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  1. Apr 16, 2014
    guys guys,, R.E 6 Was Based on all R.E movies so stop finding something else that you can't find,,
    R.E 1,2,3 was so way back 13 years ago so stop comparing old time to future,, move on guys,,
  2. Apr 5, 2014
    Wow... where should i begin. Capcom, i used to LOVE the "Resident Evil" series. It used to be all about surviving, trying to conserve your ammo as much as possible. To struggle to survive the zombies and to reveal the story and which used to have a deeper meaning in it. I don't know what the fudge you have been doing at the office cause, I'm sorry to say it, but this is **** It was a big let down... The ammo never runs out and the story is just crap and you have made it into some stupid 12 year old shooter where everything is gonna be "cool" and just overpowered. I was literally laughing through the cut scenes of how overpowered everything is and how it's not what it used to be. You have totally lost the red thread in this series. From being one of the best horror games on the game market to being this crap. I'm so disappointed and angry at the same time. I've played through the game to be able to have a valid opinion but as for me (a true resident evil fan) this is it for me. I will keep playing the old games cause they are really good but if you are gonna keep release this kind of resident evil games then I don't want anything to do with it. I'm ding dong diddly done... Expand
  3. Mar 8, 2014
    Resident Evil is a very popular franchise and also a longevive one. I can truly say that Revelation and 6 broke the ice; the best until now, maybe better than 4, but I am not going to compare the latest games with a 10-years-old games.
    Resident Evil 6 impressed me and I think a lot of players. The story and the connectivity made me think about Capcom capacity and concept. The graphics are
    awesome, especially on PC. The gameplay is good polished, as it tests you everytime, giving you some decisions and something new at every story of that 4.
    The characters are cool and has different personalities. I like that everyone had its own role in the story and Ada made a lot of players asking: ,, Is she good or evil?"
    But no, I said, the graphics, characters, levels, story, gameplay and places are great.
    The thing I liked best and I hardly understood is that the story is following the same way as the first Resident Evil, 4 and also Raccoon city, which is great and a rare thing, as every new game in a series changes completely the story, but here no.
    So, it's a very good game, the best in RE franchise. So, I give it a 10
  4. Feb 26, 2014
    RE6 is by no means a bad game. it lacks the powerful sense of horror the series had before, Chris' campaign sucks, the action isn't bad but the but the horror is, the graphics are good though. Hopefully
    RE7 would be scarier.
  5. Feb 19, 2014
    I personally felt 5 was much better than this game, though not as good as 1 or 2. Revelations was also much better. This game sucked though. Forget about gimmicks like laser sights and make a good game.
  6. Feb 10, 2014
    The fixed camera really made the game very annoying.
    The Haos Chamber is a chaos, I can't tell which direction I'm going with the camera moving like that.
    They are too much QTEs in the game, though that didn't really effect how I feel in gaming.
    The story line is not bad, but the fixed camera must be fixed. It's like the makers didn't even played the game before they release it. Just
    one run through Haos Chamber and you can tell how bad fixed camera can do in action games Expand
  7. Jan 20, 2014
    I think this game was the best of all RE games compared to 5, this is a better version with better stories and many more, I think the 2 PLayer part of this game, like 5, is awesome since the truth is that I'm not good with horror games or movies and it would be really awesome to have this kind of game in future references >(IMPORTANT TIP[Please Don't Edit])< I think it would be better if all RE games in the future would have 2 players. I know almost many fans of RE will hate this but, what do you think if there is a choice were the player who will play the game can pick if he/she want's the game to be with someone or not. Because in RE:Revelations i didn't like the fact that there are 2 characters but the AI doesn't help. Reason why i bought Revelations was because i thought it would be Excellent same as 6. But sadly that ruined my expectations (I'm still going to write a review for Revelations) So if someone here sees this and has a connection with Capcom or Nintendo please do send this on behalf of some of us

    BTW= Loved the graphics of 6 and also how there were 3 different Story Lines. I also loved Revelations new graphics but the fact that i can't play 2 players or the AI doesn't help (Literally) Got me bad since i bought revelations cause i thought it would be fun, horrific, and had a lot of action
    Also Loved the part Jake and Sherry's Romance. I think it would be better if RE in the future would have romantic pairs like them (Jake and Sherry i mean)

