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  1. Oct 24, 2012
    I hate to say this -- I truly do -- but Resident Evil 6 is without a doubt the worst Resident Evil game I've ever played, and considering how every modern title besides Revelations has been pretty lackluster, that's nothing like saying it's the worst Mario or Zelda game I've played. What shocked me was that there were elements left unrefined that I would never have expected to be so. Even the controls felt unfinished in this game. It's not that they don't function properly, it's just that it feels like the characters warp through space. This doesn't happen in any other Resident Evil game. In every other title in the franchise, it feels like the characters are firmly grounded and move accordingly. Movements just feel so shoddy and unpolished in this game, and that's just unacceptable for any video game period.

    Everything else in this game is just as bad, if not worse. The QTE's are murder, the enemy AI is pathetic, the inventory is a mess, weapon upgrades are useless and a pain to manage, melee strikes make you practically invincible, and the plot lacks any sense of direction. Just to name SOME of the issues with this game. I don't know how Capcom managed to produce such a bastardization of a Resident Evil game, but I do know that if they don't bounce back from this, they'll have lost every ounce of respect from me as not only a gamer but as a human being. This entire game was just an insult to play.
  2. Oct 8, 2012
    One thing is clear; Resident Evil is no longer a Survival Horror series. I, like many other original fans, had hoped RE5 was a failed experiment and that RE6 would return to the franchise's roots. RE6, however, crushed those hopes. Classic Resident Evil is built around a dark and foreboding atmosphere, traps, puzzles, intriguing boss fights, and legitimate zombie scares. Those games made you think on how best to approach all situations. You had to figure out how to defeat bosses, what keys you needed and how to find them, and how to solve complex puzzles. You also have to conserve ammunition, which made the game more about intellect and resourcefulness, and less about action action action....

    RE6 has puzzles, but they are either ridiculously simple or incredibly unintuitive. Keys? What use are they if you can almost always just kick down a door. Traps? Please. This is an action game hell bent on pushing you FORWARD, never retracing your steps. Scary zombies? First of all, I'm not sure what you'd call these things. Some look like mummies, others are apparently intelligent and can fire weapons at you. Some resemble the las plagas from RE4, which means they look like a random assortment of tentacles attached to a moving mass of cat turds and raw sewage. Boss fights are about what you'd expect. Human-being like things erupt out of their human skin into something the size of a 747 and have yellowish-orange glowing spots that say "hit me here, 500 times, or just keep shooting and I'll die eventually". Quicktime events, my favorite gaming device ever, are back in full force. At least they're easier to catch than in RE5.

    What did I like about this game? The story was fairly solid, and I enjoyed being able to play from 3 different perspectives and as 6 separate characters. The scenery is diverse and enjoyable, even if it lacks the depth of previous RE games. There are some cool melee animations, and an assortment of weapons. What else did I not like? The inventory system sucks. And it's different for each campaign. Using an herb is easy enough IF you've placed your herbs in the container that allows you to hit one button and heal yourself. First Aid sprays? I had to look up online how to use them, which is total nonsense. And, for whatever reason, Leon couldn't seem to use them at all during the final boss fight. I'm not sure why...Final boss fight in Leon's campaign is probably the most annoying and frustrating boss fight ever, period. I couldn't beat the final boss a computer-controlled Helena because she's so inept and ineffective, so definitely play online with a human as your #2. The game's not so bad if you consider it strictly action. I, however, expect more from a game with "Resident Evil" in the title.
  3. Oct 4, 2012
    First off what the hell!! Why does this game have a user score of 0.6. This is why user reviews are not reliable. First thing is Resident Evil 6 is a very good game. One thing it isnt is scary but you know what who cares? Resident Evil 4 and 5 were about as scary as a couple of unicorns. I didnt even think dead space 2 was scary but one thing this game is is really freaking fun. The gameplay in this game is so drastically improved its ridiculous,no longer are this slow ass character with tank controls,now your a complete and toatal badass popping bullets and dishing out cool melee attacks to zombies. Now you can slide,walk and shoot, turn 360 degrees in way that feels natural, perform melee attacks at will,and you can even dual weild with leon. Eveyone said this game has three campains but you actaully get four so yea. Since their are four different stories this game is a enourmous time sink. And every campaign is completely different. This game is awesome and a blast to play its just so frusterating that people are giving it sh*t scores for stupid reasons. This game is the best in the seiries and you wont waste your money buying it. Expand
  4. Oct 8, 2012
    An epic action-game with it's own identity set in the world of Resident Evil. It features co-op just like Resident Evil 5 but they game works well to play it alone. The story is divided in 4 campaigns (one has to be unlocked) and the way they tell the story actually manages to get you sucked in. There is always something you want to shed light on in the story, questions that need answers etc, so you continue playing because of this. The bossfights are great and the J'avo are funny enemies. The zombies however, seem a bit uninspired and reminds you more of L4D rather than Resident Evil. The game isn't scary... except when it comes to one enemy IMO, the Raskaplanje, a regenerator-looking monster that is even more horrorfying to look at. Other than that, it is the action we have come to know from RE4, but improved. All the characters except Piers and Helena are interesting for fans that have followed the series a long time, as we have come to know them from several games before. Yeah, I really liked this game a lot. I've had some crazy fun moments with this game and I'm going to keep on playing it as there are still some stuff to look forward to. Expand
  5. Oct 2, 2012
    The game has really lost it's charm and what it once was, and it's okay for sequels to strive of their original style, the Resident Evil 5 direction was a bold one. Yet, it worked, maybe not flawlessly but it was acceptable. This is just a shooter with "zombies", I won't lie, it is quite disappointing. The gameplay is clunky and the graphics look like a step back for some odd reason. Pre-ordered it, got it, now I want to sell it Expand
  6. Jan 26, 2013
    WHY CAPCOM? WHHYYYY? This is another one of my Favorite franchises butchered like a pig in front of my eyes. This is Resident Evil trying to be like a big budget shooter. Capcom just threw different aspects of action games together and expected them to fit. CAPCOM instead of building on this formula take 2 steps back. It'll benefit everyone.
  7. Oct 3, 2012
    Yes we understand that if game developers implemented every thing we the fans wanted the game itself might not turn out too great. However like resident evil 5 resident 6 made a huge left turn,turning a survival horror franchise into a non challenging linear game. Am I saying Resident evil 6 is a bad game no i just don't think the series deserves to call itself Resident Evil anymore
  8. Oct 4, 2012
    The fact that so many people are giving this a 0 out of 10 shows how irrational Resident Evil fans are. If you're giving this game a 0 out of 10, you're just flat out spoiled and whiny. This is an opinion coming from somebody whose favorite video game series is Mega Man. Someone who loves Resident Evil, Phoenix Wright, Power Stone, Rival Schools, Street Fighter, Dead Rising, Marvel vs Capcom. All of it. I've been a fan of Capcom for like, 20 years ever since I was a little kid with my NES and SNES. As somebody who is actually playing this game and giving it a real chance, there are no words. Resident Evil fans are delusional. It has NEVER been the scariest game series out there, all it ever did was help make the style popular. The Resident Evil series has working its way toward this for a decade. Resident Evil has been gradually more and more similar to a blockbuster action movie ever since the second game. You people honestly think starting the game by crashing a car into a giant fire pit is frightening? You think the gigantic bosses, rocket launchers and explosions are the sign of a game that's trying to frighten you? Resident Evil would have gone this way sooner if technology had allowed it. Capcom tried to make a pure action game with Dino Crisis 2. They quickly learned the PS1 wasn't capable of it and kept making traditional Resident Evil games. As soon as the PS2 came out one of the first games the company released was Devil May Cry. That game was ORIGINALLY going to be Resident Evil 4, but became its own series. After that we got Resident Evil 4 as we know it today, and it's an action game. Fans need to stop crying and believing they're being betrayed. If you want a "true" Resident Evil experience the only one that exists is the original from 1996. This is a solid and extremely long action game with amazing graphics, cool environments and decent 3rd person shooting gameplay. It's also one of the only decent games out there that allows 2 player split screen, and there will be a lot of people who love it for the sake of being able to play with their friends. I'm only sad that the Resident Evil series doesn't feature any kind of puzzles anymore, but I'm also smart enough to realize that if I want that I have the older games to play. I still play the original from time to time. I know how to appreciate what I already have. I'd give this game a 7 out of 10 myself. Because I can use my brain. Thank you. Expand
  9. Oct 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Complete rubbish and 30+ plus hours I'lll never get back, resident evil 6 it a testament to NOT what to do when making video games regardless of genre or pedigree. Clunky controls and more quick time events than human beings on this earth, the convoluted story and broken gameplay mechanics make 2006's Sonic the hedgehog look like sega knew what they were actually doing. This title my friends represents the DOWNFALL of the gaming industry and any quality associated with it. Positives would be you could burn this disc in a pile for heat during those cold winter months. Expand
  10. Oct 8, 2012
    This has to be the worst Resident Evil ever released in the canon. See I don't really care that all the magic and horror is gone, I could enjoy a decent third person shooter. However, this game is so blatantly generic and bad it's impossible to like it. The game deserves a 0 because it's more frustrating than fun. Basically the QTEs is what's ruining it.
  11. Oct 8, 2012
    Resident evil just keeps getting bigger and bigger, if not always better. RE 6 stumbles a little, but for the most part it is an enjoyable experience. Having 3 main campaigns (plus a bonus one) is definitely not the norm for this generation, but the idea completely pays off. If you enjoyed RE 5, you'll like this one as well.
  12. Oct 8, 2012
    Very good game but I have to admit that Resident Evil has switched from survival-horror to action-adventure in 95%, which is with what most of the true Resident Evil fans are angry, including me, but the game leaving aside minor flaws, it's very good.
  13. Oct 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. RE 6 really sucks, i mean this game that they call RE 6 is awfull. Capcom didnt have the balls to change the name of the game cuz they have no criativity at all. I am very disapointed. I was expecting the game of the year, but instead i got the worse RE game ever. The game is a movie. Just a lot of bullshi* with some good old fashioned zombies. And by the way, what da fuc* is that when you kill a zombie and it just evaporates or just go undergound. WHAAAT?? The game have good controls and mechanics thou, but its suckness overcomes the good stuff about the game. DONT BUY IT! Expand
  14. Oct 8, 2012
    To all you butt hurt people that were expecting a RE 1/4 HD version in a modren jacket go F*** yourself ! if your hating this game for that reason your ignorant and just straight up stupid. I can agree on the fact that we (RE players from the 1st game) are not liking the direction this franchise is taking ATM. but with the old stript away your left with a great action horror game. I as a true old school RE fan enjoyed playing this game from start to finish. the only thing that maybe was a bit of was the camera view at some points and that was it. all in all I would give this game a 7.8 out of 10 but because of all the blind people I'm forced to give it a 10. Expand
  15. Oct 8, 2012
    God this game is shocking. Many people have said it and I am going to say it too. Waste of money. This is not a horror game but a poor shoot them up/ action game when there is so many other good games in this category out there to buy that a far worthy of money spent on them. When you put res evil 6 side by side with them, this game is crappy that looks and feels as if it was designed years ago. The story and game play is bland and boring and and all blurs into on another. You just want it to end. The game can be played on cruise control. Not a satisfactory ending either. O the zombies magically dissolve into the ground too ........ and humans transform into T rex, scorpions and transform back again. If I want to play transformers I will buy that game. This game tries to be everything to everyone and trust me, it falls far short in all areas. Horror, shooting, action, story, graphics. game play, all well below acceptable standards. They only have the main characters back to fool people into trying to invest in their stories. The c virus is laughable with what it does.

