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Mixed or average reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 54
  2. Negative: 1 out of 54
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  1. 77
    The graphics don’t stand up to those of recent console racing games, and the presentation is as dry as the tarmac at the Dubai Autodrome.
  2. RacePro is an incredibly in-depth racing game that's also an accessible and enjoyable driving experience.
  3. SimBin’s Xbox 360 exclusive offers the same brand of depth as its PC counterparts, albeit with a few missteps.
  4. Its bare-bones nature is simply unacceptable in this day and age when racing games are getting more interesting. [Mar 2009, p.89]
  5. All told, RACE Pro is a game that unashamedly aims at a niche market: dedicated sim fans who want the most realistic driving experience possible. The game delivers that experience just about perfectly, so it can be said to have accomplished its goal. The next step for SimBin, however, is to come up with a better presentation for its next console game.
  6. Although the game has a well-designed and highly customizable driving system, it fails to build upon the gameplay with quality surrounding features, like compelling online play or an extensive career mode.
  7. Our advice is to try it, to set the difficulty level on the highest setting, and ask yourself if the commitment needed to enjoy it and the depth on offer are what you really look for in a driving game; if the answer is yes, then you should really give Race Pro a chance.
  8. Race Pro is a great driving experience, striking a rare balance between the immediate enjoyment of an arcade racer and the deeper, more nuanced long-term satisfaction of a hardcore sim.
  9. 80
    Race Pro not only stands as a realistic simulation experience, but also has almost everything a player can demand from a title of this sort. Apart from that, it needed some polishing in its technical aspects, and doesn't have enough additional content like more game modes or different elements, which would have given the experience some more variety and made for a more solid game. But despite what it lacks, this is one of the best representations of racing simulation, and SimBin has finally been able to translate to a console what has been bringing to PC for years.
  10. Games Master UK
    As no-nonsense and businesslike as the inside of a Touring Car. One for the connoisseurs. [March 2009, p.70]
  11. 73
    The no-holds-barred simulation aspect is obviously geared towards fans of simulation while a lack of tutorial makes it abundantly clear the game was not designed for fans of arcade racing. If you have been hungering for a true racing simulation then Race Pro has a lot to offer if you can get past the bland presentation and graphical hiccups. For everyone else you might want to look elsewhere for your road rage satisfaction.
  12. RACE Pro is an upstream game, without any redundant option, totally focused on gameplay mechanics. SimBin Studios delivered, despite an old looking aesthetics, a Triple A game, using their experience and their passion for races. We want to reward RACE Pro, even if it don't reach the top of the genre, because the feeling it delivers is sensational and solid. A competitive challenge for all car lovers.
  13. In the end, RACE Pro doesn’t transcend the hardcore audience that it’s intending to ingratiate, despite the amount of assists that the lower levels of play allow. If you’re looking for the kind of game that doesn’t let you or other players swing around a corner at 240 km/h, this is a very safe bet.
  14. RACE Pro is a very interesting racing game, though it needed an extra in dedication and contents to reach the higher levels we were expecting. The game is tough in its individual campaign, and lacks of possibilities in the multiplayer side. The facts strictly related to its control work nicely, allowing veterans and novices to approach the game with identical interest.
  15. With a simple gameplay that become realistic only at the highest level of difficulty, Race Pro is a good game that everyone can try and enjoy. A large number of car classes gives to the game a good longevity; unhappily there are few tracks and the A.I. isn’t challenging. Graphics aren’t at next gen level and audio could be better.
  16. games(TM)
    It’s a straight and stagnant affair: win races, progress to the next stage, repeat. There’s none of SimBin’s trademark drive and determination in this area of the game. [Mar 2009, p.102]
  17. Race Pro engages like few driving titles manage, even if the driving model doesn’t quite meet the standards of the most advanced PC sim-racers such as Live For Speed. [Mar 2009, p.88]
  18. 60
    Race Pro is less Michael Schumacher and more Jacques Villeneuve. It does a few things well, a lot of things mediocre, and is kind of annoying when you have to deal with it for more than an hour at a time.
  19. As SimBin's first title on the platform, Race Pro can definitely be characterised as a solid, if mildly uninspiring, effort. However, if the same attention to detail had been paid to the game's presentation and structure as had been paid to the level of accuracy in the track, car and damage modelling and the handling physics, Race Pro would be a real stand-out title in the genre.
  20. Its monk-like devotion to pure racing simulation is remarkable...and kind of a turn-off for the rest of us. [Feb 2009, p.80]
  21. RACE Pro has compelling racing mechanics when it is just you versus the track, but it has more than a few rough patches elsewhere.
  22. It may beat Gran Turismo for realism but the real trick here is making driving a Koenigsegg seem dull.
  23. RACE Pro wasn't easy to judge. On one hand it offers a very distinct and unique type of gameplay that we've never seen before on the Xbox 360. On the other hand the game doesn't do a lot of good in particular areas and it has a somewhat unfinished feeling hanging over it. Only a true race fanatic can play the game without getting annoyed. If you 're not, just stick to Forza 2.
  24. Pelit (Finland)
    A very good racing game, which feels suitably realistic. Not too real, though, that would be undriveable. The career mode is a bit dull, since cars are practically given, not bought. [Mar 2009]
  25. Race Pro offers a conduction simulator with an until now unknown depth in console. This game counts on personalization possibilities that astonish by their number and depth, besides a demanding control and a gameplay measured to the millimeter. Unfortunately, graphics are a bit gritty.
  26. RACE Pro is a mediocre racing-simulation ... but with a very good sound, but that’s it. Too frustrating handling and too few race tracks won’t motivate you to play this game very often.
  27. Ultimately, if you can put up with the fact that it's aesthetically rough around the edges, you're unlikely to find a more viscerally rewarding racing experience than RACE Pro. [Feb 2009, p.78]
