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  1. Apr 5, 2014
    Wow... where should i begin. Capcom, i used to LOVE the "Resident Evil" series. It used to be all about surviving, trying to conserve your ammo as much as possible. To struggle to survive the zombies and to reveal the story and which used to have a deeper meaning in it. I don't know what the fudge you have been doing at the office cause, I'm sorry to say it, but this is **** It was a big let down... The ammo never runs out and the story is just crap and you have made it into some stupid 12 year old shooter where everything is gonna be "cool" and just overpowered. I was literally laughing through the cut scenes of how overpowered everything is and how it's not what it used to be. You have totally lost the red thread in this series. From being one of the best horror games on the game market to being this crap. I'm so disappointed and angry at the same time. I've played through the game to be able to have a valid opinion but as for me (a true resident evil fan) this is it for me. I will keep playing the old games cause they are really good but if you are gonna keep release this kind of resident evil games then I don't want anything to do with it. I'm ding dong diddly done... Expand
  2. Oct 3, 2012
    so far i have completed 2 of the campaigns, and this is a really slid game. It's much better than RE5 and most of the series spin-offs. I don't understand why this has a lower score than operation raccoon city, which was god awful. this isn't game of the year, but it does what it sets out to do: provide an impressive story with intense action and a few good scares. As i am writing this there is a review on my screen calling japan a "hotbed of nazism." what's going on with people lately? it's really bizarre to me. Expand
  3. Oct 8, 2012
    This should have been a new ip and it will be decent its clearly doesn't deserve resi 6 name hope dev will learn from their mistake

    And why low score cause its not resi
  4. Oct 2, 2012
    Horrible game, Capcom almost literally took a **** on all of their fans with this piece of garbage. It's sad, really but probably for the best since we likely won't get another resident evil game after this, thank god to that.
  5. Oct 10, 2012
    LOOK what have done to BIO HAZARD, Capcom!!!
    Having been a fan of the series for over a decade, I had a bad feeling when I first played BH5, an obvious change of direction after 4, which was a master piece but a game which arguably changed the foundational elements: horror and helplessness which defined the original Bio Hazard.
    Now this: a utterly unoriginal, ego-packed mess of COD
    action and frustrating fighter.
    Even as a GAME it fails to be accessible and rewarding, relying solely on harvesting fans's emotional attachment to the high polygon version of the character they have grew to care about.
    In one word, AVOID.
  6. Oct 2, 2012
    This is literally the worst Resident Evil game yet, i start the campaign, and everything is really stupid. Shoot this shoot that go over there, OMG big scary monster! Like come on i beat Jake and Leons campaign in just about 6 hours! this is what i get for playing this on my day off. I am done with Resident Evil hasn't been a good one since RE4. They have it all wrong. The sound effects are like diarrhea coming out of a trumpets ass! Expand
  7. Oct 4, 2012
    Trolls are everywhere on this title. Well worth the wait. Well worth the time. Well worth the money. actual score would have to be an 8.5 outta 10 but had to give it a ten to help offset the trolls.
  8. Oct 4, 2012
    People need to rate this game on how the game actually is and not just be angry because its not like the old style Resident Evil's (which i am a fan of and still prefer).
    Resident Evil 6 is unfortunately mainly an action game so rating it as an action game with horror elements means its fantastic as a stand alone game. There is so much to do and gives you hours of gameplay time.
    graphics are great and the story is still brilliant. This is a huge improvement on Resident Evil 5 and i will be looking forward to getting the DLC even though i disagree with Capcom releasing it on the 360 first but it is a business at the end of the day.
    For Resident Evil 7 i would like Capcom to take more of a horror route (dead space style) but as long as the action and gore is RE6 standard i will still be happy.
    This game does NOT deserve such low ratings!
  9. Oct 2, 2012
    Whilst I don't believe this game deserves a 10/10 I think it needs more balance when clearly people are clicking 0 with no justifiability. This game is actually pretty good despite it's short coming's. I was excited for this game and while mostly good there are a few glaring issues. Firstly there is no denying the camera is atrocious. It locks on to objects when you don't want it to and in corridors it can begin spazzing out and while it's annoying, it doesn't ruin the experience. There are some sections i.e. the stealth section in Jake/Sherry's campaign, are quite boring and a little frustrating, but the moments it gets right makes up for these moments to make what is a half decent game. I haven't gotten really far into it but I doubt most people on here rating this game a 0 have, it's a long game, has an interesting and intriguing story and unfortunately because a few too many critics and fans are so butt hurt that the game isn't survival horror any more it gets bad reviews and probably won;t sell as well as it should.
    You should at least give this game a chance, don;t write it off because of the less than great reviews.
  10. Oct 2, 2012
    If you like Resident Evil, you will not like this game. It should be titled, "Call of Zombies". This game is a total COD wannabe with infinite QTEs in place of a good game. Save your $60. Tell Capcom we will not support this kind of crap.
  11. Oct 10, 2012
    I'll be honest and say that I've only completed Leon and Chris' campaigns at the moment (on Veteran so not sure how the game differs in other difficulties) but I believe the 15ish hours that I've put into the game has given me a pretty good idea of what the rest will be like. First of all, it's not a terrible game. It's far different than what people would have expected, yes, but it's not a bad game. Many people are hating on the controls but I found that after a bit of time with them they felt natural and I was dodging and popping off headshots without much trouble. One big standout when in regards to gameplay is that RE6 has a MUCH greater emphasis on hand to hand combat. It's basically a necessity but I feel the implementation was done well and feels visceral. Level design and set pieces are hit or miss but generally get the job done. RE6 shines when it tries to get back to it's roots of survival horror and Leon's campaign has a number of great moments. Chris' campaign fell a bit more flat due to the repetitive nature of some of the gunfights and lack of tension during most of it (save one area where you're scrambling to retrieve keys in tight corridors while numerous monsters capable of 1-shotting you are wandering the halls). My assumption is that Jake's campaign will play more like Chris' and Ada's will be more like Leon's but ultimately the game has kept me engaged enough to want to see it all the way through. Despite it's flaws, it's very entertaining and worth a play but you may want to wait until the price drops. Expand
  12. Oct 2, 2012
    Not a Survival Horror by any means (unfortunately this genre died with Fatal Frame and Haunting Ground in the PS2 era and is kept barely alive by the likes of Amnesia and Ju-On). But still a great co-op game with Horror elements, hard shooting and enemy management that keeps you on your toes, beautiful graphics, great voices and setpieces, certainly an evolution on the RE5 formula.
    Recommended if you liked and adapted to the way the series went in RE5 (with a bit of 4 and Outbreak mixed in), if not, Resident Evil is just not your thing anymore, try Amnesia or Silent Hill.
  13. Dec 22, 2012
    Don't be fooled by the trailer with the beginning of Leon's campaign, this is no longer a survival horror series. It's straight up 3rd person shooter. If you had any fun with RE5, you'll have some fun with this one as well. Chris's gun-centric campaign is downright awful though - the controls are still **** so you'll be constantly knocked on your ass by gunfire, taking several seconds to get back up. Sometimes this will happen several times in a row and there is literally nothing you can do to stop it. Expand
  14. Jun 27, 2014
    RE fans, I'm afraid to inform you that the franchise died when Shinji Mikami left Capcom and decided to work on his own stuff. Don't even bother thinking about RE7 being better than 6, it is going to suck just as hard and will eventually cause Capcom to become bankrupt, unless they can somehow coax Mikami back. Just look at how amazing RE4 was when they allowed Mikami to have complete directional control over the project. The guy is a video game legend, but a legendary ass for allowing such a great series to sink to the murky depths of the ocean.

