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  1. Apr 30, 2012
    I think that game is better than the first, have great details, but yes, have other mistakes, and the bigger is that the graphics are same like the graphics of the first game. Prototype 2 is cool.
  2. May 31, 2012
    This game boils down to one thing: How much the entertainment value, or "fun factor", really affects how you enjoy a game. If your here for things like story or originality, steer very clear of this title. However if all that matters to you is that you can go in there and beat the crap out of a billion dudes at once, you'll feel right at home here. I personally think the sandbox GTA-style games have gotten fairly old at this point and this game really was no different from the many other GTA spinoffs over the years. It was one of the funnest games I've played in awhile though so that really helps it's cause. I don't think that this game is worth a full 60 dollars right now though. I bought it for 30 on amazon the other day and I'd say that would be a fair price for a game like this right now. It will inevitably see another sale price in the coming months so I'd wait on buying this game and going out and purchasing Max Payne 3 if your desperate for an awesome, new game worth it's 60 dollar price tag. This game can wait. Expand
  3. May 9, 2012
    Prototype 2 is essentially a marginally improved version of Prototype, with much of the baggage the original carried. On the plus side, the combat is more fluid and movement across the city is easier. Graphics are somewhat improved (but still felt dated) despite a limited draw distance. The downsides however, are still pretty numerous. The story is woefully underdeveloped, like in the first game. I get it, Blackwatch are bad guys, you don't need to constantly remind me they brutally experiment on civilians. Heller, the protagonist, is unlikable and unnecessary. The world is bland and static, and the NPCs are generally oblivious to your actions - you can drop 500 feet and land amidst a group of soldiers in an explosion of shattered concrete and your alert level barely increases. Missions are repetitive and the camera is awkward. I would probably rate Prototype 2 higher if it were the first game in the series, but I definitely expect more out of a sequel. Expand
  4. Apr 24, 2012
    In "Prototype 2", we see that many of the features that were criticized in "Prototype 1" were corrected: I define the game as a very successful blend of Crackdown and Hulk 2, with current games graphics.

    The game's events occur 14 months after the first initial outbreak of the Blacklight virus, in a secondary outbreak, and follows the story of James Heller, an elite soldier, who had his
    family murdered and that believe this to be the fault of Alex Mercer, the protagonist of Prototype 1 - and they end up meeting each other, and with Alex injecting the virus in Heller. This story unfolds gradually by chapters, and is very well written and interesting.

    The game's graphics are infinitely better than the first game, can somehow be compared to GTA IV, with some more details: in the general movement of the characters, in the general details and city constructions, and in the climate changes, among other things, shows that much work was invested in this new version of the game - some details are still a little strange, as the blood spurts are somewhat artificial, but the scenarios and settings are almost perfect. The main scenes of flashbacks and cut-scenes are done with better overall graphics, the latest being in black and white, with occasional red elements.

    The voice-overs are almost perfect, as the overall game sounds, explosions and other details, as the people screaming in panic. The soundtrack is orchestral, but it is discreet, in the background of the action, as in movies, and it is a perfect match to the game. About the performances, I only have the criticism that the soldiers and enemy agents comments in general seem to be made all by psychopaths (every enemy has this "cliche" type).

    The gameplay also took a leap of quality: the robotic and glitchy gameplay in Prototype 1 is gone, and here you can really feel good about playing, because all movements in the game, from the combat ones to your moves getting around in town, and actions with the mutant powers have been greatly improved, with fluid movements.

    The classic powers in the game have also new features: now you can use the ability to fight with claws in many ways, as well as a "predator instinct", which emits a wave of sonar to detect targets - you can also can consume any living thing, which also give you their appearance, and a regenerate a portion of your life bar.

    Other mutations empower advances gradually to Heller, which render him in a destruction machine, such as forming tentacles and webs of meat that shred enemies apart, biomass bombs and shields-like expansions among many other.

    The power grid of Heller areas have very different features (with basics classes that remind Crackdonw), and with each level up, you can choose one of them, but it may also give upgrades through the game, finding the various collectibles, in the form of Black Dossier, scattered around neighborhoods / different city areas (Green, Yellow, and Red Zones, the color meaning the degree of contagion of the session of the city), and consuming specific characters, or killing groups of special enemies, or even single special enemies.

    The missions also have suffered a redesign: beyond the main missions, there are also other, revealed by capturing specific targets and through special points of Blackwatch network database. The missions style in a general view, are somewhat simple: kill / protect / collect / consume someone.

    Finally, I can resume the game as a mix between "Crackdown 2" with "Hulk", but with graphics and general quality, like in "GTA IV" - a excellent superpowers games, at last. The graphics and gameplay flaws that existed in Prototype 1 were largely resolved, and the game has an interesting and satisfying campaign in a widely detailed open world, with a dynamic and bloody gameplay. My final score: 8.5 / 10.0.
  5. May 28, 2013
    Totally underated. One of the gems of this generation. Huge improvement over the overhyped original. That was a broken game. This is everything this original was supposed to be and so much more.

    Great protagonist, great powers, great pacing, hugely improved graphics, immensely improved combat, hugely improved game scheme (how to get your powers/how to initiate certain sidemissions).
    This is one of the best open world games where you feel almighty and it has none of the frustration of the original. This is obviously very well planned as to when to get certain powers or when to move to the next area.

    The only drawback as I see it is that it's not much of a challenge. Even in hard. I haven't tried Insane.

    So much fun to be had in this virtual playground. So many possibilities.
  6. Apr 27, 2012
    This game is of the hook just like the first game this one is just perfect I truly love this game and have not found one fault about this game or maybe one because I actually prefer the first game more than the second one. But Prototype 2 is still one of the best games I have played this year but it is not so good to get a 10
  7. Mar 3, 2014
    Even though it's not the best game it's the COOLEST game! Pros: Nice graphics. Not the best but certainly better then the first one. Great gameplay, Nice level up system. Missions was fun. Hellar is a good protagonist Last boss fight was challenging. Con: Too easy except for the last battle. Bad story, needed more personality. Too short for an open world game, should've been longer then 15 hours. Expand
  8. May 1, 2012
    this game is the most repetitive game I have ever played, please, when playing it, have that in mind. You'll be hunting and consuming or retrieving packages with limited time for the entire game
  9. Apr 30, 2012
    The game is fun to play.