  28. For its lower $40 price point, Race Pro offers a strong core, but it lacks style and appeal. The solid physics and deep options will satisfy simulation fans, but dated visuals, generic presentation, and a lack of must-drive cars keep Race Pro from taking pole position.
  29. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Race Pro for consoles is a strict and tedious race simulation game. Luckily there are a bunch of multiplayer options from, hot seat to an online competition. [Apr 2009]
  30. In conclusion, Race Pro is a above average racing simulator that has a sturdy control system and some great car models. My only gripe with the completed game is that the background environments are unfortunately quite lacking and at times looks like a game from a few years ago.
  31. No frills racing action that isn’t quite as enjoyable for those that like the console bells and whistles.
  32. Just about adequate, but RACE Pro feels about five years old in places. It will certainly get buried beneath the existing pile of cracking 360 racing titles of all stripes and colours, and deservedly so.
  33. Race Pro is uninspiring throughout and a bland racing experience to the bone.
  34. We like to give you our opinion on basically all the games coming out but what we like the most is defending a game that is awfully overlooked and underrated, no matter how different the game is from others and RACE Pro is one of them. While the game won’t win awards for its minimal presentation value, the game shines on the real thing: the driving. And you won’t have any reason to call on SimBin for that.
  35. Fun to drive is one thing but racing fans will find issue its plain looking tracks and the cars that feel unrealistic, but Race Pro is worth a test drive for any racer looking for something new.
  36. The debut of SimBin on the Xbox 360 isn’t that great. The game offers many different remodeling options for your car. You can make it go faster, be stronger and better. But unlike the hit of Kanye West this game isn’t bigger, better or faster. The options are all that there is. Of course is it possible to race on different tracks and change cars, but what else is new. If you really want a good racing game, then this is not the game for you. Race Pro looks like a pro, but handles like a newborn baby that is still eager to learn a lot.
  37. A realistic driving simulation that suffers from a lack of graphical complexity. RACE Pro is nipping at the heels of some big-name competition, but ultimately doesn't quite make the grade.
  38. Race Pro offers a good sense of driving, but without achieving the same impact on visual and graphical presentation of tracks and cars. But when the total concentration is in the path of the track, in the proximity of opponents and in the car driving, the rest ends up being superfluous. A good bet by Simbin.
  39. Race Pro isn't a bad game by any means. It's strong where it needs to be; the actual driving part, but lacks any kind of personality. To put it another way, Race Pro is a diamond in a plain white paper bag, and it loses some of its appeal as a result.
  40. So is RACE Pro a Gran Turismo or Forza killer? Well no it’s not, but when you take a look at one cool hard fact, and that is the budget cost of the game, I can honestly say RACE Pro is great bang for the buck.
  41. Swedish developer Simbin has been a long time supplier of great racing simulation on the PC-platform, and now they're debuting on consoles with Race Pro. Even though they're using a new game engine the presentation is still a bit flat and deprived of detail, but what this game lacks in visual flair it makes up for in great content and control mechanics. If you're in the market for a realistic racing experience on a console, this is about as good as it gets.
  42. Race Pro oozes with Simbin's passion for motorsports, but with some shortcomings lowering its global quality: a very good simulation model, great roar sounds and an accurate tracks reproduction coexist with annoying frame rate problems and a mediocre cars reproduction. It's mainly a game for ultra-fans of cars and motors, looking for a very straightforward experience.
  43. Yet while the game has plenty of niggles such as duplicated left-right mirrors, texture shimmer, dull lighting and the like the truth is that it plays better than any other racing sim I've played on console. There are better racing games out there for the current crop of consoles, but there isn't a better handling one whose aim is simulation.
  44. The AI is so bad it seriously takes 25% off the final review score. If only they allowed you to have a more challenging AI without making the cars slide all over the place with no traction control.
  45. Race Pro isn't likely to be a game that finds its place among the favourable pile of recent Xbox 360 racers, the fact that it's a simulation racer however will likely have it appealing to the more enthusiast of realistic racing fans.
  46. A drab but accomplished simulator, and one that will be relished online.
  47. The driving mechanics are solid enough but that is about as good as it gets as the rest of the game feels surprisingly out of date.
  48. This game is certainly not better than games like Grid and Burnout Paradise. At the end of the day however the realism here makes Race Pro a completely different type of game, give it a shot!
  49. Race Pro’s got its fair share of stuttering, but the motor sounds are awesome. Unfortunately Simbin wasn’t able to carry over the brilliance from its PC games to the console.
  50. RACE Pro is a racing game for racing fans and, to its credit, never tries to be anything else.
  51. Excellent execution of a driving game something that will test your skills not just how well you can skid around corners.
  52. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    True to its billing, SimBin has delivered a driving simulator that offers depth and challenge on a scale unseen in any 360 game to date. And if that’s what you’ve been waiting for, then this is unquestionably the game for you. If you’re simply looking for a good racing game, there’s still enough enjoyment there to warrant further investigation – but only if you’ve grown bored of Forza 2.
  53. 85
    No other game has managed to capture the thrill of going bumper to bumper in pure-bred machinery quite so brilliantly as this, and if you can see through its shortcomings it's one of the very best available on the 360.
  54. RACE Pro may not have the content to hit the market like a wrecking ball but it has focused its resources on excelling on the road and adding variety.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 61 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 18
  2. Negative: 7 out of 18
  1. Apr 13, 2017
    Cette adaptation 360 de la série de Simbin sur PC est de bonne facture : elle est techniquement supérieure à un GTR Evolution ou Race On parCette adaptation 360 de la série de Simbin sur PC est de bonne facture : elle est techniquement supérieure à un GTR Evolution ou Race On par la qualité des textures et de l'éclairage et bénéficie d'une interface moins laide. Par contre, le jeu est bien loin des 60 im/s...

