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  1. 92
    It’s hard to truly give this game as much praise as is deserved. While the concept may not be all too new, visually and audibly this game is leaps and bounds above the rest.
  2. QUAKE 4 is an addiction, a perfect sequel, both in story and gameplay, and a game you will want to explore over and over, if for no other reason that to keep piling on those Gamer Points.
  3. Quake 4 is everything that fans loved about Quake 2 and 3 in one package, providing an engaging single-player story and chaotic high-flying multiplayer.
  4. The controls are well done, the sound is very good, the graphics carry the horror and surprise well ... if you have not experienced Quake 4 yet and plan on owning the 360, then this is a game that should be in your library.
  5. It really showcases the engine well and shows its versatility.
  6. While there are certainly flaws in the single player and multiplayer, the game’s fantastic visuals and engaging storyline make it a worthy addition to any Quake fan’s library.
  7. Keep in mind that QUAKE 4 for the PC laughs at most computers, but runs virtually without a hitch on the Xbox 360; a no-brainer when taking into account the price of admission for this level of PC-quality gaming.
  8. I like this game better on the Xbox 360 than I do the PC. It's the difference between having the Xbox 360 and just putting the game in and playing worry-free, or having someone email me to tell me I really should upgrade my video card if I REALLY want to get the game to run at a decent framerate.
  9. I enjoyed playing the game and will continue to do so as it offers a simplistic approach to gaming that has worked for years.
  10. 85
    While there are certainly flaws in the single player and multiplayer, the gameplay, fantastic visuals and engaging storyline make it a worthy.
  11. Quake IV won’t be one of those that will stand out over the years to come as one of the great achievements in the genre, or even on the Xbox 360.
  12. The PC version and the Xbox 360 are so similar it's not even funny but if you're like most console gamers, you probably have a lot better sound system hooked up to your TV than your computer. So sit back, crank it up and prepare to immerse yourself in the final battle.
  13. 84
    A beautiful run and gun shooter that ranks among the best in the genre.
  14. It’s fast, fun and absolutely gorgeous. If you’ve already picked up "Call of Duty 2" and are looking for another shooter to add to your game library, look no further than Quake 4.
  15. With the online multiplayer mode, a fun single player campaign, and a full copy of Quake 2 for a second helping of FPS goodness, Quake 4 has a tremendous amount of value and replayability.
  16. For some reason when you go online the graphics get downgraded, weapons are changed, and unlike the PC version it only supports 8 players.
  17. 81
    The gory graphics and excellent lighting are well done and they'll appeal to many gamers looking for a fast, shiny game to just let loose on. Quake 4 isn't the next coming, but it's an entertaining game with a solid multiplayer component.
  18. 81
    It has many strengths particularly in its rock-solid gameplay, and the single player campaign has some highly engaging and exciting levels. Sadly the game is plagued throughout by dipping frame rates and a slightly underwhelming lack of innovation in its multiplayer mode.
  19. 80
    There's a lot to like about Quake 4: vivid (and violent) visuals, comfortable controls, and a surprisingly addictive multiplayer mode. And as a cool bonus, Activision even threw in a gorgeously high-definition version of "Quake II." So what more do you want?
  20. If you just want to be a gung ho Space Marine and put yourself into the middle of a run and gun shooting gallery, you'll have some good times with the game.
  21. Despite Quake 4's many merits, it fires too many blanks for us to believe that it'll be unopposed for long. The game haemorrhages action in a way that few other blasters can match, but the series relies on too many outdated FPS conventions. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  22. Using the Doom 3 engine, id Software's Quake shines on the 360, dazzling us with its impressive visual effects, engaging gameplay and superb online capabilities.
  23. 80
    You can literally jump into a game for fifteen minutes and find satisfaction.
  24. Quake IV needs co-op badly. It needed splitscreen badly too. What we are stuck with is 2-8 players on system link and on Xbox Live.
  25. Game Informer
    The one thing that made the PC release great - the outstanding old-school online play - isn't nearly as good on the console. [Jan 2006, p.145]
  26. The multiplayer is fast and solid, but it is hurt as there are only eight player matches.
  27. If you're new to the franchise, but have played other, more modern FPS's, you might want to skip (or just rent) the game, as it'll feel overly simplistic when compared to Halo 2's AI and vehicle combat, Red Faction's destructibility, Unreal's weaponry and FEAR's atmosphere.
  28. Quake 4 is a good shooter, if you wanted that old school Quake feeling. Although, Raven doesn't revolutionize the genre like we are used to our Quake games doing.
  29. In comparison to Call of Duty 2, Quake 4 doesn't quite meet the same "exceptional" level but it is a solid game with a strong adherence to the conventions of the genre. It's a must try to Quake and first-person shooter fans but as an outright purchase... rent it first.
  30. An above average shooter, worth looking into if you’re a fan of the genre.
  31. The game looks brilliant using a revved-up Doom 3 engine, although its coding creates some inconsistent framerate mayhem.
  32. It's not that Quake 4 is necessarily bad. It isn't. It's just so unoriginal, cliché, and average that it almost hurts.
  33. Globs of action, lots violence, and a story that's good enough to keep things moving. But it's obvious that it needed a little more time to cook, what with the annoying load times, a whacky auto save function, and a frame rate that isn't nearly as fast as the PC version of the game.