    As pissed off as I am at how utterly sh*t the series has become, I am confident that Mikami will create the true RE4 spiritual successor in The Evil Within.
  15. Oct 3, 2012
    BIG SIGH CAPCOM, are you happy now? You have your BIG **** ACTION GAME, good job. Im sure you made every 12 year old cream their pants for you exploding helicopters and roundhouse kicking zombies in the face, who cares if you killed the mood with your nonstop "crank it to 'leven" shenanigans, the disjointed, frankly STUPID storytelling, the plain jane boring ass characters, makes me want to grab you by the collar, slam your head against the ceiling and spit/shout in your corrupted face. **** YOU Expand
  16. Oct 2, 2012
    This is the worst game in the series. Capcom tried to make their own gearsofwar with zombies and failed. It is a stupid and boring action. They lost the main features of RE like slow horror gameplay, weapon upgrades, economy of ammo and first aid kits. The main characters are like superheroes rushing through the crowds of enemies without any resistance, bosses - a pathetic parody of the RE4 bosses. Furthermore they make 3 short storylines, instead of 1 big, it is better to make one huge story like Blizzard made one high quality campaign for Terran in SC2 and put the rest sides of the conflict in addons instead of three low-medium quality campaign. Expand
  17. Oct 2, 2012
    The just fails to fulfill its promises in many levels. This is no longer a survival s. Clearly the call of duty is ing around. It is just copy past from many s
  18. Oct 2, 2012
    Most trolled game ever... Its much different than other Resident Evil but still its cool game. Enjoyable 30h long gameplay with nice graphics and multiplayer.
  19. Oct 3, 2012
    Worst game ever... In the past, ever since RE 2 on the N64, I would put in a RE game and just Know that it was going to make life okay, I knew that all my anxieties and failings and disappointments in life were going to be left at the door when I popped in this RE game. I could always rely on their quality, substance, and entertainment. They were like any other Thing ever created. They weren't just games, they were inspirations that brought me to new psychological heights. I connected with their creative streams of thought, their high quality craftsmanship, these games made me a better person. I wanted to reach the level of inspiration and quality that I experienced in these games in my own life. And I had patience and trust and security in that. That no matter what, Capcom would always release a quality RE game that put all other games and most other forms of entertainment media to shame. And now this, it is almost as if one awoke into a sad disappointing nightmare, where all faith and trust and hope are gone and you are only left with yourself and the bland ugliness that surrounds you everywhere. Everything about RE6 is wrong, everything, it just feels wrong altogether. Perhaps it is this stage in time, perhaps there needs to be death to many things for a beautiful and inspired birth of new things. But the death of RE is one of the most painful and sad experiences of my entertainment life. I have had relationships end that felt less discouraging than this. When RE6 tagged it 'no hope left' they were just smacking us lifelong fans in the face with another 'F U we know your hopes are crushed'. Whoever allowed this game to be made is undeserving of a seat at mcdonald's. The creator of this game is lacking testosterone and has no artistic substance to them at all, they are ugly, whoever made this game is a bad mark on humanity. I'm going to go vomit now. Expand
  20. Oct 8, 2012
    Stop freaking out and hitting zero. Seriously? A zero? No current gen game is that awful. This a vast improvement over RE5 and Operation Raccoon City. This a case of fanboys not getting their way.
  21. Oct 4, 2012
    There we have it folks, the biggest disappointment in video game history. This game is so unbelievably bad, I had a great time laughing at how generic it was. Capcom wanted the Call of Duty audience, so this is what they made. Fans are pissed at how bad this game was and it shows. It doesn't even deserve a review, the dirt on the bottom of my shoe is worth more than this trash.

    hardcore RE fan. Out. Expand
  22. Oct 4, 2012
    If RE want to ditch its horror genre and go all action at least make it as good as gear of of wars or MGS. It is a relatively Ok action game. But with the RE tag on the disc, you expect much more.
  23. Oct 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Getting one thing out in the open there before I actually write my thoughts on the game... NO.. THIS IS NOT RESIDENT EVIL 1 OR 2... If you want to play those games, nobodies stopping you from popping in your old discs. THAT GENERATION IS OVER, GET OVER IT! God knows I DO NOT want to play the same damn game from the 90's with better graphics. People that are saying that the game has changed too much are just full of nostalgia. The changes are AMAZING. Something new and different which is good. If they made it more like Resident Evil 2, PEOPLE WOULD STILL COMPLAIN ABOUT IT BEING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN! The problem is that people don't know what they want! NOW! I found the game to be very compelling with the story, but in a way where it makes you guess until the end. Once you complete Ada's campaign, pieces start fitting. The more campaigns you complete the better the understanding of the plot becomes. They aren't just telling you, they are making you wonder until later. Which I like. BUT Capcom... Seriously... THE ONLINE FEATURES ARE USELESS. Might as well throw them in the trash.. Agent Hunt? Its fun for about 30 minutes until you get tired of being killed in one shot. YOU DON'T EVEN GET ANYTHING OUT OF AGENT HUNT. Basically a one time play and you're done. Not to mention the annoyance of not being able to play with people you know, all you have is quick-match with randoms.

