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  • Summary: NFL Head Coach 09 provides a complete NFL experience, offering a variety of different ways to control an NFL franchise, on and off the field, in-season and off-season. With strategic game planning features, NFL Head Coach 09 places gamers in the coach's seat by allowing gamers to comprehensively scout the opponent, build playbooks, and develop a team that will adapt to the philosophy and system of an NFL franchise. The sideline is your playing field in NFL Head Coach 09 - gamers can make adjustments to plays and game strategies in an instant. The outcome of every game depends on game-time decisions made on the sideline. Success depends on proper preparation and knowledge of the opposing teams’ strategies, as well as expert and timely play calling. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. Even with its quirks and bugs, NFL Head Coach 09 is the type of game that will silently siphon away hours of your free time. Sitting down at night after the family has gone to bed to get in an hour or so of game time only to discover that all of a sudden it’s the middle of the night and your eyes are straining.
  2. The interface is considerably easier to navigate than the menu-heavy original Head Coach. [Sept 2008, p.69]
  3. It's a daunting video game, one that lacks a tutorial mode and assumes you know something about coaching, but if you consider yourself the next Bill Belichick (without the spying), NFL Head Coach 09 is an essential purchase and a good companion to the upcoming season.
  4. Madden without the ridiculous button combinations equals uncoordinated football fans dream game!
  5. NFL Head Coach 09 delivers a deep and immersive coaching experience, provided you can overlook the outdated gameplay engine and lackluster presentation.
  6. This game is like your favorite team going from a 5-11 season one year to a 6-10 record the next. Regardless of whatever improvements have occurred, you aren’t going anywhere with that kind of record.
  7. 25
    Nothing says a simulator can't be fun. I love the idea of plotting out my draft board, targeting free agents, cutting dead weight, and juggling the salary cap. But Head Coach 09 just left me frustrated and angry.

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