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  1. Dec 30, 2012
    After reading all the bad comments everywhere, my expectations were low. After playing the game, I don't understand the zero ratings (seriously?).
    No, this is not Resident Evil 1, 2 or 3. It's not about conserving ammo and running around on old mansions. It's action oriented like Resident Evil 5. Does that make it a bad game or a zero rating game? No it does not. It's an excellent game,
    that does have some flaws, obviously. The button tapping scenes for instance, can be a bit irritating. But it's a great game nonetheless. Expand
  2. Oct 3, 2012
    This game is woefully bad its not funny, the over use of cut scenes, the horrible controls and combat control, QTE every 5 seconds. Sure controls the old tanks controls were not ideal for being a killing machine but they suited the game. This game controls are awful, the way you switch weapons, reload, use items it horrid and made worse by the awful HUD. They are a serious step back from RE4, a last gen game.

    RE franchise died when Shinji Mikami left Capcom. He told them not to port RE4 to the PS2 but they ignored this great man and RE has been a shell of its self ever since.
  3. Oct 6, 2012
    First of all the new instalment of RE franchise is no longer the survival horror game - in fact the last RE with some horror atmosphere was the innovative RE4, whereas the fifth part of the series was already an action/co-op game. The latest RE has deepen this path. That is why it is totally understandable, that the people who were looking forward for slow/survival climate here, are disappointed and a lot will hate this game. On the other side I would recommend the new RE to all fans which felt with love with Resident after the 4th/5th instalments, as the new part has everything what a modern action TPS game should have - superb visuals, solid controls (which are as smoothly as never before in the franchise), back grounded by nice storytelling. There has been a lot of criticizm about annoying QTEs in this game - in fact it depends on your gameplay style, you can minimize these while keeping the distance from your foes (if you are a sharp shooter) / even though the QTEs are easy to handle for any gamer skilled with the pad (personally Ive enjoyed them); Overall as an action game with some horror background this game is definitely worth a 8.5/9.0 score, whereas due to many trolled scores, I am giving 10; Expand
  4. Nov 18, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is a good arcade 3rd person shooter but not so much a survival horror as tries to be. Resident Evil series changed its roots into more of action placed shooter since the over the shoulder view point that Resident Evil 4 applied. Since then, the newer Resident Evil games seem to disappointed others leaving behind the horror feeling that many fans grew up with. Personally, Resident Evil 6 isn't so bad if your welling to pass on that Resident Evil 6 isn't a survival horror any more and decently right has an arcade shooter.

    Resident Evil 6 has 3 main campaigns that differ in characters, few locations, and scenarios which they all play as an action 3rd person shooter. Leon's campaign comes close to feeling like a horror shooter(For half the campaign at lest), Chris's Campaign plays out like a military shooter facing infected mercenaries, and Jake's has a mix of both Leon's and Chris campaign while getting constantly chanced by a nemsis like creature. Each campaign is cooperative up to 2 players through out the campaign, each of those campaign last around 5 to 6 hours long. Friends or randoms can join your game while on session if you want the option to turn on for it.

    The story branches out into an Zombie Outbreak in the U.S. and then into china caused by (you guessed it) Neo Umbrella and their gang of infected zombie like mercenaries called J'avo. Each campaign connects with one another revealing story bits you didn't know from campaign. I thought this worked pretty discovering the threat and the man behind the cause. As the characters from their campaigns try to resolve their problems, at points, they will meet up in the same location. If another couple in their play through is at that same part where both campaigns meet allows you to play along side them in a 4 player cooperative moment. After completing all 3 campaigns, another campaign(single player) opens up at the side of another character that see in the shadows(New update may have her unlocked instantly and adds as well co-op as well). She fills in some of the missing gaps of the story. Speaking of gaps, small plot holes are left empty and the villain doesn't have real good excuse for his doing.

    Resident Evil 6 plays like a 3rd person shooter allowing you for the first in a RE game to move and shoot. You go in cover in fire fights which takes awhile to get used too and jump into the floor in a aiming position just avoid incoming hits. Melee attacks pack a real punch which kills your foes faster then bullets. Your only limited to Melee depending on how much stamina you balancing from small amount of ammo if played on the harder difficulties. The game tries to be a horror game limiting the amount of ammo but in my opinion, doesn't really work well. From the start of the peloge, your introduce into quick time events. As it does feel like a pain at first, it does add attention for some moments as like small mini games. Expect the whole game to be quick time events if your into those types of games. Going into this game, you may have to expect some boring moments before gets a little better. If you can deal with slow and repetitive moments, you may have another problem with the camera(New Update allows you adjust camera). This mainly due to the camera zooming into events that could somewhat blind you. Its alot worse when your in hallways and the camera has a hard time following you. Death can be cheap and out of no but this isn't too much of a big since death isn't too punishing. Despite being a co-op game, you can't trade with your partner. Weapons and ammo you find are for your self and stay with you in till you lose you delete your save data. I don't see my self going back into this game after completion. 2 other extra modes such as Mercenaries mode and Agent hunt mode Mercenaries mode is another horde like mode where you try to kill as many enemies as you can before time runs out. With out pre-orders or maybe a DLC, there are only 3 maps for mercenaries leaving out 3 others impossible to get with out buying the game 3 times from pre-orders or waiting for a DLC. Customs are unlock-able with their own load out but their not usable for the main campaign. Agent hunt mode allows you invade other couples in their game if they have the option turn on. Its fun for a little bit but its very limited with controls and you leave the players game after they leave the area or one of them die. Resident Evil 6 isn't that bad and can be very fun if you can deal passed with some of the poor moments and cheesy deaths. The game makes a good arcade 3rd person shooter but not so much a horror survival game. It tries to be a horror shooter but it doesn't work well and it slows the game down. For what its worth, I suggest you ether rent the game for the week or wait for a price drop.
  5. Apr 24, 2013
    This was my first Resident Evil game, I played through on easy, and had no expectations going in and it was a nice bit of fun. Kicking zombies in the face, shooting them, just get stuck into some zombie guts and don't take it too seriously.
  6. Oct 7, 2012
    All ive got to say is that this is probably one of the most dissopinting games in video game history.This game is pretty much a wannabe left 4 dead.Remember the old resident evils where it was a total pain in the butt to find things you needed to shoot and stuff.This is pretty much a left 4 dead but lfd was meant to be a type of run an gun game but resident evil was meant to be a survival horror.If you bought it and finshed it you better go get your money back and save it for borderlands or something. Expand
  7. Oct 2, 2012
    Is no gaming series safe from over-casualization? Of becoming another Call of duty clone but overwhelmingly worse? Capcom continues this trend with RE 6. Quite simply, everyone is sick of fps' and the industry needs to wake up.
  8. Oct 28, 2012
    Some overpaid clown on a review site told me Resident Evil 6 is TERRIBLE and I believe it because I watched a video but have never played the game or its two predecessors/played the first 10 minutes of the game after having bought the game for $60 without playing the demo first/am an idiot. I think this game is bad because it isn't scary and there is too much action and also there are quick time events. It is OK if God of War is nothing but quick time events but every half an hour Resident Evil 6 has a quick time event so I don't like it. Resident Evil 4 and 5 did not have any quick time events at all and were super scary and they were not third person shooters with any amount of action. They just had lots of running around and backtracking through empty hallways, combining arbitrary objects into keys while auto-aiming at zombies that had way too much health. I liked it better when it took more than an entire magazine from a pistol just to kill a single zombie. Those were the good, old days, back when no skill or thought was required to play the game. Resident Evil 6 shouldn't have changed the formula set by Resident Evil 4 and 5, 4 having come out in 2004 and 5 having come out in 2009.
    Wait, you mean to tell me Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 are also third person shooters full of quick time events and lots of action and the same camera angle with comparable controls and gameplay? You're saying that Resident Evil 6 actually has less quick time events because now dodge rolling is a manual function? That Resident Evil 6 is really fun and that comparing it to crappy PS1 games that came out 16 years ago is stupid and that I should have complained about the change back in 2004?
    Then maybe I should shut my stupid mouth about how Resident Evil 6 is "different" from the rest of the Resident Evil series and enjoy it as a genuinely good game with a couple of issues that don't ruin the overall experience.
  9. Nov 14, 2012
    We get that Operation Raccoon City is one of the Resident Evil games that we don't care about. After that game comes Resident Evil 6...sadly one of the screwed-up sequels. Look at the Resident Evil fans! They're mad at that game! You got to admit that Resident Evil 6 is terrible...enough said.
  10. Oct 4, 2012
    This is not Resident Evil anymore, Capcom succumbs to the mainstream devil and bows down to the money to please the masses with nonstop explosions and shooter action like in CoD. I can understand the kids from today like uncomplicated action like this, i do not. Capcom failed to go back to the roots, instead they delivered a soulless shooter rollercoaster, to please the mainstream and to earn more money off the people who do not seem to like the old values of the series, or simply do not know them, because they are simply too young or haven't played the grand old parts of the series. In my eyes this game is a disgrace and deserves ALL the negative response from the fanbase. People who rate this above 5 or even 10 have lost their touch, sad but true.