    The mercenaries is nothing new, its been in the games for a very long time. I'm not saying its not fun.... But it gets old... Really old... Running around killing the same things. It got old 3 games ago. Now the issues I had with the campaign which I found to be extremely annoying was for one the damn camera. During your campaign with Chris and Piers you run into a giant oogy-boogie which you must run around this giant circular room while jumping and sliding under things. This would be amazing IF the damn camera wouldn't change every 3 seconds and invert the controls to make you run backwards.
    The second issue I had was OF COURSE the AI. Sitting at the door waiting for your partner while the AI runs around shooting at random zombies until it dies and you fail the mission gets very annoying. Another annoying thing was not having the option to play the prologue when you first pop in the disc. Be ready to go because it takes you directly to gameplay with a push of a button. I came back with Leon's awesome haircut on my screen waiting with no clue as where he was. The last thing I'd have to admit was the VERY cheesy lines Leon had. IT WAS PAINFUL. In the prologue... "So... back for more...?" What made that so bad was when he was saying it, he looked like CLINT EASTWOOD. Looked like he was going to say "So...back for more...Punk?... Are ya?...". Despite these few flaws and one hilarious one at times, the game was an amazing success. Don't listen to the idiots who gave it a low rating because the game was "TOO DIFFERENT" ... I hate that with a passion.
  24. Oct 11, 2012
    resident evil 6 is an amazing game with minor flaws but the question is, is it a survival horror game ? will its not but thats no reason to pass on an amazing game that will give u over 20 hours of fun and more if u collect everything . capcom did a great game with this game so please dont beleive what the stupid nerds r saying they want resident evil to be like the old ones with fixed camera and all but do u honestly thing ppl r gonna be inerested ? and how many survival horror games r out there at this time , so beleive me this game is amazing and u will have alot of fun playing it . peace Expand
  25. Nov 13, 2012
    This game is not bad at all, but not the best Resident Evil game that I've played. There a lot of fun and interesting contents, loved the Mercenaries mode, but I want to play it on "No Hope Left" difficulty.
  26. Oct 29, 2012
    If this game was under a different title I would give it 5/10 as it is a pretty mediocre third person shooter, but I think it is unfair of Capcom for trying to cash in on the success of a once great survival horror game by trying to trick people into thinking that this bland corridor-shooter has anything to do with the previous games other than a few plot references. I was a die-hard resident evil fan in the past, I will not be spending any more money on this series now that it is in generic shooter territory. Expand
  27. Nov 28, 2012
    Awesome game really. In terms of storytelling its really Good, voice acting is good too. Not sure why there are so many negative reviews? People need to realise we cant go back to Resident evil 1-3, its just not possible. Get with the times people! 4 games in one!
  28. Nov 29, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is not bad after all,but i wanna survival horror not action! CAPCOM LISTEN THE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Apr 25, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 can be summed up in one word: disgrace. A game that has literally no values other than it's functional to some extent, can give you and a buddy a laugh from how awful it is, length and a strong identity. Capcom decided to rape the worst possible John Woo flick with it's Resident Evil member. The product of this travesty is a game that tries to duplicate the randomness and "epicness" of Micheal Bay's CGI effects. Unfortunately, it doesn't even get that right at times. The fact that the game strays from the horror experience is in no way a negative, but the way in which it executes its new direction is painful. The game is, like I mentioned before, functional to some extent. The combat is completely off, the controls try to get your character killed at all times, and so does the epileptic camera. The game feels clunky, like it's made by a developer with no previous experience. The fighting system, though imaginative, is broken to the bone. Your character can execute rolls, dodges and melee combat is always an option. Still, the clunky controls mess up the experience whenever it starts growing on you. Still, the game has some redeeming qualities. Like any co-op game, it's simply fun to play with a buddy. The lengthy campaigns also feature some stand out moments that I personally had a blast playing through. By far the most memorable being the Gun Store siege in Leon's campaign and the Cave scene in Jake's campaign. In short summary, pretty solid and memorable popcorn entertainment in half decent graphics with terrible gameplay. 5/5 Collapse
  30. May 14, 2013
    Okay so let me start by saying yes I am a Resident evil fan boy. But! I will be completely honest in this review.
    So in RE6 theres 3 different campaigns plus Ada's if you beat the game but now you can just down load it or whatever each campaign crosses into each other and you can play it online with someone else so its pretty cool but it still doesn't help out in this review. I'm gonna
    go from bad to good in this so here I go.
    1. Jake's story.
    Okay so Jake is wesker's son and he's a mercenary thats got something in his blood that'll save the world and we find him in this place shooting up something I don't know. But along comes his partner Sherry Birkin from resident evil 2 she was a little kid back then now shes all grown up and hot and stuff. This campaign was bad let me just come out and say that it could've been more I feel like this one was made so say hey! Look blows up check this one out! Yeah NO! With repetitive boss battles and frustrating "melee" attacks and a dumb story line I was royally pissed off in the end of this story and glad that it was over when I finished this one.

    2.Chris's story
    Okay so I'll say Chris's was decent compared to Jake's. okay so in this story its a few years after he killed wesker and went through the hell that was RE5 so now we see him drunk as in this European bar where we meet his partner Pierce Nivans who I'll say I really liked He's a bad ass I kind of like the relationship tey have its pretty cool this one I can say capcom actually tried in this seeing how its Chris Redfield and all but going this the boss battles are pretty damn cool the action is fun and blows up! But theres NO ****ING HORROR ELEMENTS IN THIS!!! WTF capcom by far I was saddened by the ending but also happy with it.

    1.Leon's story.
    Okay so Leon has come a long way we can all say that after kicking ass and practically becoming the face of resident evil in RE4 we now find our hero in washington D.C with a very hot Helena Harper whos like a secret service agent or something I don't remember. Anyway this campaign is a throw back to RE2 kind of. Not a whole lot of horror in this but theres not alot of action either his story is pretty epic like Chris's so its safe to say Leon's campaign saved this game from a pretty bad review from me. Also it has some cool little easter eggs I found so yeah haha I liked that. But in this you're trying to find out who attacked washington and also prevent another outbreak in Japan. Its pretty cool and fun too I just wish it would've had some horror in it all I found was one good jump scare in the bathroom and then that was it. But this one was my favorite though.