    I wish I had spent my money on something else. Please anyone who reads this wait for a massive price drop and a apology from Capcom for making you go through the torture of playing it. You fooled me this time Capcom, let's see will you fool me into buying res evil 7 early next time. Answer is no.
  16. Oct 9, 2012
    (-1)Skill points are my only concern in this title. Its a broke ass joke. 1st day the game was out people where modding there skill points. The first freaking day. Are you freaking kidding me?!?! C'mon if you need to mod a game just to beat it, you people are a sad lot. And for the Idiots who gave this game a crap score, because it wasn't a true survival horror game, go play amnesia. The genre itself is a dying breed. Survival horror games now are too predictable. so 'what did capcom do'? you may ask. The evolved there game to what it needed to be. Action. and lots of it. 'You want it to be the way it was'... How about NO. if you want those kind of games you should have kept the original games and play em to the point of boredom. The Title took three years to make. Capcom itself asked fellow gamers what it needed and this is what they got. a great game. true that the game itself was a little short, and could have been two discs. But it isn't the last. There are more RE titles coming. Now for the (+) about his game. The voice work for the game was phenomenal. You felt emotion unlike there previous titles 2,3,and 4. The SCORE or soundtrack was pretty good. The visuals were spectacular. Zombies have evolved. didn't care too much for the J'avo C-Virus mess with Chris and Piers. All in all the games campaigns were solid. Co-Op is the new thing. But play with a friend, Not some idiot that just joined your game. And finally the Story was gripping. That's it for me. Expand
  17. Oct 9, 2012
    Giving this a 10 to counter balance the ridiculous reviews this seems to be getting. Just finished playing all the campaigns and the game is a solid "8". If Resident Evil never existed as a franchise, and this game came out as a fresh IP, the game would get stellar reviews. Anyone who is a fan of the original RE series have tainted a great experience. Great characters and story, enjoyable game-play, great graphics. Expand
  18. Oct 9, 2012
    I just finished Leon's campaign on veteran, total time for 5 chapters +- 13 hours. I had a freakin blast!! I Honestly dont know what the majority's problem with the game is.Yes the game's got the horror aspect, to those who think think the opposite, you probably dont know the meaning of the word horror. RE6 is for sure better than RE5 not as good as RE4.Cant really compare RE1 and RE2 with RE6 its like comparing C&C with Starcraft 2,With two campaigns remaining, I guess add another 20 hours to complete both campaigns and you got a game that gives +- 30-40 hours of gameplay and that is for SP only, a very rare sight nowadays with most games. Maybe I'm just lucky not to feel I have wasted my money, Expand
  19. Nov 13, 2012
    I loved Resident evil 1-4! This latest installment is a stain on a great series. Why Capcom! why have you forgotten the fans that made you... 4 /10 is generous and is only because the game in payable and not broken.
  20. Nov 27, 2012
    the game lost its fame and glory from Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City but this game is not resident evil is a bad combination of uncharted, left for dead and silent hill
  21. Dec 15, 2012
    NO FEAR NO RESIDENT. Crapcom keeps finding ways to make RE worst, if you're a old resident evil fan you won't find much here and if you're looking a for a good third person shooter you should look elsewhere too.
  22. Dec 16, 2012
  23. Jan 15, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 is monotonous, boring and extremely bad gameplay. Are missing the atmosphere, exploration and puzzles of the first deliveries. Delivery is not recommended.
  24. Oct 10, 2012
    What could I say that hasn't been said already....RE6 is a piece of **** That about sums it up. The game tries to throw in every modern game cliche and convention in the desperate hope of appealing to everyone, but is so unpolished and poorly designed that it cannot pull of anything well. Even if you can forget about the title and look at it as just another action third person shooter there is just nothing to see here that can't be found (and done much better) in any number of other games out there. It's just so ham fisted and poorly executed that I honestly wonder if anyone play tested it before release. Expand
  25. Oct 8, 2012
    I read all the criticism, and bought the game anyway believing it couldn't be THAT bad... Now, I want my $60 back.

