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  1. Oct 4, 2012
    Skip to last line if you want my opinion in a summarized form. Don't listen to other reviews from RE fan-boys saying that this is nothing like the others... it sux='(. The truth is this game is different than the others, but it isn't bad. "It is not scary"- truthfully none of the RE series is, they are creepy at points,but in Leon's campaign there are creepy points also. Also what is the problem with change, isn't that why Obama was voted president in the US? COD fan-boys **** how MW3 was no different than MW2, Infinity Ward needed change. RE6 has 3 campaigns to start with, leon- horror styled campaign, Chris- third person shooter, and Jake- I truly have no idea, bad ass mofo, maybe???? And a surprise campaign... but don't tell anyone, ssssshhhhhhhh. I say the game is worthwhile, but if you are feeling edgy about buying it now wait till the price drops, it is a fun game, but the community sucks. The camera is a little sketchy, but you can get used to it. I love different types of games, I am an adventurous type of person, shooters like COD/Battlefield, Horror like RE and Silent Hill, open world games like GTA and Saints Row, other genres like LA Noir and Red dead redemption. Oh my God, I played games that compete against each other, but I found them all to be fun, except MW3. Like I read in another review, people rate 0 because of the "Glory Daze," from the older Resident Evils, yes the others were amazing games, but because this one is different doesn't mean it sucks. It is sort of like racism for a game, it also reminds me of Frankenstein, strange "monster" in a town that goes crazy when they see him. I am a gigantic RE fan, since the first Resident Evil, and i approve this message=D. And sorry about the super long review... I talk a lot=). It's a great game and I recommend it, it has a few problems, but what game doesn't? Expand
  2. Oct 5, 2012
    the best resident evil ever,and ive played them all,ok its not perfect,but what game is?.the funny thing is that ive noticed is that a lot of the the 0 out of 10 scores were given by people on the day the game came out? funny that? u cant tell me they played the whole game all the way through in one day,if they did they must of enjoyed it to complete it in one day?
  3. Oct 5, 2012
    This game is really fun. Most fun I've had in awhile and I play many games. I'm very happy that I have ignored all the bad and poorly substantiated reviews. The game is not like its previous counterparts and this many reviewers basis for not liking it. I am a huge fan of Resident Evil 4 and although I would love to play another game like it, I am not going to hate RE6 for being different. RE6 is like playing through an action packed zombie movie and I really dig the high production value. There are still many classic elements in the game that make it really feel like Resident Evil. I love it! Expand
  4. Oct 7, 2012
    Resident evil 6 is pretty good! I give it a 10 because its got me hooked. It's fun. Faster paced than the previous Resident evils ( it lets you shoot while walking!). Action is cinematic with a Michael bay flair. I want to play this game and see all the story lines. I think capcom is trying to give us something more exciting to maybe satisfy the "call of duty" fans and try to bring new fans. Instead they pissed everybody off! People perhaps still want re1,2,or3? Re4 was good at the time it came out. Re5 felt like more of the same. Re6 in my opinion is good because it offers me something more streamlined. I don't really have time any more to search through mazes and puzzles. There's really not that many QTE like everyone is saying. It's only in the beginning, just trying to grab your attention. Not challenging? I guess try it on the hardest setting. More puzzles ? Try Ada's quest. You can play this game any way you want. Slow and search every corner or run and gun. Not scary enough? Jeez, whats scary now a days? people are filming accident scenes with their cell phones and putting videos on the internet with people getting decapitated! that's scary! Go watch those videos, nothing will scare you then. Give some slack to Capcom. Re6 is loads of fun and my kids like watching and even playing it too. I think people are too hard on this game. Don't believe the 0 ratings. These guys may have only played the first chapter and that's it probably. What did people expect from RE in this day and age where shooters are king and multiplayer has become the number one priority over single player mode. Give capcom more credit, there's some fun things in here: big action, co op team play, agent hunt mode shenanigans and hot babes with cleavage! I'm having a great time! I thought I wasn't going to like this game because I didn't care too much for re5, but I was pleasantly surprised. Expand
  5. Oct 13, 2012
    This is delivering more bad Resident Evil to date. It is a game that has no identity, chooses to be so much that it ends up being nothing. But many are still on time to NOT BUY YOU THIS NEW RELEASE, DO NOT BUY SUCH AN INSULT TO THE SERIES. Perhaps so, if we avoid that Capcom has good sales, then maybe someday decide to get a true Resident Evil that lives up to that name.
  6. Oct 5, 2012
    Holy cows, this is pretty bad stuff, it's not even a good ACTION game, it's full of technical problems, the camera is awful and the cover system is broken. Surely a strong candidate for worst game of 2012.
  7. Oct 5, 2012
    Best Action Game of the year. The world is now in turmoil as the C-virus has reached pandemic proportions and threatens to consume the world in a horrific apocalyptic scenario. Under the threat of this global bioterrorist attack, our hero Leon.
  8. Oct 3, 2012
    Pros: Awesome graphics, great story, solo or co-op campaign and horde type mode, FREE web service (

    Cons: If you are looking for gameplay similar to RE1 or RE2, this is not it. Resident Evil 6 is more action based (but it's a great game).

    In closing: It's a fun game, worth buying. Please, ignore the hater spam that seems to have run rampant...
  9. Oct 8, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 follows in the footsteps of both 4 ( with 4 it has big shoes to fill) & 5 and does so brilliantly as it emulates the 4th's gritty setting and tension while keeping the 5th's lust for blood and guns it isn
  10. Oct 6, 2012
    love it, all these zero's are atrocious, if your looking for re4 this isnt it get over it, so stop crying because you want another version of an old game, capcom wants to tap into a new market and some of us love it
  11. Oct 13, 2012
    A game full of poorly implemented QTE's and terrible camera angles. This is the biggest gaming disappointment of 2012. By conforming to the COD model of gaming and not taking risks, gaming has become stagnated. The so called safe approach can only work for so long before people become bored. Resident Evil 6 utilises the action heavy formula and provides a very shallow and unrewarding experience. Expand
  12. Oct 4, 2012
    An overall entertaining game, 6 improves on several things from the old games (like the controls), but is ultimately flawed. The aforementioned controls, for instance, would work brilliantly if this were an actual survival horror game and not an action game, where they're inferior to more standard controls. The co-op is brilliant, allowing multiple players to see battles from completely different perspectives, and Agent Hunt is a welcome addition. There's over 30 hours of campaign, Mercenaries, and several different multiplayer game modes to keep gamers playing for hours.
    Overall, it's a weak game compared to its predecessors, but it stands out in comparison to most modern action shooters; some elements of the game should remain in the inevitable future titles, but they should reserve the hyper-actionized gameplay for spin-offs. Those looking for an enjoyable hardcore romp will enjoy this game; those looking for survival horror would be better off investing in recent 3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations, or Ubisoft's upcoming game ZombiU.

    (Deserves a 7/10, but I'm giving it 10/10 to try and offset all the 0/10-rating multi-accounters who've never played the game and don't intend to)
  13. Oct 3, 2012
    Where is the Horror!!? This game is 80% generic 3rd person action-shooter and 20% (or even less) survival horror.I though Capcom had learned with RE5 that co-op play really kills all the tension. What else is to dislike about this game: messed up story, killing regular zombies is really annoying, having an arrow/marked point telling you which way to go, Leon Kennedy harsh voice. This game in my opinion is a bad mix between RE5 and RE Racoon City. If you Didn't like any of these 2 games you won't like this one. The RE franchise as a horror survivor game is now dead. Dead space is now the true and only king of the genre. Expand
  14. Oct 5, 2012
    Under the threat of this global bioterrorist attack, our hero Ada. The world is now in turmoil as the C-virus has reached pandemic proportions and threatens to consume the world in a horrific apocalyptic scenario.
  15. Oct 5, 2012
    Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is pleased to announce that worldwide initial shipments of "Resident Evil 6", the latest addition to the "Resident Evil" franchise, for "PlayStation® 3" and Xbox 360® have surpassed 4.5 million.

    "Resident Evil" is a series of survival-horror games in which players use weapons and other items in order to escape from zombies.
  16. Oct 5, 2012
    "Resident Evil 6" takes the series to the next step with graphics that deliver even greater realism and power. The game features dramatic stories that bring together for the first time two major characters of the series: "Leon" and "Chris". In all, there are seven main characters and four stories, giving this title an unprecedented volume of game playing enjoyment.
  17. Oct 5, 2012
    Capcom has for many years used its multi-platform strategy of developing titles across many game platforms to make its brands even more popular. In addition, Capcom uses the Single content multiple usage strategy to maximize the value of its content. By continuing to use these approaches, Capcom is determined to provide a diverse spectrum of game players worldwide with games that meet their highest expectations. Expand
  18. Oct 5, 2012
    In all, there are seven main characters and four stories, giving this title an unprecedented volume of game playing enjoyment. There are also upgraded online functions like the cooperative and crossover system as well as new types of action. Overall, "Resident Evil 6" offers a broad range of new forms of appeal.
  19. Oct 3, 2012
    This entry in the series is much better than 5. Some much thrills, kills, scares, plus multiple player campaigns make RE5 look like a walk in the park, I personally loved it and the fact that REAL zombies are back makes me supper happy, True it is not with out its flaws but you can really tell capcom pour alot of hard work and money into it. So if you love a good horror game this one is for you. Besides you gotta play something scary until Dead Space 3 comes out! Expand
  20. Oct 3, 2012
    They took everything wrong with the RE5 multiplied it by 10 x resided evil ORC by 100 and that's what RE6 is.The length of the game only tortures you more which would not have been a probably if this was remotely good.This game is all out Duke Nukem forever terrible, and the multiple campaigns only serve to show that capcom has no idea anymore with what they're doing and are trying their best to pander to the Call of Duty audience AND throw some scraps to the once core RE fanbase that made the series as well know as it is today. Expand
  21. Oct 3, 2012
    I'm just going to go out on a limb here, and say that everybody who posted a zero, and is **** and moaning has never ACTUALLY played the game for themselves, it's a fun time, well worth the price of admission, and I'd recommend it to any RE fan, it's a got a little something for everybody.
  22. Jul 26, 2013
    THis game is honestly retarted, it is the worst RE game in fact the game is so bad George Bush wouldnt even wipe is arse on it, ITS THAT BAD, REALLY BIG LET DOWN, SELL THE GOD DAMN THING OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK PEOPLE U DON"T WANT THIS SELL IT DAMN IT SELL IT
  23. Oct 8, 2012
    I thought it was pretty good. I don't really get all the hate. Sure, it has problems. So does everything else. Nobody's perfect. Does it really matter that the game had one or two features that you don't like, when in reality, you make up such a small part of their customer base? You don't really matter. They didn't make the game for you, they made the game for everyone. Just be happy that they made it, period. They didn't have to, you know. Expand
  24. Oct 8, 2012
    Stop freaking out and hitting zero. Seriously? A zero? No current gen game is that awful. This a vast improvement over RE5 and Operation Raccoon City. This a case of fanboys not getting their way.
  25. Oct 3, 2012
    If you are interested in this game based on it's actual merits, you should read this review. Honestly, I give this game an 8 but it needs the 10 to compete with the moronic trolls. If you like RE4 or 5, you probably like this one better. It brings back nearly everything that was good in those games as well as some homages to the original series: crawling zombies and multiple story lines. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that they removed weapon upgrading, BUT they replaced it with a skill system.