    Advanced thank's for reading this I'm not saying that RE:Revelations was a huge letdown cause infact i loved it just a little disappointed that i can't finish the game without someone beside me :(
  8. Jan 15, 2014
    Capcom, WAKE UP! This is not a Resident Evil game in anyway.
    If Capcom wanted to make a new game series with people who wear a mask and turn into dust when they die, or better yet turn into a T-Rex when they die. Make a new game series, but don't use characters from a well known series to make a new game. In no way, back in 1997 did Resident Evil plan to turn out like this, If you've ever
    played the first 3 games you would know this, Even going by the in game memos you find, Its a ZOMBIE outbreak, Not a mask to dust outbreak. If Albert Wesker really is dead, then there is no coming back to true form. He was Alpha teams squad leader turned bad guy. He didn't have a mystical jacket that made him Neo from the Matrix. What a bad way to turn out. Capcom need to stop spoon feeding 4.7 billion versions of Street Fighter 4. The game is 6 years old, Let it die already. No wonder Mikami has left Capcom. Anybody who rates this game as good, then shame on you because you are the people who are killing this series off. I would rather see Capcom go bankrupt if they think of making another bad Resident Evil game. Make it survival horror Like 1/2/3 or better yet, Like the Gamecube remake, Thats the only good Reisdent Evil game and not even in the last ten years. 4 is not the best, And I wouldn't even call 4 a Resident Evil game either. One more bad Resident Evil game on console (Handheld versions such as the 3DS etc are always going to be bad) but one more AAA version that sucks, Although I have been a die hard Resident Evil fan since 1997, I will honestly never buy another Capcom game other then the next Marvel vs Capcom, or a Resident Evil remake of 2 like the gamecube game that should have happened. Please don't rate this game high or Capcom will never learn what the fans want and how to make money again! Expand
  9. Jan 12, 2014
    I'll try to keep this short, because I'd rather not give myself a migraine. For the sake of argument, I will assume that readers are at least somewhat familiar with Re 4 and 5. With that context, buckle down for a f*ckfest.

    The two returning protagonists are Leon Kennedy, a cop who is to zombies what Ash Williams is to zombies, and Chris "BOULDERS" Red field. Leon tries to reason with
    the first zombie he sees and Chris has a completely different back story. Good start, right?! The plot is, after defeating Umbrella Corp, there is another evil company churning out bioweapons. That's right, the conflict of the entire game is pointless, a moot point, irrelevant, a complete and total waste of time.
    Just...f*ck off Capcom, please f*ck off.

    But, who cares about the if the combat's good, right? RIGHT?! Well the inventory isn't even pretending to be about survival, and there are pretty animated takedowns like there are prostitutes on Robert Downey Jr, but you don't need to hear that. You just need three words. Three words! Just three! That's all it took to ruin on of the best camera combat systems ever. Here they are:

    Well, forget the gameplay, it looks great, so it must be good. NO! The animations are done with cloth and spring, you can jump and roll like you're in a circus, the physics engine is almost nonexistent, the preanimated takedowns only serve to ruin the combat, and he actual graphics look like something from RE 2 or 3.

    Don't buy this game. It's more than bad. It disrespects anyone with an ounce of brain matter. Good night ladies and gentlemen, and have a happy.
  10. Jan 2, 2014
    I think this resident evil forgets that it is a game and not a film.

    Resident evil as a franchise did so well in the early years of leaving you to your own devices often with a chess piece, a knife and a square crank and it gave you little to no direction as to what to do next. It was intriguing, exciting, and a tense experience which left me completing the first 3 (4 was okay) games
    over and over again.

    This game gives you guns, explosions, cut scenes and bottle feeds you set piece after set piece. It just felt like I was going through the motions, often reading Facebook on my phone whilst the cut scenes played out occasionally hitting a button so that the game knew I was still awake.

    The bits of the game play that I was allowed to get involved with were generally good, that is the minute and a half of game play inbetween button bashing, set pieces and monologues.

    I played the demo and thought this would be okay, Leon's campaign was borderline good, but the others were so abysmally poor/ unplayable I cant't score this higher than 1.

    I regret that this game will be the last Resident Evil Game I purchase. It has destroyed the franchise for me.
  11. Dec 31, 2013
    Certamente não foi o melhor jogo da franquia, porém não foi o tão ruim, apesar de perder o o tom survivor mesmo assim um jogo divertido e cheio de ação.
  12. Dec 30, 2013
    I consider myself a fan of Resident Evil games and if you are nostalgic about the old Resident Evil, don't play this game, Leon campaign is really good by the way, it TRIES to be like the old school RE. Its an enjoyable game, again, specially Leon's campaign. Chris campaign is the worst, nothing special. Graphics are great and the co-op is fun. If you want to enjoy a Resident Evil game that feels a little bit more like the old school Resident Evil game, I recommend Resident Evil Revelations (even when it's all about mutants, not normal zombies) if they follow that path for the 7th game, it will be great.

