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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] While the Sultan of Persia is away for a war, the evil Vizier seizes the throne for himself. He has also imprisoned the beautiful Princess and has given her an hour to decide her fate – marry him or die. As the courageous Prince, you have 60 minutes to complete the mission of saving the Princess from her deadly fate. Developed by Gameloft, Prince of Persia Classic has received a brand-new coat of paint with character designs, animations, visuals and lighting effects giving the game a close to 3D look. To freshen the gameplay experience, new traps, puzzles and enemies have also been added. [Ubisoft] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 25
  2. Negative: 0 out of 25
  1. The best. Only better. A 2D game of this quality, lushly redesigned, is worth a hundred 3D romps. [Sept 2007, p.94]
  2. Prince of Persia has always been about getting through each challenge as quickly as possible, thanks to the one-hour time-limit on the game. Thus, it makes for a perfect Live Arcade action game, as it basically comes with built-in leaderboard support.
  3. 86
    Prince of Persia Classic is certainly short, but it's oh so sweet. This is one of the best games released on XBLA to date and the template all future enhanced classic games should follow. If it weren't for the brevity of the experience, POP Classic would be, well, an instant classic.
  4. A good update of a classic game, but you’ll only enjoy it if you enjoy classic gameplay.
  5. For the short time that the game does last it is an example of how Live Arcade titles should be done and how an old game can be refurbished, yet still retain a nostalgic edge to please all types of players.
  6. In fact, developer Gameloft has managed to give the game a beautiful 3D overhaul and a few minor gameplay updates while mostly maintaining its timeless brilliance. [Aug 2007, p.79]
  7. Great production values but the unforgiving gameplay and loose controls don't sit well in 2007.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 5
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  1. [Anonymous]
    Jul 4, 2007
    Great production Values, one of the best arcade games on 360 downloads
  2. StephaneJ.
    Jul 23, 2007
    I'm very happy to see this classic title appear on XBLA. Sure, it is frustrating, but for those of us enjoying a challenge, it is a blessing. Nice graphics, too. The only problem is the delayed responsiveness of the controls, but that was part of the original too, so... I'll bear with that. Expand
  3. MatthewARcher
    Mar 30, 2008
    I have to say this is a great remake. Something to consider: this game is 800 credits because although it's only an hour long (technically) it took a group of people time to make as it was remade from scratch, with excellent graphical improvements. This is a lot less that what it would have originally cost you when the old version came out, so stop complaining! It is difficult, but you want to be challenged if you've just paid for something... Collapse
  4. FPSMaster
    Jun 18, 2007
    I have to agree review with the Computer and Video Games review up there. This is the best looking remake for Live Arcade yet. But that's where the good ended for me. It did have the feeling of the 3D POPs and some of the sound effects and animations were transitioned nicely from those game into this 2D side-scroller. But the loose controls that constantly make you fall off ledges for no reason and make you die instantly kill the fun. On top fo that, you only have 60 minutes to finsih the game. You can keep playing after the 60 minute time limit is up, but it's pointless since you don't get the ending and Achievements. But this also means with some practice you can actually finish the game in exactly 1 hour making this a $10 download that realy is only an hour long game. This price alone makes the game as much of a rip-off as Guitar Hero 2's song downloads and would be much better at 400 ponts or even 200 points. But 800 points is a total scam for an hour of gameplay that is more of an exercixe in frustration and bad controls than fun. Like any arcade game, you won't play it but once or twice so don't buy it now and bitch later when companies like EA keep taking advantage of Marketplace prices because buying things like this for $10 is what's causing it. Play it at a friend's house to get it out of your system and save yourself $10, or buy it and make yourself $10 poorer just to play it maybe 5 times altogether. Don't say you weren't warned though. Expand
  5. RedXIII
    Jul 3, 2007
    This game could have been great, but the unresponsive controls make this game frustrating to a point where it is not enjoyable any more. The demo was real easy and I thought the rest of the game would be a little more difficult but not to the point where you repeat the same 30secs about 100 times to get to the next checkpoint. Level one was easy, level 2 a little bit more difficult level 3 starting to get frustrated level 4 impossibly hard. The combat system is slow and unresponsive making it almost impossible to kill the tougher bad guys. The only thing this game has going for it is it looks nice. Expand