    Bien que la conduite soit assez réaliste dans son genre, elle est curieusement moins précise que sur les versions PC. On retrouve aussi les défauts de comportement des (quelques) voitures de série dûs à une modélisation totalement foirée... du comportement routier. Comme toujours chez Simbin, les replays sont très bien gérés, y compris sur cette version console. Race Pro reste très honnête et offre un bon contenu ; il ne saurait hélas se mesurer aux meilleurs Forza.
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  2. Aug 11, 2016
    Race Pro is a very poor race sim from SimBin and Atari.

    The physics don't feel right,and the cars don't have the same responsiveness of
    Race Pro is a very poor race sim from SimBin and Atari.

    The physics don't feel right,and the cars don't have the same responsiveness of games like Forza or GRID.The car list is extremely limited in choice.The track list is decent though.

    The graphics are extremely dated,and the framerate stutters frequently.

    The career mode is mind-numbingly boring to boot

    sound design and music suck too.

    Overall,Race Pro is an awful racer,and there are many,many better options,both sim and arcade,on the 360 to fill your racing needs.
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  3. Jun 7, 2012
    This game is like a "scape" of the racing games, is funny in much moments, have cool graphics and other amazing things. Race Pro is reallyThis game is like a "scape" of the racing games, is funny in much moments, have cool graphics and other amazing things. Race Pro is really funny. Great game Atari. Full Review »