    The Resident Evil franchise has turned into a lackluster and at times broken 3rd person shooter. Couple that with frustrating melee combat, cheap deaths that make NO logical sense (hit by a train while 40 feet away from the tracks?) , and just plain old bizarre creatures
    that awkwardly run down hallways and bump into you or fly around getting caught on invisible walls. For me, it was just unplayable. Expand
  26. Oct 16, 2012
    With a fantastic story, memorable characters, exhilarating set pieces, and a masterful blend of all the best elements found in previous iterations of the franchise, Resident Evil 6 delivers an unforgettable experience which every fan of the series ought to partake in.
  27. Oct 10, 2012
    LOOK what have done to BIO HAZARD, Capcom!!!
    Having been a fan of the series for over a decade, I had a bad feeling when I first played BH5, an obvious change of direction after 4, which was a master piece but a game which arguably changed the foundational elements: horror and helplessness which defined the original Bio Hazard.
    Now this: a utterly unoriginal, ego-packed mess of COD
    action and frustrating fighter.
    Even as a GAME it fails to be accessible and rewarding, relying solely on harvesting fans's emotional attachment to the high polygon version of the character they have grew to care about.
    In one word, AVOID.
  28. Dec 21, 2012
    Awful game. Another one stitched together by overlong and boring cut scenes that dont enhance the game. Press A press B etc do dodge things when they tell you. Not horror survival, not first person shooter just an awful outside corridoors type of action game ........with very little action or game. I think they should have just made a movie as this is what the game appears to be trying to be.
    I didnt believe the low scores before i bought this game but i do now!
  29. Oct 6, 2012
    One of the worst game I ever played, I could play even 15 minutes... ruined good series
    I will never ever ever buy game published by Capcom. Worst money I spend.
  30. Jan 27, 2013
    In my eyes, with RE5 and 6, Capcom completely whored out their Resident Evil franchise to make money, damaging their high reputation of beeing able to deliver awesome horror/survival games. This mess called Resident Evil 6 is the logic consequence of people buying the mess that Resident Evil 5 already was. Just really makes me wonder how RE7 will look like. Imho they can either go back to horror and survival, or finally kill their franchise with an even more dumbed down action game. Expand
  31. Oct 5, 2012
    This is without a doubt the most disappointing game of 2012 I played Leon´s campaign and it was fine, the zombies are back, you see chaos around the city, and some of the environments are dark and lonely but the rest of the games it sucks. Chris campaign is horrible the enemies in his campaign are mutated SOLDIERS..... WHAT?! the literally turned RE into a mediocre version of Ghost Recon with mutated soldiers that carry around machineguns and sniper rifle that campaign. is so boring and so repetitive it´s not even worth to play it for 5 minutes. Jake campaign does nothing special the enemies are the same mutated soldiers that appear in Chris campaign. This game was supposed to be the biggest RE of all but instead it turned out to be disappointing the only 2 good things about RE6 is Leon campaign and the mercenaries mode with zombies. If you want to play a good RE game that combines perfectly action and horror get RE, hell even RE revelations is better than this. Expand
  32. Dec 22, 2012
    Don't believe any positive reviews you read about this game. Everything that made previous Resident Evil games successful has been done away with. There is no horror element in this game, the camera angle is awful, the only attack you need is melee and the action element is WAY too heavy. Capcom really hurt their reputation with this game. I rented the game and returned it the same day. Stay away from this game. It truly is awful. Expand
  33. Nov 13, 2012
    As a fan of RE I realy wanted to love this game, but unfortunetly, I could not. It's boring. Most of the time it feels like a chore rather than fun. The camera and movement controls are poor. The inventory, healing, weapon aim and weapons in general leave much to be desired. It looks good and there are some enjoyable moments, but as a whole, it feels like a game without identity. I guess that is what happens when you try and please everybody. Overall I am very dissapointed, and would not recomend this. Expand
  34. Oct 13, 2012
    I don't get why people hate this game so much.Just because its action-packed game?Come on,that was long time ago RE 4 and 5 dont have any horror aspect either.Overall the game is good , I think this game way much better than Resident evil 5
  35. Oct 5, 2012
    Sigh...If you check those new reviewers who give RE6 a 10 at Oct. 5 named : RedLord, Jesus_Drake, Moongle Fan, Brazilian_Fan, Bono_Box, and Lopez_Show2. You will find out all 6 of them give the same score for same game on both game console. Then you get somebody named like triumphant 444 and triumphant 222. These reviews can only make RE6 looks good but can't fix RE6's problems on camera, menu, unbalanced combat system and too much QTEs. Yes, the game is kind of fun on the story line but you get to feel that pleasure after 20 hours. And before that, it's bad design is really annoying and you can see the factors from other action games, which can't make you feel excited to play this game Expand
  36. Oct 2, 2012
    This is the first time I have seen a metacritic score so incredibly, mind bogglingly low, that the only explanation is that there is a cult of people on facebook dedicated to getting their way into the Guinness book of world records. Seriously though, I played a bit of this game, it looks awesome, and while the quicktime pissed me off the zombie shooting is, well, zombie shooting. And the whole epic, macho zombie apocalypse atmosphere that the movies have done so well seems to have found its way into the game, and I can't say that's necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the main reason I didn't like it is I had no idea what was going on, because I have played none, yes none, of the other games. And for the record, I really hope that they work more of the Wizard of Oz into the RE franchise.
    And you only need to look as far as the usernames of some of the downvoters to see they are kinda sorta only messing with you. ResidentEvil992, Trololool, qwertyz.
  37. Oct 10, 2012
    Great game! Resident evil 6 has some problems, the cover system is horrible, there are too many explosions, sometimes the camera suffers from bad positioning, but.. hey resident evil 1,2, and 3 are not perfect, the gameplay in those games were frustating too... ok resident evil 6 lost the charm, the survivor horror elements but this not prevent for being a good game. this are some qualities: Great graphics, 30 HOURS, 4 differents campaigns, 7 playable characters, great monsters to fight, great variety in gameplay drive a car, a motorbike, swim, fly a jet, Q.T.E. In my opinion buy this game Expand
  38. Feb 9, 2013
    there note 3/10, much less average 67/100. If there is, it means that the graph is 3/10, the game-play is 4/10, and was made ​​an average 67/100, one word: incompetence. These reviewers do not know how to recognize the best and worst of the game, if something is bad, they think everything is bad, but it is not. RE 6 is a game of ups and downs which is a must for fans of the franchise, where you're reading, you may not have liked the game, fine, but to say that the game is bad? Be man grows better: make a game better than the RE 6, to be able say that the game is bad! Expand
  39. Mar 11, 2013
    Don't listen to the blind fanboys, this game sux hard, it look like a PSP game ported to HD consoles, the gameplay is awful, just look to THE LAST OF US and you will see a real sorvivor game, keep your money for a better games, if you buy it Crapcom will kill the next games, and RE7 will suck even harder than this mess;)
  40. Oct 7, 2012
    I was excited for RE6, and it really let me down. It's way better than 5, but that's not saying too much. Leon's campaign was by far the best, but it failed to capture everything I loved about RE4. Overall I feel like the main problem is RE is stuck in the middle of two genres. It's trying to push toward being an action game, but still hangs on to some of its survival horror roots. This just ends up being a disaster. I found a lot in Chris' campaign that I'd be faced with a ton of enemies, but ammo would be far too scarce for an action game.
    The story was heading in the right direction, but the endings left me dissatisfied. Overall the game was filled with problems: repetitive boss fights, low ammo, too many QTEs, and a few ridiculous story scenes. But that doesn't mean it isn't totally worth passing by. My recommendation: if you liked RE 4 and/or 5, play through the story with infinite ammo on, and just have some mindless fun and see the story, then finish up with some mercenaries. Otherwise, if you we're hoping for a survival horror game, just pass it by, and hope that Capcom learns from its mistakes.
  41. Oct 8, 2012
    I am a huge Resident Evil fan and I have played every single game, 4 being my favorite. I read a lot of ratings on here and couldn't believe them until I played the game myself. I just completed all the campaigns. What a beautiful game ruined by random frustrating button mashing and jittery movements. I base my rating solely on the game play and the frustration that comes with it. I think the story line is solid and the creatures in the game are probably some of the best Resident Evil monsters I've ever seen but good lord is this game frustrating to play. My advice to all Resident Evil fans is wait to buy this till its twenty bucks or if you have it handed to you for free. Other than that don't waste your time or money on this game. This installment is almost as bad as Operation Racoon City. Expand
  42. Oct 7, 2012
    It feels like whoever made this game never played it themselves or played anyother game that has come out in the last 5 years. The game is just so frustrating, especially if you want to play split screen. First off if you want to play the game you must do this dumb prologue, which does not teach you the controls or in anyway prepare you to play the game. Now this dose not sound too bad but if your playing with two people then if the second player wants to change their perks they must go through it. Then if you want to change your perks the first player must sign out and then have the second player go through the menus, then sign back in. It also sucks that there is only one mutiplayer map and if you want to play the others you must beat 2 campaigns, thats like 10 hours just to unlock a new map. There are so many other things which just suck, when your split screen friend dies you must watch them fall to the ground on your screen and cant see what your player is doing. The bosses have weak points but good luck trying to find them without looking it up online or dying. The game gives absolutely no back story, I have no idea whats going on, and the more I play the less I care. The settings and enemies are just so ridiculous and boring (shark, dinosaur, snake, fly). The cover system is pathetic, and has absolutely no use.

    The mercenaries mode is really fun tho.
  43. Oct 9, 2012
    Capcom has officially committed seppuku. Japan is usually only one thing: Beautiful. All other countries besides France and Italy are more function vs. beauty, but anything out of Japan is both Beauty and fun, with an emphasis on beauty. Which is why all of their Resident Evil games were great. They were beautiful in story and in appearance, and in spirit, but now they are just drugged up whores that are bruised and pushed by their pimps. That is what happens when the money starts to hurt. Japan's Capcom has turned it's beautiful flowers into drug pushing street hookers that have turned ugly. You can still make good creations when money is tight. I remember I was in a japanese museum that had an artistic box created out of rope and red wax by a prisoner for 20 years and it was beautiful. It just takes care, not money. RE6 is just careless. It was such a traumatizing experience that I was careless at work and ended up losing my job last week. I was so distraught that my favorite series has turned so bad that I lost my job... The game has nothing that makes sense. The whole game feels very uncomfortable, from the lighting to the artwork, to the sounds, to every choice of the game. It is a very disjointed game. And I am glad I rented it for $2 at redbox as opposed to actually buying my pre-ordered copy at gamestop. Expand
  44. Oct 10, 2012
    Yeah ok, we all got it: it's not the Resident Evil that we came to appreciate and love back in the 90s. I'd like the thinking people to get over the QQ of all the fanboys and actually give this game a try.
    Mind you, it's not the best game ever made, much less the best Resident Evil ever made: the controls take a while to get used to, especially if you still have your brain set on RE4-5,
    but it gets better after playing a bit. The whole story and atmosphere has moved from the horror genre to a more action packed game style, which is not really a problem, as the feel of your typical RE is still there. Everything is faster, easier, more on par with today's shooters (yes, you can finally STRAFE AND DODGE). If the AI partner in RE5 made you want to pull your own eyes out, this time the bot controlled partner is there but not really there: doesn't get in the way, has his/her own ammo, doesn't require healing, doesn't spam his/her healings on you, and is actually very helpful instead of being a pure pain in the butt.

    Now, the bad sides of the game: the main menu is poor in design and really not intuitive. Playing a local co-op can be a very frustrating experience, both because it takes a while to figure out how to actually do it, and also because the local split-screen is a complete mess. To keep the aspect ratio, you're forced to play in two tiny little windows with tons of blank space on the sides and there's no way to fix it. You're given the opportunity to play with unlimited ammo on the get-go, and while it's completely optional, it made me think "Kids these days want everything handed over to them". There is a cover system in the game, like leaning on a wall and peeking out to shoot, but it's extremely sloppy and unresponsive: most of the times it doesn't work or it isn't necessary, since the zombies with a form of ranged attack are few in between. I'm guessing it'll be more useful if there's any form of player versus player, but considering how hard it is to make your character stick to a wall, I doubt this feature will be of any use.

