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  1. Apr 8, 2014
    Okay, admittedly I'm not a huge fan of Bethesda games, but when I heard of a game that mixed Borderlands and Fallout 3, I was excited. After reading reviews and talking to other gamers, I finally picked up this game. Immediately the let down began after loading the game. The so called co op, is nothing more than mini side quests, you can't even play the main story co-op. That was the first of many other let downs this game offered me, The enemies are literally bullet sponges, the normally weak enemies that in most games are 1 head shot, take almost a full magazine in this game or 2 shot gun blasts at point blank to the face, The harder enemies can take 5 HE grenades plus more than 1 full mag. Lets move on to the damage, the enemies do what seems to be a lot higher damage to you than you do to them, this includes the melee that when they hit you, you fly backwards almost dead from 1 kick where as it takes you 3 or 4 to do the same. Yes, the wingstick, a glorified glaive, is a good weapon and can 1 hit most enemies, it's in desperately short quantities. This being said I'd recommend saving the 9 bucks this game is used and getting something like Skyrim or Oblivion Expand
  2. Mar 24, 2014
    Let me begin by saying RAGE is certainly one of my all-time favourite games. An immersive campaign and the brilliant mechanics one could expect from an id Software game deliver a great experience. I really do not understand the flak this game gets - I find that I disagree with the negative reviews. They call the campaign and characters generic, while I would say the campaign is brilliant, although it drags at times, and I find the characters to be some of the most brilliantly realised characters in video gaming.
    Although the ending, as I'm sure you've heard, is very disappointing, the rest of the game certainly makes up for that, It's graphically stunning, bringing in fans of both shooters and racing games. There's something for many different fans of different genres, including card games, board games, racing, shooting and a satirical comedy show named Mutant Bash TV.
    The accompanying book, although it differs from the game at certain times, is also brilliant, and the ending is certainly better than in the game.
    The driving begins to feel like filler after a few hours of playing, and towards the middle of the game the campaign drags. But if you stay through the rough patches, RAGE is a truly outstanding experience which will not be paralleled.
  3. Mar 2, 2014
    Is first person shooter that is not reveloutionary.
    Gun sounds.
    Voice acting.
    Length: 12 to 20hrs.
    Sorta fun.

    Is big open tease and makes you wish it was an open world game.
    Dat story.
    Dat ending....
  4. Dec 29, 2013
    Its not often enough we get a game by id Software, but when we do it leaves gamers wanting more! Basically a asteroid hits earth and "special" people are picked by the government to go into underground volts. Hint hint fallout. Your nameless character is thrown into the wastes land and must survive against bandits, mutants and the authority. Rage has a compelling story and intriguing characters and places to discover. The combat in rage is what makes this game stand out front the back as every shot as a relation and the enemy AI is some of the best to date. In the end your leave this game wanting more after the cliff hanging somewhat disappointing ending that will leaving the audiences wondering what's next. Expand
  5. Dec 22, 2013
    It is definately worth 6.29 I've paid for it. If you see this game for cheap I would advise to get it, it's a diffrent experience.
    I'm playing this after playing Far Cry 3, which I found a lot more fun. Some people compare this game to the Borderlands. I've played Borderlands and it is completely different game, similarity is in the Canyon landscape and some architecture.
    I've spent
    countless hours as a kid playing Quake 2 and then 3 multiplayer (LAN), I never got into the single player part. So this is a step up, since it has non combat areas.
    My total playthrought was about 14 hours.

    +Graphics are really good. One of the best games on 360 i've played. i've heard PC port is unplayable because they were working on Xbox 360 version so hard.
    +Level of detail in (especially non combat) areas is amazing
    +The way mutants navigate the terrain in pretty awesome. My favorite part is when they stry to swarm you from everywhere and you shoot then with a shotgun.
    +Gun play is good and controls are responsive
    +Crafting system is not great, but it is definately nice addition
    +Sometimes you fight around the level with NPC, which is well done. It didn't felt like hand holding and none of them died on me.
    +Card game is fun, and it has some minigames that are not that bad
    +-You don't have to backtract your way around the level, but at the same time they recycled a lot of levels

    NEUTRAL(stuff that I don't personally care about, but you might love it or hate it):
    * This game has some scary parts
    * Story is really stupid and linear, you mind find it weird, but I really don't care about stuff like this. I don't understand people who expect great story from Quake creators.You are dude with a gun and you kill other things with guns.
    * Constant DOOM and iD Software placement in the game. Ok we get it, you made a good games long time ago, good job! too bad I don't care.
    * Ammo types are pretty cool, but sometimes I had no idea what kind of enemies I'm going to face. If you run out of specific rounds enemies become bullet sponges no fun. I suggest to stock up on MG fertilite rounds and some shotgun rounds.
    * Races are too easy