    4. Adas story okay so in ads its more of a fill in the blank story its annoying and dumb thats all.

    Collectively this game could've been more if they havn't tried to satisfy everybody and stayed true to if core. The moving while you shoot thing is okay but it just makes the camera all messed up and junk and it pissed me off alot as sometimes I'd find myself running into walls and end up getting killed. But I will say this all the stories are pretty cool. Lemme reframe that the story is pretty damn good.
    A damaged Chris Redfield a pissed off Leon and a kick ass jake. All add up to a good story but capcom falls short in this one so I'll give it a 7 its still a cool game but not the greatest. Hopefully capcom will revive the series some how. Maybe it will be with Revelations being ported or maybe Resident evil 7 but I'll be there to support my favorite franchise thats pissing me off but maybe just maybe they'll bring back that old resident evil feel.
  31. Dec 28, 2013
    I really enjoyed playing. Leon's story was worth it all. The other stories were ok, but I don't like and never did like the mutant/shooting enemies. I liked part 6 more than parts 4 and 5. Also the BSAA is pure BS. It's boring army stuff. After the events of the original title and code veronica I always felt that Chris was the last person to join up and follow orders. He quit the force because of corruption and went off with the survivors of Racoon City to basically attack Umbrella unlawfully. It's hard to believe that he'd just decide to follow an organization without protest. Expand
  32. Oct 3, 2012
    As usual, trolls come out to play on metacritic. Most rating low probably havent even touched the game. People are being too harsh.. I think its a great game so far. Finished Leons campaign tonight, really enjoyed it. Played it local co-op with my friend. Nothing bad to say about it really... maybe just the camera can be annoying sometimes.
  33. Oct 16, 2012
    With a fantastic story, memorable characters, exhilarating set pieces, and a masterful blend of all the best elements found in previous iterations of the franchise, Resident Evil 6 delivers an unforgettable experience which every fan of the series ought to partake in.
  34. Oct 3, 2012
    This game isn't so bad that it deserves such a low user score. However, it's still probably the worst game in the core Resident Evil series. There is no horror to be had here, and the gruesome elements such as disembodied monsters, blood leaking everywhere and slimy monsters don't really have the effect that they had years ago as we've all been desensitised by it over the years.

    As for
    the actual gameplay, it's very rigid, the characters are very one-dimensional (I feel no compassion for any of the characters and I feel no threat or fear from any of the enemies), and the quick-time events (QTEs) are almost as common as the ones you'd find in a game like Heavy Rain (and that game was JUST a bunch of QTEs). However it's still quite fun shooting your way through the levels, it's just a shame there is barely any atmosphere or interactivity. The graphics are disappointing. Some textures are downright ridiculous, and makes the game feel as if it was rushed. The game in general has an unfinished feel about it.

    It's a shame, as Resident Evil 5 actually felt like it had some substance, you had more control over your abilities and there was actually a couple of reasons to wander off in the levels. Here, there is nothing like that. There are some abilities you can enhance your character with but to be honest it's not the same as being able to upgrade your weapons selectively. I'm sure you've already made your conclusion about the game already, but as a person who's played all of the core Resident Evil games since the first one on the Sega Saturn, I'd say it's a pretty good game in general, but as a Resident Evil fan I'm massively disappointed.
  35. Dec 15, 2012
    This **** piece of **** game is the Nickelback of gaming history, Capcom should be ashamed of having their logo stamped on this abomination, we should just pretend it doesn't exist and move on.
  36. Oct 13, 2012
    A game full of poorly implemented QTE's and terrible camera angles. This is the biggest gaming disappointment of 2012. By conforming to the COD model of gaming and not taking risks, gaming has become stagnated. The so called safe approach can only work for so long before people become bored. Resident Evil 6 utilises the action heavy formula and provides a very shallow and unrewarding experience. Expand
  37. Oct 9, 2012
    Where to start, maybe no manual. I know it's petty but hey I am paying $60. What if I didn't have access online, or didn't want to figure out the Gordian not also known as the in game menu. Don't get me started on the menu in game, cause it's about as useless as the plot in this game. The prologue? Capcom owes me 20 minutes of my life back and by the way, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of whoever decided it would be brilliant to make it mandatory to get to the actual game menu and then be able to play co-op AFTER the prologue. Now I know why 4 hours+ of the game is cut scenes, so the QA team didn't commit seppuku. They could actually go get a redbull and their antidepressants. The melee combat is atrocious. I love how almost all my hits miss unless 5 planets align. How's the camera you ask? It's about as useful as a truckload of dead rats in a tampon factory. Co-op is the only way I can stand this game because if your gonna pull rusty red hot shrapnel out of your kneecap, you might as well have help. I have been inexplicably dropped from the game just before the end of the chapter only to rejoin and find I had 7 seconds in game at summary screen and nothing to show for it. Well done re6 well done. I have been at some please wait to reconnect screen which never did find my partner again, I am assuming he was sent to another of re6s rings of hell to suffer alone. Yeah and thanks for explaining things like stamina or bomb detonating as well. Wow just wow. What else lets see....oh yeah QTEs. I think we need more. Maybe like 4 hours+ worth to match the cut scenes. Yo Capcom, a pit in the desert is calling, ET Atari cartridges want some company. Expand
  38. Oct 2, 2012
    Crapcom keeps finding ways to make RE worst, if you're a old resident evil fan you won't find much here and if you're looking a for a good third person shooter you should look elsewhere too.
  39. Oct 2, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I would be a fool if i didn't agree with Mizar, this game is a awesome. First you'll notice the amazing graphics, it's so clear and crisp, and the colors, oh my the colors, there must be at least a million different shades of gray. The story is amazingly well written, full of twists and turns, at times it feels like you're watching a Hollywood movie and not just playing a video game. Only at the end did i figure out the villains motivations weren't some generic desires of world domination, no, she was just mad at her boyfriend who cloned her using some other woman's DNA because he couldn't love her for what she was. This is very deep stuff guys, and i think many of us can relate to this story. The gameplay is the best yet, gone are the tank controls and stiffness of previous RE titles, instead we get a lot of new gameplay options, the greatest of which is the melee combat. Capcom, the minds behind the Street Fighter series, decided to do another crossover after SFxTekken, finally allowing you to punch and kick enemies to death with the new, so called ZWA system (Zombie Wrestle Mania). All in all, it's a great game, a day one purchase for sure, in fact, like one user already made a suggestion, if you can spare the cash buy two copies, it will show Capcom your appreciation of their hard work invested in this game and motivate them to start making RE7 as soon as possible. I have only two wishes for RE7, melee moves should combo better and charge up the hyper combo bar, unleashing a devastating special move specific to each character once charged. Also, kill streaks with guns should grant rewards starting at 10 kills, like infinite ammo, increased damage, missile attacks, hell, maybe even a remote controlled nuke. These two additions could have made RE6 a perfect game, but don't be discouraged Capcom, there's always next time, this time you will have to settle with just a 9 out of 10 from me. Expand
  40. Oct 2, 2012
    This is the worse chapter of the series.. I hope capcom will do something like resident evil revelation on 3ds on the near future, or something like resident evil 0-1 for gamecube.. really this game suck
  41. Oct 5, 2012
    Resident Evil is a series that has seen a lot of changes over the years and has caught a ton of flak for making said changes. However, the fact that I see more than 2,500 negative reviews, most of which are 0's, for this Grade A title basically assures me that the majority of users posting scores haven't actually played the game and are being horribly blinded by the goggles of nostalgia.