    Cutting the crap: I give this game a 7. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good. I enjoy the characters, the skill system, the general feel of the game, the action. Don't listen to the people QQing and give it a try. All in all, it's a solid game.
  45. Oct 11, 2012
    Basically is a COD in third-person with with Uncharted elements with zombies. There is no survival aspects in this game. You can waste your bullets, your herbs. There's no challenge. It's a really bad game.
  46. Oct 15, 2012
    First comment that RE6 (like most recent deliveries) should not have been included in the main series (numerical), and not at all like the first title, it's a totally different game. THE RESIDENT EVIL SERIES WAS CHARACTERIZED FROM THE BEGINNING, BEING A SURVIVAL HORROR AND SHOULD HAVE REMAINED SO. THE TURNING INTO A SHOOTER, SHOWS A LACK OF TACT AND RESPECT FOR EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWED THIS SERIES SINCE ITS INCEPTION.
    Focusing on this latest installment (Resident Evil 6), besides denying the genre that gave it life, can not even be considered a good game in its genre now (shooter). Where we have gameplay that is pitiful and a camera that lets you sold on more than one occasion, these aspects were forgivable at the time of the first chapters and more so considering the genre. But they can not forgive in current times less in the case of a genus (shooter) in which it is essential to good control and a camera chord.
    Other negatives of note would be ... that there is little exploration, the few puzzles that give no shame, the atmosphere does not compare to that of the first titles and nowhere near the argument seems a bad joke with many inconsistencies.The only good thing to note would be the length, but of little use if the content offered is bad and boring. All this would leave us empty and soulless game.
  47. Oct 16, 2012
    After trying this at Redbox, I am so glad I didn't buy it. I had to go back and play RE5 after this, to remember what a decent RE5 game was like. Alas, the days of good games are gone, like Unreal Tournament, Half Life, Perfect Dark, and RE 1 and 2. How I miss those days...sob.
  48. Oct 27, 2012
    This game isn't about horror, it is a f*king dudgery! You have to labour through a mess to another mess, an inch by an inch while trying to figure out the convoluted controls, sometimes you wish to rather use your teeth, and then out of nowhere you died in most helpless fashion because the camera is so clunky.

    Upon finishing every chapter, you feel no accomplishment, but bitter, anger,
    dizziness, and exhaustion. This game literately made me dust off my gamecube and play RE4 again.Jesus Capcom, what the hell were you thinking? Expand
  49. Oct 29, 2012
    If this game was under a different title I would give it 5/10 as it is a pretty mediocre third person shooter, but I think it is unfair of Capcom for trying to cash in on the success of a once great survival horror game by trying to trick people into thinking that this bland corridor-shooter has anything to do with the previous games other than a few plot references. I was a die-hard resident evil fan in the past, I will not be spending any more money on this series now that it is in generic shooter territory. Expand
  50. Dec 12, 2012
    Ein gutes action Spiel, aber ein schlechtes Resident Evil. Enttäuschender Teil.
    A good action game, but a bad Resident Evil. Disappointing part of the game series.
  51. Feb 15, 2013
    great cod clone! better zombies,guns and action... but cod has more and better horror scenes. its a cod clone without horror ;D
  52. Dec 28, 2012
    I have only tried the DEMO version so far, but then again, it satisfied me more than the past games when I first played them. Resident Evil 6 is a totally new game that will entertain gamers even if they've never played a Resident Evil game before.
  53. Feb 5, 2013
    The only game in existence that I have ever played that actually makes the recent Call Of Duty games look, well, good, in comparison. I can't comprehend as to how people would give this game a 9 or a 10!. I believe that it honestly deserves a 0, it's one of the very few games that I would give this review score, because it has no redeemable qualities.

    The First thing wrong with the
    game is the utterly ridiculous, broken gameplay. It is very obvious Capcom was trying to combine many things generally considered good or likable, such as TPcover (broken) or Co-op (useless pointless). The end result is a game with a confused identity, allowing the player to perform many actions mixing up gameplay elements which would've been a complete game it their own right, failing to deliver on each aspect of gameplay, leading to very terrible, broken gameplay mechanics. Gameplay for all 3 campaigns is the same, believe it or not, the same, just put in a different atmosphere environment. Even as a generic shooter, this game fails to deliver. I'm not critisizing the gameplay because it drifts away from RE. But even if this game did not carry the RE name. It is still terrible gameplay, would probably get around a 20 some score on this website. Lower than Suvivor!!!!
    It is clear Capcom tried to make the game more like left 4 dead with the co-op guantlet style play. Co-op is simply opening doors together. There isn't any kind of teamwork neccessary or even avaliable besides that. It fails even as a zombie shooter, poor balancing issues found in ORC make a return, leading to very minimal fun from shooting zombies.

    The other main problem that I will mention is the complete lack of atmosphere. Many people who game the game a good review say that the leon campaign felt very RE like, with the zombies all. I'm here to tell you that's not true, the leon campaign is also the basis of a blockbuster horror movie, involving nothing but shooting zombies. Sure the Chris campaign is like a michael bay film, but the Leon one is like a blockbuster zombie film. Like RE Apocalypse if you will.

    I don't usually tend to give games 0's. Only if they lack any kind of redeemability what so ever. RE also suffers from a complete lack of presentation story progression, very little plot or character devlopment, awful controls, an awful camera. It really is terrible, even as a co-op game, character bonding is at a minimal. I am not inpressed.

    Review score: 4/100
  54. Mar 7, 2013
    Ill skip over a lot of what's been said and try to keep this short and concise.

    I truly felt this game was an utterly pointless sequel to a franchise that has been going steadily downhill for years now. It adds nothing new, nothing interesting or fresh to the series at all. It is basically just resident evil 5 all over again, only it somehow feels more stale, less interesting and less
    like resident evil. Its action based over scare based. They removed over the years any sense of terror or suspense instead going with the modern day version of horror being loud noises and stuff jumping out like it's a carnival spook house.

    The game literally feels like a 3rd person version of house of the dead where you basically move from linear corridor to linear corridor where monsters popup and you shoot them, that's it. A lot of times you'll stand there and there is obviously nothing at all in front of you, then lighting flashes and suddenly there is a zombie there. You're walking along and they slide out of dir ducts, popup out of the ground or a body just laying there leaps out at you when you get close. And the worst part about that is its all so predictable, you can see everything long before it happens.

    The story (I won't go into details and spoil anything) is horribly bad and needless. It feels so forced that it's just plain awful. It's an obvious poorly conceived notion put in place just to make another sequel and nothing else. It has no originality, nothing that actually adds to the resident evil mythos, nothing is explained that needs to be explained. And the characters are either ones from previous games used purely because they are recognizable or new ones added that haven't the slightest shred of originality to them or intrigue and are basically just cookie cutter characters that are very two dimensional. Everything also happens so fast and with no logical or even reasonable reason I can't get into it. Oh no I'm trapped, wait this stranger says a bus is coming to save us, and look here it is, now were driving down the road and crash. That's essentially how the entire game goes along. It's like each section and each scene in the game are broken up with no fluidity between them. If you ever heard an 11 year old kid try to tell you about something that happened to him when he is all excited that's what resident evil 6's story is like.

    The quick time events are back and worse than ever. You are constantly waggling a stick, button mashing, pushing button combos or whatever for no reason at all. Even something as stupid as during a cut scene you're getting away in a car and during the scene you have to push a button to make the car move. You don't steer, you don't drive, you don't do anything because you're not controlling anything but it still makes you push a button, just one button just so the cut scene will continue.

    The combat is awful. It's basically just like gears of war, only with less polish and it's harder to use because it's so clunky. You're body takes up too much of the screen, especially when backed against a wall. The shooting feels stiff. Trying to hit something that is close but not directly in front of you is a pain. Just all in all the combat is horrible and I don't know how many times I died simply because moving around and shooting were so sluggish and poorly designed.

    I can't recommend this game at more than 10 dollars and even then I'd just say "if you played resident evil 4 and 5 then you played this already". I paid 20 and I feel like I wasted my time and money on it.
  55. Feb 17, 2013
    Most times, you here as a counter argument: "Resident Evil changed, it isn't what it used to be. Don't compare it with the old parts!" Well, I don't! Resident Evil 6 is a very bad stand alone Game and bored the hell out of me!
  56. Mar 7, 2013
    Another example of a company trying to sell more to a wider audience than just making a good game in one genre. I must give it a low score to counter the idiots giving it a ten to counter the people who don't like it. It's more like a 6.
  57. Mar 1, 2013
    An unforeseen misadventure of a beloved franchise which was renown for being a survival horror with the right degree of action elements to entertain more visceral impulses. Having bought almost all titles of the series, I was disappointed to witness Resident Evil as another victim to commercialization in the gaming industry: simplification of mechanics for accessibility, points-based skill system as the reward-playtime 'incentive', vague genre for mass-appeal, and a rampant pace which has no focus. Resident Evil 6 has not only lost its plot, it has lost the redeeming values which captivated their original audience betraying them in an attempt to expand their marketing horizon with delusional ambition; consequences therein losing both the original audience in the future who supported the franchise and the alluring statistics of potential players who won't be interested since RE6 is a chaotic production.

