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  1. Nov 15, 2011
    Very few thought it was possible to bring Rayman back to life. Since the Rabbids came Rayman's fame began to fade and soon the Rabbids took over and Rayman was no more. Then the original creator spoke: A New Rayman is coming! It caused quite as stir, and many and most (including me) tought it was going to be another failed re-hash. But boy were we wrong. Ubisoft had a golden oppurtunity to bring rayman back into the digital world, and they used that oppurtunity to make the best platformer EVER! Yes it's 2D but if crysis was 2D Rayman whould have better graphics. Everything is hand-drawn and animated as smooth as possible. The enviroment, character animations and basically everything is breathtaking. The only problem is to fully enjoy every aspect of Rayman Origins you need to play at 1080p. At this resolution you can take everything in and you will feel as if your in a new world. The gameplay is smooth and challenging. This game makes Mario look like Dora the explorer. The 4 player co-op is as fun as it could be. The gameplay is perfect. Now $60 for a 2D platformer is expensive, but this isn't your average platformer. THIS IS RAYMAN! If your a fan of Rayman or just enjoy a brilliant platformer you should stop reading this now and go buy it. If all the Rayman games coming is like this, I say well done Ubisoft. Well done. You have succesfully brought Rayman back into the gaming world. Expand
  2. Dec 1, 2011
    Some of the most fun I've had playing or watching friends playing a video game in a long time. Rayman Origins is a beautiful looking game, the background music is epic (it will have you laughing out loud), and the gameplay couldn't be better. Not many, if any games out there have this level of style and fun, the gaming industry can learn a few things from Rayman Origins. This is the definition of a video game. Expand
  3. Nov 19, 2011
    Clearly UBIsoft has great affection for The Rayman franchise. It shows in every nook and cranny of the game's design. I know it's "cliche" but Rayman Origins is a love-letter to those who love platformers and animatin. Rayman is easily one of the best looking games this generation. With hand-drawn animation that is masterfully crafted. The game is packed with content, which is rare these days. Easy to pick up and play, but incredibly difficult to master. The mark of a truly great platform game. I hope people buy this game, if only to send a message to the industry that games such as this can still exist and do well. And I believe Beyond Good and Evil 2's fate is directly linked to this titles success.

    Buy it. Play it. Love it! Rayman Origins is easily one of the Best Platformers in years!