    This game is not survival horror, and it shouldn't have been truly expected to be so. There has been much footage of it and even two demos before its release, and it has always been leaning towards being an action title. However, as an action title it succeeds on every level. Capitalizing on Resident Evil's strongest points, the characters and plot, Capcom have crafted an enticing story to play through with excellent mechanics and interesting enemies. Several memorable set-pieces dot the campaigns as well as fantastic cut-scenes, not to mention the best voice acting the series has ever seen. As far as gameplay is concerned, the series has finally evolved to be competitive with modern third-person shooters by enabling walking and shooting as well as the ability to melee at will, but evolves beyond all other shooters with mechanics that are fresh on the gaming market. Sliding, spinning and shooting aren't necessary for the most part, but their inclusion is still innovative and positive all the same, and the controls, despite being hounded for being clunky, are actually intuitive and easy to learn.

    Not all is good with the game, however. There are numerous vehicle segments, and only a couple of them are anything less than an abysmal wreck, with frequent moments of instantly dying due to something you couldn't have seen coming. Quick-Time Events (QTE's) are also numerous in this title, and though they're a nuisance they are also necessary. Unlocking a door via 'hacking' wouldn't be very tense if all you did was press a button once, so they are usually for necessity of tension and keeping you in the action as opposed to leaving the player to lackadaisically perform actions. However, if you don't like QTE's, you're going to want to play on Amateur, where they are automatically performed for you. The biggest flaw in the game outright, however, is the number of moments in which you can be instantaneously killed by something with no warning, such as a vehicle ramming into you out of nowhere or a bridge falling out from under you due to not running quite fast enough.

    With the flaws taken into account, it's still a fantastic game which offers a ton of value. All of the campaigns will take roughly 22 hours to complete, and playing through some of the moments again just for the 'intersecting co-op' can be fun. Mercenaries mode returns as well to offer extra game time, though it is extraordinarily miffing that two of the six maps are unattainable at the start simply because they were pre-order bonuses specific to certain stores. Agent Hunt, which allows you to become a creature in a player's campaign and attempt to slay them, is an interesting addition that, while it probably won't be the most popular mode, is still a fun diversion all the same. Taking all things into account, the game deserves an 8 out of 10. However, due to the sheer number of banal '0' reviews, it gets a 10 to help it out.
  42. Oct 2, 2012
    Its amazing how many 0's I see given to this installment of Resident Evil. ZERO should be reserved for the most base, inane, broken titles out there. Metacritic allows for people to submit their opinions, no matter how skewed, as some false basis for 'fact' - and its just plain old stupid. The title in no way deserves such abomnable scores - but in todays world of entitlement and 'I dont like it so you arent allowed to like it' mindsets - this is what you get. If you like the Resident Evil franchise, you've probably already played it - if not, give it a go and then dig into the earlier catalog for some classic RE gameplay. Expand
  43. Nov 19, 2012
    What is happening to Capcom? there is no more creativity, we don't need more action games,we don't need seven campaigns, we need a real survival horror game.

    Please Capcom fix, and patch, but the all the game.
  44. Oct 4, 2012
    Annoying camera, delayed controls. Sometimes FPS has drop to uncomfortable low. Gameplay make me feel i got trolled by developers. I don't care the game not look like classic RE successor, I actually was waiting for good action in RE-universe. But unfortunately is not even a good action. Disappointment.
  45. Nov 13, 2012
    This is less of a horror game, and more an action shooter a la Gears of War. It's underrated, as playing through it is like playing action movie... it's fast paced, fun in co-op and huge. Seriously enormous. Don't be fooled by all the negativity, this game is a lot of bang for your buck.
  46. Oct 4, 2012
    Most complaints i see about this game deal with the fact that the genre shifts from horror to action, which I can agree with. That in itself shouldn't reflect on the score of the game, however I myself enjoy a good action game and I wasn't incredibly impressed. The new melee components are fairly sloppy and the save system is irritating. Every partner I've played with quit on me because they got bored, so I was forced to start over from the beginning of the chapter. This leads me to conclude that the co-op isn't as enjoyable as Resident Evil 5's. That said, they did a respectable job with the amount of content in the campaign as well as differentiating the types of enemies in game (although some of them seemed like something from left 4 dead). I may have given this game a better than average score, but I am legitimately disappointed. Expand
  47. Jan 31, 2013
    Aburrido, lento y decepcionante. De todas las innovaciones, quizá tan sólo pueda salvarse el sistema de cámara detrás del hombro. Por lo demás, en ningún aspecto mejora a sus predecesores: estamos ante un vulgar shooter que se ha querido vender como algo superior.
  48. Oct 3, 2012
    People keep putting 10/10 reviews for this horrible game.
    Capcom will never again get a cent from me.

    For those who say this is a great action game do realise that this is the resident evil franchise that is supposed to be survival horror.
    Truth of the matter is that Capcom wanted to go 'mainstream' and 'casual' and thought that it would work on an established franchise instead of a
    new IP.
    Turns out they got a lot of free sales from people who put their faith in Capcom and bought what they thought was a "Resident Evil' game.
    I don't think I've ever been so disappointed by a game as much as this and the user reviews and score shows that.

    There is no saving this, the RE franchise is gone.