    RE6 is an ambitious disaster.
  58. Mar 23, 2013
    Resident Evil 5 took the franchise in a more action orientated direction and sadly RE 6 continues that trend. RE 6 is not a survival/horror game, but an all out 3rd person shooter with zombies and monsters, and though a lot of reviewers choose to call that “evolution”, I humbly disagree. As a matter of fact the franchise feels like it has been struck with a serious case of DEvolution to the point where I actually felt like I was playing Dragon’s Lair from 1983.
    I wouldn’t have a problem with an action orientated RE game, if it at least was done well. But RE 6 sadly isn’t. The controls feel inadequate in regard to the action and the number of fights in extremely restrictive areas leads more to confusion than excitement. On top of that, Capcom has somehow managed to make one of the worst and least effective covering systems ever devised, which further compounds the problems of fighting in close quarters. Imagine trying to aim at a monster simply to have your character slam his back against a wall. Yes, you use the same button to aim and cover. Who came up with that brilliant idea? Then there’s the melee. Run up to a badguy and push the attack button, then sit back and enjoy (provided your character actually does the correct attack, which I have observed them to be rather reluctant to do on several occasions). It is rather frustrating to stand right in front of a prone enemy and then watch your character firmly a couple of innocent air molecules rather than do the stomp he was supposed to. Maybe the reason for this is the hitbox. Everything has to be just so… Another situation where this presents itself is with the jumping zombies. Blow a zombies head of at the “wrong” time (when it’s too close) and the now HEADLESS zombie will continue to nibble at your neck with its… now absent head.
    The real problem with this game is in it’s guided “gameplay”. It is very busy guiding the player’s hand from start to finish through mindless shooting and the most absurd amounts of quick-time and scripted events I have ever seen in a game. I found myself wondering if it was time constraint that prevented Capcom from having quick-time events for reloading or taking health, because there sure are quick-times for just about everything else in this game.
    When you are not wiggling your analogstick, pumping a button, or timing a specific button press, you are also kept busy simply holding a button for running and then left to see how the game does EVERYTHING for you.
    I remember a specific boss battle where I practically didn’t do anything at all myself except for the occasional button press.
    We have a word for that, Capcom: INTERACTIVE MOVIE!
    Yes, that is what a lot of this game feels like, especially when you spontaneously die for simply walking in the wrong direction at the wrong time.
    And then there’s the padding; the endless repetitive respawning of bosses which reaches laughable proportions in this game. Constantly respawning bosses in order to prolong the “fight” and the game does not make it exciting. It makes it laughable, and then mindnumblingly boring!
    But let us end this on a positive note.
    The AI in this game is actually a big step up from RE 5 and the decision to loose the micromanagement of your AI buddy is deeply appreciated.
    Other than that, the most exciting thing about this game has to be the death sequences, which are amazingly brutal.
    I cannot in any way recommend this game to even the most dedicated RE fan. This game sadly represents everything that is wrong with the game industry at the moment. It aims for the lowest common denominator and unfortunately manages to hit rock bottom in the process.
  59. Mar 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Resident Evil now is an all out shooter with no feel no puzzles at all only some but they easy to figure out.

    Ok so you got this game hoping it be WAY better than RE4 hm guess again they is a lot of detail on character's yes but the game-play itself well it's a lot of panning a button in many cut scenes that you hate to do.

    Next thing is all the character's have partners come on I want to feel like Iam lonely this games rubs it in your face totally with a partner, but I feel we don't need them by your side every time.
    (expect Ada which I mostly enjoyed her role and mission as it was a challenge I did it in 5 hours or maybe less but after I went back on her to clean up loose ends again with her guns you got through the 1st play)

    in game feel heavy I mean they will trip up and fall on the floor by almost everything instead of taking sub stain damage if you got shot many times you fall over come on I want character's to stand up and sub stain damage not roll on the floor, this is poor clumsy work by Cap com.

    Bad guys
    mostly zombies and things that transform into big other things, but all character's get other things apart from zombies.

    are like so not there at all, say you be running from water a lot or the place will just go up in flames a lot and so you be running away from it.
    It annoys me when I have to do that you got merely time to escape then if you don't it's death on your hands.
    Most times you have to go to one place to another then back to where you was to find a key or switch.

    And this is so easy too you only follow a marker on screen that TELLS you where to go and shows where a gun is too, come on I want a challenge to finding weapons by myself not by a machine to tell you everything!

    Cut scenes
    OH yeah, I need to say this too they is a lot of pressing buttons in cut scenes that makes you wanna run away from these big giants and the camera angle will always change so next minute you could be running up in a wall then next the boss grabs you and you die that's is unheard of, but you got to fight two things here the boss and the annoying camera angle since you can't move the camera in scenes.

    Save points
    Er that's out of the question here as you have to wait for a checkpoint to kick in place before you can save game.

    This part of the game can go on and on with bosses once you hurt a boss launched it in the sea, guess what it be back for another round then another then another, yawn.

    So yeah a half decent game but it could be more fun really like RE4 that was ace!
    Take it from me this game is ridiculous now!

    PS if you need a game get Revelations for 3DS that has game play and no annoying cut scenes to mash on with.

    A 4 for gam play but it changing to the game's like of Gears of war and Call of duty just blast everything on screen then you're done, yawn so easy.
  60. Apr 23, 2013
    Well, this is enough for me, I have been watching (and playing) since resident evil 4 how they turned the franchise into the crappiest of the crappiest and I cant take it anymore. So I will forget about Resident Evil forever.

    And to the users that are giving this abortion of a game high notes sayin things like there is a ton of explosions, new zombies and monsters, graphics, and all,
    you dont have any idea what a game is, let alone a survival horror game.

    And this folks is the future of mainstream games, I only trust that initiatives like kickstarter can bring us games like the used to be because if not, I'll give up gaming and start just reading books.
  61. Apr 16, 2013
    Holy crap, what happened? This is coming from a guy who is so obsessed with zombies I have one tattooed on my arm, this game was honestly rubbish. The worst ever in the Resident Evil series. RE 4 was and still is the greatest game of all time, RE 5 was outstanding so surely there's only one play you could go? Down, that's right! What a shame.
  62. Apr 25, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 can be summed up in one word: disgrace. A game that has literally no values other than it's functional to some extent, can give you and a buddy a laugh from how awful it is, length and a strong identity. Capcom decided to rape the worst possible John Woo flick with it's Resident Evil member. The product of this travesty is a game that tries to duplicate the randomness and "epicness" of Micheal Bay's CGI effects. Unfortunately, it doesn't even get that right at times. The fact that the game strays from the horror experience is in no way a negative, but the way in which it executes its new direction is painful. The game is, like I mentioned before, functional to some extent. The combat is completely off, the controls try to get your character killed at all times, and so does the epileptic camera. The game feels clunky, like it's made by a developer with no previous experience. The fighting system, though imaginative, is broken to the bone. Your character can execute rolls, dodges and melee combat is always an option. Still, the clunky controls mess up the experience whenever it starts growing on you. Still, the game has some redeeming qualities. Like any co-op game, it's simply fun to play with a buddy. The lengthy campaigns also feature some stand out moments that I personally had a blast playing through. By far the most memorable being the Gun Store siege in Leon's campaign and the Cave scene in Jake's campaign. In short summary, pretty solid and memorable popcorn entertainment in half decent graphics with terrible gameplay. 5/5 Expand
  63. Oct 11, 2012
    Worst game in the series. They should be embarrassed for putting out such garbage. I can't believe i wasted a good Verbatim DL-DVD on this junk. I want my $0.50 back for my disk i burned it on :)
  64. Oct 8, 2012
    I would like to state something that I feel should be obvious. Resident Evil 6 is a good game. No matter what your bias consists of you should be at least be able to admit that it is a good game. You don't necessarily have to admit that it's great, but just good or mediocre. I on the other hand think 6 is a fantastic game and can't help but wonder why there are so many negative reviews and I assume it's from fans of the first three entries. Resident Evil consists of 4 campaigns and all intertwine at certain points. My favorite campaigns was Leon's because I felt it was the one that nodded more towards the older Resident Evil games which I grew up on. His campaign was filled with scares and on professional difficulty I had to carefully manage my health and ammunition. The other campaigns are good too, but lean a lot more towards action set piece moments than scares. The one thing that all campaigns succeed at is the environment. The environment in every campaign is absolutely gorgeous and all the settings are incredibly detailed and do a good job of bringing you into the game. Helping this are the absolutely astonishing graphics. This is one of the prettiest games I have seen since Uncharted 3. The graphics are that good. However, I did run into some muddy textures while it was loading. This hardly took me out of the experience. One thing I also loved about this entry was the story. I found myself hooked until the amazing conclusion. Really I only have two complaints. My first is the excessive use of quick time events. This didn't really bother me too much, but it did get frustrating after a while. The second is as much as I loved the story, every campaign besides Leon's had some pretty noticeable pacing issues. Now the big question is "Is RE6 the best Resident Evil?" Well, my friends the answer is a resounding no, because that honor still belongs to 4, but this is better than the slightly disappointing RE5 and is one of the better entries in the series to date. As for the negative reviews my theory is that this series has evolved and you refuse to budge in your narrow area of entertainment and have been left behind in the dust. Expand
  65. Oct 8, 2012
    This should have been a new ip and it will be decent its clearly doesn't deserve resi 6 name hope dev will learn from their mistake

    And why low score cause its not resi
  66. Jun 8, 2013
    I, like many other Resident Evil fans, was disappointed with the direction the series took with its fifth mainline title which was made just about tolerable thanks to its co-op mode. Resident Evil 6 takes things further down the action route to the extent that this is Resident Evil in name only.

