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  2. Negative: 1 out of 91
  1. At its best it’s a cinematic, bombastic and brilliant video game jam-packed with outstanding moments that culminate in a wonderfully thrilling finale. The thread that ties it all together occasionally frays under pressure from the games its forerunner brought to bear, but never enough to stop Resident Evil 5 being an exceptional piece of interactive entertainment.
  2. The sheer emphasis on action, coupled with the dated gameplay mechanics and inability to show any advance beyond the Resident Evil 4 blueprint is possible to overlook if you're happy with state-of-the-art visuals and zombie slaying.
  3. Resident Evil 5 will obviously appeal to long time Resident Evil fans, particularly those that enjoyed Resident Evil 4 because a lot of what the previous game developed for the series has been honed by Resident Evil 5, giant cockroaches, mutant dogs, Las Plagas victims, inventory management, unexpected quicktime events, and bizarre story points included.
  4. Overall, Versus is a good step in the right direction for a Resident Evil deathmatch-type mode.
  5. If you played RE4 to death like I did, play RE5 on Veteran with a like-minded friend and you'll probably have a blast, but keep in mind it's not as good as its predecessor. The real question about Resident Evil 5, though, is whether or not you'll reach a point with what's happening where you just have to walk away.
  6. The real problem lies with RE5's focus. Played with two people it's a delight, showing the world that co-op in campaign modes is becoming a necessity in any game that can incorporate it. Even played on the same console, with the most hideous splitting of the screen we've ever seen, it works. Unfortunately, a vast array of individuals will play this as a lone wolf and, to be honest, done this way it can be aggravating. Sheva is simply not competent enough, and her irregular bouts of hopelessness transform a sublime portion into a testing run. [Issue#43, p.76]
  7. It is a great game, one that is a faithful update to a game that only four years ago attained universal acclaim, but in that time, things have changed and, for better and for worse, Resident Evil 5 has only made baby steps when compared to the giant leaps that its predecessor made, and because of this, won’t be getting near that perfect 10. The issues with A.I and the controls will put off some of the more fickle gamers, but for those of you who part with their £40, like an A.I controlled Sheva to a horde of zombies, you’ll find plenty here to get your teeth into – fans and newcomers alike.
  8. Resident Evil 5 is a great game without any doubt. With a new storyline, it offers fans of the series the epic end of the Umbrella arc that they were hoping for. Great visuals and many extras, but the use of RE4's control scheme feels old, and doesn't work too well to this new 100% action style the game embraced instead Survival Horror. You would expect something better from Capcom nowadays.
  9. From start to finish, RE5 is a shorter, sloppier take on RE4, but winds up being a lot of fun regardless.
  10. It may be hackneyed, past its sell-by date and a tad too over-reliant on its predecessor’s successes, but when RE5 remembers that it’s Resident Evil and not, say, Gears of War, it’s nothing less than sublime. But unfortunately for the most part, Resident Evil 5 seems to be suffering from a rather harrowing case of identity crisis.
  11. Resident Evil 5 is not a masterpiece. It lacks originality, and reuses old gameplay mechanics that seem too scheming and stiff for the next gen standards. RE 5 stands in a sort of Limbo: it doesn't have the dynamism of an action game, and it lacks emotional transport typical of a survival horror. Despite this, it is still a good gaming experience, thanks to the excellence in graphics, the solid plot, the variety of the situations. It's a good ending for a series that needs a refreshing twist.
  12. It’s tough seeing horror give way to more action, but patience with gunplay would come easier if the basic design were as compelling as the early survival-horror concepts.
  13. It’s still an enjoyable experience, but multiplayer is the absolute reason to pick up RE5. It’s the feature that we’ve been wishing for since day one (Outbreak didn’t count), and Capcom delivers a fine show.
  14. 75
    Ultimately, Resident Evil 5 shouldn't be looked at as a failure in the series, merely too ambitious, inconsistent and uneven. Earlier entries in the series benefited from their simplicity and focus, and while it's laudable for RE5 to try and include so much variety, perhaps a little more of the same ol' same ol' would have resulted in a slightly better game.
  15. Resident Evil 5 is a lot of things - it's a great action game, the multiplayer is a lot of fun, the graphics are unequaled and the story is a lot of fun. There's just one thing Capcom's newest survival horror game isn't: Scary!
  16. It’s not even surprising,? ?despite all? ?this,? ?that Resident Evil? ?5? ?is a good game.? The surprising,? ?and sad,? ?thing about? ?Resident Evil? ?5? ?is that it feels old.
  17. Thanks to the game's stubborn loyalty to stop-and-shoot, the result is distinctive, but with suspect partner AI to contend with, this is a game that only truly comes into its own with a friend who's up for a challenge.
  18. Resident Evil 5 starts with bang. An original setting and zombies that are just waiting to get shot are a perfect start. But a soon as your surroundings changes from a beautiful African landscape to dark and boring industrial complex, the gameplay turns a bit sour and transforms into a standard action game. An action game with the limitations of the horror genre. Resident Evil fans are probably dying to know how the story unfolds, but gamers with little knowledge of the previous games will find it nothing more than an average action game.
