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  • Summary: Taking a page out of NBA Street Homecourt's book, NBA Live 08 introduces Quickstrike Ballhandling. This intuitive gameplay mechanic is mapped to the right analog stick and gives you the direct responsiveness you need to perform a full repertoire of ankle-breaking ball-handling moves that let you dominate on the perimeter. Pass the ball inside and win the battle in the post with all-new 'own the paint' post play for the big men down low. Use the new shot-countershot control to string together combos of fakes and shots to fool your defender into committing and create space for the game-defining bucket. NBA Live 08 introduces hot spots, where real NBA shot data is used to illuminate the locations on the floor where your players are most effective. Couple this with all-new signature go-to moves that capture the essence of the NBA's best, and you can now play the game on a console like you see it from the stands. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. NBA Live 08 doesn’t add a whole lot of new modes, but the stronger gameplay goes a long way. The improved, more realistic gameplay, coupled with the excellent presentation package make NBA Live 08 a must-have for basketball game fans.
  2. 80
    Post play is not only a viable option this year, it's my preferred way to score, and I really can't remember the last time that was true in a basketball game.
  3. NBA Live 08 is just a much better all around game of basketball than last year's experience, and yet it's still not perfect.
  4. NBA Live 08 is a vastly improved game that is nearly ready for primetime. With another year under its belt, NBA Live may be contending for the championship.
  5. It is not quite ready for the big time, but at least it is not the Sam Bowie of video games like "Live 07."
  6. Offers fast, sleek-looking gameplay, as graphics are impressive in almost all regards.
  7. If EA Sports can smooth out the gameplay, continue to improve ball physics, do something (please!) about the game’s load times, and hold onto their edge in the presentation department, they’ll have a game that can truly compete with "NBA 2k8," something that would’ve been unthinkable a year ago.

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  1. Mar 8, 2013
    I used to be a huge fan of NBA Live series, especially NBA Live 06. From 07, EA Sports seems to take experiments. 07 seems very slippery and full of flaws, but at least there is one feature I like a separate button for dunk. In 08, most good features are overthrown. You can tell that EA Sports is making the game more detailed. But I think they fail. Ok, NBA Live is dead since NBA Live 10. I haven't played any NBA games in 3 years, maybe I should try the 2K13 to pick up my desire to control an entire basketball team. Expand

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