    Split into three fairly lengthy campaigns, all of which offer different styles of gameplay,
    there is certainly no shortage of content on offer here. Leon’s campaign is certainly the closest to the original survival horror style and is certainly playable to some degree but I could barely tolerate the campaigns of Chris or Jake for ten minutes before giving up through pure anger. Both are pure action fares, and not even good ones. Chris’s campaign seemed to be trying to copy the cover based Gears of War template without any success whilst Jake’s seemed to involve no more than pressing the attack button over and over again until I’d killed all the enemies on screen.

    Over the years I've enjoyed playing action based shooters as much as anyone but that’s not what I want from Resident Evil and, if you are going to try to capture some of the Call of Duty audience, you need to create a game that is a damn site better than this shambling mess.
  67. Oct 11, 2012
    Como voces sabem, a maior prova que a Capcom poderia ter que Resident Evil 6 foi um grande sucesso, aconteceu! O game ja vendeu mais de 4,5 milhoes de copias e espera atingir a marca de 7 milhoes ate 31/03/2013. Os jogadores que compraram, ainda tiveram a oportunidade de jogar uma extensa demo antes de decidir pela compra.
  68. Oct 17, 2012
    Is this a joke? Capcom claim to have been "studying modern trends in control of popular action games". OK at least the layout isn't done by a blind person but the camera angle and field of view make the game unplayable. Not to mention how dark the game is; not intentionally this dark, but due to poor lighting trying to hide away the last-gen graphics. There are Wii games better looking than this. Textures, lighting, floor and wall detail are inexcusable for a 2012 title. The lack of ammo coupled with non-stop quick-time events break up the flow of the action (or what little of it there is), making it impossible to be immersed. You still can't change settings while the game is paused even if you play offline, which again is another silly design decision. You ca't even hipfire. Even if there was enough ammo in this game (which there isn't even with 100% accuracy) it would still feel dull. What we have here is possibly the best example of how NOT to make a video game. I can't think how it could have possibly been worse. Things we take for granted even in the worst of games are missing here. You can't even pause the game to change controls! And the controls and camera are THE WORST I've ever come across in any shooter on any platform so far. I can't imagine how it could be worse. Expand
  69. Oct 12, 2012
    Resident Evil ha cambiado y es un juego super completo y entretenido... no te dejes llevar por los reviews... sin duda si eres un real fanatico de la franquicia te encantara.... no es un juego perfecto pero es de lo mejor que ha salido de la franquicia... tienes para todos los gustos
  70. Oct 11, 2012
    Quando um produto vende bem, nao significa necessariamente que ele tenha qualidade maxima, mas significa que ele tem um publico fiel que o considera bom o suficiente a ponto de gastarem seu dinheiro com ele, e isso basta, pois se chama sucesso. Em time que esta ganhando nao se mexe, e sao as vendas que mostra a vitoria, assim como na franquia Call Of Duty. Se tem gente comprando, tem gente gostando. Contra fatos nao ha argumentos, e nao sao os criticos especializados que fazem o sucesso de um produto e sim o seu publico, este mesmo que gasta seu dinheiro comprando. Expand
  71. Oct 21, 2012
    And Capcom is saying that they can't listen to every fan or they will never make progress. MAJOR LOL. Clearly they were listening to the wrong fans and now that the game is the lowest rated RE game in the main series, they're really going to have the balls to say this?

    Reviewers even said the game was suffering an identity crisis. But I guess they meant they wouldn't make
    progress in profit, not because the game is good. Money grabbing **** Expand
  72. Feb 9, 2013
    Worst game of 2012. just a lot of over dramatic cut scenes and quick time events with some soulless action between.
    You think ppl lie when they tell you its crap, they don't, my disc is destroyed, wont RE-sell it, as nobody should play this game.
  73. Feb 19, 2013
    Having played Resident Evil's 1-5 as well as some of the spin-off titles, I came to this game expecting to have a similarly enjoyable time. What I got was a sorry shambles of a game, with a fairly weak storyline, frustrating combat and some truly broken mechanics. The graphics are solid and the co-op option makes the game much more enjoyable to trawl through. Overall, Resident Evil 6 was very disappointing and I would only recommend it to those hardcore Resi fans who want to "complete" the series. Expand
  74. Oct 2, 2012
    This is a game that everyone should play right now cause it is very good and made by a good company called capcom that makes great game always and everyone and enjoys them a lot so you should too and especially not hesitate now and instead buy this excellent game cause it has good reviews and good gameplay and i love the graphics that the game has much better than Resident Evil 5 which had orange graphics. Expand
  75. Oct 6, 2012
    Olviden que este título nos trae el terror, horror, puzzles y muchas otras cosas que prometió Capcom para esta entrega. Resident Evil 6 sigue el camino que Mikami arrojó en RE4, pero con una ejecución que deja mucho que desear.

    Ahora solo corremos por un pasillo con puntos de auto-guardado, 0 exploración, con puzzles simplones, que solo están
    puestos en el juego para poder llevar el nombre de Resident Evil y recordarnos que alguna vez esta serie nos dejó pegados durante días frente al televisor, tratando de pasar por un lugar.

    Un juego que, si no hubiese sido por la opción de jugar en cooperativo, seguramente hubiese mandado de inmediato al carajo, en serio
  76. Oct 7, 2012
    More joystick waggle than a loose wrist with a Wiimote. I was surprised that the final boss wasn't the in-game camera, but maybe they're saving that for the next lackluster sequel.
  77. Oct 7, 2012
    I'm begging you. Just give me a true sequel to Resident Evil 4 (one of my favorite games ever).

    A resident evil game will always be compared against the pinical of the franchise. With a bar set so high, is Capcom too intimidated to make another game truly in the same genre? Why else would their games continually stray further from what their fans want?
  78. Oct 8, 2012
    Alright, I get it. This is not the game you have been waiting and you are disappointed and in a huff, but it is way too childish and ridiculous to give this game a 0. The gameplay is weak (I only played Leon halfway), the lack of crowd control is a loss, the impact of the bullets on the zombies is less satisfying, IA is annoying, cutscenes intrusive ..., but this is a fully functional game, completely playable and enjoyable by many who can be mislead by the ridiculous average user score this game is getting.
    RE 4 was also severely criticized and widely lampooned and with time it has come to be one of the most praised chapters in the franchise because it took years to the herd of narrow-minded nerds out there to realize that the mechanics of the game had changed. I just wonder if the new moves system and the new melee attack system aren't just a new change an that when we get to grips with it we will be having as much fun as we did with RE 4. With such narrow-minded bigots It may take years.
  79. Oct 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I want to like it, I really do but I'm finding this game to be a chore to play....

    To start this review I've loved nearly all RE Games, even loved RE5 (so that should give you an idea of how easily satisfied I can be). What this game lacks is that something..... something they call Gameplay, I'm not talking about physically being able to play a game, RE6 does not grab my attention, does not make me crave more, does not make me want to replay it several times over regardless of all the additional content they throw at it.

    To give you an idea of what I mean this game just isn't well polished, the aiming and shooting system just feels sub-par to what was previous in the series.. and so far if I've ever been stuck in a situation I can than resort to kicking the cr*p out of anything. Theres just no satisfaction in it which to be completely honest I'm finding to be disappointing.
    The scares also feel so predictable, the Leon campaign which I had high hopes for started really well until you get to a certain elevator scene right near the start and than the atmosphere is lost on this game. The most common scare attempt is you will walk along a corridor and notice a body lying on the floor, as soon as you step right next to it it will than spring to life and grab you.. this happens a lot! The system is flawed in the respect that you can't even shoot it prior to walking near it in an attempt to wake it up. I won't hammer on about the QTE, they do become very tedious VERY quickly and the odd work of camera angles is a truth that cannot be ignored. The controls feel very odd and un-responsive at times in this game which is an annoying thing to come across where I find myself hammering the reload button in a vain attempt to reload.

    That said there are things about this game that I do like, the storyline I think is excellent which thankfully the series has become renowned for. The voice acting is excellent which is seriously odd when you think of where it all began (ahem "Jill Sandwich") so it is nice that they did improve on this.
    I like the fact that they have encorporated so much into the story but this game needed a lot more time, you could tell they were on a deadline to have it completed and sadly the faults in this game are just too much to forgive.