    Well done UBIsoft. Well done indeed.
  4. Mar 11, 2012
    Truly an overrated game. Sure, it's one of the best looking games out there, and has an amazing soundtrack too, but the floaty controls, occasional camera glitches and insane difficulty ramp up near the end pretty much makes this game incredibly frustrating and at the price of a full retail game, it's just not worth it.
  5. Mar 6, 2012
    FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!! What a great fun game especially multiplayer. If you have kids they will love it AND you can even play it with them! It is in no way serious, involved or complicated. I'm not a huge platformer fan but this one is a must have.
  6. Dec 19, 2011
    wtf so many people rating this game a perfect 10/10
    This is a good game but it really doesn't deserve a 10/10
    I've played Rayman several years ago on the PC and it was great and when I played this game from a rent...but expectations just collapsed onto a bottomless pit. It gave me a good feel of nostalgia but that was all I got from the game to say the least. just wasn't my type of game
  7. Feb 4, 2012
    It's about time we have a platformer like Rayman Origins in our generation. But it's disappointing to see that a game like this does not get enough attention. It's amazing to see game with many of the essentials to a platformer. The story is rock-solid. With multiple unlockable quirky characters to play as, and a variety of enemies to fight, this game won't let up the style and hilarity. And all this with a soundtrack that UBIsoft nailed to add on to the story. The graphics are hands-down one best you'll see in a 2-D game with a smooth animation and incredible art direction. Even though there is no online, you will still find amusement and glory in this game, whether you're playing alone or with friends. When you're tired of seeing or shooting other bad guys in gory clashes, refresh yourself by playing Rayman Origins. Expand
  8. Jan 16, 2012
    I thought it was over for Rayman. I'll be honest and blunt. I thought it was a franchiseon its way out - with the latest being in the Raving Rabbids party series and Rayman 3D (See my review). However Rayman Origins has the shock factor and is exceptional in almost every way, an ideal platformer with plenty to give to not just gamers but an example of how platformers are done. Rayman Origins takes the successful elements of pprevious Rayman's and adds a huge layer of depth to the beloved franchise. This 2D platformer should not be judged by it's cover, many I have spoken to about commented on the artstyle not looking like Skyrim or Uncharted, SO WHAT. The artstyle is amazing in this game and should not be taken lightly a true delight o see that in an age where there are GOW3, UC and Crysis that even 2D platformers shine with their artstyle and shock gamers with the fluidity of their presentation. Gameplay:9, Graphics: 9, Sound: 9, Presentation:9, Lasting appeal: 9.5 Expand
  9. Mar 12, 2012
    I loved the past raymans. However, this game is rigged with bugs and errors that make it hard to play. The game is very boring and is a total step back. Why go back to outdated 2D? The series has done great in 3D and thats how fans enjoyed it. Good thing rayman 3 is coming in HD later march 2012. This game is a total fail. Im a LONG TIME fan, and it SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. Do not buy this terrible game. Expand
  10. Nov 22, 2011
    the best plat former ive played this generation and some of the best graphics ever it is a must buy for platforming fans and rayman fans if only it had online though!!! but just grab 2 or 3 friends and have the best laughs you will have this 2011 year
  11. Feb 13, 2012
    Okay, this game is charming, I'll give it that. While I generally thought some of the platform mechanics were a bit frustrating, the ability to do coop play with my kids and husband redeemed this game immeasurably. It's cute, the kids love it, and whether it's my cup of tea or not, there are definitely those in my house that love it, so this review is on their behalf as well. Give it a shot, you might be surprised. Expand
  12. Mar 6, 2012
    One of the best platformers I've played in a long time. The graphics are brilliant, the gameplay is challenging and varied and while the plot of the game is not particularly complex I do give the developers props for making the premise a tongue-in-cheek stab at similar platformer games and their lack of interesting plotlines (I'm looking at you, Mario).

    I'm not going to get into just what
    makes this game so great because all of the other reviews have already done so-all I'll say is this: If you're a platform gamer or even a casual gamer and you believe that games don't have to be "realistic" (CoD) to have gorgeous visuals than I would suggest at least renting this game and giving it a try. I do not believe that you will be disappointed.