    For those that are complaining that it's not the same as the original games, of course it isn't. Resident Evil was about a group of supposed super cops who couldn't manage a headshot on a shambling zombie from 5 feet. The original games were on the incompetent end of the absurdity scale. This game puts them on the super-competent end. It's still silly but at least it's a silly that allows you to fail on your own lack of skill rather than on the STARS mind-bogglingly poor combat awareness.
  26. Oct 3, 2012
    Ok. First of all, I want to address all of those people who gave this game a 0. Probably the same people who gave mass effect 3 a 0. Have you ever played a "bad" game before? Or, if you are just longing for a game that is "just like" its originals then buy a PS1. Seriously, the graphics are good. The sounds are good, and once you get used to the new control schemes, it plays fairly smooth. If game has any positive traits to it, then a someone that has any game knowledge whatsoever would never give it a 0 rating. The story in the game so far seems to just as amazing as any other resident evil game. Of course the originals were the best, but let's move on guys. Let's focus on the now, and stop wanting to replay the past. This game deserves way more credit than it has received. Collapse
  27. Oct 3, 2012
    After reading a good number of the negative reviews, I am floored at the stoning RE6 is getting. By no means is it a perfect game but what really is to some of you people?? For the majority, pleasing you is like feeding tapeworms. This game was never billed as classic survival horror. Capcom had been selling the action horror angle along the lines of RE5 since E3. - that makes all of the "one of these things just isn't like the others" arguments null and void.

    First off, I do feel that Capcom should have settled for one large campaign, perhaps with a mix of all the playing styles/enemies, maybe even with the ability to play with the different protagonists at different points in the campaign. I've never been a fan of the transition to humanoids, so I dont favor the Chris and Jake campaign that much and naturally gravitated to Leon's. To me, Chris' campaign is shoddy - poor man's TPS and besides, if I wanted to be shot at, I'd play COD.

    The AI is lacking at times but that was a concern for me from jump but not so much as to spoil the game. Zombies certainly took to the AI well but humanoids, not so much. QTEs were a good add but entirely too excessive and sometimes hard to catch if you're on the move. I like how the inventory system is more streamlined but with the action/pace being so forced/chaotic at times, you can find yourself not having time to do much before enemies are on top of you or riddling you with bullets. I absolutely love being able to shoot on the move and melee but with shooting on the move comes the erratic dodge/avoidance moves - again, a good idea but can be a control layout nightmare when you're in the middle of said chaotic action. I found myself diving and rolling on accident far too many times. Graphics - lighting, environment, creature design and degradation after attacks, cutscenes - all solid. The cutscenes werent exactly moving content-wise but have always been give and take in the series.

    Not a perfect game by far but overall I've enjoyed RE6. Agent Hunt feels a little unnecessary but it's kinda fun trying to jack up someone else's game. Capcom should have stuck to their timetable and used this extra month for quality control but I doubt it would have made a huge difference in the final product and your overall opinions. I understand the resentment of the masses towards the game and respect to those who could give a levelheaded review but for the most part, these reviews are elite level trolling.
  28. Oct 5, 2012
    "Leon" and "Chris". In all, there are seven main characters and four stories, giving this title an unprecedented volume of game playing enjoyment. There are also upgraded online functions like the cooperative and crossover system as well as new types of action. Overall, "Resident Evil 6" offers a broad range of new forms of appeal. This is the first new title in the series in three and a half years. "Resident Evil 6" takes advantage of all of Capcom's capabilities to offer quality that is far ahead of other games. Supported by extensive promotional activities worldwide, the initial shipment of this new game has reached 4.5 million Expand
  29. Oct 5, 2012
    unprecedented volume of game playing enjoyment. There are also upgraded online functions like the cooperative and crossover system as well as new types of action. Overall, "Resident Evil 6" offers a broad range of new forms of appeal. This is the first new title in the series in three and a half years. "Resident Evil 6" takes advantage of all of Capcom's capabilities to offer quality that is far ahead of other games. Expand
  30. Oct 5, 2012
    People on here are dicks. Amazing controls and a great counter system. It's like Gears of War meets Assassin's Creed. Still haven't beat it, but that is because it has 4 completely different, very long campaigns on them. A great game but if you're not familiar with the Resident Evil storyline, you will be lost in the story. As always, Resident Evil delivers again.
  31. Oct 5, 2012
    I'll begin my saying yes I am a diehard fan, and yes I am overall disappointed with this game as I felt Capcom should stop trying to attract the attention of the 3rd person shooter market where it has stiff competition with the likes of Gears of War and to be honest, it isnt going to better them. Instead it should be staying true to real fans of the series who are the reason it is such a successful franchise. That being said I think this game is getting a very undeserved bad rap. On the whole, this game isnt bad. I was so worried after playing the demo that I almost didnt buy the game, but perhaps it was because of such low expectations that I found myself pleasantly surprised when I launched Leon's campaign. While technically not horror, this is as close as we have been for some time. Locations are dark, atmospheric and dank. Lighting is used to excellent effect, especially at one point when you find yourself in an underground tube station. Also the primary enemy here is zombies, and lots of them. I thought after playing the demo that melee combat was cheesy but Ive actually grown fond of it. Some of the finishing moves you can use to down zombies are especially satisfying, particularly one involving a broken glass bottle.

    Granted as many people have said, the game is filled with annoying QTE's, awkward camera shifts and moment of just pure stupidity when the game decides that unless you are psychic, you are going to die. These marr the game somewhat, but I have been able to overlook them for the most part. The story crossovers, although having only seen one involving Sherry and Leon, are interesting to say the least, and it was particularly nostalgic to witness the chemistry between the two carrying over from RE2.

    As I havent played any of the other scenarios, and considering what I have read about Chris', I dont really want to, I wont talk any further. Other than to say this game is nowhere near as bad people make out, but also not what i hoped it would be.

    On another note, Nichtswisser is a total idiot. He mentions that this game is a poor mans CoD but if he had played CoD2 or 4 he would know that today's CoD is itself a poor man's CoD....or an uneducated mans Battlefield. He also states that this game steals ideas from RE6...but you only have to go back to 2006 when the original GoW borrowed heavily from the fantastic RE4, and I use the term borrowed not stolen because the developers at Epic even acknowledged RE4 as a huge inspiration for their game. Also, how many metaphors does a review need?

    I will finish saying only this: BRING CLARE REDFIELD BACK FFS!
  32. Oct 5, 2012
    This is the first time I've given the Resident Evil series a try in a long time, and I was overwhelmingly disappointed. It was like I was playing a FEAR game. Where are the zombies? People with sores on their bodies that mutate and turn into monstrosities and wield firearms and swords are not zombies. I'm glad I didn't waste the money buying this crock.
  33. Oct 6, 2012
    First of all the new instalment of RE franchise is no longer the survival horror game - in fact the last RE with some horror atmosphere was the innovative RE4, whereas the fifth part of the series was already an action/co-op game. The latest RE has deepen this path. That is why it is totally understandable, that the people who were looking forward for slow/survival climate here, are disappointed and a lot will hate this game. On the other side I would recommend the new RE to all fans which felt with love with Resident after the 4th/5th instalments, as the new part has everything what a modern action TPS game should have - superb visuals, solid controls (which are as smoothly as never before in the franchise), back grounded by nice storytelling. There has been a lot of criticizm about annoying QTEs in this game - in fact it depends on your gameplay style, you can minimize these while keeping the distance from your foes (if you are a sharp shooter) / even though the QTEs are easy to handle for any gamer skilled with the pad (personally Ive enjoyed them); Overall as an action game with some horror background this game is definitely worth a 8.5/9.0 score, whereas due to many trolled scores, I am giving 10; Expand
  34. Oct 7, 2012
    If Your Asking my opinion I would say the game is a must get for die hard RE fans if you have played the series since RE 1 2 or3 when went to the modern versions like 4,5 and 6 you will understand the story you will not rage the game because of advanced controllers also the camera angle won't bother you at all I know it didn't bother me. The game has 3 different stories and 1 unlock able story with Ada Wong.Now to list the good and bad and maybe things lets start with the bad.
    1.Puzzles are too easy requires no thinking.
    2.Should of used different Bosses but you fight the same boss about 2 times.
    3.Theres no huge Antagonist just a crazy scientists. Mabey thing
    1.Controls( going to the newbie's)
    2.Also camera angle( just for the newbie's)
    Good Thing
    1.Action Packed not one moment where you don't have zombies or any thong behind ready to care the loving s**t out of you.
    2.Co-Op is incredible if you play with someone that's good at the game or at least knows what he's doing or else your just going to be trying to revive him every 10 seconds.
    3.Voice acting is also really really good and the cinematic cutscenes make it feel like a movie you can play. 4.Free mele attack instead of shooting it in the knee or head and then wait for the button to appear instead with just the trigger button you can smash there heads .or roundhouse then like Chuck Norris.
    5.Quick shots are really good.Packs on hell of a punch and look effin badass.