    The RPG elements add more variety to how you want to play the game. While the game may not be the best in the graphics department, the fun gameplay and various side missions and collectables will keep you playing. I find if difficult to believe that this game has an average of 7.4 on here, as it deservers more praise than that.
  10. Apr 25, 2012
    Prototype 2 shows a vast improvement over the original. Many of the features criticized were corrected, and keeps all the features and fabtásticas achieved in Prototype.
    Have supernatural powers and almost divine in our hand is simply incredible, yet often feel that the strength of character is exaggerated to the point that sometimes the fun disappears leaving only a series
    of destructive attacks.
    Throughout the game it seemed that there was some chaos during the action, instead of me deeper into the game made â
  11. Apr 25, 2012
    Didn't expect to enjoy the game this much. It is always nice that when a company listens to the criticism of the previous game and improves upon it. The biggest improvement is the Main Character, James Heller. In the last game I realized while playing this one why I didn't like it... Because the Alex Mercer is a tool and I didn't like him at all (with his Steve Buscemi eyes). Even though the game does not have much of a graphics update the playability has been improved and the story remains intriguing throughout. If you like Crackdown (360) or Infamous (PS3) this will be a good next step. If you didn't like the first Prototype, I would give this one a shot. Here my full review on the podcast! Expand
  12. Sep 13, 2013
    super dumb fun! can't go wrong picking this game up now for around 20 bucks. fun campaign with a tonne of violence and dumb fun fun powers and cool gameplay
  13. Oct 14, 2012
    So sad - I loved the first prototype, this one is full of flaws; graphics, gameplay, cinematics and voice acting are all good, but the story is unbelievable trite. The depth and sense of discovery of the original are gone, replaced by a horrible moronic, rude bastard protagonist who has no depth, with inconsistencies bridging the gaps in the story. And that's putting it kindly. The gameplay itself is fun but repetitive and where some good writing might have painted over that, some side missions are so thoughtless that the imprints of the facepalms have yet to disappear from my forehead.

    I hear Radical was closed down after this game, which is a horrible shame in multiple ways - the original Prototype created a new and compelling experience that many a good sequel might have been built on. On the other hand, it appears that maybe all the writing talent left or artistic priorities were set very differently this round.
  14. Apr 30, 2012
    Disappointing, drab, dreary, repetitive. Just some of the adjectives that can be used to described 'Prototype 2.' In essence, P2 should have been called "Prototype 1.5" since there is no step forward in the sequel, and nothing that creates the sense of playing a new game. From the very start of the game, you realize that the presentation and gameplay in this game is an exact copy of the first game. The story will not surprise you and often you feel as if the writing was done by a teenager. It's sloppily written, designed and executed. The game does start to become tolerable near the end, but it's too little, too late. The gameplay is loose and often it doesn't feel like you have any control over your character in battles. Combine that with battles that are way too lopsided for the extent of your abilities; and you have a frustrating combat system that destroys the game. The few good things about P2, is the overall character progression and the ability to gain new moves throughout the game; but even these facets of the game have been done before and done better. It's not to say that Prototype 2 is horrendous, because it is not. The mindless, thoughtless combat that you will engage in is fairly entertaining; but starts to become uneventful and highly repetitive after a couple hours. The draw distance when flying above the city is terrible, and it often feels as if you are flying around in a gas chamber. The visuals are something to pass on as well, seeing as the graphics engine that P2 operates on is dated and it shows. Overall, P2 is a game that falls short of the original and fails to deliver on many fronts. Prototype 2 may be worth the purchase when it is in the bargain bin, but as a full retail release, it's not worth the price of admission. 4/10 Dismal Expand
  15. May 22, 2012
    With Prototype 2 you will have a lot of fun. The graphics are a lot better than from the first one, the story is not very complex but okay, the sound is good and the most important thing, the gameplay is just insane fun. Sadly it is over too soon, but I had very much fun playing god in NYZ!
  16. Jul 1, 2013
    Now, I never played the original, but Prototype 2 is loads of fun with cars to throw at civilians, and, well, zombies to throw at civilians. ANYTHING to throw at civilians. This game has a multitude of missions and upgrades to destroy the enemy with. I would say that my only concern are somewhat clanky controls. Otherwise, good buy for only about $25 now. Overall 8 Story 7
    Free-Roam 9
    "Fun" Level 8

    Accidentally posted this review on my old profile first. Oh well.
  17. Jul 1, 2013
    Now, I never played the original, but Prototype 2 is loads of fun with cars to throw at civilians, and, well, zombies to throw at civilians. ANYTHING to throw at civilians. This game has a multitude of missions and upgrades to destroy the enemy with. I would say that my only concern are somewhat clanky controls. Otherwise, good buy for only about $25 now. Overall 8 Story 7
    Free-Roam 9
    "Fun" Level 8
  18. May 26, 2012
    I loved Prototype 1 so I was looking forward to this title. And It didn't disappoint for the most part. Graphics are nice, especially I loved the building textures. Voice acting was alright IMO. The soundtrack was rather disappointing and not memorable. I really liked the story, even though it seemed generic at first, the ending, however, was questionable. A lot of the gameplay mechanics were corrected so now it's even more fun to play than in the first game. Unfortunately developers removed some cool powers from the first game, like shock waves and all the different types of devastators(there is only one now), but they also added some new features. All in all it's a great game and a great follow up to its predecessor and I recommend you to buy it if you enjoyed the first prototype. Collapse
  19. May 2, 2012
    I wasn't too impressed with the story or variety in the game, but I couldn't deny that the game play was awesome. If you're looking for gratuitous slaughter and superhuman feats of destruction, this is your game.
  20. Apr 24, 2012
    A major step up from the original, with plenty to do, and lots of fun to be had. The best part about Prototype 2, is the leveling up system, with each new upgrade, bringing new elements and tacticts to the open city of New York Zero. If you are on a budget, or are unsure whether to buy this, I would advise however, to save money for Max Payne 3 next month.
  21. May 27, 2014
    Very, very exaggerated. Too easy, you're the most powerful person in the story, there's no army that can defeat you. I think that the first game can be better. And there is that thing SPOILER: Heller kills Alex in the ending. That's why most people were so disappointed with the game, besides being unsightly.
  22. Jul 8, 2012
    You know those Jason Statham movies? You know - Crank? The Transporter? - well none of them will win any Oscars. But they are all good, fun, enjoyable action movies. Well - Prototype 2 is a bit like that. There are better games. But the game is so much fun to play. The game is also 'similar' to Batman Arkham City - open world environment, running, climbing (or in this case running) up walls and gliding through the cityscape. Getting into semi button bashing fights. Missions etc etc.