    -You can't really go and explore on your own will, "dungeons" are locked or there are no enemies until you activate the quest
    -Not a real free world to explore, vehicle map is extremly tiny and whole purpose of it is to get you from one dungeon to the other.
    -This game is REALLY, REALLY bad at saving your game. I've been spoiled by the new generation of games where it save the game for me. Is this why they call this game RAGE?
    -Map recycling: they recycled like majority of levels in this game(You will beat the level first time, and then again with a side mission)
    -DLC content in the main version of the game with a pop up message that you can't go there unless you buy this DLC. I felt like they slapped me in the face.
    -Can't pick up guns
    -Weapon wheel design only holds 4 weapons, I had to use back button quite a few times.
    -To pick up ammo you have to look at the dead body and click a button. Gets old after a while.
    -Jump button is "Y". I know i'm being little bit picky here but get with the program iD, it should be A.
    -Extremely noticeable texture pop ins.
    -After playing Far Cry 3 sneak attacks are lame in this game, no juicy takedowns :(
    -HORRIBLE ballistics of sniper round. In some of the sniper side missions I literally had to aim below the target. WTF???? And something is wrong with hit detection.
    -Races are poorly executed. Point to Point racing doesn't randomize where they spawn.
  6. Dec 3, 2013
    Defiantly fun and defiantly an id game. It's better than most games this genre out there but it takes a lot of system power to run it. I suggest having a good amount of space left when you download
  7. Nov 10, 2013
    absolutely horrible terrible story they had a chance to out do fallout and failed horribly you don't care about your character at all the weapons are dull with bad upgrades one of the worst games ive ever played and probably the biggest let downs as well
  8. Oct 22, 2013
    This is one of my favorite games to play when I am playing something alone! Its an amazing FPS survival game with stunning graphics and fun to use weapons ranging from a Revolver to a crossbow or chain gun. I especially love how most guns in the game have up to four different ammo types as well as you can purchase upgrades for some guns to make them better and easier to use.
  9. Aug 27, 2013
    I enjoyed the game very much, but the abrupt ending spoiled it for me when I was expecting at least 3 more hours of gameplay (beat the game in about 17 hrs). A truly grand commendation for frame-rate though it would never ever go below 60 fps. The graphics are great as are the sounds. Enemies are often quite a to kill (which in this case is good) because of their unpredictable movements and rather good AI. The npcs are well designed I love their models, writing and voice-overs. The gameplay itself is simplistic but satisfying especially driving and killing with your car. Expand
  10. Jul 16, 2013
    This game should not have such a low user score. Yes, the ending of the game is rubbish. It makes up for that with strong, fun gameplay and the story was ok up until ending. Fun game, decent story. WORTH AT LEAST A RENT. If it goes on sale for steam, also worth it. Even worth the 60 dollars i paid at launch.
  11. Jul 11, 2013
    This game isn't revolutionary, so if that's what you're expecting, lower your expections. But it is a solid game nonetheless. The combat is awesome and the driving is very well done. The only real issue is the really weak and boring story.But the combat more than makes up for it
  12. Rem
    Jul 10, 2013
    Being the spiritual successor to the original Doom and Wolfenstein, Rage has alot of hype to live up to. I can say that Rage succeeds, for the most part. As a technical feat, Rage becomes one of the greatest looking games I have ever played, all while on a silky smooth 60 frames per second. The biggest drawback of this package has to be the story. Its weak, shallow, and doesn't really build on the unique concept of a meteor struck Earth. However, that is no excuse to deliver an ending that does nothing but insult. What the story lacks, the gameplay delivers in spades. While feeling similar to many other shooters, this one does so with intelligent enemy AI and one of the most enjoyable combat I've had this year. With light RPG elements reminiscent to Bioshock, it becomes a love letter to fans who like that kind of genre. Also the car combat is extremely satisfying and worthwhile. Rage as a product is not revolutionary, but it is alot of fun to simply play. Expand
  13. Jul 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, I had originally rated this game an 8 for it's spectacular graphics and dynamic enemy combat, despite some tropes with dealing with equipment and ammo changing, as well as being unnecessarily a 3-disc game, but after getting a full experience of the game, I actually feel that I didn't get a full experience at all. Like I had said before, ID had never tried to make a RPG game before, and with this being the first new IP since Quake 1, left people with the speculation of it being horrible. Granted, it is not horrible, but it seems that because of ID's limits of knowing RPG despite Bethesda's experience with it, used pretty graphics and aesthetics to disguise some of the ugly parts of it's convoluted story and sollen pacing with weapons and items. The Authority, a technologically advanced "dystopian" race in RAGE are, supposedly, the ultimate bad guy to you, as you know of them conducting experiments upon mutants and apparently have their "eyes and ears" everywhere. Despite these claims, I never once had to deal with confrontation from the Authority, as a matter of fact, I only deal with them TWICE, those two times being me being the one confronting them. If you could say that their vehicles are attacking me on sight is a way of them starting a confrontation, than that would be the only exception. Nevertheless, I wanted to find out why exactly I should hate the Authority, as their goals and means to do so are not thorougly explained in detail to give me the excuse to kill them, just because. The whole "world gone bye bye" deal in RAGE, as mentioned before is different, with a "real known asteroid" being fictionalized to crash into earth on the correct year that it should "pass" or perhaps "collide" into earth, but the whole pacing of it being explained is so fast that you can't put your mind on it. Also, not to mention that as soon as the protagonist leaves his ark area, that he is already immediately thrown into the hands of the "rebels", who task you to do things for them despite only have meeting them for a few minutes, which is strange for me to say but I think that the rebels are the real "authority" here. Not to mention that I had expected this game to go longer than I had expected, with an ending so unexpected yet so stupid and ridiculous that this game deserves to get chopped 2 grades just for it alone. supposedly, you must go to capital prime and initiate the release of many other present arks, which supposedly would stop the authority from their "authoritarian" measures, whatever they may be, despite that they mention that the authority mainly lives on trying to collect these ark survivors to begin with. And in one "daring" battle between authority mutants, your task is complete and everything is all sunshine and rainbows and whatever. I'm deftly surprised that I had no authority infantry or even a decent boss fight for an ending that I didn't expect. no, you pretty much fight a small wave of mutants, which are already easy to fight against individually. as i said before with the weapons, they are modernized and are quite useful in their own right, including the epic pulse gun that you get near the end. if only it could had been used for a better purpose. the equipment is still hard to maintain, as you can't return to certain areas expecting loot, and enemies won't respawn either until you get a quest that involves that area. The only few things that are consistent are enemy vehicles and Mutant Bash TV, as you can use those to consistently get your funds, but MBTV is more effective. moving between ammo types and equipment is still somewhat hard to get the hang of, as you have to stand still to switch between weapons or ammo types. the crafting is effective and well done, as well as the driving, but with that shoddingly poor ending and short undeserving plotline, I have to say that ID really killed it for me at the last legs of the story, those last legs that I had never expected from a earlier standpoint. maybe next time ID. Expand
  14. Jul 3, 2013
    The game is VERY good and it deserve all its praise. The world is vast, the car combat is great, the game looks gorgeous and it's 60 FPS (you can't go wrong with 60 FPS). A few flaws that are the game game's checkpoint system is too unforgiving. Make sure you save early and often. The characters aren't interesting either. The final and largest flaw with the game is its first 2 hours. It just feels like a tutorial that overstays its welcome (which it is). Overall, it's a great game with gorgous visuals and intense firefights. Expand
  15. Jul 1, 2013
    Rage literally felt like a half completed game. I honestly feel like Id ran out of money, time or both and put out an unfinished game. The environments in this game are good, graphics are great, but it is linear rather than open world. It copies heavily from Borderlands and Fallout 3 but it can hold it's own. Gun play is great and I like the weapons selection. The game feels like it should have been an xbox live arcade title rather than a full release on disc. Not worth more than $20 but worthy of at least a 1 time play through. Expand
  16. Jun 21, 2013
    Played it and was almost immediately bored. Non-inventive combat system, dull plot, no back story. Yes, yes, yes, the graphics are all pretty, but that doesn't make a game. Sooooo, after giving this a 30 minute trial, I'm putting it back on the shelf.
  17. Jun 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Love this game,but the storyline was the problem that made the game suck and there needed to be more missons and exploring.There are easter eggs hidden one's at a bedroom in ghost clan territory press a button that pops up and theres 1 in gear head vault and a few more. Expand
  18. Jun 18, 2013
    Éste es un juego que debes obtener si eres un jugador con gusto por los FPS; además, los creadores de este juego son aquellos que te trajeron Doom y Quake: dos grandes joyas en la industria de los videojuegos! Aunque al principio estaba un poco escéptico hacia el juego mismo (en especial por la calificación general que representan los usuarios) me animé a conseguirlo porque ya había visto que tiene unos gráficos excelentes y varias armas con distintos tipos de munición -la mayoría de ellas. No sé ni como empezar a describir lo genial que el juego lució cuando lo vi en mi TV por primera vez: simplemente asombroso, ya sea porque tiene 60 cuadros por segundo y se ve muy fluido o porque todo en el juego luce de maravilla, ya sabes, con un fuerte toque post-apocalíptico. Y bueno, desafortunadamente concuerdo en el punto negativo que varios usuarios tienen hacia Rage: las texturas son de muy baja resolución. De lejos todo luce detallado pero si te acercas a aquello que luce de maravilla, ves las texturas tan borrosas que no te explicas como es posible que eso sea la base de tu admiración!
    También existe bastante "pop-in" con una frecuencia tal que casi cada vez que volteas en el juego las texturas se reconstruyen. se retexturizan... pero habiendo instalado con anterioridad el juego al disco duro me alegro que este problema ha desaparecido en gran parte. Aún con esos detalles, este juego no deja de ser una obra digna de admiración, con un tipo de juego al estilo Borderlands -donde progresas en el juego obteniendo y completando misiones de los NPCs y tienes, además, un tipo de carro a tu disposición para viajar de lado a lado.
    Una de las características que mas me ha gustado de este juego es la sección que el personaje principal tiene en su menú llamada "ingeniería": aquí es dónde puedes hacer una buena cantidad de diferentes objetos (si tienes los ingredientes necesarios) que te serán de gran ayuda en tu travesía por este mundo devastado -desde medi-kits, pasado por granadas, coches bomba y distintos tipos de munición. Otro punto a favor ha sido el arsenal con el que cuentas progresivamente. Yo simplemente grababa el juego cada vez que sabía iba a obtener una nueva arma (para ver como la obtenía de nueva cuenta); y esto porque cada vez que obtienes una arma, el personaje principal hace como que la revisa y te una vista con detalle de cómo luce tu arma. Todas ellas me han gustado mucho, en especial la escopeta, pues hace un sonido muy fuerte en cada disparo normal.
    Yo simplemente te digo que si te consideras un jugador con ya bastante experiencia en este tipo de juegos de disparos de primera persona, consigas ya este juego. Ya por estas fechas no está caro y te ofrece un reto con gráficas fluidas que no creo te lleguen a decepcionar y enemigos con una inteligencia de alta calidad: de hecho aquí reside casi todo el reto, el saber apuntar bien tus armas contra enemigos escurridizos y muchas veces letales. Consíguelo, y recuerda a ID desarrollador de este juego- y sus juegos insignia: verás a RAGE como un verdadero tributo a la pasión por el género FPS que ellos inventaron.
  19. Jun 16, 2013
    Simply put, this is a great game. Of course there are parts that might be done differently but overall the game is brilliantly constructed. If you don't mind being startled, or finding yourself in the middle of frantic fire fights or exploring a huge world, you will have a great time. If you are looking for Call of Duty, go play Call of Duty, this isn't it.
  20. Jun 10, 2013
    Great game period. Granted not perfect but obviously its combo of incredible graphics, textures, gorgeously fitting color pallet, and stunning frame rate (60fps) make it a visual masterpiece with best in class aesthetics dominating its commonly compared borderlands and fallout 3 bretheren in this department. Guns feel heavy, gunshots sound aggressive and badass, and enemies react to every shot they are hit with in a realistic way with impressively animated deaths. The animators at id software knocked it out the park with the games many fluid and jaw dropping animations, from crazed mutants ravenously coming after you, to salty bandits flailing back from gunfire ultimately spinning and falling face first to their death these animations are handled with a smoothness and degree of movement not often(if ever) seen in the video game industry. The sound shines with the vaunted John Goodman lending his voice acting talents. The game isn't short with all the side quests and loot hunting offered as well as a very arcade like but enjoyable racing and vehicle combat section (though a bit easy). The weapons are varied enough with all guns and crossbow having several different ammo types, but the clear cut star of your arsenal is the innovative and devilishly fun wing stick. The wing stick is a type of three bladed boomerang that you throw at your enemies for frequent decapitations and severed limbs, it also can be upgraded to target enemies,do more damage, and return to your hand like a boomerang (did i mention it can slice the head off of multiple enemies in a row).You also find or buy blueprints in the wasteland which build new weapons/guns, upgradable turrets and robots, and even a mini remote controlled truck with bombs attached to it which you can remote detonate (also useful for scouting out enemy camps). You do however rehash the same levels at times with minor differences but with having to make such detailed landscapes it's understandable. The game includes many enjoyable mini games such as five finger fillet, a guitar hero like game called strum, and a very fun card game similar to magic the gathering with picture cards of different in game characters and factions that you find throughout the wasteland to strengthen your deck(trust me i am not a card or magic t.g. fan but this is fun). The world isn't as big as fallout but it is as big as it needs to be.It has a fun but not as varied separate coop campaign and online multiplayer in the form of exciting vehicle combat races. I know it isn't the 4 player coop of borderlands but unless you are the type who is compulsive about having 50,000 guns and cell shaded graphics it might be a better all around game than the first borderlands(i do love borderlands by the way). People say Rage doesn't have a story and it has an "okay" if not fleshed out enough story but borderlands though it is entertaining has basically no story at all(you are on pandora- now find this vault).Some found Rage to have a weak ending? Not half as dissapointing as borderlands ending (can anyone say they were pleased with what they found in the vault?) Overall Rage is a breath of fresh air that beckons back to id's yesteryear of gaming (doom,quake) the combat is in your face and aggressive differing from this generation's Gears of Wear totally cover based pop and shoot style of combat (when i am a badass muscle bound space marine i don't want to spend 75% of the game on my knees, i know a few gals who hangout on the corner they can give marcus pheonix a pair of kneepads they spend alot of time on their knees too).Rage has a ton of nostalgic eastereggs too, if you are a Doom,wolfenstein, Quake or id fan you need to get this game for the eastereggs alone! I won't spoil it but let's just say these eastereggs are very.....interactive. The sad thing is that Rage2 was in the works but seeing how Rage undersold they cancelled production and killed the would be series. This was new IP from the fathers of FPS and after all that time they delivered, and after getting their feet wet in this generation with Rage i can assume building on Rage's engine and the experience with Rage would have prepped them to deliver even bigger on Rage2 (can you imagine what that game would of looked like.) Rage is a very strong game and worth the experience it should have sold 5mil. Rage gets a 9 out of 10. Expand
  21. May 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The great controls and useful weapon upgrades help make Rage's shooting parts a lot of fun, but the storyline fails to create any real tension and the game's characters, friendly and hostile, never do or say anything memorable. Expand
  22. Apr 29, 2013
    Two words describe this game A: dense B: disappointment this game was supposed to be a great game one of the best even the character was dead had they done more with him and widened the weaponry it would have been better this was supposed to be a hybrid fallout it is not....sad
  23. Apr 23, 2013
    I have to admit I hadn't heard of this game until only a couple of weeks before it came out. We are getting a lot of top drawer titles out now and over the coming 3-4 months and I quess this one flew under the rader for a while. Pretty straight forward FPS, set in a furture where the world and humanity have taken a turn for the worst (asteroid strike for anyone who didn't bother reading the marketing junk above)
    First impressions very positive, this is an 'id' games release, for those that don't know id games pretty much invented the modern FPS what they don't know about first person shooters is not worth knowing. This reflects in the gameplay very smooth, the guns just look and feel fantastic, AI is okay not outstanding but enough to keep you on your toes.
    As for the campaign well if I say to you futuristic Sci-Fi set on a damaged Earth 1 or 2 games will leap into your mind, Borderlands and Fallout and this game sits between both of them, in look and feel it is closer to borderlands, in scale and missions closer to fallout, it doesn't have borderlands colour palatte or some of the more 'zany' type things,(while it isn't colourful like borderlands the actual graphics are really great) and its doesn't have fallouts RPG angle and shear varied enemies/mission types etc
    What it has is an pretty large open world sandbox with you following stuctured missions,(+ side missions etc) as you go though the game you gain experience, this experience then allows you to identify more and more useful objects littered around the game and how to use these items to upgrade your weapons, cars, armour etc. (in practice this means your find stuff in piles of scrap etc and if your expereince is high enough, your be able to use the item to add to something)

    I've not encountered anything too negative about this game as yet, perhaps some of the side missions can get slightly samey (not unusual in larger games) the recoil on some of the guns is tricky when compared to what we are used to though it simply requires the gamer to compensate some may find it a bit frustrating the experience type system they have is a bit annoying after a while, as you get higher in the game your having to go back to locations looking for stuff you discovered previously but were unable to pick up and use as you hadn't worked out what they for overall niggles rather than issues

    So if you enjoy excellent FPS games in general, if you like Borderlands/Fallout then your like this game, if you like games with beautiful artwork and intresting NPG's then your like this game.