    For the die hard fans try the demo at the very least before you spend your money.
  49. Oct 2, 2012
    Don't listen to the blind fanboys, this game sux hard, it look like a PSP game ported to HD consoles, the gameplay is awful, just look to THE LAST OF US and you will see a real sorvivor game, keep your money for a better games, if you buy it Crapcom will kill the next games, and RE7 will suck even harder than this mess;)
  50. Oct 2, 2012
    This is a game that everyone should play right now cause it is very good and made by a good company called capcom that makes great game always and everyone and enjoys them a lot so you should too and especially not hesitate now and instead buy this excellent game cause it has good reviews and good gameplay and i love the graphics that the game has much better than Resident Evil 5 which had orange graphics. Expand
  51. Oct 17, 2012
    Tuve la oportunidad de jugar esto!!! Es decir Resident Evil 6, que de Resident Evil solo tiene eso, su nombre!! CAPCOM prometió TERROR, TENSIÓN Y POCA MUNICIÓN. Promesas que no se cumplieron. En cuanto a jugabilidad, hay que decir es demasiado horrible, aspectos como la colocacion de la camara, que en entornos o interiores pequeños o estrechos se pega tanto a tu personaje que hace imposible ver lo que tenemos a nuestro alrededor. Físicas Inexistentes, puedes deslizarte sobre una mesa o escritorio lleno de cajas, libros, latas, comida, etc, Y estas ni se mueven, ni se inmutan, tu personaje solo las traspasa, Otro aspecto totalmente negativo es el combate cuerpo a cuerpo, que esta totalmente desbalanceado puedes matar a cuanto zombies y enemigos quieras de esta manera. Municiones por doquier, en todas partes consigues Balas y si a eso le sumas que la mayor parte del juego vas a lo TEKKEN haciendo agarres y lanzando Patadas pues las Balas te Sobran. DONDE ESTAN LOS PUZZLESSS???? Dios mio!!! DONDE ESTA EL SURVIVOR HORROR??? Destrozaron una Excelente Saga!!! Esto no es un Resident Evil, es un Call of Duty en tercera persona!!!! En cuanto a los Gráficos, ATROZ, ESPANTOSO!!! Totalmente comparable con el RE4 y no con el RE5 no se que hizo CAPCOM con su excelente motor gráfico usado en RE5, aquí tenemos TEXTURAS CUTRES, UN BORDE PIXELADO QUE RODEA A NUESTRO PERSONAJE EN LAS CINEMÁTICAS, ILUMINACIÓN EXAGERADA. En fin un Desastre. Lo único bueno de este Expand
  52. Oct 2, 2012
    I don't usually post stuff on the Internet, but this exception it's because I want to never have such disappointment with a game after blindly buying it, waiting for some miracle to occur . People here write about how RE has lost its way, referring to horror, but the problem is not that (that happened in the middle of RE4 and with more originality), the problem is that the game goes nowhere (having 4 tasteless campaigns), has poor pacing, broken mechanics and an idiotic argument (even for this franchise). In short, it's a simple mess which feels more like a long chore than a game.
    To fanboys: RE will not die if this installment sinks, but it will if you try to keep it alive.
  53. Oct 2, 2012
    This game is a literal piece of crap. Crapcom totally shat the bed with this turkey. I felt like I had a mental instability due to the camera. Also if you are not Japanese and do not study viruses this game is clearly not for you. I had no idea what the frick was going on half the time. Also the President is a fricking zombie!!!! WTF in these trying times I can't deal with that many emotions at once. Good job Cap com, or should I say Crapcom. You have fricked me for the last time. Expand
  54. Oct 2, 2012
    All I have to say is that if user reviews state "Amazing Spiderman" as high as 70's, then none of the users have any idea what constitutes a good video game. Play the demo, try it out. I bought it this morning, and have been enjoying it so far. its not a 10 out of 10, but these negative reviews are ridiculous.
  55. Oct 2, 2012
    This game shouldn't exist and if Capcom had any respect and appreciation for gamers they would recall this awful mess, give out full refunds and start the game over from scratch. This game doesn't resemble a Resident Evil game at all. It's essentially a bad version of Gears with zombies. Capcom released a straight up B-movie quality game here and it shows from the start. This is just fundamentally a bad game through and through. Bad controls, bad dialog, bad story, bad camera, bad atmosphere.. the list goes on and on. Sure, casuals will love it and say it's amazing but we all know gamer IQ has drastically dropped this gen and most newer gamers (who this game will primarily appeal to) have been reduced to brain dead morons. Sadly, Capcom has catered to these people while throwing a large bucket of videogame feces on the rest of us. I think we can all agree that this series is essentially dead. RIP Resident Evil series. You were once a mighty God of the videogame industry and now you've been reduced to a flushed turd down a toilet drain Expand
  56. Oct 2, 2012
    i really feel like RE6 is a mess, but at the same time i'm really enjoying it. it's not perfect in the slightest, but the trolling it's received is totally unjust, and sounds more like angry fanboy flaming than real reviewing. it is a fun game, it definitely isn't bad. it was just overly ambitious and wound up being a mishmash of so many things... and nothing like what it used to be... but i still absolutely love it. Expand
  57. Oct 2, 2012
    After about ten hours of gameplay something completely different came to my mind - the tv-show Mythbusters. For those who watch Mythbusters know that the show have changed over the years. In the beginning it was interesting and intelligent and all about myths and nowadays it's all explosions and guns and they have almost abandoned the original concept. The show is stupid and "dumbified" and that's what i feel about Resident Evil 6 - it's dumbified. The horror is gone and so is the puzzles. Every time you confront those extremely few puzzles in the game they are mind numbingly easy and dumb so you wonder why they even bothered to include them in the game. The game is filled to the brim with quick time events and cut scenes which chops the gameplay to pieces.
    I have a whole lot of bad things to say about this game, but i'm going to keep this short. The good things are the graphics and the cut scenes are very intense and well made.
    When i watched interviews with the developers they promised us some "old school" Resident Evil and that made me exited for this game. Maybe they have started to listen to the fans after all and decided to take a step away from the very action oriented Resident Evil 5. But what did they do? They took a huge step away from the old shool and a giant leap into the action genre instead and dumbified it.
    We all realize that Capcom can't go back to basics. Games must evolve. But why oh why did they totally abandon the horror, the scares, the puzzles and the intensity that was the loved soul that made Resident Evil stand out from everything else to become this dumbified action game?
  58. Oct 3, 2012
    Yes we understand that if game developers implemented every thing we the fans wanted the game itself might not turn out too great. However like resident evil 5 resident 6 made a huge left turn,turning a survival horror franchise into a non challenging linear game. Am I saying Resident evil 6 is a bad game no i just don't think the series deserves to call itself Resident Evil anymore
  59. Oct 4, 2012
    The fact that so many people are giving this a 0 out of 10 shows how irrational Resident Evil fans are. If you're giving this game a 0 out of 10, you're just flat out spoiled and whiny. This is an opinion coming from somebody whose favorite video game series is Mega Man. Someone who loves Resident Evil, Phoenix Wright, Power Stone, Rival Schools, Street Fighter, Dead Rising, Marvel vs Capcom. All of it. I've been a fan of Capcom for like, 20 years ever since I was a little kid with my NES and SNES. As somebody who is actually playing this game and giving it a real chance, there are no words. Resident Evil fans are delusional. It has NEVER been the scariest game series out there, all it ever did was help make the style popular. The Resident Evil series has working its way toward this for a decade. Resident Evil has been gradually more and more similar to a blockbuster action movie ever since the second game. You people honestly think starting the game by crashing a car into a giant fire pit is frightening? You think the gigantic bosses, rocket launchers and explosions are the sign of a game that's trying to frighten you? Resident Evil would have gone this way sooner if technology had allowed it. Capcom tried to make a pure action game with Dino Crisis 2. They quickly learned the PS1 wasn't capable of it and kept making traditional Resident Evil games. As soon as the PS2 came out one of the first games the company released was Devil May Cry. That game was ORIGINALLY going to be Resident Evil 4, but became its own series. After that we got Resident Evil 4 as we know it today, and it's an action game. Fans need to stop crying and believing they're being betrayed. If you want a "true" Resident Evil experience the only one that exists is the original from 1996. This is a solid and extremely long action game with amazing graphics, cool environments and decent 3rd person shooting gameplay. It's also one of the only decent games out there that allows 2 player split screen, and there will be a lot of people who love it for the sake of being able to play with their friends. I'm only sad that the Resident Evil series doesn't feature any kind of puzzles anymore, but I'm also smart enough to realize that if I want that I have the older games to play. I still play the original from time to time. I know how to appreciate what I already have. I'd give this game a 7 out of 10 myself. Because I can use my brain. Thank you. Expand
  60. Oct 5, 2012
    "Leon" and "Chris". In all, there are seven main characters and four stories, giving this title an unprecedented volume of game playing enjoyment. There are also upgraded online functions like the cooperative and crossover system as well as new types of action. Overall, "Resident Evil 6" offers a broad range of new forms of appeal. This is the first new title in the series in three and a half years. "Resident Evil 6" takes advantage of all of Capcom's capabilities to offer quality that is far ahead of other games. Supported by extensive promotional activities worldwide, the initial shipment of this new game has reached 4.5 million Expand
  61. Oct 5, 2012
    unprecedented volume of game playing enjoyment. There are also upgraded online functions like the cooperative and crossover system as well as new types of action. Overall, "Resident Evil 6" offers a broad range of new forms of appeal. This is the first new title in the series in three and a half years. "Resident Evil 6" takes advantage of all of Capcom's capabilities to offer quality that is far ahead of other games. Expand
  62. Oct 7, 2012
    If Your Asking my opinion I would say the game is a must get for die hard RE fans if you have played the series since RE 1 2 or3 when went to the modern versions like 4,5 and 6 you will understand the story you will not rage the game because of advanced controllers also the camera angle won't bother you at all I know it didn't bother me. The game has 3 different stories and 1 unlock able story with Ada Wong.Now to list the good and bad and maybe things lets start with the bad.
    1.Puzzles are too easy requires no thinking.
    2.Should of used different Bosses but you fight the same boss about 2 times.
    3.Theres no huge Antagonist just a crazy scientists. Mabey thing
    1.Controls( going to the newbie's)
    2.Also camera angle( just for the newbie's)
    Good Thing
    1.Action Packed not one moment where you don't have zombies or any thong behind ready to care the loving s**t out of you.
    2.Co-Op is incredible if you play with someone that's good at the game or at least knows what he's doing or else your just going to be trying to revive him every 10 seconds.
    3.Voice acting is also really really good and the cinematic cutscenes make it feel like a movie you can play. 4.Free mele attack instead of shooting it in the knee or head and then wait for the button to appear instead with just the trigger button you can smash there heads .or roundhouse then like Chuck Norris.
    5.Quick shots are really good.Packs on hell of a punch and look effin badass.