    Batman is probably more polished. So this might be it's bruitish, loveable rogue of a brother.

    It's a bit repetative - but this could be levelled at a lot of games.

    I picked this up 2nd hand for £20 and I see Amazon have it new for £25. Well worth it if you just fancy a bit of mindless action.
  23. Apr 24, 2012
    Overall I was disappointed with Prototype 2, I thoroughly enjoyed the first and while it had its faults felt it to be a step in the right direction as a darker, gritty version of open world third person sandbox games. While some parts can be enjoyable like ripping the gun off a tank and destroying it with its own weapon or just traversal of the city itself, it just wasnâ
  24. May 29, 2014
    A openworld for adults to just **** around. Even tho there isn't this much to do, it is still a lot of fun to just run a wall up and smash into the ground. Story is dull, but who cares another innocent civilian to kill yeah.
    As you may have guesed it. Game is a **** ton of fun.
  25. May 21, 2012
    prototype 2 have a solid gameplay, more then awful story, and no replay value.
    over all, it is really fun to blow up people to wires or fly to a tall building with a random soldier and then let him fly and follow him on he way down.
    but the graphics feels abit outdated and the story is so damn awful that the game overall suck.
    I played the game twice, one for the first playthrough and one
    for the achievements that I had left and for the new game+ and I know for a fact that I will not play this game anymore. Expand
  26. Apr 28, 2012
    Prototype 2 is a true example of fan service based games. It's still Prototype but it's tweaked gameplay remains (with some new cool moves) no less fun than it's predecessor, having tweaked graphics, improved 'story based' side missions, a living, much more fun to explore city then before, making this game (In my opinion) a solid sequel. If you liked the first game, chances are high that you don't want to miss out on Prototype 2! In the previous Prototype, the city didn't feel like a living city. (as far as a city filth with walking dead can be) What i didn't really like about Prototype 1, was that during the storyline, the more you will progress, the less freedom you will have as the whole city ends up like a chaotic slaughter-field full of infected and armies attacking you from every corner and skyscrapers that look more like cardboard boxes instead of buildings. Since it's an openworld, all of this made the game (for many of us including me) less fun to explore. ^ What i like about Prototype 2 is that this will not return. Unlike it's predecessor the the city is actually fun to explore and feels alive. The city is split up in 3 seperated Zones. You have a Yellow Zone, a triage area full of crowded shanty towns and the poor. What you will find sometimes are some infected, immediately taken down by Black watch. You will hear pedestrians having conversations with each other and feel their pain, children crying in street corners and see how pedestrians will be treated like prisoners by Black Watch. Then you have the non-infected Green Zone, fully controlled by armies and Black Watch troops. A Zone where safety is said to be almost guaranteed. People just live their daily lives. What you will find however are cages with infected and even pedestrians locked up. The Red Zone, the name says it all, is crowded with zombies and infected in every corner. You're in the middle of a war between armies, zombies and Black Watch troops defending their headquarters. You will find cages with pedestrians being locked up by Black Watch who treat them like prisoners. The Red Zone is Manhattan, home of Alex Mercer. The fact that the city feels much more alive and every zone has it's own atmosphere, makes Prototype 2 for me definitely worth having a look at. Storywise Prototype has never been known for it's storytelling and character development. If you're looking for an amazing story driven game, you will most likely be disappointed. However, i do think the whole concept is pretty unique and find the plot pretty interesting, so i really wouldn't call it's story bad. It's just a shame the way the way the story explains isn't all that interesting and the characters aren't that likeable, except for Alex Mercer this time around. In it's predecessor Prototype 1, i personally didn't find Alex Mercer all that interesting. Sure, he had a cool look but i couldn't really care about his personality and he seemed kinda flat. This time around, as a villian, Alex Mercer started to peek my interest! (Warning, SKIP TIL THE END if you don't want to read any spoilers) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Spoiler - - - - - - - - - - - - - I like the fact that Mercer makes us believe that he is innocent and explains James Heller (Main Protagonist) that the whole viral outbreak is a lie, and that Black Watch is corrupt. Alex Mercer sees something in James Heller and infects him, giving him similar powers. During the story, you will find out why Mercer has given Heller these powers and that he wasn't the only one having these similar powers. Alex Mercer has infected you giving you (James Heller) similar powers and wants you to work together with him defeating Black Watch. All of this seems like Alex Mercer isn't "the bad guy" afterall until you find out that Alex Mercer isn't actually much better than Black Watch. You find out that he was responsible for the death of his family and has spreaded the infection himself. During the story, you will find out that you haven't been the only one infected by Mercer and you will have to fight your way defeating these people. It appears that Mercer has been recruiting a private army of infected like himself to turn against Black Watch. As you (James Heller) uncover the truth about Mercer and turn against him, Alex Mercer claims you as an un thankful traitor who takes advantage of his power and ends up kidnapping your daughter who appeared to be still alive. By working together with Dana Mercer, Alex his sister you will face your biggest threat, Alex Mercer. - - - - - END OF CONTAINING SPOILERS - - - - - Protototype isn't a revolutionary step forward, but feels like a solid tweaked version that most of the fans will probably love! Expand
  27. Oct 9, 2012
    This game in a lot of ways is very similiar to the original, in ways that you'd expect them to be. Graphics, gameplay, etc, but a few things they changed around that I personally did not care for, at all.

    One of the things they changed is that rather then making it a true sandbox game in one huge map, they instead decided to cut the map in 3 different zones, and the only way to go to
    the other zones is to take a "ferry" across. This kinda ruined it for me, because the maps felt a lot smaller because of it, I didnt get a sandbox feeling this time

    Another issue i think is the way you get upgrades this time around. Rather then just getting EP points (Evolution Points) from killing just about anything, and then spending said points on the upgrades you want, in the order you want, you are FORCED to do the same 3 side quests constantly to unlock a limited number of upgrades. Whenever you complete a series you get 1 upgrade point. This again totally ruins the sandbox feel of the game, because there literally is no point in killing random stuff.

