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  1. Jun 21, 2013
    Played it and was almost immediately bored. Non-inventive combat system, dull plot, no back story. Yes, yes, yes, the graphics are all pretty, but that doesn't make a game. Sooooo, after giving this a 30 minute trial, I'm putting it back on the shelf.
  2. Oct 17, 2011
    The wasteland motif is becoming tiresome- no matter what the framerate is. RPG elements are weak, and quests are repetitive and monotonous. Customization of character, weaponry, and vehicles is shallow. Replay through your Borderlands or Fallout until BL2 comes out.
  3. Oct 4, 2011
    Boring. Banal. ID fails to deliver either coherent story or strong gameplay. Carmack has lost his touch in pursuit of $$$ and no longer cares about making good games. Avoid this turd.
  4. Oct 24, 2011
    After playing through this game I feel the need to write a second review, since I have lowered my original score of this game. This game proves you can't teach an old dog new tricks. This game would have been amazing 10 years ago. Today it's just boring wrapped in better graphics. First let me clear up any misconceptions about game content. There is none. Boasting three discs... this is not because of content, hours and hours of missions. The first two disc are for the single player, the third disc is for multiplayer. "But two disc is still more than most!" you cry. Sorry, the discs contain the graphics, not missions or quests (I played through in a leisurely 10 hours). Yes this is an amazing looking game, you're driving along and see a giant ocean going ship completely stranded in this wasted desert. You can see that people have been using it as a place to live, you can drive up to it, get out and walk around it. Unfortunately you can't go in and explore it. There is nothing to explore outside of the "cities", most places you encounter you can not enter until you have been given the mission by an NPC. Load screens... are you F'n kidding me? Why do we still have these? If you can travel from one end of an open world to the other like in Red Dead Redemption without a frikkin load screen, why do they have them in this game ruining any immersion? Oh yeah, the guys at Id are still using 15 year old game and level design, just with prettier looking graphics. The story is almost non existent, boring, and ends abruptly making no sense. You never even meet or battle the main bad guy... I suspect this might be to leave room for a 'RAGE 2', though there is ZERO chance I would even pick up such a turd used. This game is also extremely buggy. I have fallen through the bottom of a map several times mainly using the garage lift in subway town. Even after installing all three disc to my harddrive, I still have to switch between discs when moving to the new areas (or multiplyer) which also boots me back to the dashboard. WTF?! I'm giving this game a 4, and that is being generous... Expand
  5. Feb 16, 2013
    It felt unfinished and tossed together. The story, gameplay, and environments are played out and there wasn't much need on splitting it into 2 separate discs; the game really wasn't that long, avoid it and play something fun.
  6. Jun 26, 2012
    There are two good things about this game. One: Graphics, the graphics are amazing and look very pretty, the sort of thing I expect to see in fallout 4. Two: Graphics...wait a minute, I've said that allready. John Goodman voices someone.There.
    Apart from the way this game looks it is absolutely atrocious. It is boring, the quests are uninteresting, you can't even murder people like you
    could in Fallout. After the first few hours I felt drained playing this game and admiring the games visuals would no longer cut it for me. I have not finished it and do not intend to. Anyone who would dare to argue that I have not played it all and can't give a fair evaluation I would say this in reply: You don't need to finish eating a bowl of **** to know you don't like it. In reality the smell and appearance of the **** would put you off from even trying to eat it, but this game... it's like a decorated attractive **** if there is such a thing. Expand
  7. Feb 23, 2012
    Rage is a very pretty shooter with solid controls. Unfortunately, it has nothing else. The story is terrible and the game gets monotonous very fast. The driving sections are decent, but nothing to write home about. Perhaps worth a rental, but definitely not worth buying.
  8. Apr 8, 2014
    Okay, admittedly I'm not a huge fan of Bethesda games, but when I heard of a game that mixed Borderlands and Fallout 3, I was excited. After reading reviews and talking to other gamers, I finally picked up this game. Immediately the let down began after loading the game. The so called co op, is nothing more than mini side quests, you can't even play the main story co-op. That was the first of many other let downs this game offered me, The enemies are literally bullet sponges, the normally weak enemies that in most games are 1 head shot, take almost a full magazine in this game or 2 shot gun blasts at point blank to the face, The harder enemies can take 5 HE grenades plus more than 1 full mag. Lets move on to the damage, the enemies do what seems to be a lot higher damage to you than you do to them, this includes the melee that when they hit you, you fly backwards almost dead from 1 kick where as it takes you 3 or 4 to do the same. Yes, the wingstick, a glorified glaive, is a good weapon and can 1 hit most enemies, it's in desperately short quantities. This being said I'd recommend saving the 9 bucks this game is used and getting something like Skyrim or Oblivion Expand
  9. Oct 13, 2011
