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  1. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Dec 8, 2011
    It's so enjoyable that we'd be hard pressed to recommend a better casual sports game for just about anyone. [Issue#79, p.103]
  2. Oct 14, 2011
    If you prefer arcade to simulations… if you love this game… this is the perfect NBA Jam experience! In your face!
  3. Oct 14, 2011
    EA seems to have figured out what NBA Jam was missing last year and went ahead and fixed it this time. Though battling the AI is fun, it's centered so heavily around playing with people, comparing scores and just having an arcade-style experience from the comfort of your living room that they finally seem to understand it- and if they can fix some niggling issues and get online working right, this game runs very close to perfect.
  4. Oct 13, 2011
    EA Canada makes the first true NBA Jam sequel since the old-school arcade games appears so far. And it is still frenetic, fast and funny, but most of all: SO HOT!
  5. Oct 5, 2011
    If you are a fan of the previous NBA Jam games you can download this one without hesitation but even for those new to the scene, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is money well spent.
  6. Oct 3, 2011
    That this is the definitive version of NBA Jam is undeniable: it plays better, looks better and lasts better than any of the previous games in the series' history. The fact that it's a mere 1200 Microsoft Points only makes it an even more irresistible proposition.
  7. Oct 17, 2011
    This is easily the best version of NBA Jam to date.
  8. Nov 7, 2011
    An arcade retro basketball game with dynamic AI, an intense 2 on 2 gameplay and players from the past. I love it.
  9. Nov 22, 2011
    NBA Jam: OFE is so much better than it's predecessor. Seeing how well this game is constructed, we don't even know why the first game was ever launched. This game is pure fun, especially with friends. A great substitute for when there's no basketball on TV.
  10. Oct 16, 2011
    I expected some goofy fun from NBA Jam: OFE and got a thoroughly well-developed, competitive game that's both faithful to the Jam legacy and has legs to last.
  11. Oct 14, 2011
    When a game so enjoyable and exciting -as the On Fire Edition of NBA Jam is- is offered in such an affordable price, then you know you're on for a real treat.
  12. Oct 5, 2011
    Aside from these issues, I really enjoyed NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. It is certainly reminiscent of old-school NBA Jam, which is what I'm looking for.
  13. Oct 10, 2011
    NBA Jam: On Fire Edition's online, downloadable release and lessened price point will make it an easier pill to swallow for budget gamers and make it a no-brainer for fans of the series. It's the defininitive version of NBA Jam.
  14. Oct 6, 2011
    That is a lot of boom for a very little bit of Shakalaka if you know what I'm saying. This is the definitive version of the series, not only as it has up-to-date visuals, rosters, and modes, but it is about as complete as you could hope from this series.
  15. Oct 17, 2011
    Playing NBA Jam: On Fire Edition alone isn't that much fun, but invite a couple of friends and this transforms to one of the best party themed sports games ever released.
  16. Oct 16, 2011
    Between the price, the modes, and the online play, it's a gem.
  17. Oct 11, 2011
    The rebirth of the NBA Jam series has found his ideal channel of distribution, with a new version which returns to the classic style of the original arcade. It has many changes in comparison with the game of last year, and it drops some of its features, but adds others which compensates for. A very interesting option with a good price.
  18. 80
    The 2010 version's numbskull partner A.I., for instance? Fixed. And the even more frustrating opponent A.I. that still makes us angry just thinking about it? Also rectified, although all their old dirty tricks emerge during the masochistic Jambot matches you must complete to earn Platinum medals.
  19. Oct 5, 2011
    Once you get a game going with friends or online fodder, though, On Fire Edition shows its best side, and could easily turn "one more match" into hours spent cracking jokes and laughing at every comment the announcer makes. And for a b-ball know-nothing like me, that's more than enough justification to find yourself playing a sports game. Just don't take it too seriously.
  20. Oct 13, 2011
    While it could have benefitted from a few new modes, a create-player feature, or mini-games, NBA Jam: On-Fire is still a shoulder-charging steal at $15.
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  1. Oct 5, 2011
    This is everything I want out of a quirky, arcade-style basketball game and more. Setting the bar last year with their first release of an NBAThis is everything I want out of a quirky, arcade-style basketball game and more. Setting the bar last year with their first release of an NBA Jam game in almost 15 years, the team at EA score big with this new update from last year's already solid title. Tim Kitzrow is back to make me laugh so hard at his commentary I have to occasionally stop and pause the game until I recover from laughing at his one-liners. Also returning, as the title suggests, are the most recent NBA rosters and players from today and from years past, returning as "Legends", who will play with a slew of wacky unlockable teams that are sure to keep you busy well until the NBA season will end (despite the lingering blackout...). New this year are improved graphics, with smoother animations and even sweeter visual effects (being on fire, new trick & dunk moves) that blow last year out of the water. Also updated are a few game changers: on top of being "on fire" by scoring 3 baskets in a row, Team Fire now sets you and your teammate "on fire" when you successfully complete 3 alley-oops in a row without letting the opposing team score. There's now also "Razzle Dazzle" moves implemented in the game, which take trick moves, shots and shoves and add a little flare to them in-game, such as rolling the ball on your shoulders or shooting the ball granny-style (which is absolutely gut-busting seeing for the first time). Campaign has now been renamed and redone, being named "Road Trip", in which you must beat each team in the NBA, with Bronze, Silver and Gold medals to win for each team depending on how many times you play that team. Being able to choose a team that fits your needs for each game you play is a step in a good direction from last year, which only allowed you to play as one team for every franchise file you saved, which tended to get boring. The last major addition is Jam Central, which contains a store to buy players and customizations for your game card, challenges to help you level up and use points in the store, and friend leaderboards. There are so many ways to level up in this game, it'll be hard to be stuck not knowing how to level up next.
    Feeling like you're a part of the player with and without the ball in a basketball game is essential, and it seems as though EA has learned a thing or two from last year. Despite the AI still being a bit on the soft side for more hardcore fans, there's plenty here to go around for everyone. For those who love being able to play basketball, but aren't interested in the learning curve that NBA 2K12 may have on new players, NBA Jam OFE has one of those "easy to learn, hard to master" attributes, which appeal to newcomers and experts alike, and for $15 on PSN and Xbox Live alike, the price is a hell of a lot better than what it was at a year ago, and so much more has been put in this year. If you liked the experience last year with NBA Jam, you owe it to yourself to at least try OFE as a trial, but if you're like me, you won't need to even try it. This is an impulse buy, and a needed one at that for a much more reasonable price.
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  2. Nov 28, 2015
    I got NBA JAM On Fire Edition for 360, to play on my XB1 and it rocks.