    The last thing that plagues this game is that the game is very short. You can easily finish it in 1 day, and that includes doing all the optional stuff.

    They did improve on a few things, but nowhere near enough features to make up for the fact that they ruined many existing features.

    Anyone who claims this is a improvement over the original, did not play either of these games.
  28. Apr 24, 2012
    Got up early just to play the game and enjoy some more of it. The game makes u feel like a tank and with each level up u feel more like a total BADASS. Just flying over NYZ is truly amazing knowing that u can just slam down into the ground and make a scene for yourself
  29. May 3, 2012
    I was very pleasantly surprised by this game. While I had played the first Prototype and enjoyed it thoroughly, I hadn't high hopes for this. I thought it would just be the same game but with fancier graphics,(a la CoD) but no. Prototype 2 surpasses the original.
    The improved combat system that allows you to equip two powers and switch between them on the fly is a useful and pretty cool as
    is the dodging mechanic. I was also impressed by the new powers that were introduced such as the tendrils or the pack leader ability.
    I was also impressed by the graphics as they have been completely overhauled and don't resemble the original's admittedly poor graphical layout. The frame rate also did not lower at any time despite the sheer amount of carnage on-screen.
    The only problem I could really find was the story. It wasn't particularly interesting and didn't really keep me involved. Heller however, is a better protagonist than Alex Mercer and has some mild comic relief moments throughout the game.
    The thing about Prototype 2 is that while the story is dis-interesting, the sheer amount of fun found within the gameplay more than makes up for it. While the game feels FAMILIAR, it doesn't feel REPEATED. The overhauled graphics and controls, the new powers and the new protagonist make Prototype 2 not only a fun game, but a damn good one too.
  30. Aug 12, 2012
    Gameplay is fantastic, just as I expected. Story is not as good. The protagonist, James Heller, is too simple minded. Playing as Heller is not as fun as playing as Alex Mercer, who underwent from avenger to redeemer. I don't think Alex from Prototype 1 would turn into the villain in 2, based on his character: He hunts down the runners, he saves the city, he cares about his sister, he doesn't easily trust others (why would he recklessly give so many random people with shapeshifting powers in 2?), etc. Alex Mercer from 1 is my favorite protagonist of all time. The team shouldn't have made him the villain. Expand
  31. May 21, 2012
    I loved the first Prototype, played it for ages. I was stoked for Prototype 2, and honestly, it disappointed me just a little. To me, it didn't seem all that much of an improvement over the first one. Don't get me wrong, it is definitely improved, with many issues fixed, but I expected more. More abilities and powers, more vehicles, more fun and varying missions... All that aside, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm no expert when it comes to evaluating stories, but from what I could see, the story didn't seem as terrible as people are making it out to be. It's a little sloppy most of the time, but I really wasn't expecting much in that aspect. Gameplay is pretty much the same as the original, with a few extra things thrown in. It seems a little stale after playing the original so much, but there's still lots of fun to be had. I actually quite enjoyed the melee combat, thought it was quite fresh, although I'll admit it can get annoying sometimes, especially when you're fighting more than one enemy. The main character, Heller, is alright. I'm pretty neutral towards him, not anywhere near a fantastic, well developed character, but I don't hate him. In the end, if you liked the first Prototype, you will like this one. It's got everything the first one did and more, just not enough "more" to draw many more people than the original fans in. I will say that, considering the game's length, renting it is more than enough to enjoy the entirety of the game unless you're a big fan and are sure you'll come back for another round through the campaign in a few months. Expand
  32. Apr 26, 2012
    I just pick this game up yesterday and I am having a blast. Yeah, I don't get to play Alex but who really cares. Great improvement from the first Prototype, the combat is really cool once you get to duel wield power. Tons of stuff to do and
  33. Apr 26, 2012
    Ok, so I'm seeing alot of negative reviews... I don't know why. This game is amazing, sure it's not up to par with the halo's and the mass effects. BUT it is one hell of a great time! Whizzing through NYZ killing people, causing mayhem, it's the ultimate power fantasy. P2 improved on everything from the first game, as well as added nice new features, the general concept is the same, and the story isn't as strong as it was marketed, but the finale tied with the great experience, and wonderful look and feel of the city, you're sure to spend alot more than 10 hours enjoying the blood, sweat and tears of NYZ. Along with weekly challenges and unlocks, accompanied by several game difficulties, and a New Game+ Option you're sure to come back for more! And the Radnet challenges offer leader boards to compete with friends, that feeling of accomplishment when you crush your friends high score, that's fun times. So pick up Prototype 2 if you want a game with a decent story, a powerful protagonist, and some great combat and powers that 1 ups the original in spades. Expand
  34. Sep 3, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm not sure what I expected when I decided to play Prototype 2, after playing and beating the first Prototype. I really loved the first prototype, it was fun just to decimate everything innocent,, evil or just in your damned way in the first. But in the second it feels like the people are weeds, and serve no other purpose other than to be street filler, while in the previous you would get a lil total of destructive damage you had done in your ultimate rampages. The same go with infected humans, you are already so overpowered at the beginning of Prototype 2 as Heller that the basic human infected are just little piece of cardboard that crumbles to your presence. While some side missions offer rewards when you either run over infected humans, or kill multiple of them at the same time, it's really not enough for ya to care about doing. As for the story, I can understand a little bit of making Mercer the villain, but it feels like they are trying to throw 50 curveballs at you at once where after awhile you just say to yourself, "Screw it everyone's evil, kill them all." which is pretty much the attitude Heller has towards everyone and everything in the game, except the one or two allies you may have. The battle mechanics are pretty fun, such as the power combos and such. But it was also fun in the older, when you switched up powers and armor and the like for different situations. But all in all it could all be easily explained that the reason they did the changes with powers and things like that because you are not playing Mercer but a different infected main character. I do miss the mini-games that you could do for more evolution points in the previous version, cause I do have to say it's rather annoying when you do a side mission and every single one that has to do with racing a clock is, "Oh no my helicopter is exploding, and I'm dropping cargo everywhere." I start to think, damn you would think they would find a different way of transporting these very important shipments of cargo, than these terrible helicopter pilots. I feel no connection to the main character and to be honest his intro is rather bland, he's the Batman of Prototype except a mass murderer who gets his jollies off of shoving his foot up peoples asses. To be honest, I would rather have been playing as Jack Mercer for a second time, and have Heller be the villain. Expand
  35. May 1, 2012
    It's hard for someone like me to believe that there would be a sequel to Prototype, but then again I'm a gamer and not a critic. The game play seems to be more solid than it's predecessor, I found it more fun finding the collectibles than in the last game (those orbs). But for some reason they got rid of the Web of Intrigue; I actually thought that part was creative and now it's been made for story only. The enemy AI is still good for a bunch of laughs at how obvious it is when they should be saying "look! That guy is running up the wall and jumping 35 feet and running 20 M/H, it must be him!". Now with more abilities than in the first game, I feel almost bad saying this: "this game is too awesome to be the sequel to Prototype". Then again; I was amazed at how much better Mass Effect 2 got. Being a fanboy for the great developers (Bethesda, Bungie, Id, ect.) I went ahead with the collector's edition and was glad I did, a review wouldn't be complete without talking about the collector's edition. When I opened it I was surprised that the box was much better than the one that Deus Ex: H.R. came in, nice presentation of the art book with the voucher behind it; as well as the Music CD behind the game itself. Now as far as the story of the game goes, I have to say I haven't gotten very far but it's not entirely a flashback like last time. James Heller the new protagonist has a well constructed background: a military man driven by the death of his wife and child twards the man responsible, but then the plot twist comes in (GASP) Blackwatch is still a heartless Spec Ops team trying to weopnize a virus! Playing the first one, this is what I expected. Alex Mercer passes the torch of fighting the good fight to someone that he deemed trustworthy, and disappears for a while as Heller gains new powers. As for the achievements for the Xbox 360 version, they seem to be pretty straightforward. As an added bonus there is the RADnet, since this is a single player game all you can do is compete with your friends on events; again just what I expected. For all the right reasons, I highly recommend giving this game a try possibly even buying it. Just remember the ESRB rating, it gets pretty gory. Expand
  36. Apr 27, 2012
    If you enjoyed the first Prototype than you will love this game. Everything has been improved upon from the first. My biggest complaint with the first was the lack of enemy types, but in Prototype 2 there are plenty of enemies to smash, slice, rip apart, and destroy to keep you interested. The graphics look pretty good in this game, not the best but still good enough that you will be able to become immersed in Heller's world. The unlockable powers in this game are fantastic, completely brutal and amazing to watch in action, and as Heller gains experience throughout the game the player can use points to unlock upgrades to his abilities. The only weak point in the game is that the missions get a tad bit repetitive through the game, however I still found myself smiling throughout the campaign and the three separate islands that you explore in the game all have their own unique vibe that keeps the game from feeling to repetitive throughout. You will easily spend hours upon hours just running up buildings, slicing up bad guys, and exploring every inch of the environment in Prototype 2. Overall I give it the following score Graphics: 8.5/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Story: 7.5/10 Replayability: 10/10 Expand
  37. May 2, 2012
    This is a great game, the starting was pretty good. But the ending, i'll agree the ending was pretty terrible, the visuals and graphics are awesome. The blacknet missions are really repetitive, other then that really good game. If you don't have it get it.
  38. May 5, 2012
    o jogo é muito ruim e muito repetitivo se quer um jogo de verdade de super heori jogue infamous