    If like me you are compelled to play this game than for your sake just rent it! It's certainly not worth the price tag... I'm giving it a 5/10 because the story is good, should have just made it a dvd!
  80. Oct 11, 2012
    The reviews up are just shredding this game. But to be honest, I can't fault them. I was there, saving up my $$$ for months just to buy a PS1 and play Resident Evil. I have been there from RE1 all the way till now. The only reason I even purchased a Dreamcast system was for RE: Code Veronica.

    I see RE6 for rent and snap it up to take home. I put it in my Xbox 360 and played for 20
    minutes. I put the controller down, put it back in the rental box and returned it. It was that horrifyingly stripped of everything Resident Evil used to be so long ago.

    This is a generic action shooter with undead creatures roaming around that you can kill or melee to death. It is linear, which is everything that the old RE's never stood for. You could adventure and explore to your own peril if you so chose, and you would hopefully find a single box of 10 bullets or 1 round for a grenade launcher you didn't even have yet, which would only make you salivate to finally find that grenade launcher. None of this exists in this game.

    If you are a new comer to the RE franchise, then welcome aboard. You'll love the game because you never tried the older ones that actually challenged you. If you are an old-school RE fan, then let this one slip past and fade into obscurity where it belongs.

    I did not like anything about the game and how it started or kept going. It was boring and linear, and the QTE's (button pushing Quick Time Events) yank you right out of the game and don't allow you to even look up on the screen to see whatever the hell your character is doing during the cutscene. Dev's..? I'd actually like to WATCH the cutscene, instead of keeping my eyes focused on the bottom of the screen like I'm watching a subbed Jap anime. This game is a shallow shadow of it's former glory. Old-schoolers stay away, leave this game for the fluffy noobs that never knew how awesome RE used to be....

    And for those thinking: "dude... this guy only played 20 minutes of the first chapter... wtf, how can he write a bad review... QQQ?"
    To answer: I've played countless games, and if it's fun I'll play it. If it sucks, then I stop playing after a little bit and return the rental. I fell asleep playing RE 5 and couldn't get past the linear boring play style of RE 6. Something has happened to this franchise.

    I had more fun playing Mark of the Ninja (a new 2-D side scroller, put over 30 hrs+ into it), this game got on my last nerve in under 20 minutes...
  81. Oct 15, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 : The 3 Main Campaigns Jake/Sherry

    This campaign is the shorter of the 3, I think I clocked in about 6 hours until I was finished with it. Some of you may remember Sherry from resident evil 2, she was the little girl that Claire and Leon save from all the chaos. Jake on the other hand is a completely brand new character. He is the son of Albert Wesker, which I
  82. Oct 13, 2012
    Really liked it and don't see what all the moaning is about. Leon's campaign was excellent and sort of felt like the old resi games with zombies (real ones) making a much welcome return and tbh if this was the only campaign of the game I would of felt like I got my money's worth. The other 3 character campaigns don't compare to Leon's IMO but their still very much enjoyable. The one thing that really annoyed me was the quick time event stuff, that got boring real fast and my thumb is still aching from the button bashing but other than that I'm glad I got it. Expand
  83. Oct 15, 2012
    RE6 is lousy as Survival Horror, is disastrous as shooter. And as a game is not worth a penny. Future installments will not buy unless they have the quality of the first and return to Survival Horror.
  84. Oct 16, 2012
    It's the first time I put a note to a game below a 5. But this time is that I have to put on the side of the negative reviews. There is nothing nice to see one of your favorite sagas is sinking more and more with each new offering delivers a worse game. RE6 is a very regular title, which people may like undemanding, but not people with a bit of discretion. I hope Capcom will echo the low notes you are getting your game, and show higher quality next installment. Expand
  85. Oct 26, 2012
    Well, I have played the Leon and Jake campaigns and I am working on the Chris campaign at the moment. The Leon campaign, as many have said previously, is the best of the bunch. Granted I have not played the entire Chris campaign nor the Ada campaign but I base my opinion on my experience so far. The game is an okay TPS. There are WAY too many QTE's for any game. I like the ability to move and shoot although this mechanic could be better, it still feels a little clunky. As a survival horror game this game fails utterly. Though since I don't think the designers really intended this to be survival horror I feel that assesing the game as a survival horror game isn't fair. Would I like it to be survival horror? Yes. I would like Capcom to "go back to basics" in terms of the genre and come up with a RE that harkens back to days of yore with the new move and shoot mechanics (a bit more polished though). I believe Capcom has stated there is no money in Survival Horror hence the switch to action with elements of horror. Based on the multiple reviews here I think they are wrong. It's my opinion so take it as you will.

    I knew coming in this would not be the RE of years ago. I bought it for the continuation of the story. I rate it a 5/10 for that.
  86. Oct 27, 2012
    Playing the resident evil franchise has been amazing over the years however this game is just terrible I'd only advise buying it when the price comes down to £5. There has been a huge decline in quality since RE4 in this series I'm not saying RE5 was a bad game but it didn't live up to RE4 capcom have seemed to ignore what the fans want. They have strayed to far from the survival horror genre and hopefully all theese bad reviews will show what the fan base wants. Expand
  87. Oct 28, 2012
    I will go ahead and admit that I only got about 20-30 minutes in before shutting it off. That being said, here are my opinions: Pros: - Beautiful graphics - Great Audio Cons: - First 10 minutes is more of an interactive CGI movie than a game; - Cut scenes LITERALLY every few minutes; - The controls are taken away from the player constantly - and for the smallest reasons (at one point there's a video just so one character can say "something's not right");
    - Even when you have the controls, it's not great: at the beginning you have to walk down a hallway; I wanted to look around (just because, you know, I'm playing a new game and wanna check it out) but no matter what direction I pointed the control, the character walked forward;
    - When the actual *game* begins, your character only walks - very slowly; once you're capable of running, the character randomly slows back to a walk, then back to running, then back to the very slow walking;
    - At one point the character has to chase a person in a ballroom, but the game creates a frustrating illusion of difficulty by putting chairs in the way, which you can't jump over - that's not difficulty, that's just inflating the amount of time it takes to get to the other side of the room;
    - There's a second character that comes with you, which is probably a great idea for co-op, but I don't understand why I need to babysit a random person during a single player game; does my character really need a 100 lb girl to help him open doors? (Literally, as some doors don't have the normal "Press 'A' to open" prompt, but a "Press 'B' to open the doors together" prompt...really, is that what 'variety' means to the developers?)
  88. Oct 30, 2012
    This game fails to deliver on almost every level. The story however is very interesting but the game play is awful better off reading about the story online instead of wasting your money buying this trainwreck. this is just another **** action game in an over saturated market. Anyone giving this game ten out of ten should be ashamed of themselves, and obviously is not a true fan of the resident evil series let alone have a clue as to what makes a game enjoyable. Fancy graphics and pretty cinematics don't make a game good, the gameplay is atrocious. I thought they would have fixed all the mistakes of resident evil five with this release but they made the same mistakes and many more don't buy this game, and if you have email capcom and demand a refund. We cant let these companies take our money with no repercussions . These are the games major flaws.
    -bad controls
    -horrible camera
    -**** partner ai
    - enemies have infinite ammo yet ammo is scarce for the player
    -cut scenes interrupt gameplay also QTEs suck
    -cant save when you want making you have to replay areas and watch the same cut scenes
    -enemies can take entire clips and don't go down yet a couple kicks kill them everytime
    - cant run while using the navigator
    -to dark
    -horrible cover system ( come on capcom gears and uncharted have this system mastered what gives?)

    Overall this game is a **** gears of war clone and sadly it will still sell because the same idiots that buy call of duty every year will buy this garbage, and the fans already bought it and feel like rape victims now.
  89. Oct 30, 2012
    I and many other fans it would seem looked forward to this entry especially thanks to the news of leons story. Ahh yes zombies return and the series provides the old fans with something resembling the traditional games that made the series a huge hit to begin with. For graphics the modeling is goid but many textures are just horrible. Look at the cars on the bridge in the beggining of leons playthrough. The insides of the school are perfect but the cars and jet among other things looks like ps1 inserts.