    NBA JAM in the Arcade and on old systems like SNES and Megadrive
    I got NBA JAM On Fire Edition for 360, to play on my XB1 and it rocks.

    NBA JAM in the Arcade and on old systems like SNES and Megadrive were just awesome.

    The gameplay in the 2010 version goes back to the original NBA JAM game even with the voices.

    It was a Midway game but EA bought the licence ::) but EA done good here for once.

    The gameplay has improved :)

    It's a 2 on 2 basketball game but you get to play 1 of the 2 players on your team this version, you can play both players in the option but the game this time round is not really designed to play both players, to get the most out of the game, play the default control just one player on your team. You can also Tag team, which is changing players but still controlling like the 1 player version, gameplay works best in solo or tag.

    The commentary is very good with all the "BOOMSHAKALACS" and more voiced by the guy who done the original. I'd say commentary in this game is better than the original game the atmosphere is perfect and better than original game..

    Unlocks and single player are nothing special apart from learning the game, on harder levels AI cheats it seems, human opponents would find it difficult to block like AI blocks, it can happen with humans but rarely.

    Outrageous over the top moves and FUN FUN FUN.

    Original NBA JAM, you score 3 consecutive baskets with a man and he goes On Fire and you can pull off even more outrageous moves and you get boosts. That's still in the game.

    Plus a new TEAM ON FIRE boost for the whole team as been added to activate the Team On Fire you need to do 3 team move baskets call Alley Hoops, basically 1 of the team goes ariel in some kind of over the top gymnastic move or a high jump towards the basket and the second player passes the ball to him as he flies through the air to dunk the passed ball. Really nice added edition that improves the perfect gameplay of NBA JAM. (EA actually improved a game, falls on floor ;D)

    Multiplayer is where NBA JAM really rocks.

    I give this game 9.3/10 and a must buy only £9.99, totally worth it.

    So much fun in a basketball game even if you not into basketball which I'm not. Plus bonus of playing on my XB1.
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  3. Mar 20, 2013
    There wasn't a time during this game when playing co-op online with my cousin that we didn't have fun (We played as the utah jazz bear and IThere wasn't a time during this game when playing co-op online with my cousin that we didn't have fun (We played as the utah jazz bear and I was rumble the bison from the OKC thunder.) this is one of those silly arcade sports games that most of us love, they're no rule fun and anarchy that make us laugh and bring us back to a time when everything wasn't about shooting someone in the face or sitting in a box because you tripped someone (NHL).

    If you're looking for a game with a lot of content built in or just a game to keep you and your kids entertained you can't go wrong with this game, it's easy to pick up and there's lots of unlockables.

    OR if you're in a rush they have a "Cheat" pack on the marketplace that gives you almost everything plus some in game money but don't get it the wrong way it doesn't unlock everything it just gives you a lot of cool stuff right off the bat.
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