    This is a very good game, of course there are a lot of (hopefully) great FPS coming out in the next few months so this may be one you may need to put on your 'to get' list for after Xmas when the Xbox start releasing it's usual spring/summer rubbish by then your be ready for a bit of a change after spending months smashing it on GOW or COG or battlefield etc.

    Downside it's like Grand theft auto where you only can do missions by talking to people much like GTA not a free roam thing.
  24. Mar 17, 2013
    Rage is one of this games that could have, should have, been really great. One of those games that not only game with a lot of promise, but started in such a way that you think, "this is gonna be awesome!"...inky to smash those hopes on the rocks a few too many times. The premise: Earth was clobbered by the Apophis asteroid (real rock, look it up for more info). Select survivors (including you) were buried in stasis in subterranean "arks," while the majority were left to enjoy a huge asteroid whacking the planet from the front-row seats. Nevertheless, there were survivors on the surface amid the destruction, and this is the world into which you emerge: blasted rubble, hardscrabble existence, and no shortage of conflict. So, great premise. Graphics are unbelievable, particularly the environments, vehicles, and especially the first-person weapon renders. Audio is great (SFX are top-notch). Writing is good (enough), voice acting very good. The crafting system for creating ammunition, tools, and weapons was clever and, amazingly, not tedious. So what went wrong? Well, in a word: id. Yeah, the old warhorse of FPS gaming, id Software (remember Doom? Them.) totally wrecked an otherwise grand game. Short story is that Rage suffers from ego poisoning. It's impossible to play for more than a few minutes before you run into another self-serving self-refence to another id game, be it Doom, Wolfenstein, or whatever. Look, I have no problem with easter-egg appearances. When I saw the space marine bobblehead on a dashboard within the first five minutes of gameplay, I thought "cool dev nod, nice." But after dozens of references, half of which were absolutely ridiculous, I spent more time rolling my eyes and getting mad at id than I did enjoying the game. (Seriously, there was a Doom hell prince as the texture for a COFFEE POT. Someone deserved to be slapped for that.) id's ego was out of control and disproportionally so; Bethesda Softworks snuck in one easter egg, a vaultboy bobblehead from Fallout, which was cool because it actually appeared in the original game, unlike the Doom hell prince which I don't think ever took up residence in small kitchen appliances. That aside, the game felt unfinished. Missions were clever and varied until the end, whereuoon the game took on an attitude of "we ran out of ideas, so here's some leftover 1990's style monster box gameplay and then we're gonna roll credits." Devs, take note, because this is what really screwed up Fallout 2: too many pop culture references. Game worlds, like film, are about suspension of disbelief. Keep bombarding the audiene with references and you blow that. Lose it and the experience suffers and the faults become far apparent. It's worth noting that I bought this game on the faith and belief in Bethesda's commitment to quality; by my experience, they'd never made a dud, and I had no reason to think they were going to start. One $60 mistake later and that trust was vapor. Six out of ten is very generous for this ego hodgepodge blended unevenly with an actual game...too generous. Make it five. Expand
  25. Mar 3, 2013
    Very underrated game. A great start to a franchise. Rage is a beautiful post apocalyptic world with a lot of character and atmosphere. The game is very polished and everything is top notch. The bandits fighting style is refreshing and makes the shooting more fun than typical first person shooters. The game is pretty long so like any game, the combat can get repetitive. The only major shortcoming is the games plot. Just when the game starts to get interesting, it ends. There is really no major conflict and resolution in the game. Despite this, the game is still a lot of fun to play and one of the best games this generation. Definitely one of the best shooters this generation and in gaming in general. Expand
  26. Feb 21, 2013
    I remember reading about this game a year or two before it even came out. John Carmack himself talked about how the team at iD was looking to make a good story for Rage. This is what makes it stupid when reviewers who say "I knew just what to expect from iD" and gave this game anything a 9. The story just flat out sucked. There is really no reason to play this game. There's no replayability the multiplayer vehicle racing is basically useless. There is no drive to any of your actions. If you are looking for mindless shooting, you may as well play cod. Because that's all Rage really is. To end on a positive note, I will say that Rage was a lot of fun to play. The gameplay and graphics are top notch, a boss fight in the Dead City was awesome. Guns are pretty cool and stuff. But the fact that a lead developer promised a good story, and gave such a one really ruined Rage for me. Sad I got sucked into pre-ordering it when it came out... Expand
  27. Feb 16, 2013
    It felt unfinished and tossed together. The story, gameplay, and environments are played out and there wasn't much need on splitting it into 2 separate discs; the game really wasn't that long, avoid it and play something fun.
  28. Feb 10, 2013
    I had high hopes for RAGE, like most games from Bethesda I was sure I was going to love this game. However, after playing the first few hours, things started to get dull.
    The Game
    You start off as an unnamed survivor of an apocalyptic event which nearly destroyed the planet. Your character was put into cryogenic sleep and hidden away so he may survive. You awaken, only to
    be instantly attacked by some creature of the world that is now your home. However, you’re saved by a passing stranger and all is well….then it starts to become tedious.
    Like always, you’re the one who has to do everyone’s dirty work while they stand around feeling sorry for themselves and you’ll soon loose track of the thin storyline and forget what relevance your mission even holds. There isn’t really a character development system either, which games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim do so well. Sure you get to choose your outfit which determines basic characteristics but beyond that it’s really just down to your skill and playing the game your way.
    Now we come to the combat. RAGE succeeds in some areas but in others it feels like your ordinary 1st person shooter. You’ll be given an assortment of weapons such as sniper rifles, shotguns and a silent but deadly crossbow to carry out your missions with. With RAGE, you feel like your bullets have an impact on your enemy. They get hit in the foot, they fall down. They get hit in the face, they die. What more could we ask for? Well, maybe a more refined aiming system… Shooting bandits works fine and isn’t just shoot and move on, often you’ll have to find cover and work out your next move. However fighting some of the more energetic enemies, such as the mutants, who jump around walls and dance towards you can be a bit more annoying. Often I’ll aim and shoot and they’ll jump away causing me to reload and get hit by them at the same time, which really frustrates me.
    Where RAGE succeeds above most games in the genre is the graphics. Looking out over the wasteland and driving around in my customized buggy feels like an amazing experience in itself. The driving works well and means you don’t have to walk miles to the next objective. Although you do get the feeling quite early on that you’ll be doing the same over and over again; walk here, kill that, drive here, pick up this and at times I just couldn’t be bothered. Conclusion
    Don’t get me wrong, RAGE is a fun game at times and will take you a while to finish especially if you look around for side quests. But the fun wears off when you realize this game is nothing that special. Sure it brings about fun toys like the wingsticks and various bullet types, but in the end, RAGE just didn’t feel like anything new. If you’re looking for a post-apocalyptic game with lots of action and adventure then you’d be better of picking up a copy of Fallout 3 or Borderlands.
    RAGE gets an OK score of 6 out of 10.
  29. Feb 1, 2013
    Maybe it's because I knew exactly what to expect when going into this game, but Rage stands as one of the best FPS games that I've had the pleasure to play. Id proved that they weren't just messing around with the new IdTech 5 while making this game. The game is pretty. Which is kind of an odd thing to say about a game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It is highly advised to install this game onto your hard drive before playing. Be warned, installing this game takes up about 22 Gigs worth of space, so you may need to make some room. At first glance, many would immediately compare this game to that of Fallout or Borderlands, which is just foolish. Unlike the aforementioned games, Rage has virtually no RPG elements and instead opts for pure action. As a shooter, this game handles nicely. The controls are smooth, the gunplay feels great, and enemies even react properly to being shot at. You shoot at a charging bandit, he'll reel back from the impact of the bullet and may even stumble and fall face first into the ground, depending on where you hit him. The enemy AI is also notable in that the enemies are actually pretty intelligent (save for the appropriately mindless mutants) and can use some rather clever tactics on occasion. Authority soldiers would stack up behind the guy with the energy shield, bandits are smart enough to kick over your turrets whenever they get the chance, and they all know how to take cover effectively. Being an Id game, you get to carry a large arsenal with you at all times. Some of these guns can become rather useless, depending on your playstyle, but each one feels and sounds like it has some weight to it when fired, which is nice. To add some variety, the game features a variety of ammo types ranging from miniature rockets fired out of shotguns to crossbow bolts that can allow you to control an enemy until he inevitably explodes. The enemies are also quite varied, the mutants are animalistic and would forgo any strategy and simply bumrush you, Authority soldiers use military tactics and higher-end weaponry, and each bandit clan has a certain specialty in combat, such as agility, tech, explosives, or just being hard to kill. A rather new gameplay mechanic for an Id game is the driving portions of the game. The driving is done very similarly in a combat racing style. In fact, there are even combat racing side-missions to upgrade your cars. Since you will be driving around the wasteland a lot, it's a good thing that the controls work rather well and that the vehicle combat can be both fast paced and fun. The story itself is rather forgettable. Nothing surprising to Id veterans, but others may want more. However, the single player campaign itself can be rather long if the player decides to go out and do every sidequest and race available to them. My only real complaint about this game is the ending, which isn't bad so much as non-existent. Uncharacteristically for an Id game, there's no final boss fight and the game practically ends with you pushing a button after you finish mowing down enemies with the game's designated BFG, which is given to you at the beginning of the mission. Depending on the difficulty and how much you set out to do, you could probably finish the game in about 15-30 hours. That said, there's even a multiplayer disc that comes with a set of co-op missions and competitive combat racing. So, even after finishing the main game, there's still plenty to do. For the current price, this game is at VERY good value, and could be found at prices ranging from $10-$20. If you like FPS games, I'd highly recommend for you to go out and buy this game. Expand
  30. Jan 21, 2013
    Pros: Fantastic AI that responds cleverly and realistically, as they will run if you are overpowering them and they will flee if a building is coming down around them (instead of standing there still shooting at YOU). The graphics are gorgeous (more on that in CONS section). The racing is fun and the gunplay/gameplay is satisfying and visceral.