    Not worth your money. Unfortunately. Rage looks good. Well, anything upwards of 10 meters away from your character looks good. Close up unfortunately the mega textures reduce everything to flat garbage. Piles of blood, gore and body parts are nothing more than 1 single low poly object with a flat texture. no sense of depth at all. There are only 2 great things about the game: visuals in a distance and lighting. Gamepaly wise it fails on pretty much every level. Guns feel underpowered for the most part and the gun audio is shocking (akin more to can-opener than an instrument of death), with some sound effects actually being delayed and not playing until a second after you fire the damn thing. Pacing is terrible, and there is never a sense of threat. Face 2 enemies in a corridor and take a lot of damage? no problem, back up around a corner and go make a cup of tea. The 2 enemies will still be there 30 min later, happily hiding behind their prescribed boxes. Why chase you afterall? They seem to know that you have to go past them. Being sent to the same locations over and over again also is not a good thing. About 1 hour into the game i stopped doing any of the pointless side missions to avoid re-traversing the same bunkers over and over again. Cash, items and ammo did not seem to be a problem anyway. AI behaviour, while not strictly bad, is severely limited. It seems that AI use control points to a very strict and limiting degree. with a set radius and cone of vision - nothing will change their behaviour and if you see a section more than one (due to death) you will see them behave the exact same way every time.
    Death is another matter. The game has no checkpoints during action and the game only autosaves when loading new areas. It seems like the developers only realized that this might be an issue when they were close to finishing. so they tacked on some sort of mini revival game, which only resets every 10 min or so. The short of it: save a lot or don't die. Overall the game tries to do too much. I think they aimed for a mix between Bioshock and Fallout. Nothing it tries to do, works well. It's completely middle of the road, and sub-par in a lot of aspects. A lot of people complained about texture popping (which is insane on the xbox), but for me the biggest problem is simply that the game is not really fun to play. It does not grip me, i don't feel like i want to play it. And if i die and forgot to save, i have no problem switching the game off and not playing it for a few days, rather than repeat the last lame section. I was actually quite glad when it was over, and if i would not making it a habit of finishing games i buy, i would have stopped about 1 hour. Because after 1 hour you know pretty much what's what!
  10. Jul 21, 2012
    An awful trite game, with cliche characters , and a storyline, that is lacking in content, depth or meaning. The controls are pathetic. The lack of free space, cities, and side-quests does not help a game that claims to be an RPG. When I looked on the box artwork, I was expecting Fallout, in a whole new dimension, what I got was Call of Duty, with a tiny deviation from the standard linear gameplay. That's is to say the graphics are spellbinding, of the next generation. But the fact of the matter remains, that games aren't based on graphics. Games are based on content, and while I admit there was one or two moments of compelling action, the rest of the mechanics failed to appeal. I can only award 3/10 Expand
  11. Oct 10, 2011
    This is pretty and that is the one thing it gets right. It was meant to be a console or pc barain. You can't change the key layout. The game was released knowingly with PC flaws.
    Wait until it goes on sale.
  12. Sep 4, 2012
    Man, This game blows. Linear story, terrible driving controls, Sensitivity issues, and overall a crap game. This is also extremely boring. The atmosphere saves this game from getting a 0.
  13. Oct 4, 2011
    RAGE is creatively and mechanically bankrupt, and isn't that pretty. Shame coming from ID I expected something decent but they seem to have fallen flat.
  14. Apr 29, 2013
    Two words describe this game A: dense B: disappointment this game was supposed to be a great game one of the best even the character was dead had they done more with him and widened the weaponry it would have been better this was supposed to be a hybrid fallout it is not....sad
  15. Oct 22, 2011
    The was an extremely disappointing release. When you start the game you are impressed by the visuals and game mechanics. It soon becomes clear however that it is nothing like Borderlands and is far from open world like many previews led us to believe. The weapons are great and the drivings pretty good but that's where it ends. This game is very linear - you go from A-B and back, you cannot wonder from your mission and explore. And that's it. Its very basic and very easy. You require materials to build things such as door grinders - these are always made available when you need them so that's no challenge. Borderlands came out over two years ago and is still are far better game. All in all a great idea badly executed. Expand
  16. Oct 12, 2011
    The graphics wow you for about half an hour and then you realize this is just a shallow game with a gash story & 100's of repetitive mini quests. Going to go back and play Resistance 3 now.
  17. Nov 10, 2013
    absolutely horrible terrible story they had a chance to out do fallout and failed horribly you don't care about your character at all the weapons are dull with bad upgrades one of the worst games ive ever played and probably the biggest let downs as well
  18. Oct 7, 2011
    I did not know that much about Rage before playing it. I had no real knowledge about the universe it's set in or the tech used to create it. Gameplay is bad, at best. Shooting feels dodgy and it is clear that whoever developed this did not spend enough time playing on a console. The idea of having to hover over items with the crosshair, in a console game, in order to pick them up is just plain stupid. Save functionality is in a few cases broken. I've had to replay the entire intro sequence (video, tutorial and all) just because the game did not have any proper autosave functions once I set out on my first mission. Audio is far from good or even acceptable. The game features clicking loops, dull ambiences, non-existing reverb and too few variations on repeating sounds. The few sounds they've actually used in the game have a very odd spectral print with lots of irritating and ear fatiguing high frequency noise. Just listen to the "sparks" from broken electricity equipment as you wake up in the ARC. Vehicle sounds are to embarrassing to even go into detail about. I've been riding a buggy that sounded as exciting as normal mosquito while driving.
    All of this was however not what bugged me the most. What annoyed me the most was the fact that whoever did the artstyle for this game couldn't settle on whether or not to make it a serious and scary game or something with a clear comedic ambition to goof around. Music is intense and trying to deliver some tension to a scene but as soon as a bad guy appears he has animations as if he'd been taken from a poor modern comedy cartoon. It just doesn't match. At all.

