then the right analog. The old school teams and dream teams are still a blast from the past to play with and rosters and associations are fun but unchanged. If you love basketball this is a tremendous game but for people like myself who aren't big basketball fans, it's simply above average at best with not a ton a replayability. Expand
  21. Nov 14, 2012
    This game is good. everything feels more on point. everything is just how it should be, the only thing bad is the multiplayer. Its HORRIFICLY BAD in my opinion, i cant get somebody with a stable connection. Great game though, its produced by jay-z but lacks music, which is pretty unfortunate. this one is good for if you have friends over, and something to do when the game isnt on. Heat All Day.
  22. Feb 13, 2013
    One of the most dissapointing titles for me.. HUGE 2k fan.. Bought the Dynasty for this one.. MY PLAYER mode for me was RUINED.. MICROTRANSACTIONS and the VC points dropping into everything I do.. I do NOT play online nor should i be forced too to get my full VC points that i shouldof earned to get MY PLAYER guy to develop at a decent rate.. Complete fail on that part
  23. Apr 28, 2013
    2k13 is the best basketball game ever made, that obvious. The gameplay is amazing, the devs keep the updates coming. I still want more though, minor things including: shooting the ball after the play has stopped, the ability to give a teammate a five in my career after a made bucket, etc.

    More options need to be added to My Career. I can't finish many seasons because it just gets too
    repetitive. 2k devs can add something else rather than post game press conferences after EVERY GAME.

    It really is a great game, I just can't help but thinking I want more.
  24. Apr 6, 2014
    I didn't think 2k sports could do it, but they keep getting better with each and every installment. I'd still like to see a more open choice to skipping games in myCareer mode and I don't like the lack of multiple mycareer player appearances, but it's still a very well made and executed game
  25. Jun 18, 2013
    This game is one of the worst 2k games. The players are to over powered online and it's really fake. Centers and power forwards miss rebounds that bounce off their faces. Contact layups are a basic automatic miss. 2k developers better step it up or they're going to lose another customer
  26. Jun 29, 2013
    This game is really decent. It is good sometimes but horrible other times. In my team there are really bad calls and it glitches out. I think the best mode is. My career because you decide the fate not the computer like many modes. Black top is fun to play with friends.
  27. Jun 29, 2013
    2k Sports did OK with this game. Everything about it is ok. They are all lazy, money eaters. My MyPlayer is rated a 99. His pass is a 95, but whenever I try to pass out of a double team, a big man comes out of the blue and intercepts the pass. He is a 6'2 point guard, and gets blocked by all of the other point guards. This really frustrates me. 2k really needs to step it up, because right now, I'm on the verge of buying NBA Live 14. Also, they need to improve the rating you get coming into the nba. Expand
  28. Jul 21, 2013
    I cant stand this game. Tried to play it for months with my friends and its just FAKE! No defense. All 3s if u drive good luck defending it. Players contour in the air. The my player takes forever just to be good even though i average 30 a game. Music was shut off after 2 mins of a bleeping kanyes mercy. Just get FIFA or the new live 14 coming out
  29. Nov 22, 2013
    NBA 2K13 is an awesome game! Making your own player going through the NBA Draft and the Rookie Showcase and when your career takes off you get on magazine covers, billboards and get sponsors. This game gets a perfect 10.
  30. Jan 27, 2014
    Let me start off by saying I'm not a fan of the sports in general or a fan of the franchise. With that said I give this boring game a 5. Its kinda cool starting out and doing interviews for scouts to get recruited to play on their team, after that its really lame. Who wants to sit and watch 50% of the game while your on the bench??? Not me, this game is more boring than a game on tv with teams your not interested in. Lame and boring, all around no replay-ablility. The soundtrack however, I did very much enjoy. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. Mar 8, 2013
    This is a welcome new standard for sports videogames as a whole and with any luck, will generate interest in getting the audio right. There are only so many places left to make it new and NBA 2K13 has crossed another off the list.
  2. Jan 7, 2013
    This is still a great game, and sports fans will love this, but for those still clinging to NBA 2K11 or 2K12, you'll want to take the plunge if you really need that roster update or desperately want to play as the Dream Team.
  3. Dec 17, 2012
    There's no need for another basketball game series if the NBA 2K franchise keeps releasing games like this. [Jan 2013, p.74]