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  1. Mar 15, 2012
    I dont care what people say this game is awesome. Period , one of the best sandbox gamea i have ever played, it so **** underrated, i recommend it to every gamer out there
  2. Aug 24, 2011
    Red Faction is a double-edge sword, instead o a linear adventure or strict direction gives you the freedom to do whatever you please, is enough to guarantee you a lot of ideas with the destruction, is a high appealing game. I'm amazed by everything it offers, to the versatility of destruction, graphics, sleek control etc. Blown away
  3. Mar 15, 2012
    What a great game.. Its awesome. To me its one of the best sandbox games i have ever played, it so **** underrated, i recommend it to every gamer out there
  4. Feb 25, 2012
    Red Faction:Geurilla is one of those games that you shouldn't judge by it's cover. The boxart may look a little bland but the game itself is so much more than that. You play as Alec Mason, An ex-con sent to Mars for mining. when the communist EDF kill his brother,it's up to him with the help of Red Faction to kick the EDF's asses out of Mars. The voice acting is slightly plain and the aiming is terrible. Also it gets tiring to look at the same colour scheme for 8-10 hours. Don't let that stop from playing this though. the Destructible environmnents are insane and the weapons are excellent. The physics in this game are the selling point. If you are looking for a cheap but fun game to play while you wait for Mass Effect 3. Then you should check out this game. Expand
  5. Oct 15, 2010
    Single player review only - An amazing premise and fun combat that's only hampered by a lack of polish and mission diversity. The weapons and geo-mod physics are pretty amazing and combine to form some great thrills, such as crashing your dump truck into a jail in order to free a couple of bound prisoners. Plus, this game is a collector's dream with tons of signs to destroy and items to seek out and collect. On the downside, the driving mechanics are maddeningly unresponsive, the world is a bit too spread out and the game's sandbox-style missions can get repetitive as there's only a handful of different types of missions across a largely monochromatic setting. Though, if you enjoy mayhem, destruction and improvisation its easy to overlook these shortcomings and you'll find your $20 or so well spent. On a side note, I really hope they add co-op to the next one as this game begs for it. Expand
  6. Jun 23, 2011
    Story is not the best, but this game does not suffer too much for it. The game is a sandbox in essence, you can run or drive around pretty much at your leasure and decide yourself what you want to do to liberate towns from the EDF. It does get somewhat repeatative after a while and not all miniquests are as fun as others. The driving can get frustrating at times but its fun to drive through buildings.

    Overall a fun experience and different form of third person shooter, very refreshing and does not get boring, since you can pretty much decide the pacing yourself, you're free to keep doing smaller quests and missions or if you get bored go for the next storydriven mission to go forward.
  7. Apr 13, 2013
    As a fan of the original Red Faction games, this game was honestly a pleasant surprise! With an open environment, optional missions, and a massive map, this game is definitively worth the price. Kept elements of the previous Red Factions, and is overall just an awesome game to blow crap up! :P
  8. Jul 19, 2011
    Melhor visualizado em: Produzido pela Volition e distribuído pela THQ, Red Faction: Guerrilla pode ser definido como um â
  9. Sep 28, 2011
    With 20 story missions and 104 side missions, the single player is far from average. It's rubbish, infact. The demolition master and races are the only aspect of the campaign that are of any originality. The rest of the single player is boring and the story is terrible. Don't be fooled by the wrecking crew game mode. Even played with friends this is very boring, repetitive and not even good. Where this game gets interesting is the multiplayer. It is balanced, dynamic starting weapons, bakc packs work as 'perks' in CoD. It's an even playing field, so guns and packs are picked up from around the map. By far the most impressive features of this game are the lag-free multiplayer (coming from ~60 hours multiplayer experience) and the control scheme. This is definitely the best third person shooter multiplayer I have played. Expand
  10. Mar 3, 2012
    RF:G has flashes of a good game buried under tedium. The destruction gimmick is technically and visually impressive but it doesn't make up for the game's basic design flaws. Such flaws include mandatory repeated traversal of a barren "open world", no fun way to get rid of your 'red alert' status (i.e. endless enemy harassment), new weapons are dribbled out way too slowly, you eventually have many destructive weapons but only 3 slots to carry them in (and limited ammo as well), and forcing the player to pick up little bits of the game's currency (salvage) (they should instead just be automatically added to your currency balance upon destruction of the object), etc.

    This game reminds me of Just Cause 2. It shares many of the same gameplay schemes as well as its flaws.