    Just for me 1.Finally brought my all time favorite character in gaming Leon.S.Kennedy and he's more badass then ever. So in my Review of Resident Evil 6 I give it a 8.9 out of 10.8.9 because it still needs improvement on changing bosses I mean I don't want to fight the same bosses over again and because of it easy puzzles it gives no challenge but over all this is a must get game I enjoyed every minute of it know you should to.Therea alot more to talk about but I can't without spoiling it so just buy it rent it borrow it steal it(not that you would)but try what you can to play it because you will enjoy it like I did.

    Played it on Xbox 360 and I enjoyed it I don't know if the same applies for ps3 bit to me Resident Evil 6 made 2 huge steps forward for the franchise and im loving it. every minute of it.

    Thats my review and please give me feedback if it made sense or made you think twice about or if you thought I was totally wrong and i need to get a punch to the face message me or tell me on Facebook Ernesto Plascencia im the guy with a white long-sleeved shirt.Or email me
  35. Oct 6, 2012
    Is the game perfect? No. Is it the best Resident Evil game? Probably not. Is it entertaining? Heck yes. Many people will try to claim that it is awful and that it is a mere shadow of the games before it. The truth of the matter is, it is very different from any other Resident Evil game. What we have is an example of a game that tried to do too much. We have four campaigns, all which offer completely different gameplay styles. We have Agent Hunt mode, mercenaries, co-op (up to four players) along with the standard changes to game mechanics, graphics and story. When you throw it all together, you end up with a game that bit off more than it could chew. Agent Hunt mode is generally short and unsatisfying. The four player coop depends on almost astronomical odds to actually happen. The four campaigns offer varying degrees of success. With all that being said, I still find myself enjoying the game. It offers one of the best story lines in the series, the computer AI has been improved from Resident Evil 5, and the gunplay is still very solid. The new character customization system offers players the chance to specialize in some unique and diverse ways. If you are looking for scary, the newest iteration will probably disappoint, but Resident Evil 5 wasn't that scary either. If you are looking for another standard Resident Evil game, you may not like it. RE6 takes a lot of risks, and doesn't necessarily get back an equal amount of reward. However, it is still a strong title and it makes me very excited for the future of this series. Expand
  36. Oct 7, 2012
    Let's get one thing straight, this game is not perfect, but it is DAMN good. Real quick, why don't we go back to Res 5. It got great reviews, people praised the co-op and visual style as well as the action, though the one thing people wanted more of was diversity. A different atmosphere, different characters, more story arch, something. Capcom listened. They took the excellent gameplay people loved from 4, 5 and Revelations and added a metric **** ton of content to it. Four full campaigns each of which drawing from a different Res game for inspiration, more guns, more characters including beloved returning favorites, varied mission structure, etc. On top of this they added the ability to move and shoot (from Revelations) and to dodge while shooting, a huge improvement from 5. So why all the hate? People consider 4 one of the greatest games ever conceived, loved 5 for its high octane co-op experience and loved Revelations for the new setting and the return of Jill. Res 6 is more of what those games offered, much more in fact. Twice as long with a slew of unlockables (and tons of replay value despite what the liars on here say), amazing visuals and all the action from previous titles. So why all the hate? I'll tell you why. Mass Effect 3. What? What does that have to do with it? Everything. You see since the community **** and cried and whined enough to get the endings to Mass Effect 3 altered, now they think they can **** and whine on every game until Capcom does what they want. Not going to happen. You see that only works when you're not hypocrites. Seriously, pull up the reviews. Res 4- 96 and 9.6.. Res 5- 83 and 7.5.. Res: Rev- 82 and 8.5. See, you can't love a style of gameplay and then bash it later on. The gameplay HAS NOT CHANGED (aside from control enhancements) since 2005. If anything people should be complaining that it's still the same (the same that they loved by the way) and hasn't changed, not that it's become something different, because it hasn't and honestly, if you don't like the gameplay, you have yourself to blame for loving three games in a row and showing Capcom that this is the style you want. Like I said... Hypocrites. The game has its faults, the camera can shift to forced perspective (something those of us that loved Res back in the ps1 heyday remember being a pain in the ass), the difficulty is a little uneven, the A.I. partner has a bit of ADD and the game relies a lot on QTE. These faults stop it from being perfect, but I have yet play a single perfect game in my 27 years. Is it scary? No, but these games have never been scary. They all provide the occasional jump scare with some tense action/chase scenes, like OH NO JILL, A GIANT SNAKE AND YOU HAVE NO ACID ROUNDS!! or HOLY **** LEON GET BACK IN THE DAMN BOAT!! These moments are what define the franchise, and Res 6 has these in spades. Buy with confidence, ignore the hate from false fans and whiners. Expand
  37. Oct 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Getting one thing out in the open there before I actually write my thoughts on the game... NO.. THIS IS NOT RESIDENT EVIL 1 OR 2... If you want to play those games, nobodies stopping you from popping in your old discs. THAT GENERATION IS OVER, GET OVER IT! God knows I DO NOT want to play the same damn game from the 90's with better graphics. People that are saying that the game has changed too much are just full of nostalgia. The changes are AMAZING. Something new and different which is good. If they made it more like Resident Evil 2, PEOPLE WOULD STILL COMPLAIN ABOUT IT BEING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN! The problem is that people don't know what they want! NOW! I found the game to be very compelling with the story, but in a way where it makes you guess until the end. Once you complete Ada's campaign, pieces start fitting. The more campaigns you complete the better the understanding of the plot becomes. They aren't just telling you, they are making you wonder until later. Which I like. BUT Capcom... Seriously... THE ONLINE FEATURES ARE USELESS. Might as well throw them in the trash.. Agent Hunt? Its fun for about 30 minutes until you get tired of being killed in one shot. YOU DON'T EVEN GET ANYTHING OUT OF AGENT HUNT. Basically a one time play and you're done. Not to mention the annoyance of not being able to play with people you know, all you have is quick-match with randoms.

    The mercenaries is nothing new, its been in the games for a very long time. I'm not saying its not fun.... But it gets old... Really old... Running around killing the same things. It got old 3 games ago. Now the issues I had with the campaign which I found to be extremely annoying was for one the damn camera. During your campaign with Chris and Piers you run into a giant oogy-boogie which you must run around this giant circular room while jumping and sliding under things. This would be amazing IF the damn camera wouldn't change every 3 seconds and invert the controls to make you run backwards.
    The second issue I had was OF COURSE the AI. Sitting at the door waiting for your partner while the AI runs around shooting at random zombies until it dies and you fail the mission gets very annoying. Another annoying thing was not having the option to play the prologue when you first pop in the disc. Be ready to go because it takes you directly to gameplay with a push of a button. I came back with Leon's awesome haircut on my screen waiting with no clue as where he was. The last thing I'd have to admit was the VERY cheesy lines Leon had. IT WAS PAINFUL. In the prologue... "So... back for more...?" What made that so bad was when he was saying it, he looked like CLINT EASTWOOD. Looked like he was going to say "So...back for more...Punk?... Are ya?...". Despite these few flaws and one hilarious one at times, the game was an amazing success. Don't listen to the idiots who gave it a low rating because the game was "TOO DIFFERENT" ... I hate that with a passion.
  38. Oct 11, 2012
    resident evil 6 is an amazing game with minor flaws but the question is, is it a survival horror game ? will its not but thats no reason to pass on an amazing game that will give u over 20 hours of fun and more if u collect everything . capcom did a great game with this game so please dont beleive what the stupid nerds r saying they want resident evil to be like the old ones with fixed camera and all but do u honestly thing ppl r gonna be inerested ? and how many survival horror games r out there at this time , so beleive me this game is amazing and u will have alot of fun playing it . peace Expand
  39. Nov 25, 2012
    All around, this is a disappointment. I loved RE5, but 6 does not live up to that memory. If you want a good action game, play Mass Effect 3. If you want a good survival horror game, play ZombieU. But do not buy RE6, it does a really bad job of trying to mix both genres, and ends up with a horrible conglomeration that fails to impress either way.
  40. Dec 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I wouldn't normally write a review based on about 2 hours of playing a game, but I'm at the point where I can't even force myself to carry on with Resident Evil 6.

    Now don't get me wrong, I love Resident Evil. I mean, thanks to RE5 - not the best in the series by a long shot, but still an enjoyable experience - I use Wesker's final scream of "CHRIIIIIS!!" as my username on most things now. The first 3 games were great survival horror games, and the only thing that let Code Veronica down was it's cartoony graphic style. RE4 took the series in a great new direction, and RE5 built on that and added a fun co-op mechanic. Then things started going downhill - Operation Raccoon City was painful to play, but I had no idea that the usual Resident Evil team would use that as the basis for RE6!
    Resident Evil 6 is a third-person action game, and a bad one at that. It starts out with a big explosion, and the next thing you know you're running away from exploding cars and flying a damaged helicopter through a big city. Not the best way to draw someone in to what is essentially a zombie game.

    As I said at the start of this review, I've only played a couple of hours. The first chapter of Leon's campaign to be precise. And it was such an awful, clunky, Quick Time Event-ridden mess that I straight up refused to carry on. I was killed constantly by trains and cars because the QTE for dodging didn't come up thanks to another QTE for killing a zombie overriding it. It's QTE-ception!
    Anyway, the controls aren't great, despite finally being able to run without holding a button (you still use A to sprint, but it's a start at least). For some reason, the melee attacks are so powerful you can take down a standard zombie in about 3 hits. Each hit stun-locks them as well, making this the go-to approach for thinning the herds. A HUGE departure from ammo-conserving survival horror.

    The first chapter of Leon's campaign consisted of a nice, atmospheric run through a dark, almost abandoned college campus. "This is getting better", I thought. WRONG! Jump scares and kicking zombies to death! The kicking part might sound cool, but it's actually pretty boring, and feels rigid when you're actually doing it. The amount of QTEs is too damn high as well. "Quick, tap A! Wiggle the left stick! Press X to not die!" This is not my idea of fun. That being said, the bit where you get in a car and have to search for the keys, start it up, and drive off before the zombies break in and kill you was pretty tense though, and a good way of handling QTEs. Shame about the hundreds of other bad uses of them in this game.
    My interest in the game gradually lessened by the underground section - narrow corridors where you can barely see anything (even with the brightness turned up), trains coming along with very little warning - see the QTE issue I previously mentioned - and zombies literally jumping at you out of the shadows. Sounds fun. Tense, even. Nope. It's painfully dull, and this is where the cheap deaths began.
    Shortly after the awful underground section, you're back on street level. Zombies everywhere, but that's not the problem. Cars come out of nowhere with absolutely no warning or way to tell where they're going to veer off.

