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  • Summary: Momentum changes everything - now college football's most celebrated videogame turns the tide with NCAA Football 07. Whether battling your biggest rival or playing for the first-ever BCS National Championship Game in Dynasty Mode, success on the field depends on your ability to maintain momentum. Featuring unprecedented graphics that capture every moment in complete detail—from the authenticity of the stadiums, mascots, and marching bands, to the true-to-life look and feel of the players on the field. [Electronic Arts] Collapse
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  1. 100
    Never before has a college football game been this fun or looked this good. The level of visual brilliance featured in NCAA 07 is unrivaled in any current sports game.
  2. While the Xbox 360 version doesn’t pack the same amount of features or overall depth that the Xbox version does it’s still a truly next-gen football offering that is definitely worth your time and money. The visuals alone, as long as you’re playing on a solid HD set, are worth the sixty bucks at times.
  3. Yes, we’d love to see the ESPN license used to a greater extent and even have leagues online. But, we did get a game that plays extremely well and looks gorgeous.
  4. 80
    While it's not quite as strong as its current-gen iterations, NCAA Football 07 is a great next-gen kickoff for one of our favorite sports series. The developers nailed the feeling of being in the middle of a rockin' stadium on game day, and the game looks as good as anything we've played on the Xbox 360. The online play is a bit disappointing.
  5. The most important part of any sports game - the on-field play - is smooth and solid, with some breathtakingly realistic animations adding extra spice.
  6. 75
    Yes, the game looks, sounds and plays well, but there is a noticeable lack of polish and a painful lack of depth.
  7. The Xbox 360 version is supposed to be the higher-end version on the market, but instead, you wonder where the extra $10 investment has gone. The game is sorely lacking in modes and extras that exist in the other versions, and its graphics and gameplay have some hitches that could've been remedied in production.

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