    Cons: The graphics have minor pop-in
    issues, but those are easily overlookable. However, a major problem is the plot - or rather, the complete lack of one. There is no antagonist either. Nothing. Not even a final boss battle. One of the biggest let down endings ever. Expand
  31. Dec 21, 2012
    In short, Rage is a game that delivered on very little of what it seemingly promised. The graphics and art style are really quite phenomenal, but the entire style of the game is very, very similar to Borderlands. The biggest problem with the game is that it is a very small enclosed world with very few interesting things to do in it. There are not very many enemy types, and there are only a couple weapons in the game. The weapons themselves feel quite weak and lack any real feeling of impact on enemies. To go along with what it lacks in gameplay, the characters, story, and world for the most part are all quite bland and lifeless, and there is a distinct lack of colour in the world until you get to the second half of the game. Overall, the game is just a huge disappointment, and truly does not offer anything innovative, interesting, or very fun. Don't buy the game unless you can get it really cheap, but even then, don't expect to get a whole lot out of it. Expand
  32. Dec 12, 2012
    Avoid this game at all costs. This game is merely a poor man's Borderlands. Yes, the graphics are pretty, WHEN THE TEXTURES ACTUALLY LOAD! I got motion sickness with the terrible texture pop. The gameplay is nothing really spectacular, and the story is practically non-existant. Not to mention one of the worst final missions in videogame history. I truly hope this game never sees a sequel.
  33. Nov 14, 2012
    I bought the anarchy edition but ended up giving it to a friend and playing the PC version a year later.. review for that as my remarks for the story are still applicable and I have played a bit on the xbox first : I played it on STEAM just a bit ago, it took me 19 hours trying to get everything and find everything and I am utterly dissapointed, The ending just, ends. No explanation, no boss battle, no closure. I was enjoying the game 'ok' but kept feeling like something was going to happen. I kinda felt like the 'bad' guys had no reason to be labeled 'bad'. I never actually saw them do anything wrong. I thought there would be some kind of 'surprise! they aren't bad!' ending, but no.. bland and derpy. The character animations and textures are great and I didn't encounter any bugs aside from intentionally glitching out of the level once. I really wanted to know more about the people but each one only has maybe 5 lines of dialogue. The game is gorgeous as long as you stand still as if looking at a painting; quick movements cause texture pop-'up' not really pop-in, but sort of uprezzing on the fly. Even with a modern AMD 7850 and Intel 3570. In short, a huge let down, could have been so much more and leaves me with a dead feeling. Not recommended even at bargain prices since the ending is such a letdown. The DLC is absolutely worthless. Expand
  34. Oct 11, 2012
    I really went into this game expecting it to be good and then just be completely wiped of its goodness by the ending. I'm not entirely sure why people have been suggesting this and unless something happens after the credits (which I'll see here momentarily), it was really a great game. I was immediately impressed by the visuals and the story is extremely captivating from the beginning. I wasn't expecting the visuals to be all that great either and I thought they were fantastic. It felt like the art direction from Borderlands met that of Fallout and it turned out great. The dynamic of having a buggy and moving in between the wasteland to different locales was very enjoyable. The guns were fun but not terribly amazing (that being said I just realized I never downloaded my double barrel shotgun with the Anarchy Edition). All the "extras" in the game seemed to tie into the main storyline decently so that if you wanted to indulge yourself in them you could do so without going out of your way but at the same time you didn't have to mess with them at all and the impact on your game was negligible. All in all, high replay value, a lot of fun to play, story was good although the ending could have been more conclusive (RAGE 2?). I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has even considered picking it up. I still am amazed that for $5 I got this much satisfaction out of it. Expand
  35. Oct 3, 2012
    For me, was a very decent rental. Almost one year later bought it a second hand copy and I'm really enjoying this game right now (in part time with Gears 3) ... :-)
  36. Sep 19, 2012
    Rage was a fun, short blast, with great FPS combat, simple fun driving, amazing backdrops of a fallout theme. Good game for a budget buy or rental, full price is asking a bit too much.
  37. Sep 19, 2012
    Rage has a lot to offer, with its stunning graphics and it's well thought out combat system. Exploding shotgun shells, mind-control bolts etc makes for an exclusive combat which really puts the game at a higher level. With a slightly thin story though, the game just won't make it a winner.
  38. Sep 13, 2012
    This game has proven to me that there is some hope in the RPG genre. It may not be a ful RPG but that's precisely why it works. No stupid "actions have consequences 10 hours after and leave you confused and in a mess", no text scrolling and combat/gameplay done properly. Controls are solid and fluent, game mechanics are good and every step has been taken to avoid frustrating the player. It's not complicated by any means- very much pick up and play. It's not slow either- straight in to the action. Of course being made by id, the shooter mechanics are proper, none of that silly auto-aim rubbish you get in Fallout 3. This is a proper shooter but has some of the more desirable characteristics of an RPG, such as buying/selling items and ammo, free-roam and upgrading certain things. Characters and story may be rendered as generic and lacking in depth, but if you are the kind of gamer who demands action and gameplay (since it's a game and not a movie) then I would definitely recommend this. My main criticism is with the overall feel of the game. It seems so soulless, empty and shallow, with nothing particularly attractive or gripping about it. There's nothing outstanding, but all in all it's not a bad game. The graphics are supposed to be similar on PC and Xbox 360, with the PS3 version running at 30 FPS instead of 60 and at lower settings, but on the older Xbox 360 even with the game installed there is a distinct melted look which up until now was exclusive to Unreal Engine 3 when the graphics hadn't loaded properly. In Rage you can literally play peek-a-boo by turning away from a scene and quickly turning back to see the textures load individually, and taking their sweet time to do so at certain points. The inconsitent graphics which load while you're playing make the claim of "amazing graphics" seem a bit over the top, but the game does run at 60 frames per second, and is by far the best looking console game ever for such a high frame rate. I don't mind waiting at points for graphics to load because at 60 FPS and when they're loaded this game really does look amazing, and is proof that even with the outdated R520 Xenos GPU making a great looking shooter run at a smooth 60FPS is still possible. Overall Rage is the kind of game you buy if you're not into RPGs but want solid, and I mean better than Call of Duty controls and combat - with the free-roam and upgrades and buying ammo and stuff. It's like a surviva game because you buy and scavenge everything, but you can carry everything at once and craft items etc. Everything in Rage has been arranged so that you, the player, will NEVER get frustrated or indeed, RAGE at the game even on Nightmare difficulty, which is really fun and intense at the same time. You feel like you're playing a survival shooter but unlike Stalker, you're not restricted to have fun. RAGE is satisfying in every way, getting the balance right between combat, racing and other RPG-ish kind of stuff. That's RAGE's greatest achievement- the ability to make an RPG shooter and get just about everything spot on. It's open world but with a focus, and you can explore as much as you want or just rush through without being penalised. I like that there is a difficulty setting and the achievements aren't stupid. The health system and ability to revive yourself and save your game at any point is useful too. RAGE really is a pick-up-and-play game with good content that doesn't alienate shooter fans with a load of confusing RPG rubbish. id Software have definitely pulled it off. Expand
  39. Sep 4, 2012
    Man, This game blows. Linear story, terrible driving controls, Sensitivity issues, and overall a crap game. This is also extremely boring. The atmosphere saves this game from getting a 0.
  40. Sep 2, 2012
    this game is so good!!! most people cant see past the low played, rated or bought game but if you can then 1) you have a brain 2)you will have hours of fun on it the separate coop campaign is always fun to do aswell the multiplayer is great aswell
  41. Aug 31, 2012
    Rage is a beautifully crafted game, with some of the best graphics available and outstanding game-play. HOWEVER, do not jump into this game thinking it is an RPG first-person shooter, because it is not! This game is perfect for a shooter game, but if you are looking for a game like Fallout 3 you best look elsewhere. Now the story for this game may be lacking at times, and the ending isn't the greatest, but if you want a fun shooter game, Rage is perfect for you. Oh, and it also has a lot of vehicle combat and racing :) Expand
  42. Aug 29, 2012
    The graphical experience and sound experience (with headphones) is well worth a rental if not purchase. Runs at a constant 60 FPS never once slowing down or stuttering. Managed to skim through the "Nightmare" difficulty setting without much problems. Starts out a bit slow but once you start battling the mutants you see where the game shines. The physics and enemy interaction are smooth and fluid. Every death is a sight to behold. Once you play the levels "The Well" and "Blue Line Station" you'll want to play them over and over again (at least I did) Just a good experience. Good to take slow and absorb the atomospheres as it seems every inch of the environments is meticulously detailed and never repeats itself. Expand
  43. Aug 12, 2012
    Overall, Rage is not a terrible game, nor is it anything special. With great graphics, it certainly looks great, but all the specific enemies (Authority, Gearheads, etc.) are the same, and have the same lines and appearance. The majority of weapons are very standard FPS guns, like assault rifles and shotguns, but others like the mind-control crossbow bolts are quite unique. The story itself is quite boring, and I felt no incentive to do any sidequests, or the main story for that matter. Sure, it's easy to pick at, but overall, rage is still a good game. Expand
  44. Jul 21, 2012
    An awful trite game, with cliche characters , and a storyline, that is lacking in content, depth or meaning. The controls are pathetic. The lack of free space, cities, and side-quests does not help a game that claims to be an RPG. When I looked on the box artwork, I was expecting Fallout, in a whole new dimension, what I got was Call of Duty, with a tiny deviation from the standard linear gameplay. That's is to say the graphics are spellbinding, of the next generation. But the fact of the matter remains, that games aren't based on graphics. Games are based on content, and while I admit there was one or two moments of compelling action, the rest of the mechanics failed to appeal. I can only award 3/10 Expand
  45. Jun 30, 2012
    To be honest, the most that I can award this game is a 7.5. I expected a little more from id, especially for this title, but I cannot say that this game was a failure. Although, to put it bluntly, it does manage to fail in many aspects. My biggest gripe is the storyline. A game that is 90% single player should have a decent storyline, which, Rage does not. The plot is paperthin and weak, doing nothing more than advancing you to the next shootout or the next linear area to explore. On top of it being uninspired, it eventually comes down to a point where you literally stop caring. At all. Not to spoil anything (like anyone cares enough to be angry), but the ending is so abrupt and horrendous that after it was over, I suddenly felt a strong desire to eject my disc and break it. By the way, there are three game discs. THREE! The first two consist of the single player campaign whilst the third is the Legends of the Waste co-op missions and competitive Road Rage racing. The developers highly recommend installing the discs to your hard drive, so if you lack the necessary memory to store them, I suggest rethinking a purchase or rent, because your Xbox 360 will cough and stutter like I've never seen for a game. Back to ingame faults, enemy AI is unintelligent, predictable and generally easy as cake to conquer. Even Nightmare difficulty is an absolute breeze. In addition to poor AI, the lack of variety of enemies also really hurts the various combat scenarios, forcing you to deal with the same mutants/bandits over and over. Speaking of repetition, the entire game is chock full of it. Every single side mission that you receive throughout the course of the game leads you back to an area that you have already explored once, sometimes twice prior. The area hasn't even changed in the slightest either; instead, it simply restocks its supply of idiotic enemy AI for you to waste all over again. I'm also pretty positive that the game uses a grand total of 3 voice actors, because no matter where you go and speak to people, they almost all sound the exact same. Come on, id, seriously? However, despite these complaints (big as they are), there are definitely some positives. Firstly, the graphics are an astoundingly smooth 60 frames per second. It has been claimed that id will use this engine for Doom 4, and I would not mind one bit. Everything, from the destroyed building structures that make up the vast wasteland to the detailed markings on weapons is gorgeously done. Character animations and movement is incredibly realistic. Shooting a mutant in the leg or arm yields vastly different results, allowing for precision shooting to complement different strategies during battle. The item crafting is linear, but still an absolute blast when you create a walking spider robot that tears through enemy AI with its front minigun. The weapons are all entertaining and well-balanced. Each gun has 4 different ammo types that behave in completely different ways, so using a pistol end game is not obsolete in any way. The sound effects are fantastic, never failing to get the adrenaline pumping, but the score is repetitive and dull. I have played only a few co-op missions since finding other players these days online is difficult for this game, and the missions are so-so. They serve only as another way to extend the lifespan of an already short gaming experience. The racing throughout the game is extremely tedious and tiresome. The developers tried to create an experience where "getting from point A to point B is just as much fun as point B". Too bad they largely failed at this goal, resulting in the driving aspect being one of the worst features of the game. Not to mention the poor online which is basically the same thing but with lag issues. Overall, Rage is still a very good game. The shooting is responsive and a blast to play, which is the core experience of this game anyway. If you can look past the most obvious glaring issues, its still a worthy experience to be purchased from the bargain bin that will net you around 30 hours or so, depending on how many achievements you want. Recommended to absolute shooter fans who need to get their fix of bloody carnage. Expand
  46. Jun 26, 2012
    There are two good things about this game. One: Graphics, the graphics are amazing and look very pretty, the sort of thing I expect to see in fallout 4. Two: Graphics...wait a minute, I've said that allready. John Goodman voices someone.There.
    Apart from the way this game looks it is absolutely atrocious. It is boring, the quests are uninteresting, you can't even murder people like you
    could in Fallout. After the first few hours I felt drained playing this game and admiring the games visuals would no longer cut it for me. I have not finished it and do not intend to. Anyone who would dare to argue that I have not played it all and can't give a fair evaluation I would say this in reply: You don't need to finish eating a bowl of **** to know you don't like it. In reality the smell and appearance of the **** would put you off from even trying to eat it, but this game... it's like a decorated attractive **** if there is such a thing. Expand
  47. Jun 22, 2012
    id software is back on top form with this knock-out shooter. Rage is set in a post apocalyptic future after an asteroid hits the Earth, only a small handful of humanity survived and you attempt to rebuild humanity through help of the Resistance. Whilst the game comes on 3 discs it only lasts you around 12 hours for a straight run, 18 hours roughly to do all the side missions and extras. Rage is not a long game and its story is fairly weak with a cop-out ending but the shooting is masterful and the graphics are gob smacking. Usually I wouldn't rate a game this high without a impressive story to back it up but Rage has that old timely feel to it that has managed to blend into modern shooter mechanics making it a near perfect shooter. Expand
  48. Apr 29, 2012
    There has been some criticism of this game regarding the lack of story and the idea it is simply bland characters asking you to go do a task.
    Sure - that's fairly true but there is still a very good game here. Going from task to task has an enjoyable driving section which breaks up the FPS levels. The FPS levels are all very enjoyable with superb graphics and enemies that seem to have some
    decent AI. Also when you shoot an enemy they react how you would expect - shoot them in the leg, they limp etc.
    I bought this for £7 new and is so well worth the money - at full price maybe the earlier levels would be a bit off putting - but stick with it and the later levels are excellent.
  49. Apr 23, 2012
    Promising at first. How ever gets boring rather quickly. To me it feels like a hallway version of fallout 3, or something to that lines. Just take out dialog options, too. Maybe a rental if that.
  50. Apr 17, 2012
    Overall, this game is definitely a RENT. The single player campaign was fun for the majority of the game. Although I do wish that there was a bit more customization with armor and weapons. I also felt that the game didn't bring enough closure for the storyline, especially since a sequel was unlikely. I can't really speak to the Legends of the Wasteland section of the multiplayer, since I literally couldn't find a game... EVER. The rest of the multiplayer was enjoyable though, and reminded me of a next gen version of Twisted Metal or Carmageddon. Expand
  51. Apr 10, 2012
    This game has SANDBOX and FALLOUT elements. The result is a pretty funny FPS game that you could love if you like this kind of games. Wonderful graphics (you need to install the game), good music, correct story and good facial animation. Despite enjoying this game, I should say that it's quite short and the story has more potential than the one which was used in the game.
  52. Apr 9, 2012
    In first 10 hours of Rage you will think, Wow this could be the best game ever. Races are fun and give you upgrades for your ride. The combat in Rage is fantastic and looting in rage can just look like rubbish but you can make things which can help you a lot. The first part of was amazing but part two of Rage just feels rushed, races,nothing changed, missions were a bit weak and the end was the biggest flaw in Rage. the multiplayer is good but not the best but still fun. Part 1 of Rage 9/10 Part 2 of Rage 6/10 Multiplayer 7/10 Rage altogether 8.2/10 Expand
  53. Apr 7, 2012
    The game was boring, original and the graphics were sub par, nothing new or exciting about this game at all just a cheap copy of borderlands. Avoid unless you like boring games with same type of enemies and poor bosses if that's what you want to call them.

