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  • Summary: Play the first fishing game for the Xbox 360 and you'll experience graphics so realistic that you'll think you're on the water. Xbox live marketplace content including a downloadable level, pictures, and more. Catch your favorite trophy - Over 20 types of the most sought-after game fish including bass, pike, catfish, perch, salmon, and trout. Compete in 20 tournaments – on over 500,000 acres of the top angling waters in the world! Over 300 Rapala branded lures updated for the latest 2006 offerings, multiple selections of Rapala rods and fishing line, and helpful tips from Rapala's pro staff. The most authentic underwater environments with moving plantlife, depth of field and light effects modeled from the real thing. Incredible above and underwater environments accessible at any time by toggling between fisherman and lure. Drive to that secret fishing hole in an all-new Ranger and Lund licensed boats, each recreated with the highest detail. [Activision Value] Expand
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  1. 45
    Gamers hoping to find an exciting and unique fishing experience in virtual form aren't happy; hardcore fishing fans hoping to see one of their favorite brands celebrated will be disappointed as well.
  2. For all its simminess, hooking one of the 20 varieties of fish is a largely random affair. [June 2007, p.71]
  3. Seriously though some multiplayer should of been added. I would of liked to see some more lures as well since the selection was kinda on the light end.
  4. Gameplay and control, unfortunately, are the worst aspects of the title. I can usually live with poor graphics if gameplay is good and the controls are solid. Alas, you will become bored very quickly. This game is a real snoozer.
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  1. MarinaZ.
    Apr 5, 2007
    Totally awesome graphics.
  2. AdamK.
    Jul 29, 2007
    Not bad, I do not understand that people cannot catch fish as I am almost finished the game within 2 weeks, the 3 day tournaments are a bit boring as catching the same fish for 3 days is not a thrill when u know what lure to use. Not a bad game to sit back and just chill. Easy achievements if you know what you are doing!!! Expand