  19. Survival horror fans will feel cheated while the rest of gamers can enjoy a fast and fun game, especially when you have someone to co-op. Don't forget to enjoy the breathtaking graphics while not slaughtering any zombies. [Apr 2009]
  20. Players curious about the recent activities of Albert Wesker and the legacy of the Umbrella Corporation can dive right in and enjoy without fear; those new to the series might be surprised at how dated it feels once the high-polygon glamour wears off.
  21. Despite the criticism over when and how it was released, Versus Mode for Resident Evil 5 is a worthwhile investment for fans of competitive multiplayer gameplay who can see themselves playing online for hours to come. But, if you have already beaten Resident Evil 5 and put it on the proverbial shelf with all of your other conquests, I don't think Versus Mode is really worth pulling Resident Evil 5 out again, not to mention the 400 points it costs to download.
  22. To avoid the risks while working on an expensive next-gen sequel to Resident Evil 4, Capcom recycled the previous game. The developers moved the action from Spain to Africa, replaced Leon Kennedy with Chris Redfield, brought back Albert “Duke Nukem” Wesker as the main baddie, added co-op, and rested. Look past the pretty graphics, and you will see a shameless clone.
  23. One thing is for sure though: If you’re a fan of Mercenaries, and can tolerate archaic matchmaking, Versus is worth every cent.
  24. For a few quid you'll get a fair bit of enjoyment, but the fact remains that there's a putrid whiff of exploitation about this one. Let your wallet be your guide.
  25. Underneath the layers, there is some semblance of a good game here. It's very ambitious and we applaud that. But ambition doesn't always equal a good game, and while RE5 is nowhere near a disaster, the disappointment we felt is made worse due to our lofty expectations.
  26. If you can treat and accept it as a balls-to-the-wall action blockbuster, Resident Evil 5 is, if nothing else, a great looking and decent entry into the third person shooter genre with a great co-op mode that’s worth at least one play through. It’s just a shame Capcom has forgotten what it is to make me scared of the dark.
  27. If you have friends in the list available to shoot new groups of Majins in a partnership and want to climb the Ranking Leaderboards to the top, then the 400 points can outweigh the bet.
  28. 60
    Resident Evil 5 is mired in poor design decisions that drag down the experience and render single-player campaign a tedious exercise in working around the game. It’s frustrating to see a game that I so looked forward to playing and carried with it such potential, sabotage itself in so many ways. Compared against the ambition of games like Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Assassin’s Creed; Resident Evil 5 seems timid, unwilling to move out of its comfort zone. It’s a shame.
  29. If you’re a die-hard fan, ok. If you’re not, turn the page.
  30. Disappointing. Netcode is great, and graphics won’t be downgraded, but for the amount of fun that these modes deliver, they should’ve been part of the menus since day one. If you’re a die-hard fan, think twice. If you’re not, turn the page.
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  1. Jan 20, 2012
    Amazing game, the best Resident Evil ever, the best action game, horror game, the final is amazing with Wesker, I love Jill and Chris again, the so emotional scene. I really hope that RE6 be better and GOTY 2012. Full Review »
  2. Mar 26, 2011
    Zombies with guns. This should be all I have to say to prove what a joke this game is. For more reasons, please, continue. Resident Evil 5 takes the brilliant design from Resident Evil 4, an amazing game, and completely f***s it up. The biggest offenders are the following. The story is incredibly short. The AI is some of the worst, ever. Sheva apparently can't use any weapon but her handgun, regardless of what gun you give her (this include grenades). She also can't aim for the head, so she'll chew through ammo blasting away at people's chests. And if you try to use her like a pack mule, she'll waste all of your healing items for the smallest of injuries. The inventory system is also a load of crap. Trading items with a partner is needlessly difficult and for some reason you can only quick switch to items in the cardinal directions. So if you picked up something useful, and it's in the top right slot, you need to stop, move to it, equip it, leave the menu, all while there are zombies coming at you. Forget it if you want to combine herbs. Capcom also pulls a little DLC trick. The online versus mode and Mercenaries Reunion characters were originally supposed to be in the game, but Capcom decided to put that and both DLC chapters in the later released Gold Edition in an attempt to weasel as much money as they can out of their loyal customers. Shame on you, Capcom, for soiling the legacy of Leon S. Kennedy. Full Review »
  3. JayJ
    Aug 12, 2009
    Okay let me start off by saying I have only played the RE5 demo and about the first 30 mins of the full game, but that was all that was required for me to determine how god awful this game is. Let me say that I have always held RE in a certain place in my heart. I used to be scared crap-less by the game when I was young so I never played the previous installments. To tell you the truth I hated the RE games. Well that was until RE4. My friend let me borrow it for the Wii one summer and it was all I could play. Of all of the great games I have played in my life (COD4, GTAVC, HaloCE) none can compare to the adventure I had on my Wii with Leon Kennedy. This brings me to being very hyped about RE5. This of course was a mistake. RE5 takes all of the great qualities of RE4 and destroys them in a flaming ball of crap. The controls make the game UNPLAYABLE. They are the most blasphemous unholy union of non-sensable inputs and triggers man has ever created. I have been playing games for what...13 years, and I've never have encountered a more unaproachable control scheme. The game dosen't know if it wants to action or horror and as a result you the gamer suffer. And lastly the final thing that pisses me off about this game is the fact that Capcom apeased the idiot media by including whites and hispanics into the game. That was a creative low for this poorly designed game. God I hate this letdown. Full Review »