  54. Apr 5, 2012
    Rage is about as much of a non-emotional experience as I've ever had. Whilst 80's arcade games lacked a story or depth they often provided excitement, whilst 90's RPGs lacked graphical pizzaz or superb asthetics they made you to care about characters and surrounding events, whilst 00's stratergy games took some time to get into they give you a great sense of satisfaction and feeling of challenge - Rage however stimulates you about as much as a wet fart does. It's not bad by any means, the controls are fine, the graphics are good, the overall game is, well, OK......but that's it. There's no stand out moments or instense feeling of excitement or satisfaction, there's just a few good ideas stuck in a mixing pot with the usual FPS elements and the ultimate end product is a rather dull one. Gripes I do have include a totally out of place driving element to the game, which just puts you off even more as it really breaks up the FPS action in a bad way, and the overall cartoony feel to the game feels out of place and nowhere near as immersive as Fallout 3's. Add to that a very short campaign and I can't see any reason to buy this. Bland and kinda pointless. Expand
  55. Apr 4, 2012
    action packed post apotalypitic fun but not without its flaws terrible multiplayer and not much to do in the campaign. But a great lengthy story makes up for it great combat and superb atmosphere good ai dont miss this
  56. Mar 27, 2012
    WHAT A **** GAME. Racing / FPS / RPG sewn together in the post-apocalyptic wastelands. Wicked **** bra.
  57. Mar 12, 2012
    I cant believe I picked this game up brand new for £12. The graphics and game play are amazing! What more can you ask for for £12... Definitely worth a punt,,,, Its kepping me entertained!
  58. Feb 23, 2012
    Rage is a very pretty shooter with solid controls. Unfortunately, it has nothing else. The story is terrible and the game gets monotonous very fast. The driving sections are decent, but nothing to write home about. Perhaps worth a rental, but definitely not worth buying.
  59. Feb 18, 2012
    This game promised to be so much but just didn't deliver. After years of anticipation for this game people found themselves dissapointed by a story that is intriguing yet somehow not interesting. This game is far from a bad game and the graphics speak for themselves and the movement of the character is so fluent. The minigames are quite fun to do once in a while and the racing is fun at times but is just too simplistic. The multiplayer is fun but only for an hour or 2. If you just wanted to do the main story you could complete this game in under 12 hours, quite ridiculous for a game which apparently had 7 years work gone into it. This game was good but was not even a competior for games such as Saint's Row: The Third, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 etc which only had around about 2 years work on them. This game just did not deliver and does not look like 7 years work went into it, maybe 7 dog years I can accept but that is about it! Expand
  60. Feb 16, 2012
    You will enjoy Rage so long as you forget the last ten years of video games. It's all about great fire fights and great graphics. What you will not get is interesting characters, a slither of a story or even a good ending. The racing sections are pretty good considering this is a shooting engine, and the next-gen visuals (albeit with frequent texture pop-ins) make the open world worth exploring. This is a great First Person Shooter spoiled by ten years of much better ones. Expand
  61. Feb 14, 2012
    solid FPS game with great graphics and atmosphere, they want you to belive its an open world game but really its linear as hell, some side-missions take you back to where you allready been in the story missions witch is negative. the aim down the sight function is actually not good on this game, this game allows you to shoot from your hip in a better way then aiming down the sight, old school style, kinda of cool and stupid at the same time. overall you will enjoy rage especially at the low price it allready dropped to. Expand
  62. Feb 10, 2012
    RAGE: One of my most anticipated game of 2011 probably because of the tagline "From the creators of Doom and Quake". I was very hyped for this game. But the problem is that it isn't that good. Let's start. The intro scene was pretty good, but I don't really liked it that much. There are some cool references from their older games like the Doom Marine's bubble head, there are even YouTube videos that show us a secret location like Doom's first level room and Quake's difficulty selection room. That was amazing and I really liked it. But that's the only interesting things about this game. The other ones are just average and it's one of those bland copy of Borderlands and Twisted Metal mixed together. The open-world isn't that open world. Probably because you are forced to do quests. And so far, there are no big maps which is disappointing too. The weapons are pretty cool but again, it feels like Borderlands, and the indoor parts are a little complicating. Another weak point of this game is probably the story. It's horrible with an average voice acting and forgetable characters. Why did peoples just relax in a situation that they shouldn't? If there are innocent peoples around and more emotional backstory, I think this game would've been perfect. It has lots of potentials like starving peoples that you should save, and soo many more. I swear to god, I'm getting bored playing this game, but then I forced myself to complete it just for this review, and the ending just piss me off literally in my heart. But other than those bad things, I think there are some good things. The music and sound FX are great, the graphics are very well detailed, the enemies are very challenging, and the driving parts are quite intense. After I beat the game, RAGE is a good game. Just don't play this game till the end because it will instantly drops your score from Good to maybe horrible. [7/10] "Good" Expand
  63. Feb 8, 2012
    This game is freaking brilliant in every way a video game can be brilliant.Look,we expect Skyrim because we had Oblivion and Morrowind.Gears of war 3 cause of part 1 and 2.I can keep on,these companies make grade A quality games and it either gets better or stays familiar within what they first made.COD MW1 was so good that the next two installments had a lot to live up to.What I'm saying is that ID software goes and flips the script and not only gives us an awesome first person shooter but blends RPG elements with an amazing driving game element and gives us a one of a kind gaming experience and people just aren't getting it?!There is only a handful of reviewers that get it,but in the years to come they will say,,OH,,I get it.This isn't even my favorite game of 2011 but what Rage is trying to accomplish is stunning and a game I will appreciate for years to come and one of the boldest entries into the video game world I have seen since the Dreamcast was released and wowed us all.People say some games are like getting two games for the price of one,well this is 3 games wrapped into 1 to create a masterpiece an epic dream come true for gamer's.Bioshock's masterpiece in 2007 was 20 hours long,well triple that and give yourself a huge piece of cake for the multi- player and you got Rage.Pure brilliance! Expand
  64. Jan 22, 2012
    The game has a good idea, Cool graphics and a nice engine th Id Tech 5. The shooting mechanics are great as you would expect from Id. The driving parts are also very nice and easy to control. But the game is slightly disappointing. The game consists of you running around doing certain quests and objectives that can get repetitive and some can even be relatively boring. But besides all that its a pretty solid game. But i wish they tried something a little more original with the environments in the game, something different from the generic wasteland environments. What about that meteor that crashed into the earth had some sort of fungus or infection or something that made the world all distorted with neon colors or something. Im just throwing ideas out there Expand
  65. Jan 22, 2012
    I honestly would not recommend this. It felt so tedious to me and not at all fun. On the other hand, the graphics were the best I have ever seen . It's too bad, this game had potential. If a second one comes out, I'll try it, but I will not be anticipating for the next game.
  66. Jan 21, 2012
    The first thing that should be said about this game is the graphics. It's beautiful. Post-apocalypica never looked so good. Character animations are smooth and the whole place looks nice generally. Gameplay, well this is where I become a little mixed in my humble opinion. I like it, though I feel like once you've played for a little bit, you have kinda seen it all. But, it's a solid FPS regardless. With a lot of driving mini-games in the form of racing available to you as well, as well as three discs of content, you will be getting your money's worth. A solid game! Expand
  67. Jan 16, 2012
    ID is known for innovating new mechanics in the FPS genre but unforunatly, in Rage that borrow alot of other game's qualities which is ironic actually. Personally I didn't think this game was bad, but it certainly wasn't good. This is a disapointing title and gets really, really boring and dull after the first couple of hours due to the lack of interesting characters. The only thing this game gets right is twofold. 1) It makes the arcade style of Borderlands into a more realistic look 2) The enemy AI are solid. They have many pathing to get you and I thought it was cool that some of the enemy would jump over rails etc to get to youID is known for innovating new mechanics in the FPS genre but unforunatly, in Rage that borrow alot of other game's qualities which is ironic actually. Personally I didn't think this game was bad, but it certainly wasn't good. This is a disapointing title and gets really, really boring and dull after the first couple of hours due to the lack of interesting characters. The only thing this game gets right is twofold. 1) It makes the arcade style of Borderlands into a more realistic look 2) The enemy AI are solid. They have many pathing to get you and I thought it was cool that some of the enemy would jump over rails etc to get to you Expand
  68. Jan 16, 2012
    I loved this game when i first got it, i played and played, but later on the game, many bugs occured, scavenging got boring and i got bored, short campaign
  69. Jan 16, 2012
    An excellently crafted, beautiful game. Responsive, interesting weaponry and realistic character models. However the vehicle section feels go-kart like and jars with the rest of the game. The story is almost non-existent which really lets the rest of the game down. It feels like you're just rambling from one side quest to the next without any coherent story. It's unfortunate since it detracts significantly from the experience and particularly the ending. Expand
  70. Jan 12, 2012
    Good - Fantastic visuals with spectacularly detailed environments. Solid and responsive gunplay with enemies that react accordingly when being shot in the face. Runs smoothly at a constantly high framerate.