    Leon: 8/10
    Sherry: 5/10
    Chris: 4/10 (as game, Chris' levels are quite enjoyable; as Resident Evil game, those are quite horrible)
    Ada: 6/10
  13. Dec 28, 2013
    I really enjoyed playing. Leon's story was worth it all. The other stories were ok, but I don't like and never did like the mutant/shooting enemies. I liked part 6 more than parts 4 and 5. Also the BSAA is pure BS. It's boring army stuff. After the events of the original title and code veronica I always felt that Chris was the last person to join up and follow orders. He quit the force because of corruption and went off with the survivors of Racoon City to basically attack Umbrella unlawfully. It's hard to believe that he'd just decide to follow an organization without protest. Expand
  14. Dec 18, 2013
    Cons: I died more from motorcycle, train, and plane crashes than zombies; not kidding one bit. I have to admit I laughed more than I felt scared during this game... but I kinda liked that.

    Pros: Sure, this game was ridiculous and not what I expected at all. I can't really comprehend what the game developers were thinking, but the end result is this unintentionally funny game that's fun
    to play. I felt like this was a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie at times, that's why this game gets an 8.

    Overall: After playing Resident Evil 5, I was left wanting a scarier game. I assumed that Resident Evil 6 was going to go back to the horror roots of the franchise. When I first played RE6, the lack of horror seemed to stand out. I do believe this game is worth playing, I enjoyed mercenaries mode like always. Although, I am somewhat happy to see the backlash of reviews from fans. Sure I liked this game, but I would have liked it more if it was scarier.
  15. Dec 11, 2013
    When Resident Evil 6 first released back 2012, Gameplay turn from Good to Worst since became Noobish, Story was BS there was no good part, Series is even more Dead thanks to Ada Wong Voice Actor Getting Recast Same Goes for Leon Voice Actor..
    Gameplay: 2/10
    Story: 0/10
    Total: 2/10
    I was once Die Hard Fan but stop caring Since Series become crap once Resident Evil 4 Released
  16. Nov 17, 2013
    RE6 felt more like a interactive DVD movie than a game in some places, but that was only a minor niggle. A fan of all the different style of RE games I really enjoyed this single player and co-op. Plus 6 includes what 4 and 5 lacked, ZOMBIES!!! (Rate 9/10 only on the Leon episode, the others a bit meh).
  17. Nov 9, 2013
    Definitely worth buying if you're a fan of the resident evil games very long game(4 campaigns) so you get your money's worth although Leon's could have been better and the skills don't really work and the guns should be balanced better but characters and story and graphics and atmosphere very good
  18. Oct 21, 2013
    what can i say? this game is excelent. i like leon's campaign. ada campaign was good too. but chris'campaign was not so good and the jake muller'campaign was awful
    jake muller is the worst resident evil character.
    still better than resident evil 6
  19. Oct 19, 2013
    Wow. This game did so much right and so much new, but everyone cries it's not scary and says it's horrible for that reason alone. Really? Are you that shallow? Just ignore the fact that it's not scary and just play it. It has a fantastic emotional story, innovative controls, great, realistic characters and multiple different elements. But no, it's just not scary. I guess it's worth 1s and 0s for that, right. I have better criticisms against it. The skill point system sucks. The inventory isn't as good as 4 or 5. And Ada's stealth isn't great. But it's still a fantastic game. Expand
  20. Oct 14, 2013
    I am currently four hours into the game but my brother and I had so much fun playing coop I can't contain my excitement. This is an awesome awesome game. The controls are responsive and it's skill based.