    this game is the most repetitive game I have ever played, please, when playing it, have that in mind. You'll be hunting and consuming or retrieving packages with limited time for the entire game
  39. Apr 24, 2012
    Fantastic addition to the series. This game is worth purchasing or at least a rental. The combat system feels like it is a major improvement over the first game. The ability to have two different powers activated at the same time is a huge improvement. Enemies will engage is groups when one enemy is attacked even if the other enemy patrols are a significant distance away. Not only will a strike team get called all of the enemies in an area will converge on your position and respond to the threat. This was a huge improvement over the first game where you could pick a base apart without anyone leaving the point their feet were rooted at when the fight started.

    Movement feels more fluid in this game and the jumping and gliding dynamic no longer requires that you hold the jump button for extended periods of time to get the greatest height out of your jump. I do not know about you but that was quite painful after several minutes of jumping and holding the button.

    The only negative I have is that the targeting system sometimes locks on to a target that is the furthest away from you instead of the closest and most dangerous threat. That and there is not a toggle option for the lock-on command now. It is only hold the button to strafe. That is a step back from the previous game but not a deal breaker.

    Overall a great game and worth buying.
  40. Apr 25, 2012
    A pure riot to play. Addressed almost all the issues that p1 had. Graphics, controls, mobility all very smooth making for an enjoyable visceral experience. Just plain fun.
  41. May 1, 2012
    Is Prototype the perfect game? Hell no, it's not. But is it damn fun and worth buying? It sure is. Hear me out:

    At first, as a gamer - don't pay attention to the reviews of the gaming sites. Take the Gametrailer idiots as an example, who don't know what they're talking about.
    They basically gave PROTOTYPE 1 awesome 8.6 points, while PROTOTYPE 2 didn't even manage to get above 8 points.

    (Don't trust Gametrailers, IGN and so on ... they give games like MODERN WARFARE 3 a higher point-score than games like PROTOTYPE 2 and BINARY DOMAIN ..., games which actually have to tell a story and don't pay GT and other sites a **** load of money for the reviews)

    Does that make sense? No. PROTOTYPE 1 came out in 2009 and it was already there outdated. It had MANY flaws, story and gameplay wise.
    PROTOTYPE 2 is a new take. In my opinion, it's not PROTOTYPE 2, but it's PROTOTYPE 1.5...

    In PROTOTYPE 2 they improved many things that were bad in the first game and they gave it a graphics update. Not a very great one considering the nowdays tripple AAA games, but the graphics are good enough for a game like PROTOTYPE.
    It's basically impossible to make that game look awesome, without having the framerate drop low as hell.

