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  • Summary: Fully redesigned next-gen player models with accurate equipment and updated player faces brings you realistic hockey. Goaltending has been completely overhauled with instinctive AI, entirely new animations, and situation specific behaviors. Goaltenders now come out and challenge, guard the post, perform spectacular butterfly saves, and much more. A new control system delivers an experience that transcends the hockey videogame genre. Take control of "the DEEPEST franchise mode in the business," now complete with realistic CBA features including waivers, two-way contracts, restricted and unrestricted free agents, and salary cap management. Off-season has also been revamped, boasting a brand new negotiation system, improved draft, and refurbished free agent signing. Topping off everything is the addition of an all-new player progression system and dynamic player types. 2K Sports Online - Go head-to-head against the best players on the planet and enter for your chance to win a new Dodge. [2K Sports] Expand
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  1. Positive: 26 out of 44
  2. Negative: 3 out of 44
  1. The most realistic hockey game both on and off the ice. However, controls are pretty complicated, so NHL 2K8 is not a game for beginners. [Dec 2007]
  2. The advanced controls still need about a year to really nail the feel of the game, but the franchise mode lived up to the hype. Fans willing to give the controls a chance will not be disappointed and the prospects of next years offering are already exciting.
  3. In the end, NHL 2K8 is not a perfect game, as there are still room for improvements in the graphics department. However, as a package, the game excels, with solid gameplay, deep modes and everything you would want from a hockey game.
  4. On the ice, NHL 2K8 has improved by leaps and bounds in the graphics department.
  5. 70
    In the end, 2K8 is a great distraction until the season starts, but if you want to put your time into a better game, EA's NHL 08 is the dynasty worth your dough.
  6. NHL 2K8 reminds me of a hockey team that looks unbeatable on paper but fails to perform in a big game.
  7. 40
    From 2K8's tricky new controls to the number of gameplay hiccups, we simply can't recommend this skater over EA's for this hockey season.

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  1. Sep 27, 2013
    Even on PS2 this game is fun and amazing. 360 just enhances the experience. Bravo well done by 2k sports. I've Played 2k8 for countless hours and have logged in more than 700 games to date. I am ahead of the current NHL schedule. Thought about getting NHL 2k10 for 360. Second thought just buy 2k8 that is awesome. 2013 and this game still rocks. Can't wait to play online. Expand

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