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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] The puzzle game of the future has arrived with Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. The original best-selling Puzzle Quest franchise is back in an all-new dimension with its signature match-3, turn-based battles in a masterful hybrid of the RPG and puzzle genres. Take on the role of a rogue pilot scouring the galaxy to uncover clues in an intergalactic mystery that affects the fate of the entire universe. Build up a fleet of ships, discover hundreds of different weapons, and master the new puzzle board. A new dimension: Customize and build a fleet of ships to master the galaxy, with an all-new redesigned puzzle board. New weapons: Use over 150 different weapons to control the board. New quests: Play hundreds of missions within a single-player game. Multiplayer: Battle across the universe in one-on-one ranked online multiplayer matches. [Infinite Interactive] Expand
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  1. Having played the previous titles, I have to say that Infinite Interactive made some very cool changes to their formula and came out with another winner that will no doubt addict veteran players all over again.
  2. It’s not a great game, and the presentation is definitely secondary to the gameplay, but it’ll keep you occupied for hours.
  3. Galactrix is a must-own for puzzle game fans looking for an upgrade from last year’s sparkling debut.
  4. 80
    An addictive title with a deep single-player campaign and a unique take on the match three genre is sure to keep gamers busy.
  5. It’s best to just play the demo to see if the new tweaks to the combat interest you enough to jump in for the entire game as a whole.
  6. A dilution, not a distillation of Puzzle Quest's relentlessly compelling formula. It's a game that drives the franchise too deep into niche territory, where it loses sight of the elegance and simplicity which turned the match-three genre into an everyman phenomenon.
  7. If the the old school Puzzle Quest is mega-addicting black tar heroin, then the new one is some brown weed that barely gets you high and leaves you with little more than a headache and a bad taste in your mouth.

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  1. May 23, 2012
    This game has a bad reputation compared to Puzzle Quest's 1 & 2 the reason for which seems to always boil down to the fact that the battle grid is a hex grid and not a square grid. If you can let mind break down the 4th wall this game is absolutely fantastic. I found myself engrossed in this game far more than the other two Puzzle Quest's. The variation on the classic Match-3 game play was a revelation to me. For years we could only match our jewels, blocks and gems on boring square grids but this game created a deeply innovative surprisingly fun change on the same old same old. The theme was what got me interested in this game (I don't think the world has enough computer space games for casual fun) but the actual game play is why I stayed. I recommend this game to anyone who is fed up with the usual Match-3 games and also loves Fantasy/Sci-fi RPG's. Xbox Live has a demo try the Free Trial and give it a chance. Expand