NCAA Football 07 Xbox 360


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 43
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  1. 100
    Never before has a college football game been this fun or looked this good. The level of visual brilliance featured in NCAA 07 is unrivaled in any current sports game.
  2. [EA] cleaned up the graphics and gameplay to some truly astonishing levels and produced a game that is a top-notch simulation of college football. The good far outweighs the bad or missing in this game.
  3. Finally there is a solid football title for the Xbox 360!
  4. Although not quite as full-featured as its current-generation counterparts, NCAA Football 07 on the Xbox 360 is a solid game of college football. The atmosphere and enthusiasm that the game portrays is second to none.
  5. On its own merit, this title provides near-perfect football gameplay with a decent dynasty mode. But when stacked next to the Xbox and PS2, its hard to justify the extra ten dollar price tag for a less extensive overall experience.
  6. 85
    Its clear that the franchise is on its way from breaking out from the shadow of its older, more popular sibling, Madden.
  7. Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso return to provide the play-by-play and color commentary for the game. They do an excellent and enthusiastic job and it really adds a lot to the game.
  8. 85
    The Xbox and PS2 versions of NCAA 07 hold their ground without a doubt this year, but the 360 is closing in fast with its superior online play, and achievement points (which I’m un-naturally addicted to).
  9. Was it everything I'd hoped it would be? Nope. Was it everything I know it can be? Nope. Have I been able to put it down since I got it? Not a chance.
  10. While the Xbox 360 version doesn’t pack the same amount of features or overall depth that the Xbox version does it’s still a truly next-gen football offering that is definitely worth your time and money. The visuals alone, as long as you’re playing on a solid HD set, are worth the sixty bucks at times.
  11. Yes, we’d love to see the ESPN license used to a greater extent and even have leagues online. But, we did get a game that plays extremely well and looks gorgeous.
  12. The animations are incredible, the textures are fantastic, the stadiums look like cathedrals, and the new menus are slick and very easy to weed through. But alas, you still don't have a full integration of the ESPN license, the presentation is lacking with no pre-game studio views, ala current gen, and there is a few hiccups in the frame rate when scoping the entire field.
  13. The "Tug Of War" mini-game on the 360—in which two teams start at the 50-yard-line and alternate possessions—is a good quick-and-dirty alternative to a full game.
  14. Instead of a sports game stripped to its bare essentials that’s ever-so-popular among debuts on a console, NCAA Football 07 has depth written all over it. EA Tiburon has added so many features to its college series, from the stifling number of animations, to the altered kicking system, to the fresh mini-games--the list goes on and on.
  15. I do think that the player control is a little stiffer on the 360 than on the Xbox.
  16. I really enjoyed how the interface from Madden 06 on the Xbox 360 is carried over, as well as the play calling, because it makes things much simpler and allows you to get into the action of the game at a much quicker pace.
  17. Everything is good, but could be better. The omission of features that are present in last gen systems is inexcusable.
  18. NCAA Football 07 for the Xbox 360 excels not just with its presentation and spectacle but also with its compelling and hard-hitting gameplay. Despite its relative dearth of features, it's a fine start for the next generation of the series.
  19. The Xbox 360 version stands tall among other collegiate sports games on the console.
  20. Featur[es] a perfected kicking controls and updated visuals.
  21. The most important part of any sports game - the on-field play - is smooth and solid, with some breathtakingly realistic animations adding extra spice.
  22. You have a choice of either settling for a less attractive game on an older system, or paying more for a title that's lacking in features, but has awesome graphics.
  23. 80
    Consider it an apology for EA’s underwhelming 360 sports lineup last year.
  24. Maybe it is the beautiful graphics or the insanely fun multiplayer; it could be the Dynasty mode or the feeling I get playing a home game in the ultra-realistic Jordan-Hare stadium. Whatever it is, EA won some major points with me this time around.
  25. The Xbox 360 version is nothing like the PS2 and Xbox versions. Instead of Campus Legend mode, where you can take some hapless youth through his illustrious college career (hiring tutors to teach him math), you get amazingly realistic graphics.
  26. 80
    Even with cuts made to the major game modes, NCAA 07 looks like a total triumph compared to the neutered Madden released last year for the Xbox 360. And it's definitely a fun, respectable game. But it needs to be more than that to really keep our attention.
  27. 80
    While it's not quite as strong as its current-gen iterations, NCAA Football 07 is a great next-gen kickoff for one of our favorite sports series. The developers nailed the feeling of being in the middle of a rockin' stadium on game day, and the game looks as good as anything we've played on the Xbox 360. The online play is a bit disappointing.
  28. NCAA Football 2007 is the Anna Kournikova of next-gen football games; beautiful to look at and spend time with, but seriously lacking in depth and achievement.
  29. NCAA 07 certainly has the right idea and just needs to be slightly tweaked and a bit more balanced.
  30. Still a very good football game, but a step down from what we'd normally expect.
  31. Game Informer
    In other words, the series (at least the 360 version) is back to being Madden's waterboy. [Aug 2006, p.87]
  32. I would still recommend the 360 version of the game over any other version because 1) you don’t miss the features you didn’t use last year and 2) once you’ve seen this game run on a 360, playing the same version on the original Xbox is like going from an original Game Boy to a Nintendo DS.
  33. The game looks very nice. What isn't so hot, however, is that the regular Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions of this game have a lot more depth. The 360 game has no create-a-player career mode, no spring game and fewer mini-games.
  34. 75
    Yes, the game looks, sounds and plays well, but there is a noticeable lack of polish and a painful lack of depth.
  35. Official Xbox Magazine
    Sure NCAA is prettier on 360 (the stadiums and crowd atmosphere are particularly sweet), and hey, we love racking up Achievements as much as you do, but the vastly deeper Xbox 1 version (OXM score: 90) is really the only serious option. [Sept 2006, p.81]
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  1. Rudy
    Dec 15, 2006
    The gameplay is not smooth and there are framerate issues. The animations need work as do some basic things like shadows at 12:30 in the The gameplay is not smooth and there are framerate issues. The animations need work as do some basic things like shadows at 12:30 in the afternoon and Michigan's helmuts. Not a next gen effort. Current gen is much better. Full Review »
  2. JoelB.
    Sep 27, 2006
    This game was the reason I upgraded to the 360 and I was extremely disappointed. The muslce-bound players in no way resemble anything This game was the reason I upgraded to the 360 and I was extremely disappointed. The muslce-bound players in no way resemble anything realistic, the game-play is not fluid, the play book menu is not intiuitve, the jerseys aren't even the correrct colors, and shadows on the field make seeing the football next to impossible.(And I have a 60" HD TV!). I owned four differenent releases on the xBox with great anticipation for the 360 version. EA should be asshamed of themselves for releasing this. Go back to the old look and feel, bring back the create-a-player, create-a-school, and the heisman race! If you are considering buying this game, definitely rent it first! Full Review »
  3. NimaG.
    Sep 20, 2006
    Great game and fun. I wish it had Heisman mode that was fun in the 06 version