    After getting flattened by an ambulance whilst getting screamed at by a REALLY ANNOYING enemy a bunch of times, I gave up. I simply wasn't having fun. The game is a chore to play, and so far the story isn't even interesting. I have no reason to carry on with it.

    So, the positive things about this game... The graphics are nice, despite being horrendously dark, and the sound design is good, but not the best out there by far. Gameplay is generic and feels like a slightly improved Operation Raccoon City, which isn't a good thing. Story just isn't interesting so far. I can't honestly recommend RE6 to Resident Evil fans, let alone anyone else. If you feel that you absolutely MUST play this game, rent it. Don't waste your money on it.

    My 3 out of 10 is based on the graphic/sound design. Like I said, it's pretty good. I can't honestly say a positive thing about the gameplay. It's just that bad.
  41. Oct 4, 2012
    As an action game, RE6 is a solid shooter with some pretty stellar moments. As a Resident Evil's pretty awful. It's by no means a bad game per se, but the series is beginning to show it's age. Which is really a shame.
  42. Oct 3, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is a solid game marred only by its pedigree. The graphics are top notch, the game play is fairly solid and the story is good. The common complaint on this game is of the new direction capcom has gone with the RE franchise. No more are the constant "horror" aspects of old, this is now an action game and the evolution makes sense. Like a good band a franchise must evolve or it will become the same thing over and over. RE has and it is not for everyone but that is why there are other games being made. I have enjoyed my experience in this new entry and , if you have been faithfully following the series i invite you to try this one. You should have a great time. Expand
  43. Oct 3, 2012
    so far i have completed 2 of the campaigns, and this is a really slid game. It's much better than RE5 and most of the series spin-offs. I don't understand why this has a lower score than operation raccoon city, which was god awful. this isn't game of the year, but it does what it sets out to do: provide an impressive story with intense action and a few good scares. As i am writing this there is a review on my screen calling japan a "hotbed of nazism." what's going on with people lately? it's really bizarre to me. Expand
  44. Oct 23, 2012
    I'll start by saying that i've never seen such an organised display of childish behaviour than i've seen when i look at a lot of these so-called 'reviews'!.. All you people that have tried to sabatage this games metascore with these 'zero' reviews should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.You make me embarassed to be a gamer right now,because whatever your issues are with the game straying a bit from its roots(which i will get to later),does not make this a bad game in the least by default,& by giving this game these zeroes,you are not only undermiming a game that is actually pretty good & has had a lot of work put into it,but are discretiting the user reviews on the whole.People are supposed to be able to come here & trust our fellow gamers opinions & be able to use them as reference,but its nasty hate campaigns like this that make all that untrustworthy,& frankly a joke..
    Right,onto the game itself..
    Ok,unlike some on here,i am goin to be judging this as a game,& therefore not on what the game isn't,but what the game IS.. & what the game is,is an enjoyable,cinematic,highly polished,extremely long experience for this kind of game that has an extremely generous amount of content.By generous amount of content,i mean 4(yes 4)campaigns that 'each' equal the length of your average game nowadays such as Call of Duty,or even Dishonored,The Mercenaries mode & Agent Hunt mode,all playable in either single player or Co-Op.All this is on the disk,so make no mistake,this is a very generous package indeed.
    The overall story is split into 4 seperate campaigns that can be played in whatever order you prefer.These campaigns tell the story of the war against bioterrorism from 4 different 'viewpoints' if you like,4 different perspectives,which in my opinion,adds a lot of veriety to the game.These campaigns are Leon S Kennedy's,Chris Redfield's,Jake Muller's & Ada Wong's.

    Leon's campaign is perhaps the closest in pace,tone & feel to the earlier Resident Evil games.It is slower paced & goes for tension,but for me reminds me of why the series needed to move on from those earlier titles in the series,as not a great deal actually happens until later on.Its still a campaign with some great moments though,& should(or should i say 'would have' satisfied those people who want a more classic Resident Evil experience,that is if they wernt so busy with their fingers in their ears,going la la la la la i'm not listening,la la la la la.. The campaign itself represents the investagive side of the events going on,as a special agent.

    Chris's campaign represents the governments or Militarys if you like,reaction & response to the worldwide threat of bioterrorism,through the the eyes of a BSAA team,& as a result,is a faster paced experience than Leon's.Whie this is not obviously as close to the series roots,its still nontheless fun,epic & conveys the militarys response to the threats well enough.I must give special note to the acting,as i thought the acting of Chris & Piers were both very good,with Chris especially as he seems to genuinely care about his men.

    Jake's campaign is from the perspective of someone who is caught up in the series of events that the game covers,& is primarily about survival to him & his companion.He doesn't know why he's involved,& i wont say why,for anyone that doesn't know.Its similarly paced to Chris's campaign,but with some slower sections for good measure,all the while having a theme of being persued for reasons he doesn't know..

    Ada's campaign is from the perspective from 'the bad guy' for want of a better word.She's heavily involved in the bioterrorism thats currently plagueing the world in the game.It has some busy moments,but also some puzzle elements reminiscent of the older titles in the series.

    I don't have the space here to go into Mercenaries & Agent Hunt modes,but as i say,all in all, a very generous package indeed,& this is why i just don't get the level of hate & apathy towards this game.. I do understand the concept that its not as close to the eatlier titles as some would like,but this is still a good game,& the marks that a lot have given this for the wrong or petty reasons is insulting frankly.At worst you have Leons campaign,a full length classic Resi experience with Zombies & tension,so whats the problem!? Personally,i think the franchise needed to move on.The story certainly has.The virus is a global threat now,so we cant be wandering back & forth through rooms for hours in a mansion in the woods,ferrying keys & bits of crests to open doors,literally useless Hand to hand & shooting at enemies that are offscreen! Thats was ok for its time,but do you really want to go back to all that now i know i don't.If Capcom hadn't chanded the formula,they'd rightly get criticised for not evolving,such as Activision with CoD,& when they do change,& bend over backwards to try to please all,they get this reaction?! One just cant help feeling,Capcom can't win these days..
  45. Jan 30, 2013
    I am a huge resident evil fan. I have the entire main series, as well as two of the side games. I unfortunately add owning Resident Evil 6 to that list. I got through two chapters of Chris' storyline and cannot take any more. Clumsy controls, nauseating camera angles, and an aiming system that seems to do away with the aiming part. The only reason I even gave RE6 a 2/10 was because the story arc seemed interesting, and I liked the idea of different characters different action. That being said, I couldn't put up with the many flaws to even find out how it ends. Expand
  46. Oct 3, 2012
    Absolutely disappointing. Resident Evil 6 is a lot of things, but faithful to the franchise name associated with survival horror is certainly not one of them. The entire game looks and feels like a jumbled mess that isn't sure which direction it wants to take; it''s akin to the most recent "Turok" title in that it has little to nothing to do with the franchise name with exception to the name of characters found within, leaving players and especially fans to wonder just what went so horribly wrong.
    The game tries too hard to be both an action game and a horror game without being very successful at either, becoming more of a frustrating slog through something you want so badly to be good instead of a horror-filled thrill ride the title was once was. With Capcom producer Masachika Kawata even admitting the game was a push to cater more to the casual Call of Duty crowd to help bring in record numbers, the only thing Resident Evil 6 has successfully done was turn it's brand name into a washed up husk that's now trying to ride the coattails of another washed up series of games.

    This title truly marks the end of a once great series. Rest in Peace, Resident Evil.
  47. Oct 28, 2012
    Some overpaid clown on a review site told me Resident Evil 6 is TERRIBLE and I believe it because I watched a video but have never played the game or its two predecessors/played the first 10 minutes of the game after having bought the game for $60 without playing the demo first/am an idiot. I think this game is bad because it isn't scary and there is too much action and also there are quick time events. It is OK if God of War is nothing but quick time events but every half an hour Resident Evil 6 has a quick time event so I don't like it. Resident Evil 4 and 5 did not have any quick time events at all and were super scary and they were not third person shooters with any amount of action. They just had lots of running around and backtracking through empty hallways, combining arbitrary objects into keys while auto-aiming at zombies that had way too much health. I liked it better when it took more than an entire magazine from a pistol just to kill a single zombie. Those were the good, old days, back when no skill or thought was required to play the game. Resident Evil 6 shouldn't have changed the formula set by Resident Evil 4 and 5, 4 having come out in 2004 and 5 having come out in 2009.
    Wait, you mean to tell me Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 are also third person shooters full of quick time events and lots of action and the same camera angle with comparable controls and gameplay? You're saying that Resident Evil 6 actually has less quick time events because now dodge rolling is a manual function? That Resident Evil 6 is really fun and that comparing it to crappy PS1 games that came out 16 years ago is stupid and that I should have complained about the change back in 2004?
    Then maybe I should shut my stupid mouth about how Resident Evil 6 is "different" from the rest of the Resident Evil series and enjoy it as a genuinely good game with a couple of issues that don't ruin the overall experience.
  48. Oct 4, 2012
    Trolls are everywhere on this title. Well worth the wait. Well worth the time. Well worth the money. actual score would have to be an 8.5 outta 10 but had to give it a ten to help offset the trolls.
  49. Oct 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. All these negative reviews are all trolls or idiots that only play Call of Duty games. These bad reviewers are not true fans of the Resident Evil series because they can't accept change and always compare the newer games to the original which is preposterous since games will always progress. The plot line in Resident Evil 6 is SUPERB. Having the game split into 4 separate campaigns is genius and allows and interesting flow of events to unfold and have different points of view on how things unfold. People are comparing the action of the game to Call of Duty and saying there's no horror in this game, that is complete BS! Capcom brought back horror in this game in that, they brought back the darkness. I don't know about the rest of these 12 year olds who have the light setting in there game very high, but me and my buddy played it at a nice low level where it's meant to be at. The large amount of zombies and monsters in this game was awesome and really had me and my friend at the edge of our seat. The action outside the cathedral, and inside was terrific and exciting and very tense. Capcom did a very good job of bringing tension back to the game like they had in Resident Evil 4. Sure there's somethings I didn't really like about Resident Evil 6 like the skill point system instead of a money system. It's something new, though, and I'm not some sap who can't accept change so I went along with the flow of things. Anyone who's not an idiot and can enjoy a well written and directed game and that's a fan of the Resident Evil series, get this game. The character and story progression is great. Expand
  50. Oct 3, 2012
    I have read, re-read, and re-evaluated all of these reviews. And all I have to say is you need to think of it as a Resident Evil game, rather than an action game. And then it truly shines Yes it has different mechanics, yes it has its problems. But it still has that old school resident evil feel that we all know and love. Give it a try. I promise you won't be disappointed.
  51. Oct 3, 2012
    This isn't that bad of a game, hell it's not bad by any stretch of the word. I know there are a lot of people bombing the score because they remember 1-3 with nostalgia vision but here's a reality check, those games were clunky, the camera was **** and the dialog sucked. Four was the best thing to happen to the series, 5 wasn't amazing but it was good, and 6 is also good, get your nostalgia out of your vision and shut the **** up and enjoy the game. Expand
  52. Oct 6, 2012
    I'll begin saying that Survival Horror is my favourite genre, and Resident Evil 1 my favourite game of the franchise (My favourite Survival is Silent Hill 2).
    Well, I must say that, being or not survival, I consider RE6 an amazing game.
    The story, Music, FX, Graphics and Characters are amazing.
    The first time I played the Demo, I thought it was a piece of ****
    But that happened cuz I
    played it thinking I was gonna find a "Old School Resident Evil".
    Old School resident Evil is dead.
    Sad, but true.
    I like people to give bad reviews to this game, cuz maybe CAPCOM will see that people wants Survival.
    But I can't say a game is bad if it isn't.
    I am one of those persons who thinks that "The Original Rsident Evil style is dead".
    And I must say RE6 is a great game.
    Yes, is not a classic RE...
    But I don't expect a classic RE.
    I expect a great game.
    And that's what I found.
    It's not a game of 10.
    It's a game of 9.
    Not a good "Classic RE", but the best "New Generation RE" and a great game.
  53. Oct 5, 2012
    "Resident Evil" franchise, for "PlayStation® 3" and Xbox 360® have surpassed 4.5 million.

