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Generally favorable reviews - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 51 out of 52
  2. Negative: 0 out of 52
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  1. A nearly flawless title; only the most cynical and jaded gamers will take issue with any of the game’s extremely minor problems.
  2. 100
    It's now been four years of exceptional releases since the introduction of the skill-stick and every year has been made steadily better, adding more and more features and refining them to such a degree that it should come as no surprise that NHL 10 is by far the best hockey game put out, a clear cut game of the year contender, and possibly the best sports game ever released.
  3. So if you are a fan of the NHL or even just a casual fan of sports, you should do yourself a service and pick up a copy of NHL 10. In one word…Amazing!
  4. If you like hockey, this is the game for you.
  5. There has never been a sports video game that has combined such silky smooth playability, technical excellence, fantastic AI, and respect for the game as presented here.
  6. Hockey players and fans will be thrilled by this game, and even casual fans will find the game engaging, easy to pick up and play, and nearly impossible to put down.. NHL 10 is more of a simulation than a 'game' as such, but they know exactly what needed to be done and when and did it.
  7. EA deserves kudos for recognizing what worked well in the brilliant NHL 09 title, and making slight, smart tweaks and additions for the spectacular NHL 10. This one has the legs to keep you very busy until next year's inevitable NHL 11.
  8. While the franchise mode has its faults, it’s still vastly improved over last year’s offering. Coupled with the other outstanding modes and the most polished gameplay in the sports genre, NHL 10 is still more than worth the price of admission.
  9. Not all of the additions make the game more fun or fair, but they're steps in the right direction towards making an already excellent sports game peerless.
  10. NHL 10 is an excellent hockey game. It’s probably the best one yet.
  11. NHL 10 is one hell of a good hockey game. It nails playability, presentation, gameplay variety, online options, and realism. It also is one of the best local multiplayer sporting experiences available.
  12. EA's hat trick that started with NHL 08 is complete now with another mightily impressive offering here with NHL 10. Long time hockey fan or newcomer, look no further for the top NHL experience than NHL 10.
  13. NHL 10 continues to keep the long-running franchise a success and a delight to play. The additions to this year are certainly not as drastic as NHL 09 were, but the fine tuning does enough to make the overall product an enjoyable one.
  14. 91
    It's been great to put NHL 10 through its paces and I would love to go on and on about it, but to put it succinctly, if you thought NHL 09 was great, you'll love '10. And for the uninitiated hockey fan looking for a near-authentic experience on the ice, you can do little wrong by picking this up.
  15. It’s good. It’s really good. Fans of the NHL games will not be disappointed and newcomers to the series will find one of the deepest, enjoyable, and most engaging hockey game EA has ever put out to date.
  16. A game that builds on its critically-lauded predecessor with fine new features, NHL 10 is a great follow-up sports title that other franchises should take a hint from.
  17. For the hardcore hockey lovers who expect the significant improvements each year, NHL 10 is pure bliss. Everything you loved before is either back in full force or improved enough to warrant playing again. The core experience was already electric, but the enhanced realism, new player abilities, and gratifying sense of progression have us skating on smooth ice.
  18. 90
    NHL 10 is the epitome of hockey games. Granted the changes are not as revolutionary as last year's game. What is here is the best experience a fan of the sport could ask for.
  19. All in all the improvements make this game a very enjoyable all round experience. Whether you want to pick up and play, or get into the nitty gritty, this game has something for every gaming sports fan out there.
  20. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    The best ice hockey game yet. [Nov 2009, p.96]
  21. Obviously, this title is highly recommended for anyone buying a hockey game this autumn, but if you've never played a hockey simulation, or it's been years and years since you've bothered, I can't think of a better place to start or return than NHL 10.
  22. Despite not yet perfect NHL 10 is the best hockey simulation ever made. This year EA Sports did not made a revolution but a little bit of tweaking, adding gameplay features that gave to the player a sense of realism never tried before.
  23. As is usually the case each year, EA bring us an unmissable sports game with top action. Highly recommended.
  24. From the veteran to the rookie sports fan, there is a massive amount to enjoy in this game. Any hockey fan should buy this game immediately, and be prepared to not let it out of their sights for a long time to come.
  25. AceGamez
    NHL 10 is a triumph, a game that sets the bar for any sports game that follows.
  26. Overall, the changes made definitely add to the game. They haven't reinvented the franchise, but they allow players to be more engaged and offer that authentic feel in gameplay, team management and knocking each others heads off.
  27. While the new additions to the game vary in usefulness and value, NHL 10 achieves what some expected it couldn’t, and improves on NHL 09. However, it’s with lots of small touches, rather than revolutionary new features and modes.
  28. or those who may have skipped a few years (in my case, about 10) then it is well worth picking up, especially for those who are new to the series as it is so easily to get back into the swing of things thanks to the nifty tutorial.
  29. Great gameplay, very good graphics and a flawless online side make of NHL 10 a great hockey simulation, recommend to every fan of this sport. Little problems with the defense line management and somewhat clumsy goalkeepers keep it from obtaining an even higher vote.
  30. NHL 10 could very well be one of best hockey video games since the immortal NHL 95, and that in my books is a great comparison.
  31. 88
    NHL 10 is a very good game, but it misses big innovations. For the people who don’t own a ice-hockey game, this game is definitely worth buying. But for the people that already own NHL 09, this is only a small upgrade and not really worth the money.