    Graphics i can look past but qtes are something that even in a zombie arc leaves me frustrated. And now zombies can carry weapons. Another huge dissapointment. This game series wanted to innovate but what they did actually created a whole new game but stole the re title. I love the shooting mechanics but hate seeing an re game have military game style shootouts with enemies (some) that look more at home in a harry potter movie than re canon. Any company willing to take a popular well loved an established title and change everything alienating a large percentage of there fanbase desearves failure to open there eyes a bit. With the huge success of the walking dead tv series destroying the re movies and same time proving peoplr still LOVE that story setting why did they maje choices that would undenyable seperate there fan base in favor of heavy action gunfights when the series clearlu centers its existing popularity on slow paced zombie out break survival. This proves theu dont care about existing fan base and set standards. Iys all anout changing everything to somethinh unrecognizable to selk on title alone when this could have succeeded as a different title.
  90. Nov 30, 2012
    A complete non-sense mess in form of a game. I like action games, i really do. But if you´re going to do an action game, you have to make a dynamic gameplay and a functional camera. If you pretend to make a crazy action scene, you have to give it context, so that it makes sense and doesn´t sound cheap. DONT SIMPLY put characters in a stupid story and doing crazy and meaningless things just to make "impressive" action sequences in a action game! You´re insulting the intelligence of the players by doing so! The motive why that works on titles like Serious Sam and Duke Nukem it´s because they´re supposed to be a 80s action movie (they have context) but Resident Evil is the kind of franchise which we (the fans) ACTUALLY CARE about what happens to the main characters, the way that the story is driven and etc. If Capcom thinks that we will kiss her butt by giving us: a regular gameplay; bad camera; horrible partner A.I.; a multiplayer mode that nobody asked for; weakest storyline of the franchise; forgettable secondary characters like Piers; linear levels designed in the most claustrophobic way; millions of disposable quick time events and action sequences... they are wrong. We aren´t stupid, the user score on metacritic is a clear proof of that. Expand
  91. Jan 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game looks better than disappointing re 5.Leon campaign is one of the best,puzzles,slow zombies,dark environment and much better than RE4 talking about controllings.Talking about Chris and Jake campaign is a bit disappointing reminds RE movies new series and it's a bit sucks.About Ada's campaign it's one of the best too because of the puzzles gameplay there is many puzzles and interesting storyline.The good thing is that this game is long and you won't be bored because of this game variety.Overall graphics,controls,storyline is amazing but gameplay and zombies sucks at some campaigns. Expand
  92. Apr 18, 2013
    I will start this by saying i only started playing resident evil at number four and have not completed a game at the original format. This game can be summed up with one word disappointing I had such high hopes for this game as RE4 is quite possibly one of the greatest games ever created in my opinion and five was fun as long as you had a friend to play it with but this is just dull. The game consists of three campaigns all revolving around the same plot i shan't spoil much for anyone interested in picking this up. The game seems to be trying to cross the original RE4 format with a game like gears of war and it doesn't work the controls are clunky and unresponsive and instead of tension building up and the tension that every enemy could kill you instantly we have full on firefights which shouldn't be happening coming from a survival horror game the enemies are mediocre with the same guys with the same guns all the time you never really feel under threat and the game is incredibly easy even on professional difficulty Despite the game having three campaigns they are all almost identical and by the time i was playing through the third one i was just playing through the same game for a third time. The game has some good moments which remind you that you are playing a resident evil game and not something like gears of war but it isn't worth the asking price i would seriously give this a miss and play through RE4 again it is a far Superior game on all accounts Expand
  93. May 5, 2013
    If capcoms goal is to ruin the series then RE6 is a great first step. This game is one of the biggest letdowns I've ever played. WTF??? Why is this game so bad. It's been in dev for over 3 years. Why? And it's not like it doesn't have flashes of excellence but then it starts being really, really stupid. A zombie dinosaur??? A ****g Dinosaur in a RE game??? holy WTF. And also, I thought that capcom was bringing the survivor horror of RE4 back to the series??? So where is it? This is a pure shooter. Weak. Pass. Expand
  94. Jan 15, 2014
    Capcom, WAKE UP! This is not a Resident Evil game in anyway.
    If Capcom wanted to make a new game series with people who wear a mask and turn into dust when they die, or better yet turn into a T-Rex when they die. Make a new game series, but don't use characters from a well known series to make a new game. In no way, back in 1997 did Resident Evil plan to turn out like this, If you've ever
    played the first 3 games you would know this, Even going by the in game memos you find, Its a ZOMBIE outbreak, Not a mask to dust outbreak. If Albert Wesker really is dead, then there is no coming back to true form. He was Alpha teams squad leader turned bad guy. He didn't have a mystical jacket that made him Neo from the Matrix. What a bad way to turn out. Capcom need to stop spoon feeding 4.7 billion versions of Street Fighter 4. The game is 6 years old, Let it die already. No wonder Mikami has left Capcom. Anybody who rates this game as good, then shame on you because you are the people who are killing this series off. I would rather see Capcom go bankrupt if they think of making another bad Resident Evil game. Make it survival horror Like 1/2/3 or better yet, Like the Gamecube remake, Thats the only good Reisdent Evil game and not even in the last ten years. 4 is not the best, And I wouldn't even call 4 a Resident Evil game either. One more bad Resident Evil game on console (Handheld versions such as the 3DS etc are always going to be bad) but one more AAA version that sucks, Although I have been a die hard Resident Evil fan since 1997, I will honestly never buy another Capcom game other then the next Marvel vs Capcom, or a Resident Evil remake of 2 like the gamecube game that should have happened. Please don't rate this game high or Capcom will never learn what the fans want and how to make money again! Expand
  95. Oct 27, 2012
    I don't know why people is complaining about this game. I've been playing all the campaigns and Having a lot of fun so far. Leon's campaign is awesome. Chris is nice as well. Now I`m playing JAKE'S campaign. I confess, my first thought when I bought this was to play in a day and them trade, but no, I will keep this with me. LOVE IT so far. Of course we have GIANT enemies and huge beasts plus J avos and stuff.

    The graphics are well done, the textures no much. IMMERSIVE and ENTERTAINING! I LOVE IT.

  96. Oct 28, 2012
    Not a bad game so far but the qte's is very VERY irritating. There is the one part where you havve to land a plane that will actually make me think twice about buying the next release of RE. I don't know what the story is behind the qte's because it doesn't prove anything or make a game enjoyable, it just irritates players. I would've given this game a high rating but the qte's made me change my mind Expand
  97. Oct 30, 2012
    I gotta say this game was very fun and very disappointing at the same time. Fun because I played split-screen co-op throughout the campaign with my brother, and enjoyed the story. But got very disappointed once I played Ada's campagin( which forces you to play single player) and realized how poor the game was. I didn't even make it through the first level of her campaign (that's how bad it was). Now the game has many flaws like the aiming in which the default aiming is broken but YOU HAVE TO SWITCH TO LASER SIGHT, IT'LL MAKE THE GAME MORE PLAYABLE. The deaths are also very cheap, and the camera angels are awkward and very off at times, in return also causing non-nonsensical deaths. Now all three campaigns are decent ( Leon's being my favorite) but very forgettable at the same time. I think this game would have been better received if Crapcom had given consumers a decent tutorial on how to use the changes they have made to the genre. Overall a decent game, but very disappointing, Woulda given it a 7, if it wasn't for Ada's campaign that left a bad taste in my mouth. If you have a weekend to spare, it won't hurt to play, but I wouldn't recommend buying this forgettable piece of Japanese trash. Expand
  98. Mar 7, 2013
    Oh boy! Where did my Resident Evil go? Just throw RE 1, 2 and 3 in a pot and piss on it Capcom! RE4 was ok. Nothing great. RE5 was a warning of RE6 would become. A MESS! RE is not a fast action packed game. RE6 seems to be the next Call of Duty. After finishing the Leon's story, I realized that there at least 20 more hours to go, so I gave up. TRASH!
  99. Oct 27, 2012
    I've seen plenty of people voting this 0-4. Why? Because they have nothing better to do. "0mGZ, itz n0t az gud az RE4, itz n0t evn scurry. Thez iz da wurzt RE gam3 3VR." They hate the game because it's changed, when it really just added a little something for everyone. The campaign mode features 3 different character pairs, each with their own style of play. There's Leon/Helena, which is the RE that you know and love. Some puzzles, dark, and zombies, zombies, zombies. There's also Chris/Piers, which is more run-and-gun than the other two campaigns. Then there's Jake/Sherry, which is, as far as I've gotten, more about puzzles and simply not dying more than anything else. I've yet to unlock Ada's story.

    To anyone saying that they should take out partners... One, there's a skill that stops your partner from helping you. Two, there's Ada's campaign, where you're alone. And finally, why would they? Games today are about connectivity - playing with others - and for good reason. Co-op and multiplayer adds so much replay value and overall fun. You think as many people would buy the next Battlefield, Call of Duty, or Assassin's Creed if they said there'd be no multiplayer?

    Now that that's through, on to the actual game. This game is very well done. The graphics rival Final Fantasy's in-game graphics and overall mood and lighting of each campaign is fitting with each respective playstyle. The story was also crafted wonderfully. All three campaigns intertwine with each other in a magnificent manner, which leaves the player WANTING to complete all three stories. As far as controls go, I don't understand what all the hate is about. I found the controls to be much more intuitive than games in the past.
  100. Oct 10, 2012
    Resident Evil used to be a scary survival horror innovator. It used to be unique and a leader in its respective field. Now it is just another Gears of War type action game. It has lost its way and has become a generic Micheal Bay title. True Resident Evil fans avoid it and show Capcom we don't want another generic shooter. If the sales figures reflect this they could actually make a unique survival horror title. Collapse

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  2. Negative: 7 out of 71
  1. Nov 6, 2012
    The game has some stumbling moments, but it is worth sticking it out. With the franchise changing over time it has lost a lot of what originally defined Resident Evil to us all.
  2. 70
    This new Resident Evil installment has definitely abandoned the survival horror genre and has moved into the crowded field of action shooters. [Nov 2012]
  3. Oct 27, 2012
    A varied and challenging game that continues the series' evolution into action territory. IT can be incredibly frustrating at times, but also very rewarding when you finally overcome the many challenges it puts you through.