    I would not have been proud to have my name on the credit list of this production.
  19. Dec 21, 2012
    In short, Rage is a game that delivered on very little of what it seemingly promised. The graphics and art style are really quite phenomenal, but the entire style of the game is very, very similar to Borderlands. The biggest problem with the game is that it is a very small enclosed world with very few interesting things to do in it. There are not very many enemy types, and there are only a couple weapons in the game. The weapons themselves feel quite weak and lack any real feeling of impact on enemies. To go along with what it lacks in gameplay, the characters, story, and world for the most part are all quite bland and lifeless, and there is a distinct lack of colour in the world until you get to the second half of the game. Overall, the game is just a huge disappointment, and truly does not offer anything innovative, interesting, or very fun. Don't buy the game unless you can get it really cheap, but even then, don't expect to get a whole lot out of it. Expand
  20. Nov 10, 2011
    the story is just an excuse to send you from one arena to another, the gameplay is repetitive and boring, there is no shooter competitive multiplayer only coop, and a stupid boring racing game,the story last 6 hours, it doesnt have story, it doesn't have gameplay so why should you buy it???
  21. Oct 5, 2011
    The graphics are good when they work. This is totally a console port. Screen tearing, loss of textures, very limited graphics options - well actually, you only get resolution, AA and something else. Well that shows how exciting this game is.