    Now I gave this game a 9, though I wish I could give it a 9.9 or at least a 9.5. Unfortunately Metacritic increments scores by whole numbers, so I gave it a 9. I gave it a 9 because I didn't like the extra unlock-able characters-they are literally just the regular characters with costume changes. I felt the game would have been better without them because at least then I wouldn't feel disappointed every time I unlocked a new character only to find out that it was functionally identical teensie/Rayman/Globox with different clothes.
  13. May 22, 2012
    I really did not enjoy Rayman Origins singleplayer that much, but the multiplayer is very enjoyable and very fun. Playing this game on your own was **** and really lowed the score for this game. The multiplayer is very fun and I would play this game with friend or 2 but singleplayer is just terrible. Singleplayer 4/10 Multiplayer 8/10 Rayman Origins 6.3/10
  14. Jun 20, 2012
    I remember back to the days of the Playstation one where I would play rayman 1 over and over in hopes of finally finishing it. Genuinely difficult to me at a young age. Rayman then fell out of my life and I never felt the urge to return with all the 'Ravin Rabbits' banter. Suddenly, I see this game appear in the demo section of xbox live and feel its worth a go. Fell in love. Bought the game and never looked back. Beautiful graphics, a 'Loco Roco' style soundtrack and fun, smooth gameplay made this game absolutely fantastic for me. Though there is a few levels I found boring and lacking fun elements, the game delivered 95% of an enjoying game. I was truly happy to see this game had co-op, local co-op that is. Something I felt games of the modern age lack. Not all my friends have xboxs, and having them here to play together is a regular occurance and this game is perfect for such situations. I've recommended this game to absolutely every gamer I know and gets a solid 9/10 from me. Expand
  15. Nov 25, 2012
    Kept me busy for ages. gives mario a run for its money. Absolutely gorgeous. No online multiplayer is a missed oppertunity but great local multiplayer. Buy it!!
  16. Mar 12, 2013
    Platforming has been redefined with Rayman Orgins. A story line isn't needed with a game like this. It is simply a work of art with great controls, a lengthy campaign and up to 4 player co-op offline. The game runs at silky smooth 60 Frames per second with not a single sign of screen tear or freezing issues. The animation is superb with intense game-play moments which always make a memorable experience for all of us. Expand
  17. Apr 1, 2012
    Rayman Origins is a terrific platformer with a coop that makes it even more fantastic. The controls are flawless, and it is the certainly the best looking 2D game to date - the soundtrack and voice-work are also hilarious. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the richest and most fun experiences I've had in recent memory. Do not miss out on this great game, play it with a friend and you will both be in for a ton of fun. Expand
  18. Mar 22, 2012
    The best 2d platformer I have played in years. Rayman Origins captures the magic, creativity and nostalgia of the 2d platformer, a dying genre in games today and even though I love Super Mario, it's a very refreshing shift instead of having to rely on Mario for platformers most of the time. The gameplay is fun, the music is funny and the graphics and art design are colourful and beautiful to look at, proof that a game doesn't need realism to look good this generation. The local 4 player multiplayer is ridiculously fun and a great game when friends are around. If you love 2d platformers and games in general, do not pass this up on any console you own. Expand
  19. Nov 30, 2011
    Accidentally posted this review under PS3 when I own the 360 version...

    Gorgeous game. Classic platforming. The world 's are very creative and the music is amazingly in tune to the theme of each world. Although there is no online multiplayer, there is still some good replay value if you attempt to go for 100%, as some of the challenges are quite difficult. This game is a stellar
    representation of the mechanics that cause us to look back fondly on games from past generations. Sure it doesn't tick every check box of a modern game component list (multiplayer, extensive options,etc), but the developer has concentrated resources into maximizing the awesomeness of the components that are present. Do not miss this game. If nothing else rent it. Expand
  20. Jan 4, 2012
    Beautiful hand drawn graphics, classic 2-d side scroller game-play with modern twists! This is what happens when France makes Mario, a hilarious, adorable, and addicting game. The SFX are unique and well done and is adding to my experience. I've been recommending this game to kids and adults alike, the 4 player co-op adds to the easy play-ability. And the replayability is high because of the challenges on each level. I've been playing it more than Skyrim as of late! Expand
  21. Jun 9, 2013
    The first thing most gamers will notice upon starting Rayman Origins is the fantastic cartoon like graphics, fortunately it also the gameplay to back it up. As with most Rayman games Origins is side scrolling 2D platformer. Don’t let that put off however as aside from arguably a few games in the Super Mario series it is full of more ideas than virtually any other game of its kind.

    basic idea of each level is to gather enough ‘electoons’ to unlock subsequent levels and challenges. Electoons are awarded simply for completing each level but more can be gained by finding secret areas, collecting the required amount of ‘Lums’ or racing to the end in under a set time. Each of these different goals allows the majority of the already well designed levels to be played in a variety of ways. On top of this added bonus levels can be unlocked that task the player with chasing a treasure chest non-stop through ever shifting terrain, mess up once and its back to the start.