    I'll give it a 1/10 because it's not completely terrible, but it is far away from what i expected from a game labled Resident Evil. It goes with the same trend like the movies, it gets worse and worse. After Operation Racoon City this is another deep rock bottom of the series and it is questionable if they can restore their reputation in futuregames or if they keep those low mainstreamstandards. I am very dissapointed of the result.
  11. Feb 19, 2013
    Having played Resident Evil's 1-5 as well as some of the spin-off titles, I came to this game expecting to have a similarly enjoyable time. What I got was a sorry shambles of a game, with a fairly weak storyline, frustrating combat and some truly broken mechanics. The graphics are solid and the co-op option makes the game much more enjoyable to trawl through. Overall, Resident Evil 6 was very disappointing and I would only recommend it to those hardcore Resi fans who want to "complete" the series. Expand
  12. Jan 26, 2013
    The Game is Fun. But It SUCKS. Resident Evil use to have some horror and RE 4 was its shining point. I didnt bother to play 5 or raccon because of all the bad press. Then one night friend brings over Resident Evil 6. Then i see that RE 6 SHOOTY instead of horror. Second in leon's campaign has absolutely no ammo and i had to rely on the duke nukem kicks through half of it. Third the f**king QUICK TIME EVENTS. Every five second PRESS X. The good of the game is the co op and maybe the upcoming multiplayer but RE6 gets this low score because it is so dissapointing. CAPCOM is spiraling downwards. Expand
  13. Mar 14, 2013
    I don't understand the negative reviews I have heard. This game is just amazing. The game controls are easy to pick up and the different campaigns add length to the game. Not only that but each of the campaigns has a different perspective of the story. So you may not understand what someone is talking about in one campaign, then it will make sense once you play a different one. By far though my favorite thing in the game is the counter system. If you time pressing the melee button correctly, you will counter attack an enemy. Just about every enemy in the game has attacks that you can counter. So master this and you will be nearly untouchable. This is especially fun in mercenaries. Being surrounded and enemies can't even hit you, once you're good at it. You can also play the campaign and the Mercenaries with a friend in couch co-op. My only complaint about the game is the cut scenes. during the game, it will stop and the camera will zoom in on a door or something to show you where you need to go or something of interest. During those moments you cannot move your character, but they can still be hit by enemy attacks at the beginning and end of the short video. This has caused so much unnecessary damage, so it does get annoying. But the gameplay and everything makes up for it so I can look past it. If you don't like action games then I can see why this game gets bad reviews. I have played all the previous Resident Evil titles and they are more horror based. Except for 4 and 5. 4 is a bit of a mix. I think change is always welcome. Don't want a series to get so repetitive that it gets boring. To me this is a very welcome change. Expand
  14. Jun 27, 2014
    For Capcom to market this as a survival horror is disgraceful. To get straight to the point the game is a giant waste, especially if you are fan of the series. It will be one giant let down.

    As for the campaign, it is focused on co-op which is fine but if you are playing with a CPU then it can get quite annoying especially on higher difficulties.
    The campaign is split up into four
    sections, three you have from the beginning and one that is unlocked later on. Each campaign is as boring as the previous one with no originality which goes a long with the horrid writing and boring characters which at once were interesting characters.... well Leon was at least.

    Music has never been something Resident Evil was known for so you can assume the music was not memorable at the least.

    Mechanics wise the game has been stripped of all horror mechanics and added a lot of typical third person shooter mechanics which dumb the game down if you are going for a survival horror game.

    Which brings me back around to this.. the series sadly I doubt will ever be the same again. The game has slowly transitioned into a action game rather than a survival horror game. Resident Evil 4 and 5 started the transition and Resident Evil 6 completed it.

    Bottom line, do NOT pick this game up especially if you played and enjoyed any previous Resident Evil game (Except Resident Evil 5). Even if you haven't played a Resident Evil game, it is not worth picking up. Let it collect dust at Gamestop.

    *I am late to reviewing a lot of these games but I recently created an account so I am making up for lost time.*
  15. Oct 11, 2012
    Worst game in the series. They should be embarrassed for putting out such garbage. I can't believe i wasted a good Verbatim DL-DVD on this junk. I want my $0.50 back for my disk i burned it on :)
  16. Oct 3, 2012
    Absolutely disappointing. Resident Evil 6 is a lot of things, but faithful to the franchise name associated with survival horror is certainly not one of them. The entire game looks and feels like a jumbled mess that isn't sure which direction it wants to take; it''s akin to the most recent "Turok" title in that it has little to nothing to do with the franchise name with exception to the name of characters found within, leaving players and especially fans to wonder just what went so horribly wrong.
    The game tries too hard to be both an action game and a horror game without being very successful at either, becoming more of a frustrating slog through something you want so badly to be good instead of a horror-filled thrill ride the title was once was. With Capcom producer Masachika Kawata even admitting the game was a push to cater more to the casual Call of Duty crowd to help bring in record numbers, the only thing Resident Evil 6 has successfully done was turn it's brand name into a washed up husk that's now trying to ride the coattails of another washed up series of games.