    Bad - Completely unoriginal in every shape and form. Driving sections are extremely boring and literally only act as a filler between the better shooting sections. Missions are very
    repetitive and you are made to visit the exact same areas constantly only this time in reverse (lucky you!). The game length is extremely short (around 15 hours with all side missions). Characters are dull and story is almost non-existent. Crafting gadgets and upgrading weapons is shallower than it could be. Overall - A beautiful, yet extremely shallow game, with superb shooting mechanics but some terribly dull and pointless driving sections. Add to that some boring mission design and you get a linear game pretending to be open-world. Rage should have been a brilliant game, but terrible design choices distracts from what the game does best - shooting things! Expand
  71. Jan 6, 2012
    I have decided to alter my score, since I have played through the entire game, and now have a much better and open opinion on it.

    The game does have potential, however the story was too short, and the game despite being open ended, doesn't give you an incentive to explore, infact there is no where too explore, since you'll end up visiting everywhere during the main story.

    As for the
    graphics, I have seen better. The so called "Super Textures" were not super. They were good, but as I said I have seen better.

    Also I feel the game placed too much emphasis on racing rather than shooting, and there is no equal balancing between the two. The shooting segments are good, and they are challenging enough but not to the point of frustration.

    Overall if you are expecting a fallout(ish) game then RAGE is not for you, it's way too linear to be considered fallout(ish). If you like racing games then it's worth taking a look at.
  72. Jan 3, 2012
    Its alright, but nothing stand out amazing. Good graphics, nice combination of vehicles, combat and RPG elements. But the game does tend to suffer from the typical Id enemy spawning and attack patterns, just like Doom 3 making combat not that fun when enemies tend to spawn all around you and love nothing better than to get right in your face. Probably less frustrating on PC since you got quicker twitch skills with M/K, but really in this day and age, twitch shooters are feeling dated. The other thing I didn't like was the lack of true exploration. In many games, if you can see it, you can go to it. But not in Rage. Its faked openness, just like Gear of War. Its like walking through a museum and seeing all the pretty pictures and sculptures but not actually being able to get close to them or touch them. Essentially there is a distinct lack of interactivity, you are constantly stopped by invisible barriers that prevent you getting off the rail of the games levels. A shame, because some of the exterior vehicle sections can be fun. Anyway its a decent game, but there are better games in the shooter / RPG / post apocalypse genre, if your tight on money and looking for more freedom, like Borderlands or Fallout 3 / New Vegas. Expand
  73. Jan 3, 2012
    A good game that did not deliver on its promise to those who followed its development. This is best illustrated by the fact that almost every review for this game started off by telling the reader what it was not. Rage was promoted as having a vast open world with RPG elements in the vein of Borderlands and Fallout. Not the case at all. It was a straightforward linear shooter similar to Bulletstorm. Which is fine, but I was expecting something way different. Borderlands with better graphics was what I was led to believe this game was. What Rage turned out to be was a maddeningly linear experience with pretty graphics. Expand
  74. Jan 2, 2012
    Rage is a near perfect shooter straight from ID software maybe not story wise but who cares i mean did DOOM have a great story no it was all about killing the crap out of demon's in hell ad we all loved it well Rage brings all that with a few RPG elements and very beautiful graphics minus the demons instead you get bandits and outlaws who are very life like during combat instead of running at you like a moron so every battle is different in some way. Multiplayer is also fun with races or combat races with co-op missions but im pretty sure everyone is confused about there being no death matches or team death matches etc in multiplayer but maybe they wil fix this in the future by DLC or a sequel but with its minor flaws Rage is still a must have game and I think over 202 fellow metacritic users would agree with me Expand
  75. Dec 27, 2011
    By no means is Rage a bad game. While ID Software is known for their ground breaking work on such IP's as Doom, and Quake, Rage is not like those games in that respect. Rage (being Id's first few IP in a long time, and their newest game since Doom 3) naturally has quite a bit of hype, and responsibility to gamers, and for that, and many other reasons is why I fear the game is depicted as a disgrace to the company. However, once you get past the hype, and excitement of a new game, one is left with just the game, and to rate it honestly they must avoid the controversy, and be truthful, and honest. Now to give this game one solid score for every individual is impossible as with every game on the market, but a 7 is damn near amazing. I will now prove this through examples from Rage:
    This game boasts an amazing art design, graphical engine, and at no one point did I ever experience the game running at a frame rate below a personal rating of "holy $^% !!!" creating a unique atmosphere, and universe filled with baddies, and monsters moving, and reacting in realistic manners. Game play is a balanced blend of FPS action, semi-stealth action, and survivalist play-styles (depending on how you choose to tackle the multitude of missions, either mandatory, or as side missions) and entertaining, combat orientated vehicle driving. At times the later of the two can become fairly tedious in a FPS, but it can be kept fresh with a multitude of races that give you the opportunity to upgrade, and decorate your vehicles (which there is a decent variety of being a shooter). But for the most part the driving game play is enjoyable, and the FPS game play remains the same as ID Software has always been, which can be viewed positively or negatively varying from person to person. Sound design, Easter Eggs praising the success of both ID, and Bethesda, a vast quantity of random, useless items to craft into useful tools of destruction, a flying triple bladed Frisbee called a Wingstick decapitating anything and everything, and quirky character design (and for once female character models that are attractive to look at) all contribute to the fact that ID continues to put out quality games. OF course what comes with the good, also comes the bad. As with many shooters, Rage, at times, has moments where AI is lacking, and many complain that Rage appears to be similar to a game such as Fallout. It should also be noted that this is a review for the Xbox 360 version, and the PC version does suffer from more severe texture popping bugs then the 360, but there are still minor texture popping errors when there is a ton of action ensuing on the screen. Of these issues though, only three strikingly amaze me: 1) For some odd reason ID decided to give all enemies a ridiculous amount of health, allowing many of them to absorb your ammunition with ease, reducing the immersion. 2) Without spoiling the story of the game I can say the plot is fairly typical of many games, and has a very anti-climactic ending, essential to modern games. 3) There is very little benefit to the multiplayer as its only racing unless you play the co-op mode which is at best boring, lowering the replay value of the game, and leading to question if the multiplayer was even done by ID Software at all. To rate this game below a 5 would mean the game is barely playable, that there is nothing good about it. To rate this game above a 7 would mean the game delivers something revolutionary, and fresh while keeping the player coming back for more. Rage does neither. What Rage does, it does well. Taking a classical shooter feel into the next generation, which was needed for the company after so long; delivering more high octane action, and just as much beautiful, almost sexually appealing gore into an already beautiful world; and mixing up the shooting with time killing driving game play. Overall, Rage is by no means a bad game, but it is also by no means a fantastic, revolutionary game. I am not certain, but living in Canada if you buy this game new you automatically get the Anarchy Pack with it adding a taste of content for free. I would not recommend, however, buying this game new. This game is better then a rent, but not good enough to make a full purchase of $60. Look for it at a used game store, or in a bargain bin, or even discounted shelf price.
  76. Dec 25, 2011
    I bought this game solely on Bethesda having a part in the creation of this game--and Id as well; but, and I'm not spewing anything new here, I played a much better version of this game when it was called Borderlands. The similarities are astounding--the qualities differences are astonishing. I was scratching my head about half-way through my play through--about 6 hours. What I appeared to be playing was a DLC that both Gearbox and 2k games decided they wouldn't release due to lack of quality. Literally dumbfounded at the lack of direction this game displays and actually wonder why either Bethesda or Id would put their names on such a below average game. Expand
  77. Dec 23, 2011
    I honestly liked this game. Storyline started off good, but was a bit lame in the end. But if they expand on this in a sequel then I could forgive this. Driving was surprisingly smooth and I am not one to play driving games. It was pretty fun. Weapons were nice but very limited in options. Enemies were not bad but need to have more voiceover options and sayings. Graphics are incredible. The only real downside is the game is just too short. If it was a bit longer they would have hit it out of the park, IMHO. I would recommend a rent rather than a buy since the replayability is not very high. Multiplayer isn't very challenging either and is limited to racing only. Expand
  78. Dec 8, 2011
    Loved it is pretty much all I can think to describe it. Love the variety from first person shooting to the roaming around in the vehicle blowing the hell out of anything that moved. Graphics were unreal I have played this both on PS3 and Xbox 360 and am currently playing it again for about the sixth time! There is so much to do, from looking around for anything that you can pick up and use or sell to a vendor to talking to everyone that you bump into and helping them out with little side missions. This game is seriously underrated. My only gripe is that it left me hanging for more. Think it was a little too short but other than that I cannot even find another game that has come out recently that could compare to this game. Rage is a game of its own and definitely stands out to me as original. This game is worth buying and giving a go you won't be disappointed. I don't understand how you can give a game like this a bad review. Reading the bad reviews makes you wonder with this game and makes me wonder what sort of games you really must enjoy if you bagged this one. I found it very addictive and well as I mentioned I'm playing it for like the sixth time so well that says a lot in itself. I hope you do go out and get this game as it is so worth it, you won't be disappointed. Expand
  79. Nov 30, 2011
    After playing this game for the first few hours, I really couldn't get into it, and if I were strictly to give the game a review based on my first few hours, it would easily reach the lower end of the scale. Some of the shooting and characters felt bland and uninspired, but the voice of John Goodman, was an interesting choice for the role of Dan Hagar in the game. However every time I encountered this character, all I saw and heard was John Goodman, I couldn't picture for the life of me, the character and what kind of person id software was trying to represent, because as it turns out, that the personalities of the characters are stale and bland. I didn't feel I could connect with any of them, so any missions that I did as part of the story, were fulfilled, but purely just so I could get on with the game. HOWEVER, the graphics are phenomenal, and running at 60 FPS, it was quite an astonishing feat to observe. Sometimes there was the occasional texture pop-in, but that also seemed to vanish when I installed the game to the 360 hard drive. The driving sequences are a mixed bag, sometimes the driving and shooting when getting from one place to another, works fine. But during races, due to sloppy handling and a horrible camera, makes the whole thing seem like an afterthought. The open post-apocalyptic world is interesting to look at. The AI is as expected from a game of this era, enemies know your presence quite quickly, and act accordingly. They duck and cover appropriately, and when realizing that there is no defeating the protagonist, they retreat or call in further back-up. Having the main character not engage in dialogue is an odd choice. It disengages me from anything he does. There is nothing about him that makes me relate to him, and I feel that its a poor choice. I've come to expect this from any game that id Software has had involvement in, but I hope that this will change with the release of Doom 4. However, this is a decent game. The shooting works fine, and sound design is alright. The guns shoot and fire as you'd expect. Neither good or bad. Towards the end of the game, I found myself quite enjoying the game, despite its flaws. When I had fully upgraded everything about the character, had all the cool gadgets, weapons and schematics, I found that the game was really a blast to play. And having numerous bullet types for the various guns really spiced things up during combat. All in all, a decent shooter. PROS:
    + Fantastic graphics
    + Great weapons, and crafted creatively
    + Good AI
    + Interesting mini games
    + John Goodman

