Perfect Dark Xbox 360


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 46
  2. Negative: 0 out of 46
  1. The XBLA has seen some pretty spectacular games in its time, but Perfect Dark has to be the pinnacle of XBLA gaming simply because despite its age, the game is so jam packed with features that even gamers used to more modern shooters will find some enjoyment.
  2. New players will find a lot to enjoy and the people who completed speed runs blindfolded will find new layers to enjoy.
  3. If you're looking for classic FPS action it doesn't get better than Perfect Dark. This game is already bursting with content and the addition of new graphics, controls and online play make it better than ever before.
  4. It's been ten years, but Joanna aged rather well. Fun, entertaining, with a bunch of game modes (solo and multiplayer), Perfect Dark is almost as great as it was when it was first released. This port is good, but it can't really be referred to as a remake.
  5. 90
    I can't imagine a better way to revive a classic.
  6. With cheats to unlock, multiplayer ranks to climb, and new, devious, level-specific crown awards to figure out, this blast from the past is still a blast to play as an un-evolved envoy of modern-day shooters.
  7. Of course Perfect Dark is going to feel outdated, it's 10 years old! But what we have here is one of the best remakes in a long long time.
  8. Featuring a myriad of gameplay modes, improved HD visuals and the same high-paced action feel, Perfect Dark is a great overall package. I’d highly recommend adding this XBLA re-make of a Nintendo 64 classic to your XBLA game collection.
  9. 85
    It is a good chance for Perfect Dark to reach a new audience, and for the gamers who enjoyed the original to play again this classic.
  10. Frustrations aside, Perfect Dark is a great example of how a remake should be done.
  11. Perfect Dark isn’t a huge overhaul like other remakes on XBLA, but is still a solid and engaging title. FPS fans who missed out on the original would do well to check out this groundbreaking title, and hardcore fans should experience the game with the technical improvements.
  12. Even though the gameplay was left untouched, the game now runs smooth as silk which was one of the biggest frustrations when trying to play multiplayer on the original version of the game due to the massive drops in framerate.
  13. The fact that this game offers so much content - much more than many releases today - and all for an extremely low 800 Marketplace Points, I have to say, check out the demo: you may be pleasantly surprised.
  14. Pelit (Finland)
    This relic may not have the greatest looks, but the atmosphere is as good as it once was. Retro enthusiasts will get their money's worth and this re-release is something that new generation of gamers should definitely take a look at. The ride gets even better, when you share it with friends. Rock solid multiplayer features ensure, that Joanna Dark's debut is ready for another round. [May 2010]
  15. 83
    What Perfect Dark still manages better than most is putting all those good things together in one convenient place. It's kind of a jack-of all-trades game that's long since been eclipsed in all its individual skills, but still ranks pretty strongly overall.
  16. 83
    If you are a fan of Perfect Dark or even Goldeneye, then you should absolutely buy this game. It is ten dollars well spent.
  17. It's still not entirely perfect, but as far as ports go this comes really damn close.
  18. But the experience of playing Perfect Dark for XBLA definitely feels behind the times.
  19. Games Master UK
    An awesome, if ancient, shooter that still plays like a dream in multiplayer. We urge you to try it. [June 2010, p.85]
  20. Zero may have proved that it's hard to create a fitting sequel to a classic, but to see the original Perfect Dark slotting into place so well on XBLA is enough to suggest that, just sometimes, restoration might be a better solution than reinvention.
  21. This is old-school gaming, with none of the modern day handholding we're used to, but it's jam-packed with gaming goodness. The campaign can be frustrating due to a lack of direction, but it's still full of great moments, and the multiplayer is as much fun as it ever was.
  22. A solid 2010 upgrade for an excellent multiplayer game and slightly aged solo experience. Worth both a revisit and a new plunge.
  23. The wrinkles are almost entirely showing on the single-player side, with clunky animation and AI being the worst offenders. But for fans of the original the chance to revisit a favourite in new HD clothing - and take it online - is no-doubt one that should be jumped at, and newcomers will also likely discover a surprisingly deep deathmatch game that's still relevant in 2010.
  24. Only nostalgiaists will want to play it at length but this shames modern shooters with its ambition.
  25. 80
    Perfect Dark HD is the version of the classic N64 game that highlights everything that worked well and patches holes that revolved around pushing the cart-based system to its absolute limit.
  26. This game is made for fans of the original. Killing friends in split-screen is just as much fun as it was years ago, at least for the nostalgic value. Had it used a more modern graphics engine this would have been game of the year on Xbox Live.
  27. Even being a simple port with higher resolution and better frame-rates, Perfect Dark is a must buy for all Xbox 360 owners.
  28. The music is excellent, and all of these factors come together to give a FPS experience which was very story- driven and cinematic. Combine this with the legendary multiplayer, and you get a console shooter which was arguably the Halo for 2000's N64 - groundbreaking, enjoyable, and setting the standards for all to follow.
  29. X-ONE Magazine UK
    It's as fast-paced and addictive as you remember. [Issue#58, p.104]
  30. Updated visuals help Perfect Dark to wear its years well, but the outdated design could hamper your fun.
  31. Perfect Dark is not a game for everyone. Many things have changed since it first came out on the N64, but still it is worth to play through especially if you haven't played it, back at those times. Old gamers will surely love it.
  32. 75
    Perfect Dark is worth as a Xbox Live Arcade title. But it's not the sensation anymore like it was before.
  33. Official Xbox Magazine
    As long as you don't mind that manual targeting is a twitchy mess, and that Joanna slides around like she's on skates, 10 bucks buys you at least as many enjoyable hours stealth-killing thugs and perforating your pals. [Jun 2010, p.81]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 94 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. kl
    Mar 19, 2010
    "The other though was the story mode, which was inferior to GoldenEye 007 in terms of both design and its insipid characters, plot and game "The other though was the story mode, which was inferior to GoldenEye 007 in terms of both design and its insipid characters, plot and game world." David Jenkins, you're a fucking idiot. Goldeneye's singleplayer didn't even HAVE a story (or characters for that matter), and PD was far superior to GE in every way imaginable. GE's story was ripped off of the movie, which wasn't that great to begin with. Seriously, that's the dumbest thing I have ever read. Rare actually tried for originality with PD, and, unlike you, many were more impressed with PD's ingenuity than they were with GE (Single and Multi). I guess mom wouldn't let you play PD until it was released on the arcade though, so you wouldn't know. In reality, nostalgia's the only reason you claim GE is a classic. I wouldn't be surprised if your main gripe with PD has more to do with the leading female character, you chauvinist twat. Full Review »
  2. Nov 4, 2010
    I can't find a thing wrong with this game. It really shows that in a world where FPS games don't age well a few upgrades can make all theI can't find a thing wrong with this game. It really shows that in a world where FPS games don't age well a few upgrades can make all the difference. I was afraid going back to Pd after 10 years would bring me to the reality that nostalgia had me fooled. Not the case. This is a perfect example of how to "port" an older game to a new console. Full Review »
  3. Sep 25, 2010
    This is a great game to renew to a modern version. I remember playing this on Nintendo 64. Great missions and great graphics. great job on the renewal