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  • Summary: NBA Ballers: Chosen One is a fantasy basketball entertainment experience featuring one-on-one and two-on-two action with the NBA's elite players. More than 65 of the NBA's top superstar athletes come to life as the NBA Ballers franchise continues its legacy. NBA Ballers: Chosen One puts players up-close and into the action with new "action movie" style game cameras that highlight every move. Create-a-Baller and take on the challenge of the epic "Chosen One Tournament", brought to you live from the most exotic courts around the world. As you progress through the game, earn the right to use an NBA star's "Shut 'Em Down" Super Move or take your Baller online to test your playing skills against others. [Midway] Expand
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  1. Some of the fun of old wacky b-ball games has been replaced by what's perceived as cool. [June 2008, p.72]
  2. Chosen One offers a decent arcade basketball experience, but its short single player and weak online options ultimately keep it from unseating the current street champ, "NBA Street Homecourt."
  3. NBA Ballers: Chosen One lacks better production values. Career mode is short, combos should be more varied, and some objectives don't make sense.
  4. 60
    While Ballers hits from long-range with pretty graphics and plenty of Cribz-esque intros and unique elements, it clangs off the rim a bit with its Chosen One storyline execution.
  5. 55
    An abundance of cheap tactics and bland gameplay make this one title that will forever be warming the bench.
  6. Chosen One is a decent enough romp for a couple of nights play, however it's hard imagine you'd invest any more time than that. It fails to exceed the fun factor, and overall quality, of similar games to come before it.
  7. I could go on for much longer, pointing out the weightless feel of your player, the cheap and featureless last-gen graphics, the repetitive and unimaginative play-by-play banter, the purposeless customization options or the usually desolate and ultimately just as crappy online multiplayer. But that would be treating the game as if it had tried, when it’s apparent that this baller was looking to ball the pooch all along.

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  1. StephenCountry
    May 5, 2008
    This game is a ton of fun to play with friends. I actually believe that the controls and overall depth of gameplay is much better than what I've seen in the competitors games (NBA Street, etc.). I think this game is getting a lot of harsh reviews because people aren't playing the game multiplaye. Tthey are only playing the single player experience. i certainly don't agree with the reviews (although who does these days) and think that the game is really a lot of fun and deserves recognition as such. Expand
  2. Adrian
    May 4, 2008
    A disappointing release that feels rushed. I have played all other versions of NBA Ballers and this one is the worst of them all... Graphics have lots of jaggies, the camera angle doesn't feel right and you cannot adjust it. The animations are stiff. The loading times are horrendous. Some of the game modes are pathetic (such as the one where you don't have to clear the ball in a 1-on-1-on-1 match) and the special moves trigger cut scenes that happen all too often and disrupt the flow of the game. A real shame as I was really looking forward to this release and feel as though it was a waste of money.... I wouldn't recommend anything more than a rental unfortunately. Expand
  3. Sep 10, 2012
    With basketball finals upcoming a basketball game was in need. So i placed Ballers on the queue inspite of all the negative about it. Thinking at least the flash would make up for it.

    How little did I overestimate the amount and ease to use those flashy moves would be. You get thrown into the game with no tutorial what so ever. So you start of guessing what each of the buttons do.

    What a fun first couple of games that made! once you do get the controls down you
  4. joshua.
    Nov 27, 2008
    any game that rates larry bird as one of the lowest ranking passers on the game knows NOTHING about the game of roundball. period. now apply the same brillant minds here that rank bird as one of the lowest ranking passers AND one of the lowest ranking in power, which was his strongest natural physical asset, and you have one of the lowest ranking basketball video games of all time, an absolute joke, and within winking distance of RACIST to boot. just to give an idea of how ridiculous birds rankings are in the game, as a comparison george gervin was one of the worst passing guards in the history of the game, and he was a GUARD, so the game was set up for him to have more options to pass however bird in the FORWARD position, who is heralded as the best passing forward of all time, averaged OVER 2 TIMES as many assists as gervin, yet his ranking on the game is far lower than gervin and other players who averaged far less than bird such as dominique, worthy, dr. j, etc.. etc.., bird's power is also ranked at half of what gervin is for comparasin, which is just as ridiculous given gervin was an absolute bean pole of a man at just barely 185 soaking wet and roughly the same height as bird yet bird outwieghed him BY 60 POUNDS of muscle and is renowned as one the most well conditioned players to ever play the game due to his extremely hard work ethic, he was always the first one in the gym to practice and the last to leave waking up before dawn just to start training, he seemingly never tired out, and was a very strong 220-230 lbs. all of this illustrates just how the same apathetic effort to even do basic fact checks translates into an extremely apathetic and ignorant game in general, a contender for the worst basketball video game ever, move over "jammit" and make room at the bottom, its gonna stink down there for a while when this one drops. Expand