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  1. 80
    It'll feel like you're learning videogames all over again, and the reward is scoring off a wicked slapshot after a series of quick, sharp passes. Ahh, the joy. Ultimately, the biggest praise that can be heaped on this game is this: It feels like hockey.
  2. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    New shooting controls make this version stand out. [Issue #15]
  3. All things considered, I'd choose NHL 2K7 as the "champ" this year for hockey on the Xbox 360. But NHL 07 is close behind.
  4. The controls are revolutionary and the game looks great, but there's still room for improvement on the puck physics and pacing. A few more features would be nice, too.
  5. 85
    A fantastic incarnation of the series you thought you knew; an incarnation that changes up so many different but fundamental gameplay functions that it really feels like a totally different game than last year: and that's what makes it worth purchasing.
  6. Visually, NHL 07 is a bit crisper and cleaner in high-definition.
  7. The new Skill Stick system is the reason to play the game.
  8. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    The revamped control is an interesting step forward; now all that's missing is a thick layer of polish. [Oct. 2006, p.106]
  9. While NHL 07 completely nails certain facets of the game, it definitely isn’t the complete package. This franchise certainly has the appearance of going places, but it may be another year or two before it finally proves itself as the best game on the market.
  10. The most impressive feature of NHL 07 is the Skill Stick control, but it's not enough to save a game that is light on content and slack in other areas.
  11. The interface is atrocious, it is so bad that I honestly think whoever pushed it through during development owes me a personal apology delivered at my door.
  12. 60
    If the developers can make playing defense as fun as the offense, tightening up the computer AI in the process, then future installments of the NHL series are sure to turn heads.
  13. Honestly, after playing this for several weeks, I was bored. I tried to like this game, and the graphics sure are enticing, but in the end it’s just not as satisfying as "2K7."
  14. Game Informer
    The only area where the game fires shots on net is in the individual battle between a streaking skater and the goalie. The remainder of the game skates on thin ice. [Oct. 2006, p.102]
  15. I have to hand it to EA, the Skill Stick is one of the best innovations in a hockey video game. Not only is it a new way to control the game, it’s a measuring stick for the skill level of hockey fans around the world. However, while the Skill Stick innovates control, the feel of the game remains in question.
  16. I was very close to loving NHL 07 but I think I’ll save my money for a year when I can hold onto the puck.
  17. 90
    The Skills Stick alone make NHL 07 a completely different game and one worthy of the new NHL. [Oct. 2006, p.96]
  18. Some will enjoy this new method of play, while others will struggle as they go from offensive to defensive moves in frustrating transition.
  19. NHL 07's thrilling new skill stick makes up for its bare-bones package.
  20. A very solid hockey game. Everything feels smooth and refined, and while everything could be refined even further, this lays the groundwork for next-gen hockey.
  21. The bar has been raised. Stellar graphics and a great new stick/shooting system are the hallmarks of this title. While perhaps a little light, yet, on the multiplayer aspects, the game does have a solid franchise mode and is just pure fun to play.
  22. NHL 07 is fun, fast, addicting, plays well, and eats up your free time even better...While the competition plays a fine game of hockey, it felt too much like the same old song and dance to recommend over EA’s brand this year.
  23. While NHL 07 certainly isn’t perfect, the core of any hockey game is still the on ice play, and that is where this game shines, outdoing the competition. Again, if it’s depth you want, you may want to also pick up 2K’s NHL offering, but in terms of hockey, EA NHL 07 is the clear choice.
  24. Not only does the Skill Stick help you feel a level of control and immersion not seen in other hockey games, but the presentation also helps convey a great sense of atmosphere that brings EA back towards its simulation roots.
  25. The new controls, new gameplay and new graphics have given an unexpected treat to gamers everywhere. Not to say that there aren’t issues like the awful manual, tough dynasty and some quirky things like being unable to select your favorite team like every other EA Sports game. This is a giant leap in the right direction.
  26. 87
    A great hockey game, pure and simple...NHL 07 represents the first truly next-generation gameplay innovation.
  27. 90
    A major step up in the franchise. While EA let 2k games take 2005 in the next generation NHL titles, they've spent the last year pushing the boundaries to make one of the greatest sports titles ever.
  28. The best NHL game EA has produced in a long time! Certainly the best looking sports game to grace the Xbox 360 at the moment with its beautiful visuals and lush presentation, however there is a feel of some minor loss of control from the lower frame rate provided.
