Generally favorable reviews - based on 83 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 83
  2. Negative: 0 out of 83
  1. One of the best games to release this generation and is definitely the best game to drop in 2009 (so far). Outside of the lackluster stealth and disguising mechanic, the brutal combat, huge open-world, varied challenges, and utterly satisfying gameplay makes this a must-have title for any serious gamer's collection. Get ready to put your life on hold!
  2. The insane amount of strength, skills and powers you get in the game is amazing and the game does a great job of making you feel like you’re really in control of a truly powerful being.
  3. The best way I could describe Prototype is a mix of GTA meets Wolverine with a dash of Spider-Man thrown in. I haven’t had this much visceral fun and carnal bloodletting since Wolverine, and Prototype is on an entirely different level when it comes to scale, scope of story, and total originality.
  4. Some of the finishing moves are downright disgusting but had us calling over all our friends to take part in the bloody fun.
  5. Grittier and more gratuitously violent than InFamous, Prototype is a mature, science-fiction superhero fantasy that somehow makes players feel simultaneously powerful and vulnerable.
  6. Prototype is a frantic, fast paced, brutal and uncompromising open world adventure.
  7. Although it’s beset by blandish graphics and wickedly uneven difficulty, Prototype delivers a fast-paced, relentlessly amoral and wonderfully brutal sandbox adventure in a detailed city filled with cool things to see and do.
  8. 90
    You'll never feel more like a badass and you'll never have a bigger smile on your face.
  9. There's no room for subtlety or moral quandaries here, just over-the-top action and gore. [Aug 2009, p.70]
  10. Prototype is the very definition of an action game. Getting through the arduous campaign requires quick reflexes, laser-like concentration, constant movement, nimble fingers, and a little memorization, but the game makes sure to make the player always feel like the baddest man on the block.
  11. Prototype is one of those games that starts out with some horribly boring gaming and seems to take too long (1-1.5 hrs) to get anywhere. But once the game opens up and you can free roam, do missions and the like you begin to see how wonderfully brilliant the destructive gameplay is and as you build up your powers to amazing heights allowing you to do more destruction the game is amazing and satisfying. This is a must buy for action fans.
  12. Prototype had had to come to terms with some technical limitations in order to favour its open world environment and sandbox structure, but it did keep up the pace with and actually proved even better than some of the most spectacular productions, thanks to its Titanium Engine, which guarantees a solid frame rate throughout the game in spite of its unpredictable, hectic and fun-to-play gaming experience.
  13. 90
    I can't wait to go play some more. I suspect that some people will find their enthusiasm drained more than mine by the shallow enemy gene pool, but even they're bound to get swept away by the myriad pleasures of tearing up town as a ghoulish and preternaturally fleet-footed shape-shifter.
  14. GTA on steroids. Huge city, very brutal combat, cool super powers and an interesting plot ensures that Prototype is one of this summer's hit games. There's a lot of gore, so this game has 18+ written all over it. [July 2009]
  15. If you're even remotely interested in games where people shoot things, punch things, walk, run, or drive around - is that just about everything yet? - then you owe it to yourself to check out Prototype.
  16. Whilst the game does have a few minor flaws, none of these take away from the overall experience which can easily keep you entertained for countless hours.
  17. Prototype featuring the shift-shifting menace Alex Mercer is the new Hulk! Bigger, stronger, and faster; Prototype offers up an action packed dose of straight-up entertainment.
  18. 86
    Prototype emerges as the raucous illegitimate spawn of Crackdown, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and The Darkness - making no excuses for portraying Manhattan as a throwaway playground to be leapt, swooped and flown over with ease while gleefully blowing shit up, ignoring the body count, and rushing headlong through an incessant flood of gory but breathtaking action.
  19. The controls are tight, though a little complex, but that’s only because there’s so much to dig into. It’s a little ragged around the edges, but if you’re looking for a great way to unwind after a long day, boot up Prototype for some serious therapy.
  20. Prototype easily stomps over numerous boring movie-based action games we've seen lately and effectively covers all the necessary themes to engulf gamers in a relatively interesting horror/sci-fi story.
  21. This open-world action game set in Manhattan is proof that even viral outbreaks can be incredibly fun if they're done right.