    After years and years of fighting Zombies the character should be pros by now and that's the way it feels. Overall we love it.
  21. Sep 20, 2013
    Awesome game. Not sure what's with all the hate. Great story, each campaign has its own genre of gameplay, if the story doesn't make sense it should after you complete each campaign, the graphics are really good, great atmosphere, you get bang for your buck, there's the mercanaries mode you unlock after beating the game which is fun, great variants in enemies. Not as good as RE4 but still awesome.
  22. Sep 20, 2013
    Please tell me why the hell the 6 is a giraffe getting a blow job from a person? The shooting is no good, the aiming is stiff, it feels like you're controlling a turret with rusty gears!
  23. Sep 20, 2013
    I really thought that RE4 was the game to redeem the RE franchise, but then we have a follow up of the mediocre and forgettable RE5, and now this crap. The graphics are shockingly crap with very blandly detailed environments, and the enemy textures are also shockingly crap. It seems that Crapcom spent all of their time creating a highly textured Leon, then couldn't be bothered with the rest. Seriously RE4 on the PS2 looked much better than this in every regard. Oh and the playability is crap, too. Bring back Shinji Mikami or the RE series is doomed. Expand
  24. Sep 9, 2013
    Baffled by all the negative reviews for this game. You get several campaigns, all pretty long with different characters and playing styles. Online component is really good (mercenaries is a blast). The graphics are top notch and make you feel as though you're in a film, and the audio is also strong with a good music score in particular. Only downside is the quick time events break up the pacing somewhat. An impressive game in so many ways I don't understand why people are slamming it so much. Expand
  25. Aug 15, 2013
    You know what's my opinion. I just bought RE 6 for the Xbox, back then RE series was a big deal. Resident evil 6 is my first game of Resident Evil game I bought. Capcom tried to make it the best, like that was there last game of the sleries. The game is not bad but not good. Leons campain was the best for the game but now for Chris the zombies got guns, it is trying to be like Gears of War, the game got sick graphic. The series meant to be action and horror. Now zombies shoot your ass. Ill rate this game 6 stars to me. Expand
  26. Aug 1, 2013
    I'm going to get straight to the point and try not to waste your time. If you are looking for an amazing survival horror game, go play Dead Space (the first one, 2-3 turned out to be just as big of a disappointment as RE5-6). Resident Evil 6 is a solid action game... Well... it would be... If there was anyone to play it with! There are basically no people to play this game with via xbox live... which is kinda ridiculous; I mean, I have no interest at all in babysitting Helena on Professional difficulty, therefore, Re6 is a waste of money. Would it be good if there was anyone to play it with? Perhaps, for some people, but for those looking for a survival horror epic, this ain't it. GO PLAY DEAD SPACE! Expand
  27. Jul 26, 2013
    THis game is honestly retarted, it is the worst RE game in fact the game is so bad George Bush wouldnt even wipe is arse on it, ITS THAT BAD, REALLY BIG LET DOWN, SELL THE GOD DAMN THING OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK PEOPLE U DON"T WANT THIS SELL IT DAMN IT SELL IT
  28. Jul 14, 2013
    Wow what happened?.. Oh wait i'll tell you what happened.

    Resident Evil 5 made so much money (probably because Resident Evil 4 was a massive hit) and never truly lived up to the hype of Res 4. In my honest opinion they sold out to make more money and break into the COD target audience (12-16 year males) with action, action, action.
    Then there was Resident Evil 6, with 1700 different
    playable characters (where lets be honest 95 of us just wanted to play as Leon and maybe the other 5% as Chris) and more quick time events then you could handle. It seems they are just more interested in making a action based game for the yung'uns to make money then making a horror survival for a smaller audience.

    You would think they would of learnt their mistake with Res 5 but nope they saw that it took loads of money so decided to stick with that action horror genre (and even calling it action 'HORROR' is being grateful)

    If you enjoy playing as characters you don't care about and you have to have action every 2 seconds and just wanna shot some zombars then go for it, this is the game for you.

    If you are a fan of the series (well until Res4 that is) then i suggest that you don't go anywhere near it as Capcom are not catering for your needs anymore.

    They had such potential with Leon & maybe Chris that they could of done something so much better but as i read from a critic on this very website that apparently 600 people went into making this game then it is literally like a game where they didn't know what direction they wanted to take so just chucked random stuff together and then went "taaa daaaa" "please buy this game, we have explosions and quick time events for all you kiddies that don't have to work out any puzzles or even think a little"

    i get frustrated because they had it all and once again like EA they wanted to make as much money as possible and stick two fingers up at you..

    I apologize for keep repeating myself about the action and quick time events but imagine Res 1 when you first encounter the dogs through the windows in the hall way or the Licker on the ceiling or either res 2 with the zombies at the beginning or that bastard on the bus and it was all quick time events and you had to press the shoulder buttons to move left and right, it wouldn't feel the same now would it. They dumbed it down and made it in to a movie and lets be honest who gives a f about Jake or whats her name.
  29. Jul 11, 2013
    Worrying look at the future

    IS this really how Capcom thinks we westerners want to play games? A series of quick time events linked by 20 second bursts of holding A and forward on the left stick make up large parts of two of the campaigns here.