    There is no rpg elements really just a standard FPS which would be ok if the graphical glitches and other issues were not so pronounced. Talk about
    porting a game without actually checking its compatibility. People everywhere are having the same issues that I am.

    I suggest waiting for id to release patches to hopefully make this game what it should have been instead of releasing a cheap knock-off...
  22. Oct 8, 2011
    This game is a huge let down. It's an obvious console port, and an extremely poorly done one at that. If you can manage to get past the severe and widespread technical issues that plague this game for a huge portion of PC users, it's nothing more than a short, linear, plain shooter than lacks the substance of FPS games from the past five years. Do yourself a favor and save your money, this game is just a tech demo for Id's new console engine.. Expand
  23. Oct 9, 2011
    This could have been a great game .... had it actually run on Steam, had decent graphics, a strong story line and an adequate ending. Unfortunately, it had none of the above. For $60, it sucked.
  24. Dec 25, 2011
    I bought this game solely on Bethesda having a part in the creation of this game--and Id as well; but, and I'm not spewing anything new here, I played a much better version of this game when it was called Borderlands. The similarities are astounding--the qualities differences are astonishing. I was scratching my head about half-way through my play through--about 6 hours. What I appeared to be playing was a DLC that both Gearbox and 2k games decided they wouldn't release due to lack of quality. Literally dumbfounded at the lack of direction this game displays and actually wonder why either Bethesda or Id would put their names on such a below average game. Expand
  25. Jun 24, 2014
    extremely boring , the title RAGE has nothing to do with the actual game play , i mean when you buy a game titled "RAGE" you want to feel the anger and the RAGE while playing the game, sad to say i got the feeling i was a delivery guy!! in this game you spend most of your time chatting, driving around making delivery's, encountering enemies feels the same , you do drive a lot in this game i personally did not like that, it feels childish, serious gamer,s looking for the feel and atmosphere in a game, i suggest you skip this one . Expand
  26. Oct 5, 2011
    Completely bug plagued on PC. Total crap. CAN NOT believe id released this. A huge waste of time, not to mention money. Was this even beta tested? Inexcusable. It's experiences like this that drive gamers to pirated software. How can I get my money back?
  27. Oct 6, 2011
    I have been anticipating this game since seeing it at quake con 2011 , and pre-purchased the game through steam. I believe they tried to take on too much the race car game and fps in one, as one review i read put it without mastering either. The wasteland is not like fallout an ultimate sand box but a car game in itself. The story is absent ten hours in to the game ,and Ive yet to determine an antagonist or even a general reason for me being in the game at all. You get quest complete in three minutes rinse and repeat. I will shelve this game for dark souls today. Graphics is the only reason i gave any points at all. Expand
  28. Oct 9, 2011
    RAGE is one of the best looking games I've ever played with an amazing attention to detail and some incredibly fluid animations. Unfortunately this is the only good thing I can say about the game.

    Story is bland with terrible pacing and one incredibly anticlimactic ending. Then again I wasn't expecting a good story from ID Software, but what I did expect was good gameplay which the game
    unfortunately doesn't have either. The campaign takes about 6 hours to complete which seems to be the standard for FPS games these days. Several parts of the story forces you to go through previous locations you've already been to with little change in gameplay. Outside the main story there are a few bland side quests where you once again find yourself forced to backtrack previous mission areas.

    The game features your generic assault rifle, rocket launcher, pistol, shotgun etc. You also get some toys like turrets, remote controlled bombs, electrical bolts and a few other things. You'll never find any good use for these though except when the game sets it up for you. You can also have different vehicles which you can use to compete in races that are incredibly easy to win. Winning a race lets you upgrade your vehicle but there isn't much of a point to it unless you enjoy killing the same generic vehicles when traversing the otherwise dead wasteland.