    But at today's prices you will get your money's worth. Just don't expect to finish it, unless you like tedium.
  11. Mar 15, 2012
    What a great game.. Its awesome. To me its one of the best sandbox games i have ever played, it so **** underrated, i recommend it to every gamer out there
  12. Sep 18, 2012
    I felt compelled to write a review for this game after reading so many negative reviews about the multiplayer of RFG. It plays very differently then the original Red Faction but even so it does so many things fantastically right. The variety of weapons, the custom settings, the playlists, level progression, emblem editor, destructible cover in a multiplayer scenario, the backpacks(which give you various abilities) and the large skill gap make this one of the most original and fun shooters I've ever had the opportunity to play. The controls are smooth, the movement may seem slow at first but coupled with various backpacks that give you more movement options and the customization option to increase the base movement speed make adjusting the game to your personal preference a breeze. The gametypes are varied for different map sizes, there's goofy ones like demolition where one person is assigned to destroy things while his team protects him to mores serious and tactical game types like Damage control where you have to control up to 3 points that have to be built and can be torn down. There's some very deep strategy that comes into play in this with all the various weapons that can destroy cover while mixing them with all the backpacks which can enhance how you go about destroying, controlling and capturing these points. The mutiplayer is incredibly deep without being unforgiving. The pistol is incredibly accurate and rivals that of the Halo CE pistol. Plenty of guns in this game are skillful to use while there are also power weapons that are easier such as the rockets, mines, singularity bombs(creates a giant black hole and sucks people in), shotgun, etc. Just thinking about these weapons make me smile because of all the glorious and hilarious moments I've had in this game using the weapons coupled with the backpacks, the destructible environments, the maps and the gametypes. If you can't tell by all my praise it's one of my favorite multiplayer shooters, not because of some fanboyism or nostalgia but because out of the mediocre console shooters games like this and Shadowrun stand out. To show you I'm not all praise and that I can look at it's flaws in a balanced way lets get to the negatives of the multiplayer. My complaints are few but they can be very significant. First, the maps are poorly designed for what this game excels in(imo), 4v4-6v6 gameplay. There's maybe 4 good maps. The best being Crash Site. For the most part they're just not very balanced maps, some give clear advantages either in weapon spawns, backpack spawns, height advantages, better angles, etc. Some of this can be corrected through customizing where things spawn and using the best gametypes for certain maps but even so some maps just aren't all that great. For the larger scale matches(which I don't think this game excels in) I've never really analyzed them, they're not meant to be taken incredibly seriously. I honestly think there are maybe 4 good maps. All of which have distinct advantages in default settings. Thankfully the gameplay and the level of skill shine through and make this only a minor complaint rather than a larger issue. Now for my second complaint which is more of a flaw of third person shooters, cornering. For those who don't know what cornering is I'll explain. Cornering is when you can shoot some around a corner while you remain behind cover still. Basically you're abusing the camera and the reticule doesn't take into account that your hitbox is behind the object while your reticule is aiming around it. This can be done in plenty of TPS. It's also known as right hand advantage, due to most games giving you a default right hand point of view. Why is this such a big issue? Well let me explain, imagine someone with a sniper who can not only see around the corner while remaining hidden but also can shoot you while staying completely safe. Now imagine that person has rockets and a pistol that kills in 3 shots and also has a heal pack that keeps him invulnerable from anything other than one shot kills or explosions. Now you should see how it can be abused. Luckily for Red Faction: Guerilla cover can be destroyed making this tactic less useful, you also have things like the Vision backpack and the Rail gun which shoots through walls that can help with this. Still though in any fire fight between two good people cornering will always be used if possible. You can't always have a counter for it on you and you'll feel robbed of a fair fight every time it occurs. It also hinders objective based gametypes and any moment where map control is a factor. Imagine a choke point where you need to get somewhere but your opponent is on the other side of a wall just cornering and dealing damage to you while remaining safe, making your only option to ambush him, or go and get something that beats the setup. RFG is one of the overlooked greats, worthy of your time. Try it out. Expand
  13. Jan 22, 2014
    RFG is a game you'll have a lot of fun with.

    The plot: 50 years after the original game, Alec Mason comes to Mars and meets his brother. Mars is ruled by an oppressive and brutal dictatorship called EDF; Earth Defense Force. Red Faction is all about blowing stuff up and knocking down buildings, this game is a lot of fun, going from place to place doing house arrest or assault whatever.

    The Red Faction is a rebellion, rising up against the EDF, and Alec Mason joins after he and his brother are caught out and they shot his brother dead. The Red Faction is led by Hugo Davis; the commander, and you have a technician called Samanya. Earth is depleted of resources and the EDF rule Mars and they torture citizens, beat them, and treat them horrible. The voice acting is good, the voices suit each character, Hugo, Alec, Genkins! etc. The game is open world, and you have to do things like save people imprisoned for example, you can just drive around the world and play challenges, look for ore, find lost radio tags, go and kill people or start a fight with the EDF.

    The world is so primitive, it's like civilisation is starting over the world around you is mainly empty and makes no sense, the buildings and households are incredibly stupid, and there is nowhere near enough houses for the amount of people you see across the world, and everything is made of tin and scrap especially in Parker, the technology is nowhere near the time, its worse than TODAY, besides rail drivers, gunships and the ability to fly from Earth to Mars and how do they get food?. Across the world and as you destroy the structures around you.

