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  1. Pelit (Finland)
    The most realistic hockey game both on and off the ice. However, controls are pretty complicated, so NHL 2K8 is not a game for beginners. [Dec 2007]
  2. 85
    The game looks and -- eventually -- feels great on the ice and features smooth animations, a robust online option or leagues and tournaments, a replay-editing tool called 2K Reelmaker, unlockable uniforms and more. It sucks that the interface is clunky.
  3. 85
    Even if the side stuff has been there done that written all over it, you will be hard-pressed to find a better hockey game this year.
  4. If you can adjust to the ProStick controls, you’ll find a control system that really makes you feel like a part of the game.
  5. 85
    This is definitely a must for any ice hockey fan or anyone who enjoyed Speedball back in the 80’s.
  6. The advanced controls still need about a year to really nail the feel of the game, but the franchise mode lived up to the hype. Fans willing to give the controls a chance will not be disappointed and the prospects of next years offering are already exciting.
  7. The biggest drawback to NHL 2k8 is the new controls. Even if you want to grow into them, it’s not worth it. Fortunately, you can turn them off and get on with your day, so there’s not much downside. 2k8 still plays a smooth, exciting and fun game of hockey.
  8. It’s still an arcade game, no question about it; this is not a pure simulation of the sport, because of the over the top hitting and offensive AI, but as arcade hockey games go, this one’s a winner.
  9. Providing all the features of its predecessors and more, NHL 2K8 serves as a worthy purchase for any lover of ice hockey.
  10. The modes maintain their phenomenal impact, with franchise and online options to keep you busy throughout the season -- and well into next year.
  11. 80
    There are just too many buttons in play, and it's terrible when you want to unleash a slap shot from the point but can't remember which triggers and bumpers to use.
  12. NHL 2K8's biggest problem is that it's not "NHL 08," which has put it all together this year like few sports games we've ever seen.
  13. NHL 2K8 is still king of the ice, however this time around you might need to take a little more time to get your groove on. The new control system takes a little work, so if you are getting frustrated by 2K Sports new innovations simply turn them off and go back to the default NHL 2K game you know and love.
  14. Official Xbox Magazine
    Throw in more responsive skating and a brilliant new face-off system, and we definitely dig how NHL 2K8 shakes and bakes. [Nov 2007, p.92]
  15. While NHL 2K8 has evolved over last year's version of the game, the changes really are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The new control scheme doesn't seem to add enough to the game to justify the need to relearn the controls.
  16. In the end, NHL 2K8 is not a perfect game, as there are still room for improvements in the graphics department. However, as a package, the game excels, with solid gameplay, deep modes and everything you would want from a hockey game.
  17. 80
    Yet those who value realistic AI, tight matches, and deep franchise play will nonetheless appreciate what NHL 2K8 brings to the rink: enough technique and skill to compete with an Alex Ovechkin highlight reel.
  18. 80
    One of the best hockey games money can buy.
  19. Once you get around the slightly muddled menu system there is quite a lot of content between the full & mini games within this package to keep you entertained for many an hour, either playing against pretty decent AI controlled teams or over Xbox Live.
  20. Perhaps the series peaked with 2K7, after-all, there can only be so many variations on Pong before someone runs out of ideas, or the waters become over saturated.
  21. It may not deliver the entire package this year, but NHL 2K8 is a fun game that offers a fast-paced arcade feel.
  22. While we certainly give 2K and Visual Concepts/Kush an “A” for effort with NHL 2K8, the bottom line score is a bit less. While NHL 2K8 still has the heart of a champion and features its rivals can’t touch, the competition has finally figured this video hockey thing out for the most part.
  23. On the ice, NHL 2K8 has improved by leaps and bounds in the graphics department.
  24. 75
    2K Sports is relegated to a distant second-place, plagued by overly complicated controls, a badly designed interface, and subpar gameplay.
  25. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    It’s still a good game, but unfortunately it doesn’t offer anything that’s different or relevant when compared to last year’s title. This time, EA Sport’s rival "NHL 08" takes the throne. [Dec 2007]
  26. NHL 2K8 is a solid ice hockey, wholly competent in most departments.
  27. NHL 2K8 is a generally fun hockey game, though its new control scheme is a step backward for the series.
  28. 70
    In the end, 2K8 is a great distraction until the season starts, but if you want to put your time into a better game, EA's NHL 08 is the dynasty worth your dough.
  29. Unfortunately, NHL 2K8 made a decision to make a change that, to many people, undid all the good that they had done in other areas.