    This title truly marks the end of a once great series. Rest in Peace, Resident Evil.
  17. Oct 3, 2012
    This isn't that bad of a game, hell it's not bad by any stretch of the word. I know there are a lot of people bombing the score because they remember 1-3 with nostalgia vision but here's a reality check, those games were clunky, the camera was **** and the dialog sucked. Four was the best thing to happen to the series, 5 wasn't amazing but it was good, and 6 is also good, get your nostalgia out of your vision and shut the **** up and enjoy the game. Expand
  18. Oct 6, 2012
    One of the worst game I ever played, I could play even 15 minutes... ruined good series
    I will never ever ever buy game published by Capcom. Worst money I spend.
  19. Oct 17, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 isn't the same genre as the first Resident Evil titles. Just accept it and rate this game a 10 for being the best coop-action-game of the year.
    Can't stop playing, the gameplay is just to awesome.
  20. Feb 9, 2013
    Worst game of 2012. just a lot of over dramatic cut scenes and quick time events with some soulless action between.
    You think ppl lie when they tell you its crap, they don't, my disc is destroyed, wont RE-sell it, as nobody should play this game.
  21. Nov 25, 2012
    All around, this is a disappointment. I loved RE5, but 6 does not live up to that memory. If you want a good action game, play Mass Effect 3. If you want a good survival horror game, play ZombieU. But do not buy RE6, it does a really bad job of trying to mix both genres, and ends up with a horrible conglomeration that fails to impress either way.
  22. Mar 24, 2013
    I can't understand why such a game like this one gets this bad review in my opinion this one is very great action game and one of the best in the series....very smooth one.
  23. Oct 8, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 follows in the footsteps of both 4 ( with 4 it has big shoes to fill) & 5 and does so brilliantly as it emulates the 4th's gritty setting and tension while keeping the 5th's lust for blood and guns it isn
  24. Oct 12, 2012
    Resident Evil ha cambiado y es un juego super completo y entretenido... no te dejes llevar por los reviews... sin duda si eres un real fanatico de la franquicia te encantara.... no es un juego perfecto pero es de lo mejor que ha salido de la franquicia... tienes para todos los gustos
  25. Oct 4, 2012
    So...Resident Evil 4 and 5 get good scores and this one doesn't? It does everything better than RE4/5!?
    What i see here is a simple case of fans hating on this game for not being survival horror, they aren't actually rating the game itself which i think is very harmful and degrading to the developers and is very unfair. I happen to like the changes in the RE series, they are freaking
    agents they should know how to defend themselves adequetly and im sure Leon would be expert at that by now considering hes been dealing with outbreaks his whole life now...but besides that i enjoy this game a lot. There are few frustrating bugs and issues but what game today doesnt have that. It really upsets me though to see so many people making bad reviews that actually arent even about the game itself...shouldnt be that way. Expand
  26. Oct 2, 2012
    Not Bad, just not exactly good. The Controls are a bit wonky, they can be very unresponsive at times. The need for a cover system slightly confuses me since you are fighting Zombies. It does offer some good fun moments. If you had to say which campaign was the best, I would have to say that Ada Wongs one is, because you are isolated and there are more puzzles, like old school Resident Evil. The Multiplayer modes are decent, but once again not great. The cutscenes are excellent though. One thing I do not understand is why Capcom does not go back to the Horror mechanics and gameplay. Thank goodness you can now move and shoot, but still we need horror. This is just way too different. I reckon if this was not a Resident Evil game I would have scored it higher, but since it is, I have to give it a 6. Dissapointing, I was really hoping for a return to the good. Expand
  27. Oct 3, 2012
    Very bad game design. Some scenes like flee in motorcycle can actually be played without hands, without any inputs. Like a film. Where's interactions ? BAD GAME !
  28. Oct 4, 2012
    Skip to last line if you want my opinion in a summarized form. Don't listen to other reviews from RE fan-boys saying that this is nothing like the others... it sux='(. The truth is this game is different than the others, but it isn't bad. "It is not scary"- truthfully none of the RE series is, they are creepy at points,but in Leon's campaign there are creepy points also. Also what is the problem with change, isn't that why Obama was voted president in the US? COD fan-boys **** how MW3 was no different than MW2, Infinity Ward needed change. RE6 has 3 campaigns to start with, leon- horror styled campaign, Chris- third person shooter, and Jake- I truly have no idea, bad ass mofo, maybe???? And a surprise campaign... but don't tell anyone, ssssshhhhhhhh. I say the game is worthwhile, but if you are feeling edgy about buying it now wait till the price drops, it is a fun game, but the community sucks. The camera is a little sketchy, but you can get used to it. I love different types of games, I am an adventurous type of person, shooters like COD/Battlefield, Horror like RE and Silent Hill, open world games like GTA and Saints Row, other genres like LA Noir and Red dead redemption. Oh my God, I played games that compete against each other, but I found them all to be fun, except MW3. Like I read in another review, people rate 0 because of the "Glory Daze," from the older Resident Evils, yes the others were amazing games, but because this one is different doesn't mean it sucks. It is sort of like racism for a game, it also reminds me of Frankenstein, strange "monster" in a town that goes crazy when they see him. I am a gigantic RE fan, since the first Resident Evil, and i approve this message=D. And sorry about the super long review... I talk a lot=). It's a great game and I recommend it, it has a few problems, but what game doesn't? Expand
  29. Jan 1, 2013
    Ok ok so... i am writing this review in hopes of getting anyone that doesn't wanna play this game based on metacritics score. Forget the the number its total B.S this game deserves to be played all the reviews that i read had silly reasons to bash the game with. I recommend ppl to read NZgamers review on the game they had it spot on. So now i am goin to to say my opinion on the game. So when the this game came out i personally never played a resident evil game before till this year when i downloaded resident evil 4 of marketplace at first i thought wow this game sucks lol mostly because the controls were so strange but after a alittle bit of learning them i got into the game. Which now is on my list of one the best games i have naturally after finishing the 4th one i rushed to the nearest gamestop to get the 5th one again i was impressed with game and to notice on how the gameplay seemed to evolve above the 4th game i loved the changes they made to the game style it fit perfectly to the situations u were put in. Again the 5th game just blew me away. Thats why when i finally came around to the sixth one i was shocked to see sooo much hate towards it i was like what the hell whats goin on lol. So i was curious about what capcom did to make ppl dislike the 6th one. So i got the game sat down and right from the start i got a big smile on my face finally they let me have full control of my character its like u can move like the cut scenes from the 4th and 5th games. I was again impressed with this franchise. The story and how its presented was amazing every campaign u play through adds more to the story which makes for a unique experience. Like the whole game is just so cleverly presented its mind blowing lol. So for all the ppl hating on it plz really times change game changes it simple i dont understand why you would want to be the same game like the first or 2nd i mean really? Then we be hearing things like this game is the same thing over and over like ppl do with cod. So heres my score on this game i give it a 9.8 because the game looks awesome the controls are some of the best ever far superior to the last 2 games. The characters and story is just perfectly woven together through a timeline the c virus is badass and far mre deadlier then and thing any of the other viruses plus it gave rise to some crazy monster variations. The only things that hold it from a 10 is just the large amount of quick time events they ok but sometimes it was abit excessive. O and one mre thing that makes this game awesome is join other ppls game as infected which was awesome plus other mulitiplayer options. All in all if ur a true resident evil fan u can accept change and welcome it because this is the best resident evil game yet period. Expand
  30. Nov 27, 2012
    I bought the archive addition of this game for the other Resident evil titles which was worth every penny. For the Resident evil 6 game itself, i thought it was great. You can see how different the game play is from the other Resident evil titles. The story is pretty good as well as the graphics. The only thing i didnt care for is how much you run out of ammo and how much time you spend looking for ammo. Also i felt that some of the beasts were way overpowered with too much HP which caused me to run out of ammo before killing resorting to grenades. Nothing is redily available which is what i think developers were after, if something like mass infection really happened, supplies would be hard to come by. Overall i enjoyed this game and am very happy to have the rest in the archive edition. Expand
  31. Jan 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game looks better than disappointing re 5.Leon campaign is one of the best,puzzles,slow zombies,dark environment and much better than RE4 talking about controllings.Talking about Chris and Jake campaign is a bit disappointing reminds RE movies new series and it's a bit sucks.About Ada's campaign it's one of the best too because of the puzzles gameplay there is many puzzles and interesting storyline.The good thing is that this game is long and you won't be bored because of this game variety.Overall graphics,controls,storyline is amazing but gameplay and zombies sucks at some campaigns. Expand
  32. May 5, 2013
    If capcoms goal is to ruin the series then RE6 is a great first step. This game is one of the biggest letdowns I've ever played. WTF??? Why is this game so bad. It's been in dev for over 3 years. Why? And it's not like it doesn't have flashes of excellence but then it starts being really, really stupid. A zombie dinosaur??? A ****g Dinosaur in a RE game??? holy WTF. And also, I thought that capcom was bringing the survivor horror of RE4 back to the series??? So where is it? This is a pure shooter. Weak. Pass. Expand
  33. May 17, 2013
    I give this game a 10 to compensate the 0-votings honestly, a 0-rating? For me its a solid 8-9! I always make my own opinion, and iam glad that i looked into re6, because otherwise i had missed a brilliant and fun game! You have stunning graphics, good sound, very good animated zombies, some zombie-minibosses, lots of weapons and tons of content!

    Sure, its not the classic-re anymore,
    but i think re6 is a very good resident evil anyway! Expand
  34. Dec 18, 2013
    Cons: I died more from motorcycle, train, and plane crashes than zombies; not kidding one bit. I have to admit I laughed more than I felt scared during this game... but I kinda liked that.

    Pros: Sure, this game was ridiculous and not what I expected at all. I can't really comprehend what the game developers were thinking, but the end result is this unintentionally funny game that's fun
    to play. I felt like this was a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie at times, that's why this game gets an 8.

    Overall: After playing Resident Evil 5, I was left wanting a scarier game. I assumed that Resident Evil 6 was going to go back to the horror roots of the franchise. When I first played RE6, the lack of horror seemed to stand out. I do believe this game is worth playing, I enjoyed mercenaries mode like always. Although, I am somewhat happy to see the backlash of reviews from fans. Sure I liked this game, but I would have liked it more if it was scarier.
  35. Oct 8, 2012
    The gameplay mechanics added are really good, because they have added more mobility to the characters, and now melee attacks can be performed without the need of making the opponents dizzy. But it comes with a price because you can not spam them because you have a stamina gauge below your life bar, that drains with each attack, so you have to plan your kicks and punches carefully. You can run, slide and do barrel rolls in order to avoid damage, and also you can now counter enemy attacks, which requires really good reflexes lol XD.