  29. It completely changes the way an entire genre is played.
  30. Official Xbox Magazine
    Visually, the game looks pretty darn snazzy--it's better than "NHL 2K7" by a country mile--and it plays much better, too, though it's nowhere near as deep in the features department. [Nov. 2006, p.82]
  31. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    NHL 07's dual-stick control opens a new world of tactics, but "NHL 2K7" plays for pure fun and speed. [Nov 2006, p.98]
  32. While I’d still like to see more options on and off the ice, such as being able to increase the playing time by individual minutes rather than increments of five, the series appears to finally be heading in the right direction.
  33. 75
    A very enjoyable game that gives you greater control over your players than ever before. The series has had a rest on next generation consoles thus far, and the break has certainly paid off.
  34. Pelit (Finland)
    The Xbox 360 version feels good because of the skill stick, but skating should be improved greatly, and the game is off-balance. [Oct 2006]
  35. NHL 07 is easily the best playing, best looking, and best sounding hockey game currently available. If EA had not stripped away the additional gameplay modes, this would have easily been the game to beat.
  36. While the overall look and feel of the game is certainly next generation, the lack of some industry standard play modes has caused us some head scratching.
  37. NHL 07 takes hockey videogames in an entirely new direction. After years of only minor changes, EA has changed everything for the better.
  38. While not as bare bones as "Madden NFL 06," NHL 07 still could use a bit more substance to back up its innovative controls and killer graphics and sound.
  39. Thin features on the Xbox 360 version aside, the only thing wrong with NHL 07 is that most of the other major sports inherently make for better video games.
  40. The action can be hard to follow, but fans will appreciate the realism.
  41. NHL 07 has its glaring flaws, particularly with its lousy AI and shoddy online play, but the skill stick breathes new life into a sport that hasn't seen much innovation in over a decade. The eye-candy visuals and terrific puck physics don't hurt either.
  42. If you're looking for awesome graphics, revolutionary game play and realistic hockey, and don’t mind some sacrifices due to oddities in the game that EA happened to forget about and a lack of a major online component, this game is a hands down winner.
  43. The new fighting system makes you more excited than anything currently going on in the actual NHL.
  44. The changes to the graphics showed significant improvement as well. Hopefully next year there will be some great draft picks and continued improvements.
  45. The dual analogue controls could have been a hit-and-miss affair, but EA have pulled them off and it makes for a fantastic game that focuses on realism and is a great debut for EA's hockey series on the Xbox 360.
  46. They have also brought us an improved AI that allows for a more challenging and realistic game. Not only have they revamped the skating, deking and shooting engines, now playing against the computer it seems that it learns and adapts to your usual moves with an overhaul to the AI you will no longer cut across the middle and shoot for the opposite corner and see the red lights go on.
  47. 80
    The gameplay is superb, the stick control intuitive, and the multiplayer excellent (offline). Yes, the commentary grates a little, and the passing has a magnet affect, but it doesn’t detract from the enjoyment, so long as you are prepared to take your time and get used to all the new controls.
  48. The gameplay is smooth as butter and the Skill Stick System is easily one of the best additions to sports games in recent years.
  49. 90
    It completely changes the way an entire genre is played. Though the game has its share of problems it succeeds in not only becoming the Xbox 360’s best hockey game, but the systems best sports game in general.
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  1. Apr 24, 2011
    Since this game obviously is horrible compared to the newer games, I will review this for the time it came out. It was a fun game and I foundSince this game obviously is horrible compared to the newer games, I will review this for the time it came out. It was a fun game and I found myself playing it a lot. It was a turning point for the better games, and it doesn't really offer a lot. It's O.K. but far from great. Full Review »
  2. A.B.
    Dec 31, 2007
    I used too play hockey and I could never skate for long with the puck. You have to constantly pass it around and this game allows you to do I used too play hockey and I could never skate for long with the puck. You have to constantly pass it around and this game allows you to do that with pin point accuracy. But it is hard to get the puck off the AI. But I found a trick to doing it. All you have to do when they are coming down , You land a huge hit on the guy and one of your guys comes along and takes and bang, You are back on offense. Full Review »
  3. BradH.
    Aug 15, 2007
    The graphics and look of the game are good, the game just feels kind of cheesy or cheap... Too many weird things happen, I've played The graphics and look of the game are good, the game just feels kind of cheesy or cheap... Too many weird things happen, I've played hockey since i was 4, and i know it cant be perfect... but there are weak goals that the goalies score on themselves... the line rating system is weird... players have to do big circles to get back in to the play on defense.. its hard to hit people... there are only a few moves you can do.. its got potential but right now i dont understand a lot of the stuff that happens in this game. Full Review »