    "Resident Evil" is a series of survival-horror games in which players use weapons and other items in order to escape from zombies. One of Capcom's best-known game series, "Resident Evil" has recorded cumulative sales of more than 50 million units* since the first title was released in 1996.
    These sales figures demonstrate that "Resident Evil" is just as popular today as it was 15 years ago when the first title made its debut. Expand
  54. Oct 17, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 isn't the same genre as the first Resident Evil titles. Just accept it and rate this game a 10 for being the best coop-action-game of the year.
    Can't stop playing, the gameplay is just to awesome.
  55. Oct 7, 2012
    Oh, the people these days. Let's say they all are wrong. It all seems like people complaining about controls have their hands growing on their feet, the graphics haters are blind, and the bored just didn't play this. This one is awesome! C'mon people, get rid of your suffering about mechanic change. Action does fit RE. IF we kept walking the mansions for all this time, wouldn't we complain that they change nothing? I personnally think this is an exceptional action game, and, perhaps, one of GOTYs. It's Resident Evil's best game ever since. It's action sequences are good to no end, packing in difficulty, blasts and fast-paced gameplay. Of course, it's nothing like the first four REs, but still, as game of 2012, it's perfect. Expand
  56. Oct 4, 2012
    So...Resident Evil 4 and 5 get good scores and this one doesn't? It does everything better than RE4/5!?
    What i see here is a simple case of fans hating on this game for not being survival horror, they aren't actually rating the game itself which i think is very harmful and degrading to the developers and is very unfair. I happen to like the changes in the RE series, they are freaking
    agents they should know how to defend themselves adequetly and im sure Leon would be expert at that by now considering hes been dealing with outbreaks his whole life now...but besides that i enjoy this game a lot. There are few frustrating bugs and issues but what game today doesnt have that. It really upsets me though to see so many people making bad reviews that actually arent even about the game itself...shouldnt be that way. Expand
  57. Oct 4, 2012
    i have this game and i'd give it an 8.5, great graphics, control solid, its a shame people giving this such low scores, prob same people who watch reality tv or cooking shows or listen to kanye west, this game is good as uncharted 3 enjoyed it as much, yea zombies and boss battles are awesome, they are as gruetesque as a pop star the night of the grammys
  58. Oct 3, 2012
    No, this is not a typical Res game, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The chief of the complaints are about the QTEs, which normally I don't like, but I didn't feel that they were show-stoppers in any respect since the player isn't really punished for choosing the wrong button. There were a few QTEs in Res4, which is my favourite of the series, and those didn't mar my playing experience either. This Res plays out more like a mix of 5 and a co-op shooter. I really appreciated the fact that the AI could be better controlled and is more helpful than it was in 5. The buddy-revival system is nice, though I don't always get to my partner in time. The weapon system I found was well-thought out: cycling through the weapons with the D-pad was much easier than equipping only two guns and pressing start just to get to the grenades. Overall, I enjoyed it, just as a survival-horror game, not as a Res game. I enjoyed it better than I did 5, but not as much as 4. Expand
  59. Oct 4, 2012
    Annoying camera, delayed controls. Sometimes FPS has drop to uncomfortable low. Gameplay make me feel i got trolled by developers. I don't care the game not look like classic RE successor, I actually was waiting for good action in RE-universe. But unfortunately is not even a good action. Disappointment.
  60. Oct 2, 2012
    I am not going to go into an extended review, I'll just say avoid this game like the plague it fails as a resident evil game and it fails as a stand alone game. If you have to absolutely have to play it wait till the price drops to avoid been burnt.
  61. Oct 3, 2012
    Lore wise, this game is just simply awesome. You seriously didn't expect that Umbrella or what's left of it, just keeps failing at their tests to make the perfect super soldier did you? It's 2012, not 1996 and it's the sixth main instalment of the series, it just wasn't scary anymore. It's a good game, not the old survival horror type of game but more an all out biological war type. I highly recommend. Expand
  62. Oct 3, 2012
    Dont let those trolls fool you, they havent play the game yet, and if they have its because they pirated it. Will you really listen to people who pirates games and makes the industry die slowly? please buy this game if you want the gaming world to survive another generation. This game is awesome, it beats resident evil 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, the only bad thing about its multiple campaign is that they all end. Dont listen to Tas el Kender, Dionisios21 or that **** **** of xiphias, this game rocks. Graphics: 10 the best looking game of our generation and Leon is too hot sound: 10 it sounds scary sometimes Gameplay: 10 its like RE 4 but with more explosions and characters can it be better? fun: 100000 in the end its what matters so stop trolling k? People are only butthurt because their sucky REmake and stupid control will never comeback. hahaha, accept gaming evolution already.(2) Expand
  63. Oct 4, 2012
    Ho avuto la fortuna di poter giocare alla demo su Xbox 360 prima dell'uscita del gioco.
    Avrei dato una votazione bassa tipo 4.
    Fiducioso giorno 2 sono andato alla Fnac di Genova e ho preso a 69.99
  64. Oct 4, 2012
    First - few words to site admins. Scoring scale should be from 1 to 10, not 0. Why? The answer is simple - mathematics! With 72 positive reviews and 69 negatives, user score is close to 0,7. Totally bullsh*t. Second - don't read the "zero morons" comments. They didn't see the whole game. It isn't classic Resident Evil, but have you tried playing the first or second RE today? It's impossible. RE6 is smooth, modern, full of action and classic zombie bullsh*t, but is a very good game. Far better than RE5. So hersheygames (you're first on the list) - you're not so smart ! Try to create games like RE6, Dragon's Dogma, Mass Effect 3 or Modern Warfare 3 by yourself. You can't? Dragon's Dogma is bad, because you're Dark Souls fanboy! So btch please! Expand
  65. Oct 17, 2012
    It truly is a better game than many critics and rabid fans have labeled it. While it's not the most original installment in the series, it truly gives the fans a little bit of everything. This may be preferable by some, but likely not by the majority who would rather have the game focused in one major area.
  66. Oct 5, 2012
    Another fine example of a terrible entry in a terrible franchise kept alive by more mature casual players and fanboys who liked it when they were young and refuse to see the mess of a game that it is. The dialogue is horrible, hammy, and badly acted, the gameplay is sub-par for modern third person action games, and the only reason any gamer will like it is because they are stuck in the past. The only positives I can mention are that the game actually boots when you put it in your system, and that the co-op isn't a complete lag fest. Expand
  67. Oct 5, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is by far perfect, but it's not terrible. I've been reading all of these 0 reviews, and it's really hilarious how most of them are just near copy-paste of the same rage over....adaption? Resident Evil came out in 1996 and it put a new aspect on Survival Horror, and everyone loved it or didn't care for it. Games kept coming out and Capcom kept a similar theme in it...until pretty much Resident Evil 4. It's praised as one of the best RE games in the franchise, yet...wasn't it more action heavy than its predecessors? Sure, it still kept a strong grasp on survival horror, but it was way more action than people thought, and people loved it. RE5 was obviously pulling towards action and of course introduced co-op, and to be honest, I loved it. I loved being able to team up with a friend in the game. I didn't care about the scare factor, I never do. I care more about the gameplay, and it was fine. Now comes RE6 and everyone's flipping their **** over what was pretty much in RE5 but expanded, PLUS trying to add back what was in the previous Resident Evil games. Leon's story is a call-back to the roots of Resident Evil and I love that. Sure, Chris's story feels kind of like Call of Duty, and I really disagree with that decision, but at least it isn't mundane like Call of Duty. Jake's story feels like they tried to combine RE4 and 5, and I felt like it worked. The co-op works perfectly fine. The gameplay is fine.