    Overall RAGE is a great looking game with bland gameplay and too little content.
  29. Oct 9, 2011
    The game is pretty when you don't move, else it's just texture and props popping in & out... But imo, the graphics don't do much in a game, so I won't count it in my rating. Story wise, well.... Really vast, lots of possibilities, but in the end, you have countless of questions to ask (in fact, you have a lot right at the beginning but even after 10 hours, no answer...) & the lack of dialogue makes it really hard to understand everything the game is about... Imagine Mass Effect without the interactions with all the characters, it would loose a lot. Now, the awesome inventory... who can carry 20 explosive RC cars, 6 guns (sniper, rocket launcher, machine gun...), lots of junks & still sprint like this? I mean, how can you qualify this inventory system "awesome"? Oh, I forgot, you can combine things to make other things (explosives + RC Car = explosive RC Car, YEAH!!), it really adds a lot to the game (sarcasm....). Let's talk about the uber awesome AI, they dodge your reticle, delaying your shot by a second (they dodge only one time...), else, they just run at you, or take cover until you kill them in an headshot, never seen an AI that good in a while (sarcasm, again). I won't talk about the sound, its decent for a shooter, but not that great, look at battlefield to hear how it should be done. I know I do a lot of comparison, but hey, ID made it for the money and it's business, and business means doing things better than the others, which in this case, is really bad. If I recap quickly what I've experienced (yes, I finished the game, in hope of having some clues about what was going on...): 1. Good graphics when you take screenshots. 2. Good story, lots of potential (jk, it's the same as fallout/borderlands and other folks, but without their pros). 3. Races, I liked it (see the rating? where did you think the 2/10 came from?), it was fun at first, but became boring unfortunately >< 4. You can't ask questions, just go where you have to, kill everything, press some buttons, then come back. Repeat. (sometimes you just have to go somewhere, and do the process again and again, when you're changing your "questing zone"). 5. The final mission. RAGE 2 INCOMING, when you get there, you'll certainly be like "damn, 20GB for... that?". 6. No level editor as of now (unlike they promised....), but will certainly be included in a 20$ dlc which will include multiplayer game modes, vehicle skins and some others things console gamers are willing to buy. 7. After finishing the game, I still haven't delivered the Mind controlling thing the scientist made for the resistance, I have no idea why the arks will save the earth from the authority, and why/how the authority apparently made mutants (elizabeth talked about using them as a weapon, but no one knows in fact > Expand
  30. Oct 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Rage was a huge disappointment for me. After waiting nearly 2 years after I heard about it I got a gorgeous looking game with a short campaign, horrible multiplayer and not enough content to re-play.

    The graphics are really nice. The environment and models are well done. It runs at a good frame rate and I never noticed it lagging. The outside sky is beautiful environmental lighting is good. Didn't notice many particle effects or flare but the surrounding environments made up for that. Character model were good. but in light of L.A. Noir I expected more from a game that is 3 discs (on XBOX).

    Sound is was solid. Nothing to knock your socks off but the weapons had distinctive sounds. Character voices for teh most part were well done. All major characters were believable and well acted. Minor characters and NPC didn't have much to say that was unique. Minor NPCs often repeated their lines and failed to move any story line forward.


    Speaking of the story line, there wasn't much there. You wake up from hibernation after a asteroid impact has decimated the earth. We have seen this before. There is a new ominous group trying to rule what is left of the world and you fall into the role of savior. As I played I wondered "why should I care?' and I still have questions about who I am, where I came from and why I was awakened. This all leads to a a VERY ANTI-CLIMACTIC final battle that honestly wasn't as tough as some mid-campaign battles. The game abruptly ends with a 15-20 ambiguous cut-scene and then the credits roll. After playing on "Hard" difficulty setting I felt like iD just kicked me in the nuts. I expected a message saying "Thanks for paying $60 to participate in a 10 preview of Rage 2".

    The multi-player is vehicle based, no DM, TDM. Awesome idea for a FPS! Overall I just feel disillusioned. I think that iD needs to step back and figure out what made them successful. Hint: It wasn't teh iPad. Maybe John Carmack and crew need a dose of humility and realize that they aren't the gaming gods they thought they were, They days of gamers scooping up half-baked games and content at full price are coming to end. There is too much competition in the FPS genre to be just OK.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 77 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 60 out of 77
  2. Negative: 1 out of 77
  1. Nov 16, 2011
    Shooter fans will like RAGE, but it's lack of story or really innovative elements won't attract new players that didn't love other id games. I hoped for more, guys.
  2. Nov 15, 2011
    As a fun and frenetic FPS, Rage delivers in spades. That the same can't be said for the game's story is a real shame. It's especially disappointing as Rage feels like it's building to a strong crescendo, before fizzling out like a damp firework. Rage veers incredibly close to greatness then, but ultimately fails to win itself a cigar.
  3. Nov 13, 2011
    While its other elements hep create atmosphere, they aren't as polished as its peerless gunplay. [Issue#77, p.82]