    There is an skill points system that is similar to the money system of RE4-5; but instead of buying or upgrading weapons you buy or upgrade skills. For example, instead of buying a bulletproof vest, you buy an skill to take less damage; and Instead of upgrading a weapon in particular in order to do more damage, you buy an skill that allows you to do more damage. Most skills can be upgraded, but cost lots skill points to do so. You can only equip 3 skill points for each skill set. At first you have only one skill set, but afterwards when you complete 1 campaign you will get access to 8 sets. Each one of them can have 3 skills, and can be swapped on the fly during gameplay, so if you think that certain area or boss requires different skills, you can equip them without a problem. But remember that in order to access the 8 skills, you need to finish 1 campaign first.

    During some events there are QTEs, which I think are quite unnecessary, but they last a small amount of time, so for me they did not bring down the gameplay. There are other kind of QTEs, like when a zombie grabs you, and you need kick him in the face so he stops biting you lol XD. I think those fit the gameplay well.

    Oh, and in case you did not know; this game is hard XD.

    You have at first 3 campaigns to choose from with their respective hero: Leon, Chris, and Jake. I think that is the biggest strength of the game, and also it is where most of the weak points are. The 3 campaigns are quite different from each other, which is not a bad thing; but it is kind of bad when they all have different gameplay focus. The gameplay mechanics seem to have been elaborated around Leon´s campaign, and that makes it look like that Leon story is the MAIN story while the other 2 are some kind of bonus....a lengthy bonus. Now this may sound really bad for the game, but that is not the case; I say this because Leon campaign is the best of the 3, it last between 7-8 hours to complete; so for me as a fan it justifies the $60. It is a mix of RE4 and old RE games.

    I think that they should have made the Leon campaign longer, and make it THE MAIN CAMPAIGN of the game, and once you clear it, you are able to access Chris and Jake story. Kind of separate ways and desperate escape, but much bigger. And once the 3 are completed you could access Ada´s campaign.

    Treat the game as if it only has at first the Leon´s campaign available. It begins slow the first half hour, but after that it picks up the pace, and it is really good. And if you play it in co-op it is a blast. One of the most enjoyable experiences I have had during a game. I says this, because the gameplay mechanics dont fit really well Chris, and Jakes campaign. They are enjoyable once you get used to the gameplay focus of each campaign; but Leon campaign is simply the best. Ada´s campaign is also great.

    I recommend you to play a campaign first and once you want to play other one do so, but dont back and forth jump between them because they are very different.

    I think that if reviewers would have played the other 2 campaigns as a bonus, (after they completed Leon´s campaign) instead of playing them as the main thing offered in the game they would have rate it way better.

    Also I think that the camera should be further. They have added gameplay mechanics that add more mobility, but due to the fact that the stages are bigger, zombies can attack from anywhere, so you still can not dodge them. It would be better to have the camera further away (like in Uncharted) in order to have a better look of the surroundings.

    TIP: Change camera settings from 5 to 1. The game is really awesome and every RE fan must play it. It deserves an 8.5/10, but I am rating it a 10/10 because of the haters here that have not even played the game rate it 0/10.
  36. Oct 3, 2012
    Where is the Horror!!? This game is 80% generic 3rd person action-shooter and 20% (or even less) survival horror.I though Capcom had learned with RE5 that co-op play really kills all the tension. What else is to dislike about this game: messed up story, killing regular zombies is really annoying, having an arrow/marked point telling you which way to go, Leon Kennedy harsh voice. This game in my opinion is a bad mix between RE5 and RE Racoon City. If you Didn't like any of these 2 games you won't like this one. The RE franchise as a horror survivor game is now dead. Dead space is now the true and only king of the genre. Expand
  37. Oct 5, 2012
    Under the threat of this global bioterrorist attack, our hero Ada. The world is now in turmoil as the C-virus has reached pandemic proportions and threatens to consume the world in a horrific apocalyptic scenario.
  38. Oct 7, 2012
    Oh, the people these days. Let's say they all are wrong. It all seems like people complaining about controls have their hands growing on their feet, the graphics haters are blind, and the bored just didn't play this. This one is awesome! C'mon people, get rid of your suffering about mechanic change. Action does fit RE. IF we kept walking the mansions for all this time, wouldn't we complain that they change nothing? I personnally think this is an exceptional action game, and, perhaps, one of GOTYs. It's Resident Evil's best game ever since. It's action sequences are good to no end, packing in difficulty, blasts and fast-paced gameplay. Of course, it's nothing like the first four REs, but still, as game of 2012, it's perfect. Expand
  39. Oct 13, 2012
    I don't get why people hate this game so much.Just because its action-packed game?Come on,that was long time ago RE 4 and 5 dont have any horror aspect either.Overall the game is good , I think this game way much better than Resident evil 5
  40. Dec 5, 2012
    Obviously if you were a big fan of this series from the beginning, you might say this game sucks because it's not a survival horror anymore. That is NOT a legitimate reason to dislike something, contrary to what many base their negative reviews on. If you like action games, then this game is great fun. I played the older games as well, but somehow I still find it in my heart to like this game. Many have bias towards the original games, so judgement towards this game is clouded, and as a result the reception ultimately suffers much more than it should. Which is a shame. For what this game is, it's pretty good. It's really fun to shoot and kill zombies/j'avo, the sliding and diving is fun, the melee is really enjoyable, the cutscenes are great, the graphics are beautiful, the sound is good, the story is interesting, I find the quick time events to be intense and fun (contrary to how everyone else feels), the mercenaries is great fun with a friend, and the four campaigns makes for a lengthy game. Of course, there are some bad things. Such as the camera can be annoying when it forces the angle towards something on the screen (you'd know if you play it); the skill/perk system seems cool and fun at first, but after a while is kind of lame and boring; the menu interface is a little lackluster and somewhat unorganized; and finally, the game has a sort of lower replay value compared to RE5. I mean, I still got 36 hours out of this game, but there's nothing I'd really go back for besides playing with a friend. Overall though, this game is just fun. And it always comes down to that in my eyes.

    I do not truly give this game a 10 though. I think it deserves a solid 8.75. I just felt like I had to do my part to outweigh this unjust user score, even though I probably did nothing to change it.
  41. Oct 2, 2012
    Huge letdown. I was expecting 5 and 4's lovechild, but I got a balls to the wall non stop testosterone action game that wasn't even a good action game at that. On top of all that, it's 30+ hours with all campaigns. No joke, each one is 8 hours. If you really want to try it out, just rent it. Save your money and wait for dishonered and other triple A title coming this year.
  42. Oct 13, 2012
    If your looking for a action packed horror game then re6 is your game.but if re6 creators focused more on horror than action, then i would've rated this game 10. But for now im at a 8.whats the best is that zombies make return.
  43. Nov 27, 2012
    the game lost its fame and glory from Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City but this game is not resident evil is a bad combination of uncharted, left for dead and silent hill
  44. Sep 20, 2013
    Please tell me why the hell the 6 is a giraffe getting a blow job from a person? The shooting is no good, the aiming is stiff, it feels like you're controlling a turret with rusty gears!
  45. Oct 8, 2012
    I read all the criticism, and bought the game anyway believing it couldn't be THAT bad... Now, I want my $60 back.

    The Resident Evil franchise has turned into a lackluster and at times broken 3rd person shooter. Couple that with frustrating melee combat, cheap deaths that make NO logical sense (hit by a train while 40 feet away from the tracks?) , and just plain old bizarre creatures
    that awkwardly run down hallways and bump into you or fly around getting caught on invisible walls. For me, it was just unplayable. Expand
  46. Oct 11, 2012
    Como voces sabem, a maior prova que a Capcom poderia ter que Resident Evil 6 foi um grande sucesso, aconteceu! O game ja vendeu mais de 4,5 milhoes de copias e espera atingir a marca de 7 milhoes ate 31/03/2013. Os jogadores que compraram, ainda tiveram a oportunidade de jogar uma extensa demo antes de decidir pela compra.
  47. Oct 6, 2012
    It gets a ten really only to balance out the unwarranted super-bombing in the game. It's far from a great game and not the best in the series by a long shot. It's riddled with a few technical problems and annoyances- but nothing that makes it unplayable. The story is... well, typical of Resident Evil. Which, no matter what anyone says, has always been questionable and even oft times silly. Since the first game. So you get the same ol', same ol' there. Chris' campaign is unsurprisingly weak while Leon's is worth the play through for nearly every step. Over all though, it's a pretty damn fun co-op experience. Playing it alone is a waste of your time, but with a good friend? You'll get at least some hours of enjoyment for your money. It's at least a recommended rent. I might suggest buying it, but I'd wait for a better deal; half the current price maybe.