    My ONLY problem is how the casualised it, mainly through the inventory system. They decided to create 2 separate inventories; 1 for your weapons and 1 for...well everything else. This makes the inventory a lot bigger than it's ever been, and I just don't like that. I mean sure I don't have to try and fumble around with trying to place 2 weapons, four boxes of ammo, and some HP items in a small inventory anymore, but that's something I liked. I loved having to make that decision of what I could and couldn't carry. Now...I can practically carry anything. The whole health tabs thing also bothers me, because once you get an herb/2 herbs/R+G herbs, you just turn those into tablets and...well that's just more inventory space. I don't like the idea of dumbing it down, but it had to happen.

    Capcom has to adapt to the changing market and the market today is casual based. You can't tell me you expected Capcom to keep the same formula for 16 years right? You have to change in a market like this. If you don't like it, well then too bad. Unfortunately, if Capcom's newest addition to the Resident Evil franchise is going to get bombed into the ground this hard, who knows what the future for the Resident Evil franchise will go. Either Capcom will change it even more and piss everyone off or do the worst thing: cancel the series. It's sad to even think of that happening, but if the so-called fans are going to flip their **** out over something that's been extremely prevalent in its past couple of games, then the franchise is going somewhere I don't want to see.
  68. Oct 8, 2012
    This game raise the bar of mediocrity in every way. The only thing that i can call survival horror in this game is the fact to buy it. The fourth instalment in the series was amazing, probably one of the greatest game i ever played. I understand a concept need a refresh from time to time, but not this way. The demo of the game didn't convince me at all but like many of us i decided to give a chance and bought it. The biggest deception of 2012 by far. Expand
  69. Oct 8, 2012
    I have reviewed most of the posts about this game and it really makes me wonder if anyone who gave this game a 10 have even seen any other games out there. How can you call this "trolling" when an overwhelming majority have rated this game so bad. Most of the highest posts were from gamers who hadn't finished the first few chapters. Wait until Chapters 4 and 5 and you realize you have already played most of this in the beginning of the game, or until you realize that you are fighting the same guy over and over. I don't care if it's Capcom or anyone else, I really don't care who puts what out there and calls it a game, but if it's a piece of ****, then I am going to call it a piece of ****. Read the highest reviews and they even agree that it's nowhere near a 10 but they feel they have to give it a high rating to make up for all the low scores. Really, what is the point of rating something if you feel that you have defend it for the poor product it really is? I have always been the type of person who if it smells like ****, looks likes ****, then it must be ****., and this game is ****. Don't post if you haven't even played the game and especially if you have to give it a higher rating than you really feel it deserves. The reviews DONT LIE, over 2,600 negative reviews to 260 positive, are you seriously trying to say that 10 times the people have got it wrong and you are right? I'm not a hater of RE6, but when you produce something this bad and charge people $65 dollars, I feel they should know what they aren't getting for their money. $15 would be a fair price for what you get with this game. Capcom may have spent countless amounts promoting this game, but I think that you will see sales dwindle and people actually telling the game world that we want more and not some troll of a game. Expand
  70. Oct 7, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 offers a variety of brand new fun changes and additions that make it different from others, but even though the game is very big, it still lacks to original formula many fans crave for.
  71. Oct 2, 2012
    I am amazed. Amazed at how bad this game is. It's important to note that I have enjoyed all the previous Resident Evil games before this (meaning 1 through 5) and Resident Evil 4 is truly one of my absolute favorite games of all time. The good? The production values. The cut scenes, at times annoying, can be impressive to watch but can get very obnoxious to sit through when one is over and then you get to literally walk down a street for 10 feet and then have to sit through another one. This isn't a good game. And what's important to note is that Capcom made 7 million copies of this mess. So if you're at all interested in buying this game, just wait a few months, this game will drop in price quicker than any other. Expand
  72. Oct 3, 2012
    As usual, trolls come out to play on metacritic. Most rating low probably havent even touched the game. People are being too harsh.. I think its a great game so far. Finished Leons campaign tonight, really enjoyed it. Played it local co-op with my friend. Nothing bad to say about it really... maybe just the camera can be annoying sometimes.
  73. Oct 4, 2012
    All those low scores are made by fans who are nostalgic. Im really shocked about the low scores that this game is having! A lot of people are complaining that its not a survival horror anymore, yet they gave RE4 and RE5 a great score! dont get me wrong RE4 is one of my favorites with RE2. The problem is that these haters dont realize that CAPCOM has moved on. A lot of so called gamers are saying that this is the worst RE game of all time, but they gave RE4 and RE5 a great score and even RE operation racoon city had a better score! what the hell? And i've played all the RE games, since 1997. Expand
  74. Oct 3, 2012
    I'm a guy who likes to embrace change, especially change in video games. I love the first three Resident Evil games and Code Veronica X, but Resident Evil 4 blew my mind with its revolutionary gunplay and fantastic pacing. I still consider it one of the best games I've ever played. Resident Evil 5 didn't change things up much aside from providing players with a great co-op experience, but I still enjoyed the time I spent with it. As I learned more and more about the extreme modifications being made to the Resident Evil formula in the sixth game I admittedly got a little worried. Now that I've played the game my fears have been somewhat confirmed.

    Resident Evil used to aim to frighten by taking it slow and doling out its surprises a little at a time. Now it's all about delivering thrills through bullets and explosions, which is fine in small doses. Unfortunately, Resident Evil 6 doesn't believe in doing anything small; it's the noisiest Resident Evil game yet. It seems as if something is blowing up every two minutes. The characters are always shouting something at each other, which is more annoying than helpful. No ammo was spared in the making of this game; it's all about guns, guns, guns. A large majority of the zombies even carry guns.

    The franticness of the game becomes tiresome after a while, and the length doesn't help. It took me over 20 hours to complete Resident Evil 4 and I loved almost every second of it. I don't mind a long game as long as it's well-paced. The thing is, Resident Evil 6 isn't. It begins with a bang, literally, and never lets up, which is fine for a five-hour Call of Duty single-player campaign, but not for a game that lasts over 20 hours.

    Also, the game lacks focus. Having three separate campaigns that revolve around three completely different central ideas is cool, but those ideas are implemented badly here. Chris Redfield's campaign is akin to a militaristic shooter and could very well be considered one if not for the strange enemies. As such, it contains the bulk of the game's set pieces and loudness and I grew weary of it after one chapter. Jake Muller is a really terrible character, but his campaign, which is obviously based on Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, is exciting
  75. Dec 15, 2012
    This **** piece of **** game is the Nickelback of gaming history, Capcom should be ashamed of having their logo stamped on this abomination, we should just pretend it doesn't exist and move on.
  76. Oct 7, 2012
    I really liked this game, with the exception of the overused QTE's each campaign has a different play style. and caters for different types of players. Merc mode is amazing, especially the music. Leon's campaign is especially good, it brings back the Zombies which haven't been seen since Code Veronica, and they can also use guns and armor which means you have to mix up the tactics to take them out, instead of just popping them in the head.

    Pulling off special moves is very satisfying, especially Chris' as he can lift up and J'avo and throw them to the ground. Getting back to what I don't like, is the QTE's. I think they are way overused in this game, and in some cases especially near the end of Leon's campaign the QTE doesn't seem to register that I pressed the right button at the right time.

    There were also several moments where you have to run from things, and these are also way overused, there is at least one section in each campaign (Minus the prelude) where you have to do an indina jones style run away.

    Is this a bad game? No it's not, and it's a shame that the people who have it a Zero are just CoD/Gears Fanboys.

    This game is a solid action game, it has some elements to it, and I am happy that most of the un-needed puzzles from past RE games are not present.

    Another thing I do not like is that each campaign (Apart from Chris') just starts. Take Leon's campaign, how did the president end up being infected in the first place? In fact how did the whole thing start? The story is all over the place, but once you get the jist of it you'll understand.

