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  • Summary: The Skill Stick purports to give more control to the player. Protect the puck, receive passes without breaking stride, and discover an arsenal of sweet new dekes, all with an intuitive right stick control scheme. The game features Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk and analyst Ray Ferraro providing play-by-play and commentary throughout the proceedings. Expand
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  1. Sep 14, 2014
    Don't judge this book by its menus...Yes the menus are literally identical to NHL 14. The presentation is also exactly the same. But that is where the casual eye has been fooled. If you are a casual NHL gamer, NHL 14 will do fine for you. However, if you are a hardcome HUT/GM fan of the NHL series, there is far more under the hood than the photo-copied exterior shows. There have been two main changes to the NHL 15 this year: rosters and gameplay. New rosters could be enough for a hardcore NHL gamer to warrant the annual purchase. While EA clearly had its hands full with the next-gen version, they obviously wanted to make improvements to the 360 and PS3 version of the game, but had to choose how to spend their limited time. So the menus and presentation were sacrifised for a number of great changes to gameplay.
    Gameplay improvements:
    - New heavier puck physics. While this doesnt sound like much, it actually is a massive improvement from the badminton birdie puck of years past.
    - More realistic shooting accuracy. Players with low accuracy shoot the puck like they should...missing the barn door by 12 feet. And the backhand is awesome!
    - Better skating. Yes, the players feel more weighty and realistic.
    - Improved player physics. Each and every player interacts with each other in all situations. Momentum makes a difference now. You can take out your own players. You can send goalies flying! Also the hitting is much more realistic and does not feel like you are starting an animation.
    - Goalies are more realistic. In this I mean they are actually weaker than before. But this is good! No more superhuman goalies!
    - Smarter AI. Finally, the AI angles players into the boards and cuts off the front of the net. No more skate in, cut to the middle and snipe top corner.
    - New commentators. Not sure what to say here. Ray Ferraro sounds great. Doc and Ed are okay at best.
    - Overall gameplay: improved, fine tuned, realistic, much better than NHL 14.

    That is enough for any hardcore NHL gamer.
  2. Sep 9, 2014
    You you own NHL 14 no point in buying this, as it is the same game with a shiny 15 in the Title.
    Solid Game, tight controls, lots of good
    online play.

    If your looking to jump into NHL and have never brought a game before its sill hard to justify spending 60.00 when 14 is much cheaper.
  3. Sep 24, 2014
    From year to year, there is little that changes from EAs NHL franchise, and NHL 15 is no different. In fact, besides roster changes (which could have been released as a DLC) very little has changed from it's predecessor.

    Loading up the game will feel like deja vu as the only thing that has changed is the 15 instead of the 14 beside the logo. The poor GUI remains the same as you still need to constantly click to load up a GM Career or even a single game.

    This could be seen as a good thing as many of the game modes are still present unlike in the next gen console versions. There is still NHL Moments, quick little game modes that allow you to recreate history for bonus HUT pucks that potentially update throughout the year, the Winter Classic and surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) 94 Anniversary mode. Staples like Be a Player and Be a GM remain untouched as well.

    HUT, the new bread and butter for the franchise, is buggy with outdated content such as the Single Player Tournaments. One of the tournaments only allows a player to join if he or she has 5 players from each of the Stanley Cup finalist teams of 2012 and nothing after. There is also a bug, as writing this review, that prevents users from opening the bonus packs they receive for completing a team.

    One of the things they updated for return users was the rosters, but that also is lacking. Many players who were signed months ago such as Danny Heatley and Daniel Winnik are sitting in the Free Agency Pile. There are also missing players from rosters such as Alex Guptill one of the prospects sent to Ottawa from Dallas in the Jason Spezza trade.

    Game play is exactly the same as last year with some minor differences. It seems running the goalie is a theme for 15 as every game has the goalie barreled over which results in a fight that can take its time to get started. Every other player stops playing (even if they have the puck on their stick with a gaping empty net) even though no whistle has sounded and there is an awkward and frustrating pause as a skater attempts to reach the culprit. The AI on higher modes tend to score on 25-50% of their shots, which is extremely unrealistic even with the goalie stats turned way up. This maybe to counteract users being able to do the game thing, but once again, unrealistic and it takes away from the game play.

    If you own NHL 14 or even NHL 13, you can easily steer clear of this game. If you don't, go buy one of those used and you'll get the same gaming experience as you do here. Only pick this game up if you are interested in the HUT online mode.
  4. Oct 9, 2014
    This game is the biggest waste of money of all time. EA Sports dupes us again, promising all these new features and yet providing us the same recycled crap as every other year. I hope EA Sports goes bankrupt in the next year so we never have to see this fraud again. Bring back NHL 2K! TERRIBLE GAME! Keep NHL 14, its the same game... Hell, keep NHL 13, thats pretty much the same as well without terrible unrealistic fighting that EA marketed as "ALL NEW AND IMPROVED". DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Expand
  5. Sep 27, 2014
    This game is a complete rip-off, this is evidence that EA doesn't care about what they ship out. This is NHL 14. They didn't change anything except that they put Patrice Burgeron on it, even when you change the teams it doesn't change the player, it's always Bergeron. It is so bad, that even the NHL 15 logo looks out of place, extremely out of place, like it was copy pasted crudely traced out and pasted. They didn't even have time to put in the trailer/demo video when you wait for more than 10 seconds. This is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. Ooookay, they changed rosters, big deal. They didn't even do a good job at it, they didn't change the legends at all. It even seems like there are less "retro" legends this year. The commentators are done terribly, They got 2 commentators, that didn't commentate a hockey game, they just said sentences like they were everyday things. I believe that Joe Bowen would've been more enjoyable, with the "HOLY MACKINAW" would've been more enjoyable to listen. Here's the deal, with this game. If you want a good nhl game, buy NHL 14, or buy a pre-owned NHL 15, because they go to the people who own the game store, I would not pay 1 penny to EA, for this game, because of how disappointing it is. I feel that the team was too overwhelmed, and they didn't have time to update anything. But it was a greedy choice by EA, and do NOT support these-these...idk I just don't know what I can say here... Expand
  6. Sep 9, 2014
    This is utter trash, and luckily I only paid $30 with a gift card -- it isn't even worth $15 or $20. It's literally NHL 14, but they reintroduced 'puck physics' from every game before '14 where the puck doesn't bounce like a tennis ball. Good job EA. Where it ISN'T in the game. I'll wait on the next gen version as well for NHL 16, if they manage to fix it that is. EA needs to invest more money and personnel into NHL based on this shoddy effort, and fire "Rammer" for incompetency. Expand
  7. Sep 11, 2014
    This is EXACTLY like NHL 14 except the new commentators. At least I had a $20 gift card, so I didn't waste that much money. This is the biggest joke of releasing this game on Xbox 360 and probably PS3. So fed up with EA Sports and their games. Expand

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