  22. Prototype offers an engaging tale, and it lets us stomp baddies in endlessly engaging ways. For action and superhero fans, that’s an irresistible mix.
  23. If you're after a game which isn't overly complex, smothered in excessive violence, has a tangible yet far fetched and uncomplicated storyline, then Alex and his powers should be right up your street, alley, road or city, whatever suits.
  24. 85
    Once you can accept the fact that Prototype isn't inFAMOUS, it truly does feel like a visceral experience not found in its sandbox competitors.
  25. The mechanics are sound, but not rock-solid, the graphics are decent, though not great, and the carnage is excellent, though sometimes disorienting, especially with the less-than-stellar camera.
  26. 85
    Infamous is more elegant and refined in design, with more of a focus on ranged combat, while Prototype is – truth be told - more frenetic and fun. Prototype is more of a spectacle and puts more power and choice in the hands of the player.
  27. Prototype is a carefully constructed action title with one of the best stories we've seen this year. Despite a couple of minor faults, the gameplay is fast and fluid, and the characters presented are compelling enough to make you care.
  28. It doesn't have a lot of replayability in the traditional sense, but Prototype is worth a purchase because at the end of the day, when you've finished the main mission and you unlock New Game + there is nothing more satisfying than coming home, switching it on and punching a dozen people in half.
  29. Prototype revealed itself to be an extremely solid game, capable of satisfying whoever's looking looking for massive doses of superhuman violence. The only letdown is its dull visuals, but if you aren't specifically looking for a graphical masterwork, you'll find it very entertaining.
  30. A great addition to anyone's collection, especially for sandbox fans. Without being a direct superhero game, it takes the best parts of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, throws them in a blender with a unique story and out comes a game that goes down smooth.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 326 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 61 out of 79
  2. Negative: 7 out of 79
  1. Oct 20, 2010
    Im always very wary about giving a game 10 out of 10 because sometimes it can seem like a knee jerk reaction,something new and exciting comes along and blows you away and for that brief moment its the best thing since the last best thing which blew you away and has now become a 7 out of 10 and ready for trade in.I bought prototype on its initial release and i loved it,the freedom,the violence,the graphics,sound and story all came together beautifully and crafted an amazing game with so many new features and extras it was sometimes hard to keep up.After finishing the game i did the inevitable and traded it in,i always had good memorys about prototype and that feeling i got when falling from buildings(you know the one).Having seen the game for a good price i re-bought it and i am loving it. Its suprising how the way you approach and play games changes over a couple of years, and i can now say i am enjoying this game more then the first time i had it-the graphics may have aged slightly but the gameplay remains as sharp as anything on the market.Its definatley a game that rewards exploration and doing that little bit extra ends up giving so much more.This gets the heart pumping and still has that wow factor.A definate classic and maybe a genre defining one....until prototype 2. Full Review »
  2. May 9, 2012
    Getting enjoyment from Prototype really depends how you're wired, and the more wired you are for destruction and all out OTT chaos the more you'll enjoy it. The game itself is fairly simple - typical sandbox stuff but with the added bonus of super powers thrown in to give you real freedom of movement around the city - nice. Combat is nothing particularly revolutionary either, but it is good, very violent + OTT, and when you get into the swing of flying around the city and smashing the absolute frickin **** out of everything it's really hard to put down. That's what Prototype nails more than almost every other game I've played - it absolutely excels in making you feel as if you are one badass muther-chuffer. The stealth element is handled quite well too, something which fits surprisingly nicely into such a chaotic game. Slightly pap graphics aren't good on the eyes, and it can get a bit repetitive at times, but my advice would be for any fan of mass annihilation to give it a whirl. Full Review »
  3. Aug 22, 2013
    The controls in this game are horrendous. Which irritates me a great deal because I like the concept and style of this game. I also think the storyline is very cool. However I find Prototype almost impossible to play with the control system it has: it is blocky and inconsistent. You also need to manage a dozen or so button combinations, which becomes a nightmare when the controls are as slow and inconsistent as they are. The game tells you to use the right weapon for the right enemy, yet it keeps sending you every type of enemy all at once. The enemy targeting function doesn't work most of the time. So controlling your character during combat becomes a bad joke as you resort to panicky button mashing. Only between combat do you have an acceptable level of control over your character. Great idea for a game, bad execution. Full Review »