    As I said this is not a bad game, it's a decent action title, but I don't think it should have been part of the main series. It probably would have been better as a spin off like ORC was.
  77. Nov 30, 2012
    just finished leon's campaign. I don't even see why people say this one was good. The first 2 chapters had some potential with lots of zombies. However starting with the underwater boss in the 3rd chapter and the major last boss that you literally fight for the entirety of the last 2 chapters really make this a bore. It seems like the team that made this game gave up on trying to create interesting gameplay. Even if they wanted to do a mostly action game they totally failed. I'm not even going to bother with the other 3 campaigns because I can't see how they would be any better. I don't mind RE evolving but this game is the worst of the bunch (much worse than RE5 which I enjoyed). Way too many quick time events (the climbing in the last chapter was just totally frustrating), bosses that drag on way too long, a total lack of any puzzles, etc. I also wish they would at least try to make the game more realistic in terms of how much hurt a human can take, not with respect to zombies but regarding surviving the most incredible action scenes from helicopter crashes, plane crashes, 5 minutes underwater at the hands of a shark, etc. Finally the disjointed nature of the campaigns takes away from the story dramatically. It feels way too short unlike the evolving stories of previous games. I suggest not wasting your time or if you really want to try it then rent the game. Definitely do not purchase it. Expand
  78. Oct 9, 2012
    Where to start, maybe no manual. I know it's petty but hey I am paying $60. What if I didn't have access online, or didn't want to figure out the Gordian not also known as the in game menu. Don't get me started on the menu in game, cause it's about as useless as the plot in this game. The prologue? Capcom owes me 20 minutes of my life back and by the way, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of whoever decided it would be brilliant to make it mandatory to get to the actual game menu and then be able to play co-op AFTER the prologue. Now I know why 4 hours+ of the game is cut scenes, so the QA team didn't commit seppuku. They could actually go get a redbull and their antidepressants. The melee combat is atrocious. I love how almost all my hits miss unless 5 planets align. How's the camera you ask? It's about as useful as a truckload of dead rats in a tampon factory. Co-op is the only way I can stand this game because if your gonna pull rusty red hot shrapnel out of your kneecap, you might as well have help. I have been inexplicably dropped from the game just before the end of the chapter only to rejoin and find I had 7 seconds in game at summary screen and nothing to show for it. Well done re6 well done. I have been at some please wait to reconnect screen which never did find my partner again, I am assuming he was sent to another of re6s rings of hell to suffer alone. Yeah and thanks for explaining things like stamina or bomb detonating as well. Wow just wow. What else lets see....oh yeah QTEs. I think we need more. Maybe like 4 hours+ worth to match the cut scenes. Yo Capcom, a pit in the desert is calling, ET Atari cartridges want some company. Expand
  79. Oct 2, 2012
    Not Bad, just not exactly good. The Controls are a bit wonky, they can be very unresponsive at times. The need for a cover system slightly confuses me since you are fighting Zombies. It does offer some good fun moments. If you had to say which campaign was the best, I would have to say that Ada Wongs one is, because you are isolated and there are more puzzles, like old school Resident Evil. The Multiplayer modes are decent, but once again not great. The cutscenes are excellent though. One thing I do not understand is why Capcom does not go back to the Horror mechanics and gameplay. Thank goodness you can now move and shoot, but still we need horror. This is just way too different. I reckon if this was not a Resident Evil game I would have scored it higher, but since it is, I have to give it a 6. Dissapointing, I was really hoping for a return to the good. Expand
  80. Oct 4, 2012
    If you liked RE5 then you will love it. This game is awesome and even better when played with a friend! The reviews have been way too harsh. Do what I did. IGNORE THEM and have all out mutant zombie killing fun!
  81. Oct 13, 2012
    This game is very misunderstood. The Leon campaign alone kicks RE5's campaign's arse, whilst the other campaigns aren't on par with Leon's they don't detract from the overall game play, this is a classic case of over hype, the game is technically amazing and yes its true it isn't a return to classic survival horror its still scarier than 5 it also has better game play mechanics and is longer, people against this game are being rather silly to put it nicely. Expand
  82. Oct 3, 2012
    As a fan of the original Resident Evil's (1-3) I must say that I was actually impressed by this game. Firstly, I adore Sherry Birkin and am so happy to see her after the events of Resident Evil 2. The game as a whole, I enjoyed. The controls are smooth and responsive, the visuals are the most breath-taking I've ever seen and the plot is intriguing. I'm not sure what people aren't liking about it; sure, Resident Evil is supposed to be a 'survival-horror' game, but we must all accept that once the beta of Resident Evil 4 was scrapped, those days were over. Any true fan of the series would be happy with what they were given (granted what they were given wasn't unquestionable garbage) I enjoyed almost all the quick time events and the only thing that really 'annoyed' me about the game was that Ada seems incapable of death... I am not a fan of Call of Duty or Battlefield, nor do I play either (regularly) but I can guarantee that this game will be getting plenty of hours logged on my Xbox. Expand
  83. Oct 9, 2012
    The only thing that I could say is...: "what the fuck...?"
    Resident Evil wasn't just able to do ANY choice and create a game with 4 different gameplay, all in the wrong way. They're trying to do a copy of Resident Evil 4, Gears of War, Splinter Cell and the most present: Uncharted. These games are mixed together and Capcom is trying to do a unique game with 4 total different gameplay with
    the same elements. Nothing works. This game is unplayable and not fun at all.
    I nerver played such a bad game since "D".
    What the hell happened to you Capcom?
  84. Oct 3, 2012
    If you are looking for a survival horror game, Resident Evil 6 is not that game. Is a action game, a very bad and poor action game. Is a marketing ploy call the game Resident Evil. Buying new is a waste of money.
  85. Oct 4, 2012
    Is it a perfect game? Absolutely not. This is not a 10 in my opinion. That being said, I am having a great time playing RE6. The problem with reviews is that they don't always speak to you find favorable in a game. I almost didn't get this game because of the bad reviews, but the more positive reviews (not the 10's, though) tended to speak to what I find enjoyable.

    People are right.
    This isn't a survival horror game at its heart. Maybe I enjoy it more because I haven't been a life long fan of Resident Evil, so I didn't come in with a preconceived notion of what this game SHOULD be. There are too many quick time events and often require more speed than my feeble thumbs can muster. The camera angles frequently force you to look at something when you want to be looking at the zombie bearing down on you. Cinematics can be jarringly frequent, which can disrupt the flow of the game.

    On the other side of the coin, the visuals are well done. The quality of cinematics are solid. The animations are decent and there is an overall great polish to the visual quality. The audio quality is similarly excellent. The voice acting is on point, the overall sound effects are top notch, and there is a great ambiance persistent throughout the game. The controls aren't perfect, but they are manageable. I certainly can appreciate the greater mobility of the characters movements, like being able to move while aiming. That is a break from tradition, but sometimes you need to move forward to stay relevant. What really pushes me to give this game a more positive score is that I have fun with the game. At the end of the day, that is what is most important and is why we play games in the first place. My overall enjoyment of the game is high. I love playing co-op games and have had an absolute blast. If you play this game and had zero fun, then score it poorly. If you have fun, give it a high score! I think if you take this game as it stands alone, its a fun and solid third person shooter and I feel like my experience with it justifies an 8 out of 10.
  86. Oct 4, 2012
    This is not the Resident Evil I've been waiting for. And that's sad. I really thought that after the amazing Revelations on the 3DS they finally turned back to their origins... but they are not. RE6 story is a mess, too many QTE and even the campaign's beginning is bad rendered. Not a general introduction? How did Sherry and Jake meet? Leon's suddenly there at the right moment? What was he doing there? If the president was zombified, how has that happened? Hasn't he got bodyguards? Leon was there right? Why isn't he a zombie? Chris's scenery has too much action, and not even the good one. Only positive things is the graphic/atmosphere (especially in Leon's campaign) and maybe some of the online modes... Why can't they just follow RE: Revelations path? That was the good way :( Expand
  87. Oct 4, 2012
    The one redeeming quality... was that this came with Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica. This was absolutely terrible, and other than the character names, really had nothing to do with the Resident Evil franchise.
  88. Oct 6, 2012
    Where to start!?
    This is one of the worst game I have ever played!
    I'm a big RE fan and have played all RE games. All the aspects are so bad! I have finished Leon and almost Chris.
    Don't buy this game, specially if You are a RE fan.
  89. Oct 7, 2012
    Yep well I don't know how to say this guys, but RE6 is pretty much a perfect example of why the video game industry is falling downhill; it tries to be what it shouldn't.
    Remember the creepy atmosphere we had in RE4? The terror when you first encountered the "regenerator" in the hospital? I sure do, and RE6 threw it all trough the window and replaced them with zombies with guns. Doing
    tactics. riding vehicles. What am I even playing here? Chris/Jake campaign is an insult to the RE series. Even the campaign with Leon/WhatsHerFace doesn't offer much horror. You can punch the head off of zombies, how am I supposed to be scared when I'm a walking death machine? Cinematics represents half the game, Quick time events every god damn corners, your normal speed is running, a cross air was added along the laser sight, the story is confusing and I couldn't follow-- and where the hell did Jake Muller came from anyway? Wesker never mentioned he had a son! Puzzles are a no brainer (AKA they suck) I have so many mixed feelings about this game, its like rage, sadness and disappointment came together as one and kicked me in the balls. Expand
  90. Oct 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I can get over the gameplay changes throughout the series, even the n00b level of playing that it has become... but the one thing i cannot stand is ruining to Canon storyline. C-virus? really? magically creating everything that all the old virus's and parasites used to make? i mean seriously running through the game with Leon, only encountering Zombies. Somehow Chris and Jake never encounter a single Zombie in the same city, and only encounter J'avo (seriously c-virus made these? hmm well guess las plagas just went extinct didnt they?). This newest game completely destroys the Resident Evil story just like those crappy movies they keep making. Don't forget capcom you can re-use the T-virus, G-virus, T+G virus, the T-leeches, T-veronica virus, Weskers Virus, Progenitor Virus, T-abyss virus, and oh i dunno the 5 or 6 parasite species you introduced. When you actually look at all 7 character playthroughs. the story is short, very short, so i guess it makes sense that they were lazy and decided to make a game with Zombies and J'avo's (poor rip offs of your own mijini's and los ganados) being created with the C-virus. Oh wait i just remembered the ripoffs of left 4 dead monsters as the zombies mutations. In my opinion the games are getting lazier and lazier in their storytelling. It used to be puzzles and special items to defeat unique bosses. And if you didnt have a special poison for a plant mutation of something, you got the "you are dead" screen, until you actually figured out what to do. This whole holding your hand throughout the game, and dropping the entire story without doing any sort of special digging. Go back to survival horror capcom, and try to actually incorporate any newer releases with your classic survival horror feel. Not saying go back completely, just try to evolve the old feelings of the games into a modern game. Not turning into a shoot, smash, grab, and run game. Expand
  91. Oct 7, 2012
    Okay, What the hell happened right?
    Well first lets set somethings straight , the 0 is a protest vote I would actually give the game a rating of somewhere between 4-5 because it is a functional piece of software in the same way that if in a restaurant I was served a rotten , worm infested fish it is still technically edible and therefore "food" but I digress
    I am a longtime resident evil
    fan..played 1-3 CV 4 5 And 6.. I thought 4 was a masterpiece and loved every second of it and was a sublime blend of action and horror, 5 diluted the horror but was still a good game.. But..what the hell happened in 6?
    Its is shockingly bad..the story builds up well until the grand mystery is revealed and then..well its not even a story..It is literally " I am bad guy..rawr..i must destroy world" Lean and co: " No! we will stop you" bam there you go the entire resi 6 plot..just add in a few thousand explosions( I mean literally omg i dont think you go 1 minute in this game without an explosion you just become null to all the action after the first 30mins ).
    The shooting feels totally off ,the guns have no impact and aren't very fun to shoot. The inventory system has been totally retarded , absolutely NO gun upgrading...zombies / javo are too fast which means you have no time to line up head shots and conserve ammo, so you end up just mashing melee which is boring as hell..
    Graphics are just crap...awesome in some places but only those that were in demo footage before..all the filler areas have ps2 level textures...Boss fights suck, same guy,same boss fight..exact actual same in each campaign.
    On a plus note the voice acting and cutscenes are all amazingly well made..very impressive and kudos to whatever department was in charge of making them.. However the gameplay is just...just boring..some of the set pieces are alright..some are bland others annoying..but never ever anywhere approachable to good.
    And the last thing i must mention.. Quick time events...holy christ.. It feels like this game has more qtes than heavy rain..its insane..and there all poorly done..they dont relate to what your character is doing well so it mostly feels like " press a to continue with this cut scene "..this game may have literally killed qte's forever
    I'm really interested to see who directed this game as I cannot believe it is the same people who made the 4/5..The fact stands that as a resident evil game..with that sort of heritage it is abysmal..but even by the standards of games today it is Horrific..comparable to duke nukem forever.. the only saving grace are the cut scene's quality.. which are mostly shown in all the trailers and why I believe alot of people will be tricked into buying this crap...the actual game itself though is just terrible.
    I have no faith in the creators ability to save this series either..If something this bad could get through capcoms quality control then I will be very cautious before I buy another resi title or even capcom title
  92. Oct 9, 2012
    I am so monumentally disappointed with this game. I have been a fan of Resident Evil for years, played all the games and this is by far the worst. It doesn't even feel like a game - Chris and Jake's campaigns consist of running pointlessly from one cut-scene to the next. Playing this game is like being an extra in a poorly written movie.

