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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Can you deliver? Keep your subscribers happy by tossing newspapers on their doorsteps with perfect accuracy. Pedal fast and avoid obstacles to make the headlines and bring home the bacon. Challenge: Stay on the road and keep your subscribers happy in Easy Street, Middle Road, and Hard Way difficulties. Earn 12 different achievements to add to your gamerscore, as well. Multiplayer: Play with a friend online or off with co-op multiplayer modes in both split screen and Xbox Live modes. Xbox Live: Keep track of your victories with leaderboards updated weekly and for all time! [Microsoft] Expand
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  1. Aside from some iffy hit detection (2 pixels to the right of the front door won’t trigger a delivered paper at times), an RC car that’s relentless in its pursuit of your carrier (it’s pesky to say the least), and the omission of Paperboy’s Ditty from the soundtrack (j/k), Paperboy "delivers" as advertised in the classifieds.
  2. Its difficulty will put off those who want an easy ride, but for the hardcore, those who want something different from their games, it's the Holy Grail on wheels. [Apr 2007, p.96]
  3. The single-player mode is fantastic and more fun than licking honey off Scrubs' Sarah Chalke. [Issue 18, p.116]
  4. It disappoints only in Live multiplayer, where an updating score(gee, thanks...)is all players see of each other, and one person's demise ends both games. [Apr 2007, p.90]
  5. As with most retro titles offered on the Arcade, the nostalgia will pull you in for a game or two. Paperboy succeeds in holding your attention longer than most with more than the all-too-familiar graphics and sound, earning your respect with challenging achievements and gameplay.
  6. If you ever cared about the arcade version of Paperboy, you'll get some nostalgic excitement from this emulation of the original.
  7. 60
    The single-player is too frustrating to be fun on the harder levels and the multi-player feels tacked-on and useless. While the price is certainly right the game still doesn’t manage to hold water in the long run and will more than likely be just another reason to achieve 200 gamer points.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Sep 9, 2014
    Its good to see some remakes and re releases of old and hard to find games from previous systems being released. Those who like to leave negative ratings because they dont like the genre are the ones who mess up the rating system on here. If you don't like this or that kind of game then you aren't gonna accurately rate. Unless it is due to some kind of flaw or glitch. Same with those who rate older 360 games lower due to graphics when they were up to par when the game was released so please think of that when rating. Some people actually want to find a good game here and those of you who do this are messing it up for us!! If you really want old school nintendo games and have internet at home, I would say to buy a WIIU since they now sell almost all old nintendo games through their site for a couple bucks each and you can download likely all of them with room to spare on your console. Expand
  2. Andyman
    Feb 14, 2007
    Without the unique bicycle handlebar controller of the arcade game, Paperboy is lackluster in every possible way. Save your money.
  3. macavity
    May 4, 2007
    i did not buy my 400$ next gen xbox 360 to play games i played 20 years ago. someone please put a stop to this nostalgic arcade crap. this also messes up all the game rating systems because people rate paperboy an 8 and rate oblivion a 9. if paperboy gets an 8 then oblivion must get 900, you know?...what will this logic lead to? companies making arcady games, thats what...they will see the potential of making retro games, idiotic button mashings...this will divert the xbox360 programmers to do just plain old idiotic games. i need inovation and ass kicking-technology licking approach to game making,
    if i see another rave about a crap arcade game, im gona puke man!