    Honestly, if you liked RE4 and RE5, you'll at least find some things in this game to like enough for continued play. If you're more of a fan of the classic Resident Evil games, well... you're out of luck. But you've been out of luck for half a decade now, so you shouldn't even be bothering at this point, should you?

    In all, a mediocre to slightly good game. It won't bring you anything truly unique and new to enjoy (except far better controls than RE4/5 with much more options on what you can do) and doesn't really ADD to the series in any meaningful way. But it also doesn't really bring anything disappointing- it's far from the let down disaster of other games released this year (at least Capcom didn't pull an EA/BioWare on you).
  48. Oct 2, 2012
    I do not have any problem with Capcom doing a Resident Evil without horror. But if they want to do a TPS, they should do something good. With great games like Gears of War and Uncharted available, who wants dated and boring game like this. Resident Evil 6 is a big failure.
  49. Oct 5, 2012
    Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is pleased to announce that worldwide initial shipments of "Resident Evil 6", the latest addition to the "Resident Evil" franchise, for "PlayStation® 3" and Xbox 360® have surpassed 4.5 million.

    "Resident Evil" is a series of survival-horror games in which players use weapons and other items in order to escape from zombies.
  50. Oct 5, 2012
    "Resident Evil" franchise, for "PlayStation® 3" and Xbox 360® have surpassed 4.5 million.

    "Resident Evil" is a series of survival-horror games in which players use weapons and other items in order to escape from zombies. One of Capcom's best-known game series, "Resident Evil" has recorded cumulative sales of more than 50 million units* since the first title was released in 1996.
    These sales figures demonstrate that "Resident Evil" is just as popular today as it was 15 years ago when the first title made its debut. Expand
  51. Oct 21, 2012
    And Capcom is saying that they can't listen to every fan or they will never make progress. MAJOR LOL. Clearly they were listening to the wrong fans and now that the game is the lowest rated RE game in the main series, they're really going to have the balls to say this?

    Reviewers even said the game was suffering an identity crisis. But I guess they meant they wouldn't make
    progress in profit, not because the game is good. Money grabbing **** Expand
  52. Oct 3, 2012
    Normally I don't post reviews on every game I buy, but this time I had to because of the sheer amount of Negative feedback. I like this game a lot, and contrary to what some of the negative reviewers may say, I am a true fan of the series. I still have the old toys that came out sitting on my shelf with the comics. That said, this game isn't like the old ones, there aren't a ton of puzzles to search through and grab the key for or anything. It is a drastic departure from other members of the series, following much closer in line with Resident Evil 5. It is more action oriented, keeping up with the times and general populace of those who play games more predominately now. Bullets are more readily available, dropping from most enemies, but the enemies take a lot of bullets to put down. The melee system is pretty cool, nothing like spin kicking a zombie to finish them, and conserve some bullets. The game is more realistic, having you transverse buildings, and I do find Leon's campaign to be the most creepy of the bunch. I would as the negative reviewers to judge the game based on its own merit of what it tries to be, and not based on its predecessors, but that is not required here. The game has its negative aspects, like the quicktime events, lord I hate those. The story is pretty good, I wont spoil it here, but I thought it was interesting. So in closing the game isn't perfect, but it is good. You can listen to the "fanboys" I guess if you want, but I don't get some of their arguments. "Capcom just wants money", Well of course they do, they don't make games for sunshine and rainbows. This game is overall a quality game, worth the money, and If you have a good friend play the co-op. Expand
  53. Oct 3, 2012
    This entry in the series is much better than 5. Some much thrills, kills, scares, plus multiple player campaigns make RE5 look like a walk in the park, I personally loved it and the fact that REAL zombies are back makes me supper happy, True it is not with out its flaws but you can really tell capcom pour alot of hard work and money into it. So if you love a good horror game this one is for you. Besides you gotta play something scary until Dead Space 3 comes out! Expand
  54. Oct 3, 2012
    I'm just going to go out on a limb here, and say that everybody who posted a zero, and is **** and moaning has never ACTUALLY played the game for themselves, it's a fun time, well worth the price of admission, and I'd recommend it to any RE fan, it's a got a little something for everybody.
  55. Oct 2, 2012
    RE 6 is a strange one I really love the game but is not anymore the old horror game now is more accion style whit explosions and loops this time is enormous in content and the quality is really good is like a blockbuster movie and is hell of fun I to miss the old games RE 1, 2 ,3, 4 but in ours times the things change so for all the people that hate the game just sell it and others people would enjoy this game to me one of the bets game of the year along whit borderlands and max payne 3 dont be a hater this game is great and the effects MW3 troolls cant hurt a game thaht is good by its owns rights, and stop criying about its no more survival horror stop that makes look peolpe stupid the survival genre has died long time ago **** it died whit RE 3 and silent hill 3 asswhipes Expand
  56. Oct 4, 2012
    Let this game be a prime example for developers of why you DO NOT stray from the path that your series has made. The Resident Evil series made the Horror Game Market with its special touch. That touch caused the creation of many great horror games by other developers: Dead Space, ETC. That touch caused you to not waste your ammo and the priceless moments of scaring the **** out of you. That touch is no-more. That touch has been replaced by a Gears of War with Micheal Bay acting as a director who mixed the explosions with zombies and timed events at every turn that was put in a blender and forced into your face. That taste is the most god awful thing you tasted in your life. You threw it up and screamed WHAT THE **** DID I JUST TASTE. Expand
  57. Oct 2, 2012
    Firstly let's get the bad stuff out of the way. Resident evil 6 is not a survival horror. Those fans expecting edge of your seat, ammo conserving tension are not gonna be happy at all. This is as far a cry from the original 1992 game as you can get. Resident evil 6 is an action/shooter game with puzzle elements and a dash of exploration thrown in.

    There I've said it. Now onto the nitty
    gritty. I've decided to approach this game as a stand alone title instead of just whining on about how survival horror is dead and how the zombies carry guns and how great the past titles were. Let's face it people, like a c-virus infected entity, RE has has to adapt to survive. It has evolved into a game to appeal to the masses (or rather 4 games).

    Therein lies it's biggest success and it's biggest failure. RE6 offers 4 completely different gameplay experiences. Whether you want classic (yet very diluted) RE game play of Leon's campaign, straight up action scooter of Chris', Action hand to hand running (always running) adventures of jake's or even puzzle solving of Ada's then RE6 is your go to guy. The problem is that it doesn't ever really excel at any one of the styles of play. Leon's campaign is hindered by just too many QTEs and it at times extremely dark in places. This is to help create tension but at times you find yourself walking into a zombie you just couldn't see standing in front of you. Chris' all out shooter game play is OK in small doses but quickly get's dull for anyone who isn't a big fan of the GOW style offerings.

    Jake's is just a bit of a mish-mash of styles with a massive amount of QTEs and lost of running and jumping. All of which aren't really done that well.

    Ada's campaign feels like a bit of an afterthought with simple puzzles and a severe lack of Co-op.