    I'm giving it a 2 because the Mercenaries mode is
    not too bad. Expand
  93. Oct 9, 2012
    I just don't understand the extremely negative reception to the game, this sixth installment to the series is a very enjoyable title to be played. The game is not as exaggeratingly broken as those who hated the game had stated; the camera though close is not awful, the set pieces are amazing and the story though convoluted is interesting. My complaints are the over use of quick time events to annoyingly escape from the zombie and boss grapple holds and the long-winded and repetitive boss fights towards the end of each campaign chapter. Finally, my last complaint is that Capcom once again stupidly reduced the split screen size similar to lost planet 2 splitscreen which makes the screen split too small to enjoy playing. Negatives aside, I personally enjoyed playing this game so far and found there were genuine horror- tension during the gameplay particularly during Leon's campaign and yes even in Chris's campaign when his squad wad slowly dying gruesomely around him. Overall, this game is one of the better action games released this year
    I do understand that this game has deviated significantly from its survival horror roots since I did play resident evil 1 and 4. So i will not strongly recommend this game to the series's fans. However, for those who are interested in the action genre mixed with diluted survival horror I suggest you should try this game out.
  94. Oct 12, 2012
    And this is a Biohazard?. No way this game can be considered a biohazard. The bad reviews that this new delivery, are more than deserved. The title (Biohazard) it is too big. With next deliveries should return to the genre that made ​​this saga so famous, otherwise you will totally lose respect for Capcom.
  95. Oct 12, 2012
    True fans of this saga are the strongly criticize this new release and not those who defend it. And the explanation is simple, this new release can not be considered a "Biohazard", because it simply has no basis to be. Biohazard is characterized for being a horror title, a title of survival. That is, a survival horror and not a bad shooter with a bad control. TRADUCIDO AL ESPAÑOL: Los verdaderos fans de esta saga son los que critican duramente esta nueva entrega y nó los que la defienden. Y la explicación es bien sencilla, esta nueva entrega no puede considerarse un "Biohazard", porque sencillamente carece de las bases para poder serlo. Biohazard se caracterizaba por ser un título de terror, un título de supervivencia. Es decir, un Survival Horror y no un mal shooter con un pésimo control. Expand
  96. Oct 15, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is monotonous, boring and extremely bad gameplay. Are missing the atmosphere, exploration and puzzles of the first deliveries. Delivery is not recommended.
  97. Jan 26, 2013
    The Game is Fun. But It SUCKS. Resident Evil use to have some horror and RE 4 was its shining point. I didnt bother to play 5 or raccon because of all the bad press. Then one night friend brings over Resident Evil 6. Then i see that RE 6 SHOOTY instead of horror. Second in leon's campaign has absolutely no ammo and i had to rely on the duke nukem kicks through half of it. Third the f**king QUICK TIME EVENTS. Every five second PRESS X. The good of the game is the co op and maybe the upcoming multiplayer but RE6 gets this low score because it is so dissapointing. CAPCOM is spiraling downwards. Expand
  98. Oct 8, 2012
    The gameplay mechanics added are really good, because they have added more mobility to the characters, and now melee attacks can be performed without the need of making the opponents dizzy. But it comes with a price because you can not spam them because you have a stamina gauge below your life bar, that drains with each attack, so you have to plan your kicks and punches carefully. You can run, slide and do barrel rolls in order to avoid damage, and also you can now counter enemy attacks, which requires really good reflexes lol XD.

    There is an skill points system that is similar to the money system of RE4-5; but instead of buying or upgrading weapons you buy or upgrade skills. For example, instead of buying a bulletproof vest, you buy an skill to take less damage; and Instead of upgrading a weapon in particular in order to do more damage, you buy an skill that allows you to do more damage. Most skills can be upgraded, but cost lots skill points to do so. You can only equip 3 skill points for each skill set. At first you have only one skill set, but afterwards when you complete 1 campaign you will get access to 8 sets. Each one of them can have 3 skills, and can be swapped on the fly during gameplay, so if you think that certain area or boss requires different skills, you can equip them without a problem. But remember that in order to access the 8 skills, you need to finish 1 campaign first.

    During some events there are QTEs, which I think are quite unnecessary, but they last a small amount of time, so for me they did not bring down the gameplay. There are other kind of QTEs, like when a zombie grabs you, and you need kick him in the face so he stops biting you lol XD. I think those fit the gameplay well.

    Oh, and in case you did not know; this game is hard XD.

    You have at first 3 campaigns to choose from with their respective hero: Leon, Chris, and Jake. I think that is the biggest strength of the game, and also it is where most of the weak points are. The 3 campaigns are quite different from each other, which is not a bad thing; but it is kind of bad when they all have different gameplay focus. The gameplay mechanics seem to have been elaborated around Leon´s campaign, and that makes it look like that Leon story is the MAIN story while the other 2 are some kind of bonus....a lengthy bonus. Now this may sound really bad for the game, but that is not the case; I say this because Leon campaign is the best of the 3, it last between 7-8 hours to complete; so for me as a fan it justifies the $60. It is a mix of RE4 and old RE games.

    I think that they should have made the Leon campaign longer, and make it THE MAIN CAMPAIGN of the game, and once you clear it, you are able to access Chris and Jake story. Kind of separate ways and desperate escape, but much bigger. And once the 3 are completed you could access Ada´s campaign.

    Treat the game as if it only has at first the Leon´s campaign available. It begins slow the first half hour, but after that it picks up the pace, and it is really good. And if you play it in co-op it is a blast. One of the most enjoyable experiences I have had during a game. I says this, because the gameplay mechanics dont fit really well Chris, and Jakes campaign. They are enjoyable once you get used to the gameplay focus of each campaign; but Leon campaign is simply the best. Ada´s campaign is also great.

    I recommend you to play a campaign first and once you want to play other one do so, but dont back and forth jump between them because they are very different.

    I think that if reviewers would have played the other 2 campaigns as a bonus, (after they completed Leon´s campaign) instead of playing them as the main thing offered in the game they would have rate it way better.

    Also I think that the camera should be further. They have added gameplay mechanics that add more mobility, but due to the fact that the stages are bigger, zombies can attack from anywhere, so you still can not dodge them. It would be better to have the camera further away (like in Uncharted) in order to have a better look of the surroundings.

    TIP: Change camera settings from 5 to 1. The game is really awesome and every RE fan must play it. It deserves an 8.5/10, but I am rating it a 10/10 because of the haters here that have not even played the game rate it 0/10.
  99. Oct 3, 2012
    This game isn't so bad that it deserves such a low user score. However, it's still probably the worst game in the core Resident Evil series. There is no horror to be had here, and the gruesome elements such as disembodied monsters, blood leaking everywhere and slimy monsters don't really have the effect that they had years ago as we've all been desensitised by it over the years.

    As for
    the actual gameplay, it's very rigid, the characters are very one-dimensional (I feel no compassion for any of the characters and I feel no threat or fear from any of the enemies), and the quick-time events (QTEs) are almost as common as the ones you'd find in a game like Heavy Rain (and that game was JUST a bunch of QTEs). However it's still quite fun shooting your way through the levels, it's just a shame there is barely any atmosphere or interactivity. The graphics are disappointing. Some textures are downright ridiculous, and makes the game feel as if it was rushed. The game in general has an unfinished feel about it.

    It's a shame, as Resident Evil 5 actually felt like it had some substance, you had more control over your abilities and there was actually a couple of reasons to wander off in the levels. Here, there is nothing like that. There are some abilities you can enhance your character with but to be honest it's not the same as being able to upgrade your weapons selectively. I'm sure you've already made your conclusion about the game already, but as a person who's played all of the core Resident Evil games since the first one on the Sega Saturn, I'd say it's a pretty good game in general, but as a Resident Evil fan I'm massively disappointed.
  100. Oct 7, 2012
    All ive got to say is that this is probably one of the most dissopinting games in video game history.This game is pretty much a wannabe left 4 dead.Remember the old resident evils where it was a total pain in the butt to find things you needed to shoot and stuff.This is pretty much a left 4 dead but lfd was meant to be a type of run an gun game but resident evil was meant to be a survival horror.If you bought it and finshed it you better go get your money back and save it for borderlands or something. Expand
  101. Oct 3, 2012
    Ok. First of all, I want to address all of those people who gave this game a 0. Probably the same people who gave mass effect 3 a 0. Have you ever played a "bad" game before? Or, if you are just longing for a game that is "just like" its originals then buy a PS1. Seriously, the graphics are good. The sounds are good, and once you get used to the new control schemes, it plays fairly smooth. If game has any positive traits to it, then a someone that has any game knowledge whatsoever would never give it a 0 rating. The story in the game so far seems to just as amazing as any other resident evil game. Of course the originals were the best, but let's move on guys. Let's focus on the now, and stop wanting to replay the past. This game deserves way more credit than it has received. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 71 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 71
  2. Negative: 7 out of 71
  1. Nov 6, 2012
    The game has some stumbling moments, but it is worth sticking it out. With the franchise changing over time it has lost a lot of what originally defined Resident Evil to us all.
  2. 70
    This new Resident Evil installment has definitely abandoned the survival horror genre and has moved into the crowded field of action shooters. [Nov 2012]
  3. Oct 27, 2012
    A varied and challenging game that continues the series' evolution into action territory. IT can be incredibly frustrating at times, but also very rewarding when you finally overcome the many challenges it puts you through.