    Random, unavoidable death scenes are foisted upon you as you struggle to work out exactly how the developer wants you to play the game
    throughout too.

    This game is an ordeal which i have barely had the patience to see through top the end.

    Last night I finally finished the Chris campaign (worst of a bad bunch) by leaving the final boss battle primarily up to the AI partner.

    Another low point of the Chris campaign was when my sister rang, forcing me to put the pad down but leave the game running.

    50 mins later i found i had not died and had actually progressed through the second chapter.

    It turns out that Capcom probably just want you to 'ooh' and 'aah' through huge chunks of their games without questioning anything like plot, interactivity, challenge (not counting random deaths) or skill.

    OH, did i mention the horrible control scheme and camera movement?

    Jeezus...holding three buttons to shoot out of cover sems a bit much, as does constantly rotating the camera angle to show you yet another pwetty expwosion those clever guys put in for you all add up to major gameplay problems...

  30. Jul 10, 2013
    As a long time fan of Resident Evil, I actually enjoyed this game a lot. Is it straight on horror like the older games? No, but it's still fun and it had its scares for me (mostly in Leon's campaign). I actually really liked the controls, especially the dodge, roll, and melee capabilities--in fact that's probably a reason I keep to Jake on Mercenaries. The story was engaging, the characters interesting, complex, and captivating. I got rather attached to both Piers and Jake and I loved the growth and development they gave Sherry after not seeing her since RE2--she's definitely capable of handling her own. While I'd love to see Capcom go back to traditional horror settings, I can appreciate what they've tried to do with this game. I think if they focus more on the characters and less on making the gameplay something to compete with the shooters out there (because sorry Capcom, your game is not a shooter) they'll be much better off with the next installment. After all for a lot of us, characters are the reason we keep coming back (I'm looking at you Camp Leon). Expand
  31. Oct 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers. I want to like it, I really do but I'm finding this game to be a chore to play....

    To start this review I've loved nearly all RE Games, even loved RE5 (so that should give you an idea of how easily satisfied I can be). What this game lacks is that something..... something they call Gameplay, I'm not talking about physically being able to play a game, RE6 does not grab my attention, does not make me crave more, does not make me want to replay it several times over regardless of all the additional content they throw at it.

    To give you an idea of what I mean this game just isn't well polished, the aiming and shooting system just feels sub-par to what was previous in the series.. and so far if I've ever been stuck in a situation I can than resort to kicking the cr*p out of anything. Theres just no satisfaction in it which to be completely honest I'm finding to be disappointing.
    The scares also feel so predictable, the Leon campaign which I had high hopes for started really well until you get to a certain elevator scene right near the start and than the atmosphere is lost on this game. The most common scare attempt is you will walk along a corridor and notice a body lying on the floor, as soon as you step right next to it it will than spring to life and grab you.. this happens a lot! The system is flawed in the respect that you can't even shoot it prior to walking near it in an attempt to wake it up. I won't hammer on about the QTE, they do become very tedious VERY quickly and the odd work of camera angles is a truth that cannot be ignored. The controls feel very odd and un-responsive at times in this game which is an annoying thing to come across where I find myself hammering the reload button in a vain attempt to reload.

    That said there are things about this game that I do like, the storyline I think is excellent which thankfully the series has become renowned for. The voice acting is excellent which is seriously odd when you think of where it all began (ahem "Jill Sandwich") so it is nice that they did improve on this.
    I like the fact that they have encorporated so much into the story but this game needed a lot more time, you could tell they were on a deadline to have it completed and sadly the faults in this game are just too much to forgive.

    If like me you are compelled to play this game than for your sake just rent it! It's certainly not worth the price tag... I'm giving it a 5/10 because the story is good, should have just made it a dvd!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 71 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 7 out of 71
  1. Nov 6, 2012
    The game has some stumbling moments, but it is worth sticking it out. With the franchise changing over time it has lost a lot of what originally defined Resident Evil to us all.
  2. 70
    This new Resident Evil installment has definitely abandoned the survival horror genre and has moved into the crowded field of action shooters. [Nov 2012]
  3. Oct 27, 2012
    A varied and challenging game that continues the series' evolution into action territory. IT can be incredibly frustrating at times, but also very rewarding when you finally overcome the many challenges it puts you through.