    - Subpar character personalities
    - Terrible driving sequences/camera
    - Predictable gameplay
    - No protagonist dialogue - At times, boring combat, especially towards the beginning
  80. Nov 28, 2011
    Passable, but nothing more. First off, the game is cut into two genres, FPS and racing. While both parts are handled well enough, they don't compliment each other, making for an awkward experience overall. It's like playing two entirely different games, but neither of them are fleshed out enough. You have the gunplay, which mostly holds up due to the rather impressive enemy ai. And then you have the racing, which is rather fun, but is held back by repetition, and some poor design choices. Then you have the game's biggest draw, it's graphics. At a glance, the game looks pretty damn good. There is a lot of detail in just about every corner of the world, and is easily one of the best looking games on the consoles. Again though, I said at a glance. Take the time to stop and admire the scenery, and you will quickly realize there isn't all that much to admire. The game suffers from terrible texture load-in, and many of the texture are set at an extremely low resolution. Easily, the the most impressive thing about this game, in terms of visuals, are the animations, which benefit from the high frames per second id's new engine has the game Rage running at. It has to be mentioned that the visual issues with this are only magnified when it comes to the pc version, which should have been the best version of the game, considering. To make matters worse, the developers were pretty sneaky with how they marketed the game. From early on, they led people into believing that the game was largely open-world, which helped create buzz for the game, pre-release. Only days after the game launched did they come out and say that the game wasn't a, "fully open-world", but a jointed collection of areas, separated by stretches of wasteland. Basically, "You people thought it, and we let you believe it". Not a good way to handle yourself, being that this was your first major release in over six years.

    Rage is a game that showed much potential, but ultimately, the developers delivered what is more or less minimalism. Gameplay that is less than truly satisfying. An rather uninteresting world. Forgettable side-content. And, ultimately, a package that doesn't live up to the full retail price it asks for. Bargain material for those still interested, and little else.
  81. Nov 27, 2011
    DooM. Quake. Wolfenstien. Rage. These are the 4 most bada*s games ever. And all of them are from id Software. I love this game. Especially, the Fallout, DooM, and Quake references such as the Vault Boy Bobble-head and the DooM and Quake rooms. Great job id!
  82. Nov 26, 2011
    Nice graphics, gun play seems a bit old-school but there are some nice gadgets to play with. Overall not a bad game but with the recent release of some very high quality titles it does not really have anything to make it stand out. Its still a decent enough game but might be worth waiting for it to appear in a sale rather than paying full price.
  83. Nov 23, 2011
    RAGE was a masterpiece in one art-form only. Graphics. I've been a long-time fan of both Bethesda and id and when I saw that they were going to make a baby and name it RAGE, you bet your ass I was on the gift registry. Looking at all the gameplay videos, you see a beautiful world filled with nasty enemies, heavy weapons, and more FPS then you can shake a stick at. Let's dig a bit deeper to find the grit beneath the glass.

    Graphics: Stunning. Absolutely amazing work on the animator's parts. Textures are clear and crisp, with the most realistic facial mapping since Half-Life 2's breakthrough. The frames-per-second don't drop below 65 in my estimation, and no matter what I'm doing it never gets hitched up or laggy. Smooth as butter. Delicious, sexy looking, well detailed butter. Yes. Weapons look fantastic, as do the enemies, but unfortunately suffer from what I call "Cookie cutter bad guys". You will see the same damn guys from each set of bad guys innumerable times. Constantly. Doesn't stop them from being pretty or awesome, but there's a lot of the same thing, and it causes concern to see 3 of the same bad guy staring at you with shotguns. Ruins the experience.

    Sound: Ahh, the grit. Here we go. Vehicle sounds can be ridiculous, but I've yet to find a game with decent driving noises [save from driving games]. Environments have their own feel and let you know it with dripping, rocks crumbling, birds cawing, whatever needs to be heard to feel realistic. Weapons are orgasmically awesome thanks to id, who have always delivered the heavy firepower. Then we get to the true grit, which is voices of the enemies. Every-single-enemy-has-the-same-voice. Not meaning all of them in the entire game. I mean each group, like the mutants or gear heads. They are all the same person, same voice, same annoyance, same bloodstain. Gets repetitive real quick when you're just mowing down same fake russian accent after fake russian accent. Also: JOHN GOODMAN!
  84. Nov 22, 2011
    My first impressions (first 2-3 hours) were of a graphically updated Borderlands.Terrific shooting in both story mode and co-op along with immense fun to be had in road rage multiplayer make this a wise purchase. However, lack of depth and disappointingly short (and easy) campaign held Rage back from greatness. To be frank, I feel we've been spoilt with the likes of Fallout and Borderlands integrating RPGs and shooters so well, they highlight the fact that Rage is an fps and little more.Being such a fan of the afore mentioned games, I was a little underwhelmed. Note to ID, Weapon Upgrades do not = RPG elements. Expand
  85. Nov 22, 2011
    Rage obviously stands out among many games this year for it's gorgeous graphics and that it was made by ID the father of the FPS genre but it has a few slip ups that really effect the game. If you are looking for a story you won't be happy, the story is really just nonexistent but of course ID is not known for making stories so lets get on to the other sections. The graphics in this game are mind blowing they simply make Crysis 2 look like pixels from slicing someones head off with a wingstick or looking at the dead city, this game looks AMAZING, but the only issue would be that the PC version when it first came out had some texture issues but those were fixed. Rages shooting mechanics work perfectly and it is very satisfying to get a headshot with a sniper rifle and the gadgets work well also. The main story missions feel somewhat boring but at times you will get very pumped up but a lot of the side missions feel very repeated and don't offer a lot of fun. The driving mechanics work well and racing is a blast online and offline but the Multiplayer section will get boring once you reach a certain level. Co-op is really fun at FIRST but after you beat them all their is no reason to come back. If you like shooters this is probably a rent-possible buy but to others it will get very boring. Expand
  86. Nov 22, 2011
    From the start to the finish i found this game to be jaw dropping.. in all my 22+ years of gaming this was a very special game for me.. Gameplay was excellent.. guns never got boring, each felt ultra realistic and exciting.. story was sketchy but i didnt mind one bit cos the rest was awesome.. it seems this isnt everyones cup of tea but some of you will love it! I installed the disc to hd drive as instructed and the graphics were the best i have EVER seen.. =O ENJOY Expand
  87. Nov 22, 2011
    Really fun shooting mechanics with great looking graphics! Unfortunately there isn't the best story and characters to back it up. The ending was silly too. That being said thought it has a lot of fun levels in which you can shoot things every which way and do things like decapitate people with a flying blade called the wing stick. Vehicle combat is solid as well. It does allow you build cool gadgets and use different ammo types to help augment the destruction of bandits and mutants. Like I said though the story is not there and at times non existent. At the end of the day the shooting mechanics and amazing graphics help you forget that. Also its keeps dropping in price and for 40 dollars or less its definitely worth it! Expand
  88. Nov 21, 2011
    Rage is developed by Id Software, who is literally the father of the FPS genre starting with Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. Before Rage hit store shelves many people were afraid that it would be a copy of Borderlands, but luckily it is not. When I first sat down with Rage I noticed that it felt more like Doom 3 then Borderlands. Rage is about in the future an asteroid collides with killing most people. You where one of the few that was kept safe in an "Ark". When you finally get out the first thing you see is an amazing world that has so much detail from the rocks to the clouds. Many of the people who were not in the Arks have either became mutants or managed to stay alive in a Mad Max style setting. The game run smoothly and does not have any issue with frame rate. The games does have some glitches in it though like getting stuck or just other weird issues. Most of these glitches are not big issues. The weapons on Rage feel powerful and have a good weight to them. The AI is also some to complement. The enemies will not run around obsticals in the environment they will actually climb or jump over them. Even if you are shooting at an enemy, this especially pertains to mutants they could actually dodge your shots and end up getting close to you. Rage is a game made for gamers who want the taste for the old-school. Expand
  89. Nov 21, 2011
    Rage is, by far, one of the best looking games ever made. When I first emerged in to the open area, my jaw, quite literally, dropped. I stood in amazement at the vista in front of me.

    However, after that moment, my expectations, which may have been to high, were not met. The shooting mechanics are great, as is expected from the creators of Doom. Every bullet you fire at an enemy impacts
    them by either making them stumble, watching them flinch, etc. Each weapon has its use and can be fun to experiment with. Needless to say, id made a great shooter.

    Just like the enemies in game, they stumbled a bit though.