  34. At its heart it's the PC version, which didn't exactly set the world alight either, so coupled with its glaring shortfalls, Quake IV just doesn't cut it like it should.
  35. The true travesty in Quake 4 is the multiplayer functionality. Almost regressing, Quake 4 only supports 8 player multiplayer games, doesn’t support game browsing, and generally takes forever to get you into a ranked game match.
  36. Play Magazine
    The game packs some decent chills and engaging action when it's working ,carry over some addictive, classic deathmatch play into the online arena. [Jan 2006, p.37]
  37. Official Xbox Magazine
    Just having the Quake name alone isn't good enough anymore. [Jan 2006, p.70]
  38. AceGamez
    The action is as intense as it ever was and there are set pieces that are the staple of all the past Quake experiences. However, the feeling is marred by the lacklustre sound effects and graphics that try to emulate two styles but don't really hit the spot for either.
  39. If you have a respectable gaming level PC, the frame-rate hiccups and certain bland textures may make the PC version more desirable.
  40. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    When it looks and plays this good, dedicated genre buffs won't mind. [Issue #2]
  41. It's really a shame that a game like this suffers from the old bad port syndrome of stuttering graphics. The single player experience isn't too bad though but there's nothing here over the PC version that would make it a must buy for the 360.
  42. Unless you absolutely feel the need to play Quake on your 360, its technical issues hinder it from being worthy for most gamers.
  43. There's a good game in Quake 4, but it's buried under several layers of highly disappointing graphical performance issues.
  44. Quake 4 might not be broken, but it sure is boring, and if it is boring, then fix it. Id should save their tech demos for clients and think about how they can evolve their gameplay experience, not their rendering capabilities.
  45. But maybe words like "solid," "competent," and "fine" tell you why it's also hard to recommend Quake 4: It's exactly what you've come to expect from a modern first-person shooter, and nothing else.
  46. 60
    When played on a PC, where you can tweak both the settings and the hardware to get solid performance, Quake 4 works because of it. Without those options on the 360 you're stuck, unable to really get into it because just about the time you do, the framerate breaks. And with that, the moment is gone.
  47. 60
    There aren't a lot of nice things to say about the single-player experience, which fails to deliver on multiple fronts. Still, if you want to check out one of the best multiplayer experiences the Xbox 360 has to offer, look no further.
  48. That Quake 4 is merely a glossy, standard, by-the-numbers trudge through past glories is an irresponsible way to treat such a revered franchise; to then cock up the conversion to the 360 subsequently and then charge extra for the privilege is bordering on scandalous.
  49. 60
    An enjoyable, mindless, action game and generally plays well on the 360. But the performance issues are going to rob this one of a point. Especially when we know this console should be able to handle a game like this without breaking a sweat.
  50. 60
    Quake IV hasn't really evolved from it's predecessors that much which makes this game very predictable and linear.
  51. Assuming you just spent a mountain of money to own the newest of the new in video gaming, you'll probably want to leave this marine lost in space.
  52. "Call of Duty 2" and "Perfect Dark Zero" are far better games in almost every way. Even "King Kong" supplies a better FPS single-player experience.
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  2. Negative: 17 out of 87
  1. Mar 8, 2017
    Great Campaign with an awesome story line, Quake 4 kept me interested from start to finish. The game gives you the ability to hold allGreat Campaign with an awesome story line, Quake 4 kept me interested from start to finish. The game gives you the ability to hold all weapons, and weapon availability is progressed as the story progresses. Still has all the classic Quake weapons we know and love. The online while non-existant for several years, was very very fast paced and competitive, however I could personally not play with anyone outside of my country due to lag issues making the game unplayable. My number one quarrel with Quake is the awful frame rate issues which seemed to plague some of the launch titles. At times the game can run as low as 10 frames however I'd the overall experience runs around 25, possibly less or slightly more. If this would bother you over enjoying everything else Quake has to offer, I'd give it a pass. Overall great game that is slightly hindered by terrible frame rate issues. Full Review »
  2. Dec 15, 2012
    Good for being on Xbox 360, but:
    If you play this game, don't think that all Quakes are like that. They're all excellent games, so don't take
    Good for being on Xbox 360, but:
    If you play this game, don't think that all Quakes are like that. They're all excellent games, so don't take this one as a quake. Slow gameplay (although not as much as games like CoD), there's reload (it's horrible to reload in a fps arena)... and generally, there are some bad points. It's a very good game, for being a Xbox 360 one. I think that, since you can't be very fast on X360, it's good to have reload etc.. It's like it was made for consoles, so, this is good for consoles but (compared to other Quakes) bad for computers.
    Honestly, I would give it a 5.8 (good), but I give it, for Xbox, a 6.6, because the gameplay is fits very much it.
    Full Review »
  3. GerJ.
    Feb 28, 2006
    This game is alright, I mean the gameplay is great, the AI is great, but sometimes the games grapics get choppy, but this wouldn't stop This game is alright, I mean the gameplay is great, the AI is great, but sometimes the games grapics get choppy, but this wouldn't stop a determined gamer. I think its still a great shooter to pick up. Full Review »