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  • Summary: Novadrome puts gamers behind the wheel of an armed, buggy-style vehicle to face off in gladiatorial combat on a distant planet. Offline, players can battle enemies or explore sprawling arenas filled with obstacles and power-ups. After learning the basics, they can then vie for ultimate bragging rights by engaging friends and other Xbox Live Arcade combatants through the highly customizable online multiplayer mode. 24 unique vehicles from which to choose
    15 arenas of continuous, furious action. Includes car-mounted beam, particle and physics weapons. Play for bragging rights – Top the leaderboards to become the ultimate champion. Multiple gameplay modes and event types to choose from -- featuring Career, Arcade, Free Play and Multiplayer Modes. Challenge your captors – Obliterate the your alien abductors in action-packed boss encounters. [Buena Vista Games]
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  1. If you like your car-based beat-'em-ups and don't fancy 20 for a second-hand copy of "Full Auto," then this is a worthwhile investment. [Feb 2007, p.102]
  2. Whether you prefer the eight-player Live free-for-all or the strictly linear single player campaign, Novadrome delivers a spartan but reasonably attractive vehicular-combat experience with just enough bells and whistles to justify its $10 download. [Jan. 2007, p.74]
  3. An addictive mixture of fast-paced vehicular combat that combines a fluid arcade feel with vivid graphics, making it yet another worthwhile addition to the growing library of Xbox Live Arcade titles.
  4. Novadrome packs it all in in terms of options and modes, but fails to capture any of the charm of classic car combat titles like Twisted Metal or even its less good rip-off merchant of a friend, Vigilante 8.
  5. There's just nothing particularly great about it. The only incentive to sink any major amount of time into it is that most of the achievements on offer require the best cars in the game to attain. But it's highly unlikely most people will be able to stay interested for even that long.
  6. It might run smoothly and offer a half-dozen modes, but Novadrome is the type of sterile, seen-it-all-before mid pack performer that there was no reason to produce. [Issue 21, p.57]
  7. This is Xbox Live Arcade at its very worst. [Issue#25, p.118]

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  1. May 17, 2012
    Novadrome, a new car combat game. The game is not perfect like Burnout or Split/Second, but people the game is really funny, the graphics are interesting, the gameplay amazing. This game is perfect. Expand

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