    Played in single player the game is certainly enjoyable but it really comes alive when played with a friend (up to four can play at once but any more than two on screen at one time can become a little too crowded). Working together to negotiate the games trickiest moments must rank amongst the very best offline multiplayer experiences on the current generation of consoles.

    Aside from a few trial and error moments it is hard to really find any fault with Rayman Origins and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a title that puts the fun back into playing video games.
  22. Jan 16, 2012
    I'm a hardcore gamer and yet I find Rayman to be a pure marvel, it is the most gorgeous game you will ever play, visuals are out of this world, Music is incredible, ultra atmospheric, and most importantly, super fun, do not miss this one, it is a Gem!
  23. Dec 25, 2011
    Just got the game today for christams and i am loving it. 4 friends sitting on the couch together having a great time! This is just the kind of game i needed. 10
  24. Aug 26, 2012
    I'm going to be very straight-forward. My Game of the Year for 2011 was not Skyrim, neither Zelda, nor Uncharted. It was Rayman Origins. Rayman Origins is a masterpiece of a game - it's graphics are beautiful, it's soundtrack is amazing, it's gameplay is breathtaking and it's impossible not to have fun with. While playing the 15-17 hour long story mode, you will find yourself laughing more often than you'd think. Playing this with friends is a total blast, and the game is fair, creative and free of glitches. It doesn't need any violence to be successful, and it can be very challenging towards the end and even more if you're looking for all of the achievements, speed trophies or medals. The only fault I see is not having online multiplayer. Rayman Origins is as good as Super Mario World or Sonic the Hedgehog 2 when it comes to a masterpiece platformer. Everyone, even if not a gamer, should give it a shot. Expand
  25. Dec 30, 2011
    What a gorgeous, fun and clever game! An hommage to the glory days of platforming. Extremely fun with friends. Finished it in one 10-hour session with friends in 4-player coop. We laughed so so much!
  26. Nov 26, 2011
    I had no faith in Rayman: Origins and felt like the price for the title was bound to make it fail. But surprise, the demo was awesome, so I went out on Black Friday and braved the crowds to pick it up on sale. Story is goofy, tons of unlockables, bountiful replay value, laugh out loud drop-in drop-out co-op, great sense of humor, very well done platforming and a beautiful hand-drawn art style makes this game a whirl-wind stand out title and the biggest gaming surprise of 2011. A friend who came over looked at me like I was a little weird in the head for buying ended up loving it. And personally I am NOT a big co-op gamer, but this game is so much fun to play with friends. This is pure nostalgia and it's just plain fun. Expand
  27. Nov 25, 2011
    A miracle! Can't stop smiling... even after I've finished the game =)
    This game is full of dynamism, so colorful and fun! Bring your friend home and have so much fun that you will never regret it.
    Need another Michel Ancel's games !
  28. Dec 17, 2011
    WOW. Completely charming and so much fun. I am 26 and cant get enough of this bright, colourful and imaginative wonder of a game.It plays like an old school platformer but with enough modern bells and whistles to make it more than relevant by todays standards.
  29. Jan 18, 2012
    This was the funnest game that I played throughout all of 2011. It was great. Hand drawn graphics, and crisp, fun game play kept me smiling until the very end.
  30. Dec 5, 2011
    This game isn't perfect, but I have no hesitation in saying that this is the best 2-D platformer I've ever played, every single level is gorgeous, it has hours of re-playability with all sorts of challenges to complete (and it isn't easy) and awesome gameplay with beautifully animated characters, the things I didn't like were the checkpoints at the end of each level (and how it's the same picture every time) and the demand for collecting so much lums to reach the end, these are minor nitpicks of course and I cannot wait to see what michel ancel's going to do next Expand
  31. XLX
    Dec 6, 2011
    I have to be honest I have never really played a Rayman game before and only bought this game for my wife who used to play Rayman back when it was 2D. When I brought it home I turned the system on for her and decided to watch her play the game for a bit. I was in shock, the game looked amazing. She was jumping around and spinning through the air in no time. The music is spectacular fun and makes the game a much more enjoyable experience, while the colors and the art of the game pop as soon as you begin to play. I finally got my chance to play and realized how easy the game was to pick up and go yet how the levels did a great job of building on the challenge and getting harder over time gradually. I am now a new Rayman fan and if another Rayman came out like this in all the 2D Glory I would pick it up in a heartbeat. Expand
  32. Dec 31, 2011
    This game reminds me old times. It is funny, colourful and has great music. 100 times better than those weird rabbits and their mini-games. Only shame is that pc version doesn't exist.
  33. Jan 11, 2012
    Depois de algum tempo sem sair um jogo a nível da franquia Rayman fiquei meio preocupado em adquirir esse novo game,mas não me arrependo de cada centavo,o jogo é origins mesmo e isso eles fizeram muito bem,melhor jogo de plataforma do console xbox 360 de longe, gráficos,cores todo o cenário em si muito bom mesmo,jogabilidade boa o jogo muito bom mesmo. Expand
  34. Jan 18, 2012
    What a fantastic surprise this game was! Beautiful hand drawn graphics that are utterly charming. The sound design is brilliant and the music is a fitting tribute to the mad erratic nature of the game. The gameplay is solid and doesn't try to over complicate with lives and power-ups etc. A pure platformer experience in every shape and form. Also, this is quite a large game with over 10 words containing several levels with a lot of variety, whether your flying on the back of a mosquito or swimming in the deep ocean. I have to say the underwater sections are immensely fun and rather quite beautiful. This game is best played with at least one other person. 2 player co-op is brilliant, 4 player co-op can become quite hectic and very suddenly turns into a slap-fest (you can slap the crap out of each other). So if you want to progress with good scores the 2 player co-op is best, but for maximum on-screen insanity get three friends round and start slapping! Honestly one of the funnest games of last year. I really do struggle to find anything negative about this game. Maybe there are a few pacing issues on some levels and a large amount of trial and error, but that's kind of what platform-games are all about. Anyway frequent checkpoints remove any frustration of having to re-do a tricky part of a level. So no, nothing bad to say about this game. Pah, you can have a 10! Expand
  35. Jul 15, 2013
    Lo primero que me sorprendio son:

    Los graficos
    Que es en 2D
    Se puede jugar hasta con 4 jugadores en la misma pantalla..

    Soy super fanatico de esos juegos de antaño y verdad que entretiene por horas, algunas misiones si son dificiles y por un super precio $19.90 dolares..
  36. Mar 17, 2012
    I can sum up this incredible game in one sentence: If you don't fall in love with it after a few levels, you are not a gamer. In a gaming era bloated with first person shooters and bleeding edge graphics, this gem pushes the boundaries of 2d platforming with fluid, flawlessly integrated game play mechanics melded with incredibly gorgeous artwork in the form of environment and character design. Rayman Origins takes 25 years of platforming blazed by the house that built Mario and completely reinvents the genre for a new generation of gamers. The amount of content included with the shipped package is truly satisfying and the level of fun this game can provide is unparalleled. I even managed to get my wife to play this game with me, and actually enjoy it. Unfortunately it seems like masterpieces such as this game will ultimately get lost in the shuffle of the mindless CoD clones that the industry is so intent on force feeding gamers. Expand
  37. Feb 18, 2012
    the art style is beautiful and the simplistic gameplay is great. It's nice to see Rayman back. I hope they get a go at a sequel to this one because i don't think I could ever get tired of this game.
  38. Feb 19, 2012
    When you first start up Rayman Origins, You are Introduced to a, really quite beautiful, world full of colour and Brilliant Sounds.

    The game is the perfect relaxant, There are no penalties for death, rather you simply restart from the current room. These are all really small. The art style Of the game is amazing, reminding me off what made me fall in love with gaming. It looks completely
    hand drawn.