  30. 70
    Despite all that's good with the game, NHL 2K8's innovations are a few years behind the times, making it feel like a cheap rehash of what's already available.
  31. Last year the clear winner was NHL 2K7 when it came to online play. This year the playing field is definitely more even – it didn’t matter what game I put in I always had fun while playing over Live. However, having some friends over to play, the choice was always NHL 08.
  32. AceGamez
    Should you be a casual fan of ice hockey then I just can't recommend NHL 2K8 as a game to pick up; the new control system and the maddeningly deep franchise mode are only for the most hardcore of fans. With this said, those of you who love everything about hockey will like this game, control problems or not.
  33. NHL 2K8 reminds me of a hockey team that looks unbeatable on paper but fails to perform in a big game.
  34. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Inadequate next to EA's title. [Jan 2008, p.79]
  35. NHL 2K8 is a very entertaining game, but the control system is a shambles.
  36. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    Keen to push forwards and revolutionise control, NHL 2K8 bafflingly manages to take a step backwards over previous incarnations. It’s still fun enough but it’s a shame, as with a little more time to perfect its core ideas, this could have been great. The franchise isn’t going anywhere though, so it’s still one to watch out for a few more years yet.
  37. NHL 2K8 should be sent back to the minors for some retooling. Gameplay is king, and 2K8 plays fourth-line checker to the competition’s first line superstar.
  38. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It has some decent ideas(faceoffs are more interesting this year, and the simulation setting option is way better than the arcadey default), but 2K8's fundamentals are flawed. [Nov 2007, p.105]
  39. I'd recommend keeping your copy of NHL 2K7 and pretending this year's version never actually came out. Like an NHL videogamers lockout or something.
  40. Yet no matter how hockey mad you are, there's no denying that the controls are too muddled and the game not quite deep enough to really tickle.
  41. X-ONE Magazine UK
    The second-best ice hockey game on the 360. You know what the best one is, so go buy it. [Issue 26, p.99]
  42. Get in your car, drive to a hockey game, support your local team, and go pay $20 for a deep-fried stadium lunch. Because whatever you do, don’t spend any time on this flabby substitute.
  43. 40
    From 2K8's tricky new controls to the number of gameplay hiccups, we simply can't recommend this skater over EA's for this hockey season.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 17 Ratings

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  1. JobA
    Jan 22, 2010
    This is a pretty amazing title!I review alot of sport games later then when they come out.Thats why my reviews are more accurate then all of This is a pretty amazing title!I review alot of sport games later then when they come out.Thats why my reviews are more accurate then all of the reviewers that do this as a job.Sometimes some reviewers get close but not like me.This game has legs,lets put it like that.Depth,graphics,replay,innovation,spirit,ect...I think out of all the years I have read reviews and wrote my own reviews that IGN,Gamespot and 1up is the best when it comes to reviews.Sometimes Gameinformer,OXM,Operation Sports and Gamespy get some right but I would have to say IGN is right on!Gamespot is right on but they are a little hard on games and a little to easy on hyped up games.Nhl 2k8 has everything that was excellent for 2k7 and fixwd everything wrong.They also added a new dimention to hockey games as we know it.Its 2010 now so like I said,I review later which makes it authentic but bad for people that want to know right away.Nhl 2k8 is the best Hockey game from this generation.Nhl 09 &10 are great games dont think I'm crazy but they dont hit you like Holy ..IT like ESPN NHL 2k4 &5 did.Espn nhl 2k5 is actually the best hockey game out to this day without a doubt but in the next gen systems nhl 2k8 is a clear winner in my opinion and this is were it starts..I'm by myself and I want to play single player,what am I going to play??Nhl 2k8--Yes thats is the game.Then the innovation,the multiplayer,ect..,ect..Nhl 2k9 is a true mess!I'm very disappointed with 2k for that.The players are to big,dont even let me get into that for this review.Nhl 2k8 is 100%-AWSOME.I give it a 9.5 Full Review »
  2. HaydenK
    May 2, 2008
    This game is so realistic!!!!!! The players are so made up like they are real. I can see the beads of sweat down thier forehead!!!!! The This game is so realistic!!!!!! The players are so made up like they are real. I can see the beads of sweat down thier forehead!!!!! The comintators are non-repetitive, And very discribing. the Only flaw is that u use the right bumber to shoot. Full Review »
  3. KeithL.
    Nov 26, 2007
    I like the controls. The game plays much better and more realistic. NOTE: Play it as a SIM for a more true gameplay and Franchise experience.