    Just for me 1.Finally brought my all time favorite character in gaming Leon.S.Kennedy and he's more badass then ever. So in my Review of Resident Evil 6 I give it a 8.9 out of 10.8.9 because it still needs improvement on changing bosses I mean I don't want to fight the same bosses over again and because of it easy puzzles it gives no challenge but over all this is a must get game I enjoyed every minute of it know you should to.Therea alot more to talk about but I can't without spoiling it so just buy it rent it borrow it steal it(not that you would)but try what you can to play it because you will enjoy it like I did.

    Played it on Xbox 360 and I enjoyed it I don't know if the same applies for ps3 bit to me Resident Evil 6 made 2 huge steps forward for the franchise and im loving it. every minute of it.

    Thats my review and please give me feedback if it made sense or made you think twice about or if you thought I was totally wrong and i need to get a punch to the face message me or tell me on Facebook Ernesto Plascencia im the guy with a white long-sleeved shirt.Or email me
  63. Oct 8, 2012
    This game raise the bar of mediocrity in every way. The only thing that i can call survival horror in this game is the fact to buy it. The fourth instalment in the series was amazing, probably one of the greatest game i ever played. I understand a concept need a refresh from time to time, but not this way. The demo of the game didn't convince me at all but like many of us i decided to give a chance and bought it. The biggest deception of 2012 by far. Expand
  64. Oct 8, 2012
    I am a huge Resident Evil fan and I have played every single game, 4 being my favorite. I read a lot of ratings on here and couldn't believe them until I played the game myself. I just completed all the campaigns. What a beautiful game ruined by random frustrating button mashing and jittery movements. I base my rating solely on the game play and the frustration that comes with it. I think the story line is solid and the creatures in the game are probably some of the best Resident Evil monsters I've ever seen but good lord is this game frustrating to play. My advice to all Resident Evil fans is wait to buy this till its twenty bucks or if you have it handed to you for free. Other than that don't waste your time or money on this game. This installment is almost as bad as Operation Racoon City. Expand
  65. Oct 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I want to like it, I really do but I'm finding this game to be a chore to play....

    To start this review I've loved nearly all RE Games, even loved RE5 (so that should give you an idea of how easily satisfied I can be). What this game lacks is that something..... something they call Gameplay, I'm not talking about physically being able to play a game, RE6 does not grab my attention, does not make me crave more, does not make me want to replay it several times over regardless of all the additional content they throw at it.