    Which leads nicely onto Co-op. I've yet to really test out online but I'm a big fan of RE6's offline split screen campaign. The game gives a really good account of itself when you're blasting away alongside a buddy. Much like Borderland's RE6 is a must play from a co-op perspective. RE6 had a huge workforce working on many different aspects of the game and this really shows in the final product. It feels just a bit mashed together with many elements that work and many that don't all being tagged together to make what is a real behemoth of a game that never really hit the heights it so very nearly threatens to. This game feels more like a mutated experiment by Capcom just to see what they can do with 4-5 different genres. So if you like action/adventure/shooter/platformer/slight horror/puzzler games then why shell out for 4 different titles when RE6 does the job of all 4... just not that well.
  58. Oct 2, 2012
    By far the worst main RE game ever, & when u thought that capcom cant make a worst RE than 5 but no Capcom outdone themselves for once more, after all the bad criticism about removal of survival element, forced co op & over the top action ala Gears of War on RE5 & when u expect Capcom to fix everything on the next game they get everything they done on RE5 & enhance them 10 folds for even more co op even more action even more non stop shooting & completely removal of any survival, atmosphere & puzzle solving & that's the result.. my advice to all old RE fans out there? AVOID AT ALL COST! Expand
  59. Oct 2, 2012
    Well... where do we start, this is the worst Resident Evil that has come out, and Im not going to review it from the "its not a survival horror" point of view, im reviewing it as it is.
    Graphics are okay, some model problems and other stuff with the landscape makes it laggy sometimes
    Gameplay: the camera system is horrible, even walking can result tedious and crappy, the shooting system
    is like resident evil 5, which was unexpected.
    Sound: maybe the "only" strong point, the voices are the only good thing about this game
    Multiplayer: coop only, playing with IA has been improved but still shows some errors

    Rating: 4/10. So much hype for a crappy repetitive game and special asnwer for @Mizar: seriously: "Gameplay: 10 its like RE 4 but with more explosions and characters can it be better? fun: 100000" ??? "People are only butthurt because their sucky REmake and stupid control " ??? You havent played any of the resident evil right?
  60. Oct 2, 2012
    As an action game Resident Evil 6 is a fun and enjoyable adventure full of memorable set pieces and zombie shooting! However only the Leon and Ada campaigns offer some semblance and feel of the original PS1 Resident Evil titles, but the series is evolving and it has to in order to compete in the modern gaming climate.
  61. Oct 7, 2012
    Yep well I don't know how to say this guys, but RE6 is pretty much a perfect example of why the video game industry is falling downhill; it tries to be what it shouldn't.
    Remember the creepy atmosphere we had in RE4? The terror when you first encountered the "regenerator" in the hospital? I sure do, and RE6 threw it all trough the window and replaced them with zombies with guns. Doing
    tactics. riding vehicles. What am I even playing here? Chris/Jake campaign is an insult to the RE series. Even the campaign with Leon/WhatsHerFace doesn't offer much horror. You can punch the head off of zombies, how am I supposed to be scared when I'm a walking death machine? Cinematics represents half the game, Quick time events every god damn corners, your normal speed is running, a cross air was added along the laser sight, the story is confusing and I couldn't follow-- and where the hell did Jake Muller came from anyway? Wesker never mentioned he had a son! Puzzles are a no brainer (AKA they suck) I have so many mixed feelings about this game, its like rage, sadness and disappointment came together as one and kicked me in the balls. Expand
  62. Oct 6, 2012
    Is the game perfect? No. Is it the best Resident Evil game? Probably not. Is it entertaining? Heck yes. Many people will try to claim that it is awful and that it is a mere shadow of the games before it. The truth of the matter is, it is very different from any other Resident Evil game. What we have is an example of a game that tried to do too much. We have four campaigns, all which offer completely different gameplay styles. We have Agent Hunt mode, mercenaries, co-op (up to four players) along with the standard changes to game mechanics, graphics and story. When you throw it all together, you end up with a game that bit off more than it could chew. Agent Hunt mode is generally short and unsatisfying. The four player coop depends on almost astronomical odds to actually happen. The four campaigns offer varying degrees of success. With all that being said, I still find myself enjoying the game. It offers one of the best story lines in the series, the computer AI has been improved from Resident Evil 5, and the gunplay is still very solid. The new character customization system offers players the chance to specialize in some unique and diverse ways. If you are looking for scary, the newest iteration will probably disappoint, but Resident Evil 5 wasn't that scary either. If you are looking for another standard Resident Evil game, you may not like it. RE6 takes a lot of risks, and doesn't necessarily get back an equal amount of reward. However, it is still a strong title and it makes me very excited for the future of this series. Expand
  63. Nov 3, 2012
    Very disappointing game. It is not a survival horror. I think capcom has ruined this game unless they switch it back. Just a retarded game. Rent before you buy because you will thank me later.
  64. Feb 5, 2013
    The only game in existence that I have ever played that actually makes the recent Call Of Duty games look, well, good, in comparison. I can't comprehend as to how people would give this game a 9 or a 10!. I believe that it honestly deserves a 0, it's one of the very few games that I would give this review score, because it has no redeemable qualities.

    The First thing wrong with the
    game is the utterly ridiculous, broken gameplay. It is very obvious Capcom was trying to combine many things generally considered good or likable, such as TPcover (broken) or Co-op (useless pointless). The end result is a game with a confused identity, allowing the player to perform many actions mixing up gameplay elements which would've been a complete game it their own right, failing to deliver on each aspect of gameplay, leading to very terrible, broken gameplay mechanics. Gameplay for all 3 campaigns is the same, believe it or not, the same, just put in a different atmosphere environment. Even as a generic shooter, this game fails to deliver. I'm not critisizing the gameplay because it drifts away from RE. But even if this game did not carry the RE name. It is still terrible gameplay, would probably get around a 20 some score on this website. Lower than Suvivor!!!!
    It is clear Capcom tried to make the game more like left 4 dead with the co-op guantlet style play. Co-op is simply opening doors together. There isn't any kind of teamwork neccessary or even avaliable besides that. It fails even as a zombie shooter, poor balancing issues found in ORC make a return, leading to very minimal fun from shooting zombies.

    The other main problem that I will mention is the complete lack of atmosphere. Many people who game the game a good review say that the leon campaign felt very RE like, with the zombies all. I'm here to tell you that's not true, the leon campaign is also the basis of a blockbuster horror movie, involving nothing but shooting zombies. Sure the Chris campaign is like a michael bay film, but the Leon one is like a blockbuster zombie film. Like RE Apocalypse if you will.

    I don't usually tend to give games 0's. Only if they lack any kind of redeemability what so ever. RE also suffers from a complete lack of presentation story progression, very little plot or character devlopment, awful controls, an awful camera. It really is terrible, even as a co-op game, character bonding is at a minimal. I am not inpressed.

    Review score: 4/100
  65. Apr 27, 2013
    A Master Piece i loved it toma tiempo acostumbrate a la camara despues de eso te das cuenta que era un cambio necesario graficas muy buenas musica historia... en fin lo recomiendo ampliamente
  66. Jul 11, 2013
    Worrying look at the future

    IS this really how Capcom thinks we westerners want to play games? A series of quick time events linked by 20 second bursts of holding A and forward on the left stick make up large parts of two of the campaigns here.

    Random, unavoidable death scenes are foisted upon you as you struggle to work out exactly how the developer wants you to play the game
    throughout too.

    This game is an ordeal which i have barely had the patience to see through top the end.

    Last night I finally finished the Chris campaign (worst of a bad bunch) by leaving the final boss battle primarily up to the AI partner.

    Another low point of the Chris campaign was when my sister rang, forcing me to put the pad down but leave the game running.

    50 mins later i found i had not died and had actually progressed through the second chapter.

    It turns out that Capcom probably just want you to 'ooh' and 'aah' through huge chunks of their games without questioning anything like plot, interactivity, challenge (not counting random deaths) or skill.

    OH, did i mention the horrible control scheme and camera movement?

    Jeezus...holding three buttons to shoot out of cover sems a bit much, as does constantly rotating the camera angle to show you yet another pwetty expwosion those clever guys put in for you all add up to major gameplay problems...

