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  1. Excellent controls, mechanics and ball physics designed for a sports game that is very easy to grasp.
  2. 80
    All in all, NCAA Football 10 is an enjoyable college football sim that doesn't quite reach superstar status. It has a great set of skills but it doesn't excel in any one area.
  3. While more modes would've been appreciated and we could've done without the sleepy A.I. teammates, NCAA Basketball 10 is a solid game of hoops. The broadcast styles are unparalleled, the gameplay is good fun and the modes that made the cut are more than enough to keep fans happy.
  4. Those who love college basketball will be exceptionally pleased at all the pandering, and those who aren't might just gain an better understanding for the strategy of the game.
  5. NCAA Basketball 10 is targeted towards college hoop fans and there is no question they will love the presentation and the excitement the game brings. That being said, although the gameplay remains on par with other basketball games already on the market there is nothing other than the NCAA brand which differentiates this game from any other basketball game out there.
  6. A great addition to any college basketball fan's library. The issues with AI and lack of new game modes are a bit frustrating, but the overall improvements to gameplay and presentation make this title an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
  7. 80
    Perhaps the games greatest accomplishment comes from building a solid framework for future iterations to polish to perfection.
  8. NCAA Basketball 10 is a very good game of basketball. Gameplay is engaging and fun, the college atmosphere is alive and intense, and Dynasty mode will still keep you busy for hours. But if you already have NBA Live 10, it will be hard to justify a purchase. The omission of any type of career mode is a real shame, and you won’t be able to shake the feeling that this is NBA Live with a fresh coat of paint. For any college basketball fan that does not own NBA Live 10, I can recommend this game without hesitation.
  9. Some features could still definitely use some refining, but basketball gamers will still find plenty of hoops dreams fulfilled with the overall quality of NCAA Basketball 10.
  10. Unfortunately with multiple lawsuits, dropping sales and lackluster support, I have to wonder how much longer EA will make NCAA Basketball. Enjoy it while you can.
  11. 78
    NCAA Basketball 10 might not be the most original basketball on the block, but at least it’s a good one.
  12. If you just want or need a college basketball game that’s fun for quick one-on-one couch battles in your dorm room, NCAA Basketball 10 is a decent option that’s easy to pick up and play, and it’s authentic enough to feel like a real game. If you’re looking for a deeper experience though, NCAA Basketball 10 isn’t going to take you too far into the post season.
  13. All in all, despite the lack of new features, NCAA Basketball 10 still feels fresh and new like a new pair of sneakers.
  14. 75
    The game's no longer only for the most die-hard NCAA basketball fans -- it can finally serve players looking for a change of pace from the year's professional hoops offerings.
  15. NCAA Basketball 10 improves on last year's title in nearly every way, tapping directly into the heart of what college hoops fans love. If you're already hooping it up with NBA Live, though, the sparse feature-set makes it hard to justify the additional purchase, unless you're a diehard fan of NCAA basketball, or particularly love to run a motion offense.
  16. With the improved presentation and lively college crowds, a couple pieces are in place to make NCAA Basketball 10 a destination hoops experience. If EA adds more game modes and rids itself of the legacy gameplay problems, perhaps a future class can rival the thrill of the NCAA Tournament.
  17. Unlike last year’s version, NCAA Basketball 10 can’t be considered as a huge overhaul over its predecessors. It may not be a huge step back but it hasn’t improved much either. It’s a disappointment but our hopes remain high for next could have been so much worse.
  18. NCAA Basketball 10 is a satisfactory college basketball game, but its AI and gameplay issues keep it from being a standout, the lack of game modes keep it from being a great value for the money, and the absence of any “hook” to catch fans’ attention may make it a financial failure.
  19. NCAA Basketball 10 closely mimics the real sport, but a number of small glitches and a lack of modes limit the long-term appeal.
  20. Sadly, this is a good game, it's just not unique and there's very little you haven't seen before.
  21. Official Xbox Magazine
    NCAA may not be a Final Four contender, but it's still the only college-hoops game in town. [Jan 2010, p.78]
  22. College basketball games historically sell fewer copies, which is all well and good, but charging full price for something that lacks the features we come to expect is a swift kick in the groin to users.
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  1. Oct 2, 2011
    Let's get real here.This is one amazing college basketball game.I know there is no competition but I went back to EA's other games and 2K'sLet's get real here.This is one amazing college basketball game.I know there is no competition but I went back to EA's other games and 2K's college games.2K's games were better at the time but for now this game steps all over CH 2k7 and 2k8.The game play first,the graphics are just amazing and the feel of the college atmosphere is here.I played college basketball for 4 years at a university and I fell like I'm back there when I play this game!Great job EA.9.4 Full Review »