    This game has great replayability, as it gives rewards such as new characters and new stages when you replay levels.

    Overall I would say that this game is best played with a couple of friends, simply because it makes the game more hectic, more fun and more brilliant.
  39. Apr 2, 2012
    Play this game with a friend and you won't be disappointed; this game feels great and looks superb. I loved playing the original Rayman on the PS1 but it is the most difficult game I have ever encountered. Origins however, implements a nice checkpoint system and gives you an infinite amount of lives. This makes the game highly enjoyable but is no means a walk in the park. Unfortunately Rayman Origins has no online play but i'd rather have no net-code than poor net-code. Playing next to some one improves the experience anyhow; you'll find yourself literally laughing out loud at this game. Overall great fun. Expand
  40. Apr 13, 2012
    A wonderfully whimsical game in a market dominated by grit. Rayman: Origin's shows of a beautiful world of color that offsets the sea of brown and bloom that most are accompanied to. Rayman;s classic level design returns to show memorable locals, catchy music and challenging gameplay. Players will find themselves continuing to play into the wee hours of the morning just to see what could possibly in the next level. I feel it must also be said that Rayman: Origins has what has to be the first underwater levels that aren't a loveless experience and are actually some of my favorite ones to play. Co-Oping is fun but seems lacking, they could have done more to make it feel liek playing with friends was a new experience. Overall, a perfect game to own if not for the 60 dollar pricetag, luckily prices have dropped to a better zone. Expand
  41. Jan 23, 2013
    A cute platformer but gets boring fast.
  42. Aug 26, 2013
    Best platformer of this generation. It's flawless. Beautiful art style. Wonderful gameplay. Diverse level design. Awesome bosses. No story but who cares when you're having this much fun? I can't remember the last time I had this much fun with a game, there was barely any frustration and even if there was I had a smile on my face because of the animations and the charm! Co-op is a blessing!
  43. Aug 5, 2012
    This game is just pure fun. If you are a fan of 2d platformers, love beautiful artwork, quirky humor, and having a good time then this is the game for you. I played the whole game on coop and it was a blast. Me and my sister were slapping each other silly. Lots of love and care went into creating this game and it showed. The art, gameplay, music, story etc all mesh so perfectly well together. . The difficulty scaled just right. It starts off easy but progressively gets harder and harder but I never felt overwhelmed. The controls really helped, when I died I never blamed the game for my death. Rayman and crew responded flawlessly to your command. This game was meant to be played cooperatively. Having a friend to bail you out when you make stupid mistakes and laugh together is a huge plus.

