Need for Speed Carbon Xbox 360


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 52
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  1. 95
    Carbon almost always manages to feel as finely tuned as any of its high performance sleds, and with downloadable content on the way, it seems safe to think that it'll be an adrenaline generating favorite for a good long while.
  2. Carbon is another great racing game for the 360 and it’s awesome to think that in just one year our beloved console has already seen two of these games.
  3. 88
    So close to being a legendary entry to the NFS series but crew racing hampers it down. AI should never win a race for a player.
  4. It’s a shame that EA decided to drop the intense cop chases from Most Wanted. Carbon is still a very addicting game even though the drift races don’t work quite as well as they should.
  5. By allowing gamers to adjust nearly everything on their car, from the width of the spoiler to the height of the blower on that ’69 Charger, Carbon allows gamers to truly make their ride their own.
  6. The story element whilst interesting did feel very pantomime to me as a lot of hard talking was uttered during the cinematic moments and I often felt that these hard talking people would probably be better off bringing out shotguns and Uzis rather than taking to the streets to settle differences.
  7. The city’s sections felt too similar to each other. I admit, I don’t have all the answers on making a perfect open-world racing title, but Carbon falls short in this area. Don’t worry though, the speed in this game is enough to outrun such criticisms.
  8. Pelit (Finland)
    Need for Speed Carbon has fast and furious races. Tuning is fun, but it does not have much of an effect on racing. [Dec 2006, p.82]
  9. Far from being revolutionary, and just shy of even being considered an evolution of the series, Carbon exists in that dubious realm of being simply a largely unnecessary annual update.
  10. Need For Speed Carbon takes the lead among next-gen street racers.
  11. 82
    The drifting is an acquired taste (but it's good), the canyon duals are decent changes (though not great), and the crews...well, they suck. Of the myriad new features, the addition of muscle cars and the online functionality are the best.
  12. You might hate that series – you might think the third Furious is the worst movie ever made. But mark my words, if you’re flipping through and it’s on TV, you will drop the remote, grab your 360 controller, and play this game.
  13. For attempting to satiate the entire racing game populous with a single title, EA has done a pretty fine job. Would a super-mega tuner game have been a better move? Would a follow-up to the pursuit-style racing of "Most Wanted" have made more sense? Maybe and maybe.
  14. Ultimately, despite the new setting, storyline, and structure, Carbon does not represent a major departure from its predecessor. Sadly, the few major gameplay additions hurt the core experience, especially the poorly executed crew system.
  15. 80
    The new goodies aren't all winners -- the wingman concept didn't bowl me over, paying instead of playing to unlock extras bites -- but there are enough innovations that work to make this feel like more than just an updated version of an old and successful game.
  16. There’s a heck of a lot more competition out there. But, what they do, they do very well. It’s a fun arcade racer in single player and a blast of an arcade racer online.
  17. Official Xbox Magazine
    This NFS definitely isn't in the same league as last year's superb Most Wanted. But despite its misfires, Carbon has a lot of great action and intriguing ideas that, with properly calibrated expectations, will be a blast for fans of the series' trademark arcade racing. [Holiday 2006, p.72]
  18. The final say from this reviewer is if you love racing, combined with stellar graphics, and some very impressive new features that will have you playing till the sun comes up. Then Head out to your local store and pick up a copy of Need For Speed Carbon. Definitely a must buy.
  19. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Apart from the customisation, the wild choice of races, the territory slant and the team-mates, this is bloody good fun. Everyone from casual racers to hardcore petrolheads should try it. [Issue 13, p.86]
  20. 80
    A gorgeously fast racer, with plenty of compelling action and a surprisingly meaty single player game.
  21. EA takes advantage of the drifting craze with a new NFS street racer, and backs that up with the team play and solid online mode.
  22. A great addition to the series for fans and probably a decent rental for most. While things have been upgraded and new elements added on, it’s still NFS and it still gets repetitive and boring after awhile. It’s like EA's "Madden" of racing.
  23. The whole street racer theme is getting worn into the ground as well. But with a high-class presentation to its credit and numerous online options available via Xbox Live, Need For Speed Carbon is quite an alluring ride.
  24. So what if Carbon isn't redefining the street racing genre - really, at this point, what could? It hits a sweet spot of intensity, danger, and style.
  25. Games Master UK
    Despite the crude damage, the empty roads and elementary physics, you don't feel that the 360 is really being tested, and neither are you. Nevertheless, NFS: Carbon is a lot of fun, but it's very flawed too. [Dec 2006, p.88]
  26. There is nothing remarkable about it, but Carbon will provide some good fun with its Career Mode and great online options.
  27. The fleshed-out story is a nice touch, and the head-to-head canyon races are a hoot, but with so little content it’s hard to recommend as a purchase unless you’re spending your nights on deserted pieces of road looking for some action.
  28. A solid racing game. It might have a few rough edges and frustrating spots, but overall it’s a fun game.
  29. Speaking of parts, this brings me to one of my biggest pet peeves of this franchise. Why must I unlock a part and then have to buy it? Seriously I don’t care if you make me do one or the other, but both is downright ridiculous.
  30. Even though the wingman mechanics and canyon races don't quite pan out, it's still a stylish and enjoyable street racer.
  31. It's a solid racing game that could have used some next-gen boost.
  32. In the end, this race is barely a race at all. The 360 is the winner by a mile, and for the price of those wheels, no doubt it should be. The Xbox comes in a distant second with fewer cars and none of the cool online modes. And trailing way behind that is the PS2, a run-down jalopy that probably shouldn’t even be on the road.
  33. 75
    While Carbon is peppered with clever little ideas, ultimately it falls victim to EA's insistence on annually iterating the franchise. It refines previous ideas but lacks that big "wow" factor we've seen in the past. It's thoroughly, thoroughly competent and shouldn't be overlooked, but it really is "Need for Speed Again."
  34. Don’t get us wrong it’s still highly playable but it’s not vastly different enough to warrant another purchase if you already own Most Wanted.
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  2. Negative: 4 out of 17
  1. Dec 26, 2011
    Amazing game. Probably the only racing game ever created worth playing. It had great handling and a great backstory behind the game. The carsAmazing game. Probably the only racing game ever created worth playing. It had great handling and a great backstory behind the game. The cars were great, customization was unreal. All around amazing game. Full Review »
  2. FrostManMike
    Feb 23, 2009
    This is one of the worst racing games i've ever played. Compared to Most Wanted, they took 1000 steps back. The only half way cool This is one of the worst racing games i've ever played. Compared to Most Wanted, they took 1000 steps back. The only half way cool aspect of the game is the auto sculpting the body kits. Other then that, the controls suck, visuals suck, and the game play sucks. A complete waste of a game. Full Review »
  3. BobS.
    Nov 1, 2006
    Great fun! Definitely a 10.