  67. Oct 6, 2012
    10 Hours played so far and I can say that i'm not disapointed. I can understand all the frustration behind this game but I don't understand the overtroll comments on it. Geez .. it's not RE2 yeah but can people understand that at that time games capacity were limited due to the consoles... control and static graphics were the most scary parts, those games were good and still good but now outdated for the new generation of gaming. I agree with Capcom's idea to put the serie to a new direction of length, action and intensity, yeah it's less scary and maybe less story oriented but it is worth the full price with that and they focus on the replayability. The AI and graphics glitch can be frustrating at times but trust me it is a good games that worth the full price there were a lot of people working on it for a long time and it shows up 8 out of 10 for me. Expand
  68. Oct 4, 2012
    Most disappointing Resident Evil game in the series. Good graphics, enjoyable co op, bad Chris and Jake campaign, lack of horror (game made me laugh when I saw zombies with guns and CoD gameplay mechanics). Average game - definitely worse than Resident Evil 4 and 5. Not worth 59 $ in my opinion. Wait for the price cut!!!
  69. Oct 4, 2012
    All those low scores are made by fans who are nostalgic. Im really shocked about the low scores that this game is having! A lot of people are complaining that its not a survival horror anymore, yet they gave RE4 and RE5 a great score! dont get me wrong RE4 is one of my favorites with RE2. The problem is that these haters dont realize that CAPCOM has moved on. A lot of so called gamers are saying that this is the worst RE game of all time, but they gave RE4 and RE5 a great score and even RE operation racoon city had a better score! what the hell? And i've played all the RE games, since 1997. Expand
  70. Oct 3, 2012
    I'm a guy who likes to embrace change, especially change in video games. I love the first three Resident Evil games and Code Veronica X, but Resident Evil 4 blew my mind with its revolutionary gunplay and fantastic pacing. I still consider it one of the best games I've ever played. Resident Evil 5 didn't change things up much aside from providing players with a great co-op experience, but I still enjoyed the time I spent with it. As I learned more and more about the extreme modifications being made to the Resident Evil formula in the sixth game I admittedly got a little worried. Now that I've played the game my fears have been somewhat confirmed.

    Resident Evil used to aim to frighten by taking it slow and doling out its surprises a little at a time. Now it's all about delivering thrills through bullets and explosions, which is fine in small doses. Unfortunately, Resident Evil 6 doesn't believe in doing anything small; it's the noisiest Resident Evil game yet. It seems as if something is blowing up every two minutes. The characters are always shouting something at each other, which is more annoying than helpful. No ammo was spared in the making of this game; it's all about guns, guns, guns. A large majority of the zombies even carry guns.

    The franticness of the game becomes tiresome after a while, and the length doesn't help. It took me over 20 hours to complete Resident Evil 4 and I loved almost every second of it. I don't mind a long game as long as it's well-paced. The thing is, Resident Evil 6 isn't. It begins with a bang, literally, and never lets up, which is fine for a five-hour Call of Duty single-player campaign, but not for a game that lasts over 20 hours.

    Also, the game lacks focus. Having three separate campaigns that revolve around three completely different central ideas is cool, but those ideas are implemented badly here. Chris Redfield's campaign is akin to a militaristic shooter and could very well be considered one if not for the strange enemies. As such, it contains the bulk of the game's set pieces and loudness and I grew weary of it after one chapter. Jake Muller is a really terrible character, but his campaign, which is obviously based on Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, is exciting
  71. Oct 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. All these negative reviews are all trolls or idiots that only play Call of Duty games. These bad reviewers are not true fans of the Resident Evil series because they can't accept change and always compare the newer games to the original which is preposterous since games will always progress. The plot line in Resident Evil 6 is SUPERB. Having the game split into 4 separate campaigns is genius and allows and interesting flow of events to unfold and have different points of view on how things unfold. People are comparing the action of the game to Call of Duty and saying there's no horror in this game, that is complete BS! Capcom brought back horror in this game in that, they brought back the darkness. I don't know about the rest of these 12 year olds who have the light setting in there game very high, but me and my buddy played it at a nice low level where it's meant to be at. The large amount of zombies and monsters in this game was awesome and really had me and my friend at the edge of our seat. The action outside the cathedral, and inside was terrific and exciting and very tense. Capcom did a very good job of bringing tension back to the game like they had in Resident Evil 4. Sure there's somethings I didn't really like about Resident Evil 6 like the skill point system instead of a money system. It's something new, though, and I'm not some sap who can't accept change so I went along with the flow of things. Anyone who's not an idiot and can enjoy a well written and directed game and that's a fan of the Resident Evil series, get this game. The character and story progression is great. Expand
  72. Nov 11, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is a game very doubtful to evaluate. The main problem was the bet Capcom just innovation. The staff cared so much that he forgot to innovate polishing in some points. Still, the game can be great.

      - Visual: 8.8
      - Gameplay: 7.0
      - History: 9.2
      - Audio: 8.4
      - Fun: 9.8

      - Final Rating: 9.0
  73. Oct 6, 2012
    love it, all these zero's are atrocious, if your looking for re4 this isnt it get over it, so stop crying because you want another version of an old game, capcom wants to tap into a new market and some of us love it
  74. Dec 21, 2012
    Awful game. Another one stitched together by overlong and boring cut scenes that dont enhance the game. Press A press B etc do dodge things when they tell you. Not horror survival, not first person shooter just an awful outside corridoors type of action game ........with very little action or game. I think they should have just made a movie as this is what the game appears to be trying to be.
    I didnt believe the low scores before i bought this game but i do now!
  75. Oct 2, 2012
    Not only is this game the worst RE game, it's also the worst action game out there. Playing this game is like watching a movie because there's a cutscene every 30 seconds, except this movie has a **** camera, more button mashing quicktime events than Mario Party and non-fluid animations. The following is a summation of the whole game: Cutscene, quick time event, cutscene, shoot 2 monsters, cutscene, shoot 3 monsters, cutscene, open door, cutscene, run towards the camera away from something huge, kill the something huge boss in 2 shots, cutscene, rinse and repeat. Expand
  76. Oct 10, 2012
    Resident Evil used to be a scary survival horror innovator. It used to be unique and a leader in its respective field. Now it is just another Gears of War type action game. It has lost its way and has become a generic Micheal Bay title. True Resident Evil fans avoid it and show Capcom we don't want another generic shooter. If the sales figures reflect this they could actually make a unique survival horror title. Expand
  77. Oct 27, 2012
    I don't know why people is complaining about this game. I've been playing all the campaigns and Having a lot of fun so far. Leon's campaign is awesome. Chris is nice as well. Now I`m playing JAKE'S campaign. I confess, my first thought when I bought this was to play in a day and them trade, but no, I will keep this with me. LOVE IT so far. Of course we have GIANT enemies and huge beasts plus J avos and stuff.

    The graphics are well done, the textures no much. IMMERSIVE and ENTERTAINING! I LOVE IT.

  78. Oct 4, 2012
    An overall entertaining game, 6 improves on several things from the old games (like the controls), but is ultimately flawed. The aforementioned controls, for instance, would work brilliantly if this were an actual survival horror game and not an action game, where they're inferior to more standard controls. The co-op is brilliant, allowing multiple players to see battles from completely different perspectives, and Agent Hunt is a welcome addition. There's over 30 hours of campaign, Mercenaries, and several different multiplayer game modes to keep gamers playing for hours.
    Overall, it's a weak game compared to its predecessors, but it stands out in comparison to most modern action shooters; some elements of the game should remain in the inevitable future titles, but they should reserve the hyper-actionized gameplay for spin-offs. Those looking for an enjoyable hardcore romp will enjoy this game; those looking for survival horror would be better off investing in recent 3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations, or Ubisoft's upcoming game ZombiU.