  32. NHL 10 has a ton of gameplay modes, and the action is slick. Not perfect, but it does have a good flow and it’s fairly comprehensive in covering the sport.
  33. 87
    NHL 10 is a great hockey game, don’t get me wrong. Nothing is a bad or poor choice that even comes close to ruining the experience, but there could have been more done to expand the core gameplay and offering of modes.
  34. EA Sports is making a habit out of creating fantastic NHL titles. NHL 10 might not contain a ton of new features, but is still worth a run for sports fans.
  35. NHL 10 isn’t going to disappoint you, or for that matter, detract from your overall experience, but the miniscule changes to its gameplay and formula aren’t going to be reeling in any new fans.
  36. NHL 10, like its predecessors, puts the emphasis on realism instead of trying to grow its base and provides a couple of physical improvements for existing fans. That said, while the series hasn’t advanced in the last 12 months as much as it did 24 months ago, that’s only because NHL 09 was that revolutionary.
  37. This is still the best NHL game on the market, but one that seems to be running out of ideas. It is still a hell of a lot of fun, especially if you can get a full club of people up and running online. For those that have yet to sample an NHL title or skipped last year's, then this should be an essential purchase. For the rest of us it may well be a rental at best.
  38. The bottom line with NHL 10 is that if you have NHL 09, you don't absolutely, positively need it. But there are enough new features and little adjustments and fixes both online and off that any self-respecting hockey fan should probably still go for it. EA Sports has once again done an absolutely tremendous job of simulating shinny.
  39. NHL 10 is fantastic hockey videogame that fans of the sport would do well to check out. But its biggest problem is that it really doesn't make any major changes to from last year's tried-and-true formula.
  40. Our expectations for NHL 10 might have been a little high given the success of NHL 09. This unfortunately sets up NHL 10 to be a minor let down even before it has left the bench. Well, NHL 10 isn’t a let down by any means, but its also not going to be placed in the same regard as last years skater.
  41. NHL 10 is a great game. It's greatest problem is that NHL 09 is a great game too, and the two chapter are too similar to bring someone buying the new game. But if you can't live without a new hockey game, NHL 10 is the title you are searching for.
  42. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    An only slightly disappointing update of a superb title. [Dec 2009, p.92]
  43. All told it’s a compelling package that makes NHL 10 an outstanding upgrade over NHL 09 and it’s hard to ask for much more than that from a yearly sports release.
  44. 82
    The new features make it a better game than its predecessors, but just not enough to warrant a sure-fire, full-priced purchase. Unless you just can't bring yourself to wait, the shrewd move is to keep playing NHL 09 until you can pick up a copy on the cheap - although by then we'll probably be starring at a fresh new copy of NHL 11.
  45. NHL 10 delivers on all fronts, much like it's predecessor. In fact, this game is very much like last years edition, only with new rosters and a couple of new gameplay features. If you already own NHL 09 you're better of waiting for the price to drop a bit. Still thou, this is as close as you get to the perfect sports game.
  46. Regardless of how many awards it wins though, it’s a fantastic representation of the sport.
  47. The great success that was NHL 09 prompted EA to stay with the proven formula. What we get with NHL 10 is the same solid foundation of it's predecessor with minor tweaks to everything from gameplay to animations and AI. Passing and board play is now more realistic and when things don't go your way you can choose to let your fists do the talking. Despite some issues with framerate performance and AI intelligence we do feel that EA has taken the NHL franchise yet another step in the right direction.
  48. NHL 10 continues the extremely strong legacy of the series and proves to be yet another great hockey experience from EA.
  49. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Master it, and you won't be disappointed. [Issue#51, p.91]
  50. More time was spent fiddling in the control settings menu than actually getting on with the on-ice action, which speaks volumes of a title that prides itself on such an innovative system.
  51. 80
    NHL 10 is undoubtedly an absolutely fantastic hockey game - the only question is, is it worth the upgrade over last year's edition? If you're a big hockey fan, definitely. If you aren't, then probably not.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 71 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 4 out of 16
  1. Apr 24, 2011
    I've found myself playing this game a ton in the past few months. It's really enjoyable and doesn't really get too boring. The "Be A Pro" modeI've found myself playing this game a ton in the past few months. It's really enjoyable and doesn't really get too boring. The "Be A Pro" mode isn't very realistic. It starts you off at the beginning of games as well as at the end of intermissions as the first line out there. Which doesn't really make sense, neither does the expectations to stay on a NHL team at the beginning. But Be a pro is still really fun and enjoyable. Playing it with friends is always a fun time and overall the game is really good. Full Review »
  2. Sep 16, 2010
    I've never played NHL 09, but when I got my hands on this game I fell in love with it. It's one of the best sports games I've ever played, andI've never played NHL 09, but when I got my hands on this game I fell in love with it. It's one of the best sports games I've ever played, and way better then NHL 2K10. Full Review »
  3. Aug 28, 2010
    Outside of the default settings resulting in a game with too much offense, it's the best hockey game ever made - bar none.

    Great feel to the
    Outside of the default settings resulting in a game with too much offense, it's the best hockey game ever made - bar none.

    Great feel to the game - skating, passing, shooting... even the checking feels pretty solid.
    Full Review »