    That is one of my flaws with the game:

    1. The frame rate is overall good, but it's by far not perfect,
    2. The enemy AI is worse than in PROTOTYPE 1 and it was already there terrible,
    3. The mission structure does get a little bit repetetive, but the new abilities get you going and as well the goal to evolve Heller and be unstoppable,
    4. The story is good, but the story telling is a little bit confusing,
    5. It feels like Heller is not as mobile / versatile as Mercer was,
    6. The "hunting" is funny at the beginning, but you quickly realize that it's just there to make the game longer...

    But what about the good things in PROTOTYPE 2? Be sure that there are a lot of them:

    1. The game looks decent, considering the action that would let the framerate drop if it would look better,
    2. Nearly all the old flaws from the first game are gone, especially during combat scenarios (it's easier to grab and consume people and stuff like that),
    3. The multiplayer is addicting... Hell, all games that include simple mini-games are addicting since you find yourself spending hours in trying to breach highscores,
    4. The story is good, believe me and there are many, many nice looking cutscenes during the game that keep you entertained (it's just that the story stucture is a little bit messy and from time to time you don't really know what's happening, since it changes so fast),
    5. Once again; the combat is actually awesome, especially because now you have more tools to play with, so dodging enemies and incoming missles is easier than in the first game,
    6. The language in the game is damn awesome. Heller keeps insulting everyone around him; it's a blast,
    7. Alex Mercer skin in the Radnet Edition! Final verdict:

    PROTOTYPE 2 is a great game and if you're into over-the-top action games it's essential for your collection.
    If you're not a fan of repetetive games then you should probably buy it used, but you shouldn't skip the game for sure, since it's simply way too much fun.

    If you didn't play the first one, it's still okay to buy the second one. There is a short explanation at the beginning of PROTOTYPE 2 and that offers you more than enough informations about the first game.
    And PROTOTYPE 2 is actually like an upgraded PROTOTYPE 1, so you will be playing the same game. In my opinion PROTOTYPE 1 is a good 8 out of 10, while PROTOTYPE 2 improves on many things and deserves 9 out of 10 points.
    My main problem with the game is actually only the enemy AI. I've never seen a more pathetic enemy AI than in that game, when it comes to the foot soldiers and so on. The boss battles are decent and challenging from time to time, but the regular NPC's are stupid as hell. PS: Consider playing the game from the beginning on "hard". I was playing it on "normal" and it was easy most of the time. There were moments where I died few times, but simply because I shut my mind off and didn't think about it. After I payed attention, it was easy again.
  42. May 14, 2012
    One of the best sandbox games I've played in a while... here's the "but" though: it's not better than the previous installment per se. Different, but not better.

    The weapons, in this game's case the weapons are any given growth you arms turn into, are more balanced, but there's less of them. Additionally, leveling has been streamlined, a fact everyone and their mother seems to enjoy for
    whatever reason, making the choices easier but a lot more restricted.

    As par with any sandbox game there's plenty of collectibles and side events to discover, but you only know that you're near them when you get with 160 odd feet or yards or whatever and you have to find it from there using a hot-or-cold-esque meter. Since this game takes place in NY City-ish Land it's pretty much required that you use a guide to find any of them, let alone all of them. Doing enough of these in any given area will unlock a bonus, but as they are extremely difficult to find, the bonuses are small, don't affect gameplay much, and aren't required to beat the game. Thus we have one of the few instances in a sandbox game where I haven't felt compelled in the least to find all the collectibles and side bits.

    One small thing of note that I really enjoyed was the side mission radar you have. Here's how it works: sometimes you'll find specially marked people to devour and the game will then direct you to a specific console on the side of an enemy (called Blackwatch) van that you need to access and then you'll do a little side mission. Most of the time however, you'll access the van first as they are one of the few things always marked on your map. In this case, you have to find the guy you need on your own with the help of this radar thing. It works by clicking the thumb stick which sends out a radar like ping from your location across the game world and your target will send one back once it hits them, giving you a general direction to go in as well as an idea as to how far away they are. It's a really innovative way to tell the player where to look for stuff without actually telling the player where it is and I only wish the game used this feature as the means to find everything not directly related to the story.

    Ah, the story... Prototype 1's story wasn't the best, easily the weakest part of the game, but Prototype 2's story is as generic as they come. I don't want to spoil anything, but by the time I was watching the cutscene before the final boss fight (one guess as to who it is) I had long since found the story to be bordering on the cartoonish, the villain no doubt wishing he had a mustache to twirl as he monologues about his evil plans for world domination. And after you beat him the game just ends with very little resolved.

    Why then the positive rating? If you can't see the fun to be had from playing as an extremely agile Clayface who heals himself by absorbing hapless pedestrians through osmosis, then you are the definition of odd.
  43. May 16, 2012
    Despite being extremely excited for the sequel to a game I found to have a good amount of further potential, Prototype 2 left me wanting more and receiving less.

    The biggest problems were the result of too much time being spent on improving the look of the game than the game-play experience. While the graphics engine received some considerable improvements that are, in some areas, quite
    impressive, many other aspects of the game came in under the expected mark, even when compared to the first.

    It's predictable and dis-jointed story and flawed game-play mechanics take too much away from the experience to make this a winner.