    (Deserves a 7/10, but I'm giving it 10/10 to try and offset all the 0/10-rating multi-accounters who've never played the game and don't intend to)
  79. Oct 28, 2012
    Not a bad game so far but the qte's is very VERY irritating. There is the one part where you havve to land a plane that will actually make me think twice about buying the next release of RE. I don't know what the story is behind the qte's because it doesn't prove anything or make a game enjoyable, it just irritates players. I would've given this game a high rating but the qte's made me change my mind Expand
  80. Oct 14, 2012
    It's not the Resident Evil that I grew up with, but those games were never that scary to begin with, I sort of grew up with the games, and replayed some of the creepy scenes to discover that they were creepy because I was 13 at the time. I absolutely hated 4 and 5, but I've found this title actually enjoyable. The different campaigns are diverse, ammo is scarce(the amount of shooting is high, but the survival part comes in when you don't have enough ammo with 3 larger enemies lumbering around trying to kill you), It's not a perfect game, but not worthy of a zero. It's been a great experience so far that I would recommend. COD comparisons are laughable. The controls are not exactly pick up and play for the casual gamer, but they grow on you after various skill upgrades and time put in the game. Expand
  81. Oct 5, 2012
    "Resident Evil 6" takes the series to the next step with graphics that deliver even greater realism and power. The game features dramatic stories that bring together for the first time two major characters of the series: "Leon" and "Chris". In all, there are seven main characters and four stories, giving this title an unprecedented volume of game playing enjoyment.
  82. Oct 5, 2012
    There are also upgraded online functions like the cooperative and crossover system as well as new types of action. Overall, "Resident Evil 6" offers a broad range of new forms of appeal. This is the first new title in the series in three and a half years. "Resident Evil 6" takes advantage of all of Capcom's capabilities to offer quality that is far ahead of other games. Supported by extensive promotional activities worldwide, the initial shipment of this new game has reached 4.5 million, the highest ever for a Capcom game. Expand
  83. Oct 5, 2012
    Capcom has for many years used its multi-platform strategy of developing titles across many game platforms to make its brands even more popular. In addition, Capcom uses the Single content multiple usage strategy to maximize the value of its content. By continuing to use these approaches, Capcom is determined to provide a diverse spectrum of game players worldwide with games that meet their highest expectations. Expand
  84. Oct 5, 2012
    This is the first new title in the series in three and a half years. "Resident Evil 6" takes advantage of all of Capcom's capabilities to offer quality that is far ahead of other games. Supported by extensive promotional activities worldwide, the initial shipment of this new game has reached 4.5 million, the highest ever for a Capcom game
  85. Oct 5, 2012
    In all, there are seven main characters and four stories, giving this title an unprecedented volume of game playing enjoyment. There are also upgraded online functions like the cooperative and crossover system as well as new types of action. Overall, "Resident Evil 6" offers a broad range of new forms of appeal.
  86. Oct 11, 2012
    Quando um produto vende bem, nao significa necessariamente que ele tenha qualidade maxima, mas significa que ele tem um publico fiel que o considera bom o suficiente a ponto de gastarem seu dinheiro com ele, e isso basta, pois se chama sucesso. Em time que esta ganhando nao se mexe, e sao as vendas que mostra a vitoria, assim como na franquia Call Of Duty. Se tem gente comprando, tem gente gostando. Contra fatos nao ha argumentos, e nao sao os criticos especializados que fazem o sucesso de um produto e sim o seu publico, este mesmo que gasta seu dinheiro comprando. Expand
  87. Oct 3, 2012
    They took everything wrong with the RE5 multiplied it by 10 x resided evil ORC by 100 and that's what RE6 is.The length of the game only tortures you more which would not have been a probably if this was remotely good.This game is all out Duke Nukem forever terrible, and the multiple campaigns only serve to show that capcom has no idea anymore with what they're doing and are trying their best to pander to the Call of Duty audience AND throw some scraps to the once core RE fanbase that made the series as well know as it is today. Expand
  88. Oct 3, 2012
    This is nothing like resident evil, its a cheap nasty cod clone, with nothing but action and cut scenes and QTEs. Its linear, its a travesty of its former self.
  89. Oct 5, 2012
    Sigh...If you check those new reviewers who give RE6 a 10 at Oct. 5 named : RedLord, Jesus_Drake, Moongle Fan, Brazilian_Fan, Bono_Box, and Lopez_Show2. You will find out all 6 of them give the same score for same game on both game console. Then you get somebody named like triumphant 444 and triumphant 222. These reviews can only make RE6 looks good but can't fix RE6's problems on camera, menu, unbalanced combat system and too much QTEs. Yes, the game is kind of fun on the story line but you get to feel that pleasure after 20 hours. And before that, it's bad design is really annoying and you can see the factors from other action games, which can't make you feel excited to play this game Expand
  90. Oct 2, 2012
    First of all, I want to get one thing straight. This isn't a "bad" game by any stretch. On the contrary, for the sum of its parts, it contains some of the greatest moments in any Resident Evil game ever. Looking at it on its own, it deserves no less than an 8 in my opinion. However, if you take into account the game's betrayal to Resident Evil's survival horror roots that fans have sorely sought after since Resident Evil 4, the over use of QTE's (quick time events), and the constant repetition of action set pieces to flesh out the individual campaigns, this game is so disappointing it warrants no more than a 4 from any fan. As usual, fans are the worst critics, and Metacritic once again has become a mouthpiece for their scathing hatred that is understandable but completely unacceptable and unfair. As a fan of the series, I can only say that this wasn't the game I wanted, nor the direction I wanted the franchise to stray into. I will, however, be fair to the developers of this game who clearly tried to create a larger-than-life Resident Evil experience with admirable flair, but failed only because they didn't stay true to the formula that garnered the tremendous fan base that is now outraged. 8 Expand
  91. Oct 4, 2012
    That touch has been replaced by a Gears of War with Micheal Bay acting as a director who mixed the explosions with zombies and timed events at every turn that was put in a blender and forced into your face. That taste is the most god awful thing you tasted in your life.
  92. Oct 13, 2012
    This game is very misunderstood. The Leon campaign alone kicks RE5's campaign's arse, whilst the other campaigns aren't on par with Leon's they don't detract from the overall game play, this is a classic case of over hype, the game is technically amazing and yes its true it isn't a return to classic survival horror its still scarier than 5 it also has better game play mechanics and is longer, people against this game are being rather silly to put it nicely. Expand
  93. Oct 8, 2012
    I thought it was pretty good. I don't really get all the hate. Sure, it has problems. So does everything else. Nobody's perfect. Does it really matter that the game had one or two features that you don't like, when in reality, you make up such a small part of their customer base? You don't really matter. They didn't make the game for you, they made the game for everyone. Just be happy that they made it, period. They didn't have to, you know. Expand
  94. Oct 16, 2012
    After trying this at Redbox, I am so glad I didn't buy it. I had to go back and play RE5 after this, to remember what a decent RE5 game was like. Alas, the days of good games are gone, like Unreal Tournament, Half Life, Perfect Dark, and RE 1 and 2. How I miss those days...sob.
  95. Oct 27, 2012
    This game isn't about horror, it is a f*king dudgery! You have to labour through a mess to another mess, an inch by an inch while trying to figure out the convoluted controls, sometimes you wish to rather use your teeth, and then out of nowhere you died in most helpless fashion because the camera is so clunky.

    Upon finishing every chapter, you feel no accomplishment, but bitter, anger,
    dizziness, and exhaustion. This game literately made me dust off my gamecube and play RE4 again.Jesus Capcom, what the hell were you thinking? Expand
  96. Jan 15, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 is monotonous, boring and extremely bad gameplay. Are missing the atmosphere, exploration and puzzles of the first deliveries. Delivery is not recommended.
  97. Jan 23, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 right was not what everyone expected more now we have two important details to choose from, a note 4.7 for a game so famous? 4.7 re6 deserves as terror, more like action / adventure game and much more.
    must gather all the good points of the game as it is not possible that the game does not have any point to make it as good to earn at least a 6.0
  98. Feb 17, 2013
    Aside from annoying QTE, this game should not be judged solely for it's lack in horror elements. Improving problems that were present in 5, the AI is enhanced, additional game play methods are fairly welcome, the soundtrack is enjoyable, and a story with four separate scenarios crossing over each other makes Resident Evil 6 one of the more interesting entries in the series.
  99. Mar 7, 2013
    Another example of a company trying to sell more to a wider audience than just making a good game in one genre. I must give it a low score to counter the idiots giving it a ten to counter the people who don't like it. It's more like a 6.
  100. Nov 9, 2013
    Definitely worth buying if you're a fan of the resident evil games very long game(4 campaigns) so you get your money's worth although Leon's could have been better and the skills don't really work and the guns should be balanced better but characters and story and graphics and atmosphere very good
  101. Oct 13, 2012
    A game full of poorly implemented QTE's and terrible camera angles. This is the biggest gaming disappointment of 2012. By conforming to the COD model of gaming and not taking risks, gaming has become stagnated. The so called safe approach can only work for so long before people become bored. Resident Evil 6 utilises the action heavy formula and provides a very shallow and unrewarding experience. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 71 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 71
  2. Negative: 7 out of 71
  1. Nov 6, 2012
    The game has some stumbling moments, but it is worth sticking it out. With the franchise changing over time it has lost a lot of what originally defined Resident Evil to us all.
  2. 70
    This new Resident Evil installment has definitely abandoned the survival horror genre and has moved into the crowded field of action shooters. [Nov 2012]
  3. Oct 27, 2012
    A varied and challenging game that continues the series' evolution into action territory. IT can be incredibly frustrating at times, but also very rewarding when you finally overcome the many challenges it puts you through.