NHL 2K10 Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 31
  2. Negative: 1 out of 31
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  1. If you love hockey you will love this, it's one of the best around.
  2. EA's game has grown into the role of the hockey simulation, while NHL 2K has become a better and better version of what hard core hockey fans see as a casual game - lots of scoring. This year is no different, and NHL 2K10 has made some of the most needed improvements while staying consistent to its identity - as a welcoming game that gives us the chance to play like the Ovechkins and Crosbys.
  3. Overall, with some great presentation and truly fun video game hockey, not to mention a laundry list of features and without doubt clear improvements over the past couple years of the franchise, NHL 2K10 is a worthy hockey title. It just isn't likely to be the most worthy hockey title this year.
  4. NHL 2K10 has the style, but unfortunately, the substance just isn’t as compelling on the Xbox 360/PS3. While the Wii has a shiny new control scheme and a drastic upgrade in content, the HD console versions are merely last year’s game with a new coat of paint. This is a game that plays it too straight and doesn’t take any risks. While it’s more polished than previous games in the series, it just isn’t bringing anything really new to the table this year.
  5. A very entertaining and long game, thanks to many modes and a good online side, but with not-so-stellar visuals.
  6. Pelit (Finland)
    A decent hockey game, but there are not that many improvements compared to the last year’s edition. AI has been improved and some little details have been tweaked, but lack of significant innovations is too obvious. [Nov 2010]
  7. NHL 2K10 is another case of “two steps forward, one step back.” Big changes for the better in graphics and customization are offset by arcade style gameplay and the removal of all the classic teams from last year.
  8. NHL 2K10 has made some solid improvements over 2k9, but it's still a ways from all-star caliber.
  9. Solid and very playable hockey game that's a clear number two in its field.
  10. The slow gameplay and the sluggish controls make NHL 2K10 a struggle to play, and it is too easy to score as the defensive AI is lacking.
  11. This arcade hockey is a reasonably fun alternative to aggressive realism, but it lacks the substance that’ll keep us playing its competition long after both games launch and hockey season has come and gone.
  12. There's an overall lack of personality to the game - there aren't enough control quirks to master or career goals to aim for. While EA's NHL 10 rewards you at every turn for digging into the game, NHL 2K10 has nothing new to offer but the chance to ride a Zamboni machine and polish ice.
  13. The lack of anything truly innovative or unique combined with sub-par features and a less-than-stellar presentation means that the 2K franchise once again plays second fiddle to NHL 10. Unlike cover athlete Alexander Ovechkin, there's not enough character in NHL 2K10 to make it a truly memorable experience.
  14. NHL 2K10 may be a shallow, straightforward arcade hockey game, but it isn't without its charms.
  15. Things like the Zamboni Races are fun, but it’d be better for 2K to concentrate on its core components before spending its resources on fringe offerings.
  16. It's hard to recommend a game when there is a clearly superior alternative on the market that does everything so wonderfully. NHL 2K10 isn't bad and it is poised to make a run at the EA franchise sooner rather than later. But for this year, unless you are completely adverse to anything other than a quick arcade hockey fix, NHL 10 is the game to get.
  17. Overall, NHL 2k10 isn’t the strongest of ice hockey titles. The game appears to have been rushed for release and whilst there are some great features, they are simply the icing on the not-so-yummy cake.
  18. The package as a whole isn’t as polished and deep as NHL 10, but its accessibility and fun factor certainly counts for something. It looks great too, and with online modes that extend the challenge and lifespan of the game, NHL 2K10 has come as close as its ever done to matching EA’s game.
  19. With the advance seen in the online component, this version of NHL reaches an immediate willingness to clash with other real opponents.
  20. NHL 2K10 talks a good game with it’s brilliant TV-style presentation and is almost every bit as comprehensive as its competitor, but when it comes down to the clutch, 2K can’t quite seem to ‘squeeze it’ where it really counts.
  21. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Don't expect EA levels of dedication. [Issue#52, p.93]
  22. 68
    While it does bring some good things to the table, NHL 2K10 unfortunately stumbles on the most important aspects of a good hockey game. Sluggish game speed, unreliable controls, and bland game modes leave the game several steps behind its competition.
  23. 67
    NHL 2K10 isn’t a bad effort, it just feels like the development team spent most of their time on the graphics and forgot about adding a worthwhile game mode.
  24. While it’s not a horrible hockey game, it just doesn’t come close to being as good as past entries.
  25. 65
    Are you fond of hockey and do you want to play a match once in a while? Then NHL 2K10 is a good title for you. But if you're looking for a more serious game, EA's NHL 10 will be a better choice.
  26. 60
    NHL 2K10 tries to wear way too many hats for its own good. At most moments it tries to be a party hockey game, and if it stuck to this principle throughout and adopted fast paced, arcade style hockey then it may have had a chance to succeed. But then their attempt at realism rears its nasty head and the horrific, slow and boring gameplay gets in the way of any party you'll try to throw down.
  27. With unresponsive skating and stickhandling skills, NHL 2K10 is a troubled hockey prospect. With so many red flags, we recommend passing this prospect over.
  28. It’s too buggy, choppy, and unrealistic to be considered even a solid title.
  29. 50
    There is still a better product for consumers to pick up this year, and this is not it.
  30. The final impression from 2K Sports latest creation is actually rather pale. The game struggles in it's role of being both an arcade type of a game, and a simulation of the sport. It's just not that fun to play, and when it comes down to it, EA Sports simply does a much greater job with their hockey-game this year.
  31. The on-going appeal of NHL10's stats and progression system is something 2K10 simply cannot match, and couple that with the poor controls and slow pacing and you've got no decision on where your money should land.
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User score distribution:
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  1. TuomasS
    Sep 28, 2009
    Top game when you have right settings and sliders. Default setting are terrible and that the biggest reason for the bad reviews.
  2. Nov 18, 2013
    This game there are no glitch goals. I have played over 6000 games on NHL 2k10 and most are different and unique.
    Things that make this game
    This game there are no glitch goals. I have played over 6000 games on NHL 2k10 and most are different and unique.
    Things that make this game great:
    Real goal horns, jumbotrons/ lightbars, arena with retired jerseys/camp banners.
    Most goals are different, no same glitch goal everytime.
    The game callers Drew Remenda and Randy Hahn are excellent.
    Players look like there real life counterparts.
    Sometimes not always a player will get stuck in a mid animation/move.
    Goalie mode aka crease view will not work properly in cross-crease/pass to a player in front of the net situations.
    Times where a goalie will play really good then let easy goals on the breakaways, or really close in

    Even with all these faults still one of my all time favorites and still play to this day!
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  3. Jun 20, 2013
    I played Nhl 2K8 for 300 hours plus. It is by far the most fun I've had playing any hockey video game and it is incredibly fun and NHL 2k10I played Nhl 2K8 for 300 hours plus. It is by far the most fun I've had playing any hockey video game and it is incredibly fun and NHL 2k10 just adds to the experience with incredible graphics to an overall amazing game. Full Review »