    Sorry Radical, better luck next time.
  44. Oct 10, 2012
    I got this game Via Gamefly and played it str8 tru in about 3 days. It was a great game. It took all of the things i loved about the first game and really beefed them up and polished the hell out of them. The combat style is much more friendly and the difficulty is turned down very much but i think this is due to the controls being much smother than the first. Good story line. The only reason i didn't give the game a ten was the lame activation code to get more content and i felt like there should have been more things to do in the game. When i found all the collectibles and finished the story like it made it almost impossible for me to finish maxing out my character. it is unfathomable how incredible the char in this story is. Great game! Expand
  45. Jun 18, 2012
    I love this game. Actually it
  46. Apr 24, 2012
    THIS GAME IS AMAZING! everything from proto 1 IS corrected and the story is very engaging (if you want it to be) and the gore is just OTT in the best way possible (it makes you smile and go owwwww) definitely the best game this year! (so far..................)
  47. Apr 24, 2012
    Great improvements over the first one! Everything is great is hard to see the mistakes when your having so much fun playing the game! Just WOW! Radical Entertainment made a masterpiece!!!
  48. Apr 24, 2012
    Better than the first in almost every way. If you liked the first you will like this! If you thought the first was flawed with potential, you will probably like it too. If you hated the first, it probably hasn't changed enough to win you over.
  49. Apr 24, 2012
    Such an amazing game, from start to finish I was gripping my joy-pad anticipating my next move.
    If (Like myself) you we're disappointed with the first game (especially the graphics) "do not fear" you'll not be disappointed with the sequel. The world is a million times more detailed than the original.
    Anyone scoring this below 80% clearly hasn't played the same game I'm playing. It's one
    of the best games I've played in ages.... Enough said! Expand
  50. Apr 26, 2012
    Prototype 2 is a masterpiece of open world destruction! Like killing hordes of zombies? of course you do! The game looks and sounds amazing. I love how many ways there are to kick serious ass! You can be sneaky stealthy ninja type or just a complete beast and charge the obstacles head on. Operate tanks, fly choppers, use tons of weapons or become the weapon. If you like open-world games, if you want to have god-like powers pick this game up now! Getting a new copy gets you Rad-net which opens up a bunch of mini games that are good-times when hanging out with a bunch of peeps. I liked being Alex Mercer, but Heller is even more bad-ass! Two thumbs up, 10 out of 10! Expand
  51. May 11, 2012
    A lot of people will disagree with the score I gave this game, and I completely understand why. No this is not a very artistic game like Assassin's Creed or Mass Effect, and from a real critical perspective it probably deserves more of a 7. I like everyone else enjoy the artistic games very much, but sometimes I just want to unwind and run around New York with seemingly unstoppable powers, and reek havoc on those around me. Sure that might be a dark way to see it, but honestly the game play is just really fun. Don't anticipate a video game blockbuster with this game, but if you go into it just wanting to have fun and can ignore okay graphics, mediocre story, and alright voice acting then this game is for you. The upgrade system is vastly improved, as is the combat and the powers (the tendrils kick ass). Basically, don't try it if you are looking for an incredible game, but if you're like me and can enjoy a game simply for its game play then you'll have a blast. Expand
  52. May 20, 2012
    Alla lunga ripetitivo e poco interessante ha sicuramente un gameplay divertente, ma secondo me non molto profondo. Tecnicamente mediocre, colonna sonora senza infamia e senza lode.
  53. May 27, 2012
    Before I continue I just want to say that this game is VERY entertaining and if your looking for a great action game pick this up. Now on to more detail , You get to play as Sgt. James Heller a soldier who is trying to avenge the death of his family as a result of the Mercer virus. You wind up becoming infected with the virus and this is how we start our game. Throughout the game you get progressively more powerful as you upgrade heller and the action is very entertaining although repetitive along with the mission structure but there is plenty to do. So if your looking for a very good content filled action game then this is for you. Expand
  54. Feb 26, 2013
    Ironically, this is a game better played if chosen over the first one. If you haven't played the first one or checked out the in-game recap, the story will be much more interesting, as will be the game, since you will not know whose side Alex Mercer is in along with other things I don't want to spoil. Fortunately, I did no play the first until after I finished this one, therefore found this game to be very well made.

    However, I can see why some people would be less interested if they have played the first one. It would take a lot of the mystery out of the story.

    The only negatives I have about the game-play is the slightly repetitive missions (although it is funny to hear the main character point that out as well at the very least) and the targeting system.

    If you have not played the first yet, then don't, but start with this one instead, and you will be satisfied. Honestly, it would have been better if Radical made this the first game and the other a prequel.
  55. Aug 19, 2014
    Put into simple words Prototype 2 is just majestically they format and layout of the maps and how the cities connect is just pure genus the company should me immensely proud of there achievement. The combat is just out standing, it does take a bit of mucking around with to learn the controls and the different skills but that's where the campaign plays a massive roll. Unlike many games where you learn a skill, you get one lesson or mission and then your in the deep end. In this you have continuous missions where they make it mandatory to us that skill, in the long run this makes sure a beginner weapon isn't left for dead once you obtain a more over power one. The story line unfortunately isn't all up to par dont get me wrong its still a thrilling story but it is allot the same you kill someone absorb them enter a room kill them and obtain info, and so on and so on. The game holds allot of twists and turns which keeps it from being boring and it is a short game so it doesn't over stay its welcome. The end boss fight is highly challenging and takes a couple trys even on easy it really does top the cake. Over all i was immensely happy with the over all game. Expand
  56. Apr 27, 2012
    i'd been waiting for Prototype 2 exited and impatiently since i completed it's predecessor way back in 2009.
    while this is by no means a masterpiece it certainly fulfilled my expectations, for the most part.
    first off i will say that, in my opinion the graphics have had a very welcome touch-up from Prototype 1, they are not groundbreaking, but i wouldn't say it's an ugly game. One of the
    features that i was intrigued in seeing was Radnet, which so far, i think is an awesome addition to the Prototype franchise, i love being able to compete with people on my friends list for that coveted #1 spot in many of the interesting challenges. i was sad to see the loss of the upgrade menu's from the first one, i liked being able to choose what to level up next, and i was able to plan ahead, that being said, i find it almost baffling that they swapped such a simple, easy and effective system for what was just random, tiresome 'consume everything-to-do-everything' approach. while playing through Prototype 2 i couldn't help but feel a bit cheated at the fact that i was having to wait to get powers that i'd already used so many times before in Prototype 1, i can understand why i had to go through this process but i think this just added to the very 'copy and paste' feel of James Heller as a protagonist, there was just not enough difference between how Mercer played in Prototype 1 and how Heller plays in Prototype 2, nether feels unique compared to the other, which is disapointing.
    apart from what i felt like was a very anti-climactic final battle, the only other issues i had with the game were some of the animations look identical to Prototype 1 and there was definitely not enough mission variety, with such amazing powers and a decent location i was hoping for some very creative missions to playthough, instead the repetitiveness gets very noticeable about mid-way through.
    lastly, while this issue was probably more Activision's fault than Radical's, the fact that they took out the Armor power and the Bullet Dive, in place of DLC and Pre-Order bonuses respectively is such a let-down, these are things that should have been included on the disc and then built upon, rather than having to acquire separately.
    to end on a positive note i will say that the Blackbox collecting, Hive destroying and Field Ops were a lot of fun to complete, partially thanks to the amazing 'locomotion' system, which never once got tiresome!
    Overall while this is just a relax and smash everything" type of game, i personally think that games like this are's just mindless fun!
  57. Apr 30, 2012
    Prototype 2 is a major leap for the franchise, it absolutely delivers on the promise of the first game. Combat is tighter, gameplay feels better, the story and character are better (not perfect yet), the graphics are solid. Overall P2 takes what was good in Prototype and makes them better while delivering even more good stuff!
  58. Apr 26, 2012
    There is no other game that has action madness like Prototype 2. Its unparalleled mayhem and creative ways of slaying people make it a must have for action fans!
  59. Apr 26, 2012
    Awesome game! Lots of improvement from prototype 1...the developer really listened to their fans. Better graphics, better combat, better pacing, and better story. I love collateral damage, it's just pure joy and fun!
  60. Apr 27, 2012
    Summary: Prototype 2 is an excellent game. The action is fun, the movement is great, and the Main and Side missions are just good excuses to use your awesome powers some more. The story is simple but entertaining, and as Heller fights on I really felt inclined to fight with him. A simple game without so many bells and whistles as some others perhapse (Mass Effect, Diablo, MW3) but it really delivers nevertheless; It's very well polished!. Hurrah!