    Support will increase in a location as you help people, do this do that and help defend places where people are living. It is called morale, which goes by a bar which can go up to 100% in an individual place, a result of high morale is more support in a fight, more confident people, more ammo in boxes and you will earn more salvage when you complete a mission. What you will want to do at times is explore the barren world, it is interesting, you look for MOABs, ores, lost radio tags and things. The building graphics are awful, this was a low budget game, just look at how stupid the buildings look, the destruction is highly unrealistic, there is no big buildings and the draw distance is visible.

    There are 2 issues with the campaign: 1. Buildings don't regenerate even after the story is complete, a massive issue, multiplayer has a Reconstructer but the developers did not think about putting that in the single player and 2. Walkers can never be found.

    The colors of the environments are really cool, Parker is orange; what you expect from Mars, Parker seriously seems like it is a poor country with its buildings. Dust is grey-white, Dust is a sector of industry and mining. The dark, brown environment of the empty Badlands makes it feel more like a wasteland and it only has ah handful of out Oasis is beautiful; it is green and yellow, the sky is a mixture of blue. Oasis has posh houses, buildings and the area really is rich and there is even grass, unlike the other places on Mars, with that and the colors around you, Oasis is literally a paradise and feels more like Mars terraformed, Oasis was clearly a place of terraform related experiments. Eos is the wealthiest and posh like Oasis, it really feels like a cold place with the snow and the area is a mixture of blue and purple, the place is pretty and the "towns" and inhabitants are more realistic.

    There is a mode called wrecking crew which is is not that good.

    The multiplayer is amazing, game modes include Anarchy, which is Deathmatch, Team Anarchy, Damage Control which is control the points but by breaking theirs and rebuilding it with a reconstructer. There is Demolition which someone on your team is randomly chosen as the "destroyer" which changes when he/she dies. There is traditional Capture The Flag and Siege mode which is attack and defend buildings. The maps are very convincing and fantastically designed, Crash Site is very iconic and my favorite, along with Dead Zone.
    Multiplayer has a classic setup where weapons spawn across the maps, along with multiplayer backpacks such as Jetpack, Fleetfoot, Vision, Rhino, Concussion, Thrust, Stealth, Tremor, Firepower and Heal. The background music is amazing to listen to as you play. You unlock a ton of sledgehammers as you play, which eventually turns into weapons rather than hammers, and emblem customisation, the final hammer is an Ostrich.

    I have history with this game, I've played it as much as I can since mid 2011, I got it in 2010 though and played often, now there is no games to be found at all, even at night as of Summer 2013. I originally played on the Ps3 when it came in 2009. The weapons and backpacks across the maps really define how the game plays.

    I really want you to get this, this is a very unique game.
  14. Apr 29, 2013
    This is one of my favourite games on Xbox, with everything being destructible it makes this game awesome just for that fact. I have played through this game 3 times and never lost interest. The story is quite bland but the Gameplay fixes this. This game has always been really cheap and never understood why because of the amount of enjoyment and time that you can get out of it. I highly recommend this game.

    I wish the sequel was as good as this game and hope they go back and make their next game like this. Armageddon was such a FAIL.
  15. Mar 2, 2014
    I've played all RF games, and enjoyed the destruction in this game alot.
    Good upgrades.
    Good assortment of weapons.
    Geo Mod 2 is fantastic.
    Visually good.
    A good number of activities.
    Good length. About 25hrs.

    Bad story.
    Voice acting.
  16. Apr 7, 2014
    Red Faction steps up from a FPS, to a sandbox game that contains some of the best destruction seen in a video game. The storyline is weak, the missions aren't special and the land is barren. But it comes down to the gameplay in how you tackle each mission that sets Guerrilla apart from anything else on the market.

    From using a sledgehammer to destroy enemies, or sticky bombs to detonate
    tall structures, there is so much variety and fun to be had in the mission objectives, that it us a must play for those who need a few different ways to take out an objective rather than only one option. There are still fetch quest missions and escort missions that aren't very imaginative at first, but when you realize that instead of shooting a guy in the head you can sledge him 10 feet into the air, or instead of using a sniper to pick off a tower guard, you can destroy the whole tower beneath him from the ground in seconds, you will start to feel the true wealth of options you have at your disposal. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 84 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 74 out of 84
  2. Negative: 0 out of 84
  1. Red Faction: Guerrilla is a fantastic, laudably fun tech demo funneled into a rather awesome game. Undoubtedly this year's most gratifying and original title so far. [Issue#46, p.76]
  2. No matter what mode you enter, Red Faction: Guerrilla delivers on its promise of destruction, and offers an experience unlike anything else out there.
  3. It’s outrageously awesome entertainment that forgoes taking itself too seriously to ensure you’re grinning ear-to-ear throughout, smiles gleefully lit up by the biggest explosion-fest in gaming history. And we have no problem with that, whatsoever.