    One thing I am disappointed in is that there is no online coop. Granted, this game was meant to be played on the couch with a friend but that doesn't mean they should have omit it altogether. It is like Scott Pilgrim the game, a huge oversight. The achievement system is another complaint. Why can only the main player earn achievement and not your coop partners? There is potential for abuse but come on! It's all good though, I ended up replaying the game a second time with my sister so she can earn achievements. That's how kickass and fun this game is.
  44. Oct 11, 2012
    I am not really sure what to think of this game. I was so delighted when I first played it but after a few levels I got bored of the beautiful levels and the different art style. It felt overly simple and was only complicated through adding situations that required precise timing. It no longer was about how good I was at multitasking, it was about how good I was at controlling one or so aspects with exact timing. Perhaps I can chalk this one up to hand coordination practice as even after I came back to it I felt the same way. The only time I truly had a good time playing was in co-op mode. Rayman's story is innocent and in a time where every game seems to have a ridiculous plot it felt out of place but welcomed. Its happy characters, upbeat music, and its overall cheerfully goofy nature was unlike any game I can remember playing. It was stupid for the sake of being stupid and now walking away from it I am extremely pleased with my experience with it. Certain aspects frustrated me (granted it was usually my failures), but those are what will ultimately drive me to never play this game again by myself. My annoyance with Rayman: Origins was reduced as it is the first game I have been able to get my girlfriend to play with me. A good experience but seemingly forgettable. Expand
  45. Nov 5, 2012
    Ubisoft has created a 2D platformer that deserves to be mentioned along with Mario titles. A mix of precise fast paced action and slower sequences which, although they may not seem exciting, allows for exploration, something that you rarely find in 2D platforming. The artstyle is astonishing as well. The only ting that really hurts this game is its repetitiveness. You essentially traverse through the worlds twice and despite the fact that they are different levels, makes me feel as if I'm playing the first half of the game over again. All in all, however, Rayman Origins is an exciting experience. 9/10 Expand
  46. May 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's downright gorgeous and a total blast to play alone or with friends. A truly realized vision at the top of its genre, Rayman Origins is an extravaganza with plenty of action to keep it fresh from start to finish and beyond. Expand
  47. Feb 10, 2014
    Absolutely fantastic platformer. One reboot worth returning to its roots, Rayman Origins is a sight for sore eyes. It looks delicious and the audio is incredible, especially the songs. This is a laugh out experience (when you are not furious about a level). One of the most difficult games I' ve played in years, it requires all of your expertise as games do such as Donkey Kong Country or Super Meat Boy. It's more forgiving than the latter but it has tons of more stuff to see. 50 or so nerve wrecking levels, tons of gameplay variety and some incredible bosses.

    had it not been for the stupid "push A AGAIN" scheme for the helicopter move, this would be much closer to tighter controls ergo better game overall. If you miss platformers, this is without a doubt the one you should check out.
  48. Apr 15, 2014
    after playing rayman legends and beating the game I decided to explore the rayman world a little more and picked up rayman origins. I really love legends because it is so smooth to play. there was no lag between controller and screenand extremely challenging in some areas. although origins is also challenging the control scheme does not match what happens on screen and a lot of times you feel like you failed at no fault of your own. you have to unlock abilities in early levels instead of having them like you should in the beginning and that felt poor and pointless to have levels without all your skills available. keep this out of your childs hands also as it will be far to challenging for them. Expand
  49. May 10, 2013
    One of the funniest games I played with my friends in my place. The game supports four players and I just have other three friends to play this game with. I cannot express how much laugh we had for this game, we punched each other all time in the game and had done some epic team jumping/lifting. The visual and sound of this game is more than I expected. I know some people out there think this game is made for Children, hell no, I found this game quite challenging and I cannot beat some of the levels in time to get trophies. The game is super fun if you can play it with friends. Expand
  50. May 4, 2013
    The funniest game I've played this year. Addictive, fun to play, specially co-op, highly rewarding and a visual masterpiece. And with many hours of play, it's full of content.
  51. Nov 10, 2013
    This game is awesome! Exactly what i expect from a platformer! I had a lot of fun wit this game and i might go out and pick up legends to see if it lives up to this.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 55 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 52 out of 55
  2. Negative: 0 out of 55
  1. 90
    Rayman Origins is a breath of fresh, colourful air to the industry that sadly I think will go largely ignored by the masses. Ubisoft and Michel Ancel have managed to craft something that has clearly had a lot of love and effort gone into it, both presentation wise and gameplay wise.
  2. Feb 15, 2012
    A triumphant comeback for the series, Rayman Origins sees the influence of creator Michel Ancel at work once more, and a strong showing for Ubisoft's hand-drawn UbiART Framework, giving the game a unique and stunning style that's entirely its own thing. Rayman Origins is addictive, entertaining and quite possibly the best 2D platformer money can buy on Xbox 360.
  3. Jan 20, 2012
    Overall, Rayman Origins goes where very few games have been able to go before and has shown that it is possible to revive a classic and to make it even better. It's excellently developed and is great fun to play from start to finish. Minus a few little problems, Rayman Origins is one of the most underrated games of 2011, which is certainly worth playing through.