    The areas, even though beautifully rendered, often amount to grey and brown. There are a few good times where your jaw will drop but I did not want this sensation sometimes... I wanted it always. The characters in the game are shallow, and I did not find myself interested in any of them. They are simply quest-givers, and the quests they give are also not very fun. They amount to going to an area you have to explore, grabbing an item or planting some dynamite, then going back for your reward. The story was short, and there isn't that much replayability in it either.

    The car racing, if an odd choice, works well. It is fun to drive around and shoot others, but it is a bit shallow. I found myself using the same strategies to win NPC races and it got boring after a while.

    Then there's the multiplayer. Oh, the multiplayer. I expected a mode where I could shoot my friends, like in every other shooter, and enjoy it. I did NOT expect or want a strict car racing/demolition game. Rage has great shooting mechanics and I wanted to see that in multiplayer. There is a co-op mode where you go through scenarios that are only mentioned at in the game, but this is not enough. I was extremely disappointed in this aspect of the game.

    Rage is beautiful and is a great FPS at its heart. If it simply had more interesting characters, a better story, and a multiplayer that is worth playing, I would have given this a much, much better score.
  90. Nov 21, 2011
    One of the best looking console games ever. Decent dialog and great facial animations.
    The combat is nothing new if you have played an FPS which is what you might expect from id.
    Really feels alot like Borderlands in some ways , which is not a bad thing Borderlands is a freakin' amazing game. There is little that can be said about this game that is negative other than it is not the huge
    groundbreaking shift forward they were promising it is alot of the same stuff we have seen just done very well. If you are straight action FPS player you may not completely fall in love with the game, but it has some great moments and some low points, a great technical acheivement and a solid game for FPS fans looking for a little RPG in their frag fest. Expand
  91. Nov 21, 2011
    Rage is a game that I had high hopes for, especially after watching countless preview videos up to twelve months before the release date it certainly looked like this could have been one of the best games of the year in the making. The AI appeared to be diverse by the way enemies jumped from cover and off walls. Character models were each unique and individual in appearance and voice. Graphically it looked like a masterpiece, plus it was made by the same people who brought us Doom! Everything was shaping up very nicely I must say so.

    Finally once the game was released I was reading mixed reviews, but my mind had already been set months ago that I was handing over my hard earned cash for this much hyped title. Once the game started up I was pleasantly met with what looked to be the shiny graphics I had seen in all those videos. Not long after emerging from my 'Ark' I was met with the alluring sky effect, but I was noticing a delay in the way textures were taking their time being draw on screen, and after the hour of game time had past I was noticing more and more imperfections. Time for an install maybe? - so I did, but this didn't make any difference and I was left watching long load times and lagging textures.

    Now I'm one who like to take their time and complete all the side quests with a game such as this - to fully explore the environment if you will, however with Rage 80% of the game felt like more of a chore and I found myself skipping what wasn't necessary to the main plot. So when the end did finally come I was expecting to find the leader of the Authority, a big bad ass that was going to test my patience and skill... but alas this did not materialize, and the end sequence made me feel violated, hurt and let down. The good points are that there are individual characters you meet along the way, and that the AI is extremely diverse and challenging at times.The weapon selection is varied and satisfying for the most part - especially with the alternative ammo you could build and fire off, but I have to add that I was disappointed after finding the BFG rounds during the final level. I chose to save what little number I had, and wait for something worthy of being obliterated with each shot... so after stumbling across the ending prematurely I never did get to shoot anything with their ferocity. Why would you leave such an iconic and awesome weapon, or ammo in this instance, to last ten minutes of a game... who made that decision!

    Generally everything looks good from a distance, however as you get closer the quality begins to fade rapidly, much like my concentration did whilst playing through the campaign. Hopefully if Doom 4 eventually happens, it will be light years ahead of what ID achieved here, which is ultimately a deep let down of a title which had so much promise.
  92. Nov 20, 2011
    This game is a linear shooter, a corridor shooter, your twitch skills must be good on the 2 harder settings...but damn is it FUN! Rage is NOT an open world game, but thats ok and if you play it just keep that in mind. There are some parts where you have to drive this buggy thing, just get the minimum amount of buggy time done, and then get back to the shooting. Ow ya and the graphics/60 frames per second are 10/10. Hope this helped. Expand
  93. Nov 20, 2011
    This game had everything a great game should have. The graphics, the frame rate, the animations, the sound. But it lacked any sort of innovation really. It didn't have the player freedom I expected, and the story wasn't at all great, and it was short. It is fun the first time around but after that it isn't worth playing any more and you just wasted a hundred bucks. How does a meteor hitting earth turn a human into a 100 meter tall mutant? Expand
  94. Nov 20, 2011
    I enjoyed this game very much. To many though, It didn't live up to its expectations. There isn't very much to do in the open world, which is disappointing. I thought the wing stick weapon was a great idea and was executed very well. The weapons were pretty basic, but they didn't need to be very complicated anyways. I enjoyed the combat aspects of the game very much, as well as the collectibles and easter eggs. The game is visually stunning, as most people would agree. I thought the characters lacked a lot of depth. I'm not gonna give anything away about the ending, but I was very disappointed with it. Overall, Rage is a very enjoyable experience with some flaws, and if you don't want to buy it, rent it because it is worth checking out. Expand
  95. Nov 20, 2011
    I rented RAGE on terms of trying it out being an avid fan of all Bethesda and Id games. First and foremost this was by far one of the most beautiful games I've played on the 360. The style is absolutely stunning, as well as the detail shinning only in areas that are very important. This is a FPS, with subtle RPG elements at the core, but the FPS aspect is very well done. Killing enemies is always rewarding and challenging at the same time. It kinda brings back memories of Jak on the playstation but in FPS form. Aside from the FPS aspect there's really nothing else it offers. There's no character development, no one individual protagonist, as well as a very bland story line. You just do missions with no ulterior motive. It's pretty much a straight line right off the bat. These guys are bad, stop them.... If they rewrote the story, gave characters more interaction with the plot, added more upgrades, locations, and weapons you'd have another fallout on your hands. But this isn't Fallout or Oblivion, it's RAGE. While it looks amazing, has a very well polished shooter core, it lacks in story and character development.So I give it a 7/10 and hope this is the start to another great series. Expand
  96. Nov 20, 2011
    Rage offers a gorgeous FPS experience with intuitive gameplay. However it lacks the instinctive "this game is awesome feel". Sure its story is decent and the action is fantastic but it doesn't grab me enough to want to keep coming back or even finish the game. The best advice would be to snap out of the mindset that Rage is going to be just like Fallout, only with better graphics. Trust me you will be disappointed just as I was and I regret having thought like that because I can't give the game credit for what it deserves which apparently is a well rounded solid 8. Rage is more like borderlands, for those who have played, because of its somewhat cartoon like feel to it except there are a bunch of invisible walls and the world is not as open. All in all the game is good however proceed with caution as you will either want to see its story to the end or blast through a few quests and wish you had picked up the other game you thinking on getting. One more thing though, I found myself playing hours of buggy races in the wasteland rather than completing quests :/ Considering this is a FPS and not a racing game it's a little worrying. I hope this was helpful Expand
  97. Nov 15, 2011
    High quality but too short to merit purchase. Don't expect much in the way of multiplayer or story either. If you want a weekend's worth of good quality single player, rent it, but buyers will be disappointed.
  98. Nov 14, 2011
    This is, hands down, the most beautiful game I've ever played. The storyline is fine, nothing special. It feels like a cross between Fallout 3 and something along the lines of Borderlands (though not funny) or maybe Doom 3. The driving is fun, the shooting is pretty intense, and overall, I really love this game. I wish it offered more in the way of multiplayer, but these days, you take what you can get. Honestly, I can't recommend this game enough. If nothing else, give it a rent--you'll be glad you didn't miss out on it. Expand
  99. Nov 13, 2011
    RAGE was a game that I believe is completely worth it. The weapons and the Driving Combat feels Fantastic! I A.I are possibly the Smartest I've seen in a long while. even the animations of every character was better then what I'd expected. And despite being in the "Post apocalyptic" Theme, the Clans of every faction has something unique and Crazy about them. And finally the Graphics and the Hybrids of styles from Futuristic Science Fiction to a more Cowboy with a Steam punk touch gives it that Extra unique Character to it.
    I can say I only have 2 major problems with RAGE. For one, when you look at it carefully it has similarities to Bioshock. which isn't a major issue, but still should be said. and Another was the Story line and How Average it was. The ending of it felt almost Incomplete, so if there's an Expansion coming in the future then I'll accept that ending. But besides that, it's mainly just " You, Go here and collect and or kill stuff" Which really makes it quest festival. So if you you Like games like Bioshock, then you'll love RAGE for Gameplay Purposes. But if you're looking for a highly story driven game, Then you might want to look some place else. Depending on what you are looking for.
  100. Nov 13, 2011
    This is the best looking game I've ever played. The game is worth the purchase for the graphics alone. Add to that a kick-ass FPS/RPG and some amazing racing, and you have a real winner on your hands. The only downside I can think of is that the campaign seemed really short. I also would have liked to have seen some Fallout-style decision making process that alters the outcome of the game. The lack of choices made the RPG aspects suffer slightly, but the FPS combat more than makes up for it. The way enemies would react to things (ie getting shot in the leg) was awesome. The multiplayer racing is amazing and a lot of fun. I'd like to see more cars and weapons though. I see a lot of potential for future games. I hope that Rage 2 has more of the RPG aspects we've come to expect from these type of games.

    Fallout 3 is the best RPG/FPS ever (in my opinion), but Rage comes in a pretty close second.
  101. Oct 5, 2011
    I wasn't going to get this game, but after some careful thought and watching many trailers and game play videos, I decided to go out and give it a shot. I do not regret it one bit. This game is amazing. The graphics, sound, setting, ai, animations, mechanics, everything looks, and feels so good. Any fan of post-apocalyptic games needs to give this game a try. Any fan of shooters will not be disappointed, the enemies are always behaving in different ways, allowing you to utilise your entire arsenal in many different ways. The driving is a welcome addition and I found it a very enjoyable way to get to your quests. I've heard a lot of bad things (from critics and gamers alike), mainly in regards to story, but with a solid set of mechanics and awesome location and graphics, a less than awesome story is fine with me (I've only played 3 hours, so I am unable to give my own comments on the story). This game is definitely worth the money and you will not regret your purchase! Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 77 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 60 out of 77
  2. Negative: 1 out of 77
  1. Nov 16, 2011
    Shooter fans will like RAGE, but it's lack of story or really innovative elements won't attract new players that didn't love other id games. I hoped for more, guys.
  2. 89
    As a fun and frenetic FPS, Rage delivers in spades. That the same can't be said for the game's story is a real shame. It's especially disappointing as Rage feels like it's building to a strong crescendo, before fizzling out like a damp firework. Rage veers incredibly close to greatness then, but ultimately fails to win itself a cigar.
  3. Nov 13, 2011
    While its other elements hep create atmosphere, they aren't as polished as its peerless gunplay. [Issue#77, p.82]