    Review: The game is all about slaughtering your foes in a variety of ways. Prototype 2 is all about making you feel like a badass and it never deviates from this. It isn't a mindless hack and slash however, at the beginning, though you may rip asunder soldiers with a simple swipe, your enemy's rain of bullets and rockets will definitely tear you down, thus prioritizing targets and quickly dispatching your foes is a must. But then again I played it on Hard, on lesser difficulties it may actually be quite mindless. The protagonist James Heller is not a sauve hero with great one liners and awesome poses in the sunset, he's a gritty, swearing, barbarian that swears with every insult and answers roughly to every question. If you're a sensitive soul, he will offend you. But if you're playing a game where every death has a "rip apart" prerequisite, then you really shouldn't be playing this in the first place. The plot is simple: Infected killed my family. Mercer created the infected. I kill Mercer. That about sums it up. Sure there are twists and turns here and there, but in the end killing Mercer is exactly what you aim to do. The ending is short, the final boss fight is greatly satisfying, but the epilogue is a tad bit lacking, but not by much. The ending just feels a little cut short. Problems: Camera is a bloody pain. At the beginning it can be hard to get used to it, and by the end you learn to work around it and eventually don't notice it, but targeting is still forever a pain. In the end, the way the camera works is you see through the front, and you use your blessedly well made mini-map to see everything else. The targeting has a nasty knack of loving one target so much that every time you try to target whats right in front of you, it will target that other thing as long as it's slightly to the side. What you have to do is turn around completely to reset the targeting or stand still in the middle of combat so that you can use the right analog to flick between targets. MIND YOU this is exclusively a problem when you want to throw cars, grab distant foes, or shoot with a rifle or rocket launcher. Melee works like a charm! The good: Good enough plot that kept me interested. Everything about the game ('cept targeting) is very well polished. Side missions add replayability and welcome distraction. Barbarian hero is welcome in a no-nonsense world. Action is satisfying and visceral. Although some complain that the graphics might be on the cheap side in this current gen, 1. after a while you don't notice it all, 2. it's actually a GOOD THING because in this game there isn't ANY slowdown OR loading times AT ALL, unless your loading a save slot, thats it, and even that's short. Hell, I wish Deus Ex and Mass Effect were a little cheaper if it meant I didn't spend a third of each game waiting rather than playing. In the end, a well polished game that delivers everything it promises. The cover of the game says it all.
  61. Apr 28, 2012
    Crazy absurd fun is to be had with this game, major improvements over the first game and a better story to boot. The open world is your for the taking as being a super mutant you can literally destroy anything you want. However, if you are buying the game for story dont, this game is played best when all you want is to destroy everything in your path. For my final rant, some of the graphics and animations are dated and stale, but i Imagine that had to cut corners to keep the frame rate up Expand
  62. May 7, 2012
    First prototype game for me and i like it ..Full of action , nice graphics , easy to handle and to learn it is a good game for me. Though a lot of te missions are almost the same , this does not bother me.
  63. May 8, 2012
    Prototype 2 is a more visually pleasing version of the original. A weak story line, that flip flops on whether or not Alex Mercer is truly your enemy. Rather than expanding on Prototype 1 they just made the same game again. I recommend waiting 6 months when the price will have dropped and all of the radnet features will finally be available. The 55 event radnet is a dlc that is on the disc, but locked until a given date, 3 events at a time twice a week until June. This isn't adding replay value. On top of that those of you who bought the collectors edition know, that the dlc codes weren't usable until the actual release date, unlike literally every other game in the world. Then still not usable because some one screwed up. Don't waste your money, borrow it from a friend who bought it. Expand
  64. May 9, 2013
    Great gameplay, good graphics, very addictive story, maybe a little easier after you have just played Prototype. If you liked Prototype, you will love this game.
  65. Feb 16, 2014
    This seemed like a good choice because it was only $40, this was not the case. To me, the storyline is boring, the city is bland, the characters are bland and the gameplay is repetitive. Learning new attacks were the only fun thing but that didn't last long. Not worth $40, not worth 10.
  66. May 26, 2012
    I loved Prototype 1 so I was looking forward to this title. And It didn't disappoint for the most part. Graphics are nice, especially I loved the building textures. Voice acting was alright IMO. The soundtrack was rather disappointing and not memorable. I really liked the story, even though it seemed generic at first, the ending, however, was questionable. A lot of the gameplay mechanics were corrected so now it's even more fun to play than in the first game. Unfortunately developers removed some cool powers from the first game, like shock waves and all the different types of devastators(there is only one now), but they also added some new features. All in all it's a great game and a great follow up to its predecessor and I recommend you to buy it if you enjoyed the first prototype. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. Jul 8, 2012
    It stubbornly refuses to capitalise on its full potential, but Prototype 2 is still a whole lot of fun. [July 2012, p.64]
  2. 70
    The repetition begins to grow old a few hours before the game reaches its conclusion. [Issue#85, p.84]
  3. May 29, 2012
    An intriguing plot tries to turn an action-oriented (and bloody) game on its ear, but the gameplay is too repetitive at its core to make you feel like you've really experienced something unique in the ever-growing world of sandbox games.