    To give you an idea of what I mean this game just isn't well polished, the aiming and shooting system just feels sub-par to what was previous in the series.. and so far if I've ever been stuck in a situation I can than resort to kicking the cr*p out of anything. Theres just no satisfaction in it which to be completely honest I'm finding to be disappointing.
    The scares also feel so predictable, the Leon campaign which I had high hopes for started really well until you get to a certain elevator scene right near the start and than the atmosphere is lost on this game. The most common scare attempt is you will walk along a corridor and notice a body lying on the floor, as soon as you step right next to it it will than spring to life and grab you.. this happens a lot! The system is flawed in the respect that you can't even shoot it prior to walking near it in an attempt to wake it up. I won't hammer on about the QTE, they do become very tedious VERY quickly and the odd work of camera angles is a truth that cannot be ignored. The controls feel very odd and un-responsive at times in this game which is an annoying thing to come across where I find myself hammering the reload button in a vain attempt to reload.

    That said there are things about this game that I do like, the storyline I think is excellent which thankfully the series has become renowned for. The voice acting is excellent which is seriously odd when you think of where it all began (ahem "Jill Sandwich") so it is nice that they did improve on this.
    I like the fact that they have encorporated so much into the story but this game needed a lot more time, you could tell they were on a deadline to have it completed and sadly the faults in this game are just too much to forgive.

    If like me you are compelled to play this game than for your sake just rent it! It's certainly not worth the price tag... I'm giving it a 5/10 because the story is good, should have just made it a dvd!
  66. Oct 8, 2012
    Resident evil just keeps getting bigger and bigger, if not always better. RE 6 stumbles a little, but for the most part it is an enjoyable experience. Having 3 main campaigns (plus a bonus one) is definitely not the norm for this generation, but the idea completely pays off. If you enjoyed RE 5, you'll like this one as well.
  67. Oct 9, 2012
    Giving this a 10 to counter balance the ridiculous reviews this seems to be getting. Just finished playing all the campaigns and the game is a solid "8". If Resident Evil never existed as a franchise, and this game came out as a fresh IP, the game would get stellar reviews. Anyone who is a fan of the original RE series have tainted a great experience. Great characters and story, enjoyable game-play, great graphics. Expand
  68. Oct 9, 2012
    I just finished Leon's campaign on veteran, total time for 5 chapters +- 13 hours. I had a freakin blast!! I Honestly dont know what the majority's problem with the game is.Yes the game's got the horror aspect, to those who think think the opposite, you probably dont know the meaning of the word horror. RE6 is for sure better than RE5 not as good as RE4.Cant really compare RE1 and RE2 with RE6 its like comparing C&C with Starcraft 2,With two campaigns remaining, I guess add another 20 hours to complete both campaigns and you got a game that gives +- 30-40 hours of gameplay and that is for SP only, a very rare sight nowadays with most games. Maybe I'm just lucky not to feel I have wasted my money, Expand
  69. Oct 9, 2012
    I am so monumentally disappointed with this game. I have been a fan of Resident Evil for years, played all the games and this is by far the worst. It doesn't even feel like a game - Chris and Jake's campaigns consist of running pointlessly from one cut-scene to the next. Playing this game is like being an extra in a poorly written movie.

    I'm giving it a 2 because the Mercenaries mode is
    not too bad. Expand
  70. Nov 9, 2012
    First, i will star with the good points

    Good points: The history is great, the characters charisma its outstanding, the controls are great, the agent hunt mode is very fun, and the play time is very long, the mosters are cool.

    Bad Points: The camera is simply awful( this is a good definition), the graphics are bad, the subtitles, in another languages, is wrong sometimes, and it has
    nothing of survival horror. Expand
  71. Oct 13, 2012
    This is delivering more bad Resident Evil to date. It is a game that has no identity, chooses to be so much that it ends up being nothing. But many are still on time to NOT BUY YOU THIS NEW RELEASE, DO NOT BUY SUCH AN INSULT TO THE SERIES. Perhaps so, if we avoid that Capcom has good sales, then maybe someday decide to get a true Resident Evil that lives up to that name.
  72. Oct 11, 2012
    The reviews up are just shredding this game. But to be honest, I can't fault them. I was there, saving up my $$$ for months just to buy a PS1 and play Resident Evil. I have been there from RE1 all the way till now. The only reason I even purchased a Dreamcast system was for RE: Code Veronica.

    I see RE6 for rent and snap it up to take home. I put it in my Xbox 360 and played for 20
    minutes. I put the controller down, put it back in the rental box and returned it. It was that horrifyingly stripped of everything Resident Evil used to be so long ago.

    This is a generic action shooter with undead creatures roaming around that you can kill or melee to death. It is linear, which is everything that the old RE's never stood for. You could adventure and explore to your own peril if you so chose, and you would hopefully find a single box of 10 bullets or 1 round for a grenade launcher you didn't even have yet, which would only make you salivate to finally find that grenade launcher. None of this exists in this game.

    If you are a new comer to the RE franchise, then welcome aboard. You'll love the game because you never tried the older ones that actually challenged you. If you are an old-school RE fan, then let this one slip past and fade into obscurity where it belongs.

    I did not like anything about the game and how it started or kept going. It was boring and linear, and the QTE's (button pushing Quick Time Events) yank you right out of the game and don't allow you to even look up on the screen to see whatever the hell your character is doing during the cutscene. Dev's..? I'd actually like to WATCH the cutscene, instead of keeping my eyes focused on the bottom of the screen like I'm watching a subbed Jap anime. This game is a shallow shadow of it's former glory. Old-schoolers stay away, leave this game for the fluffy noobs that never knew how awesome RE used to be....

    And for those thinking: "dude... this guy only played 20 minutes of the first chapter... wtf, how can he write a bad review... QQQ?"
    To answer: I've played countless games, and if it's fun I'll play it. If it sucks, then I stop playing after a little bit and return the rental. I fell asleep playing RE 5 and couldn't get past the linear boring play style of RE 6. Something has happened to this franchise.

    I had more fun playing Mark of the Ninja (a new 2-D side scroller, put over 30 hrs+ into it), this game got on my last nerve in under 20 minutes...
  73. Oct 12, 2012
    IN SPANISH: Es una mierda de videojuego con todas las letras. IN ENGLISH: videogame sucks with all letters
    IN SPANISH: No tiene nombre lo que le hizo Capcom a esta saga. Siendo los primeros BIOHAZARD una auténtica maravilla y estos últimos la mierda más grande jamás vista. IN ENGLISH: No name what Capcom did this saga. Being the first BIOHAZARD a marvel and the
    latter the biggest **** ever. Expand
  74. Oct 12, 2012
    And this is a Biohazard?. No way this game can be considered a biohazard. The bad reviews that this new delivery, are more than deserved. The title (Biohazard) it is too big. With next deliveries should return to the genre that made ​​this saga so famous, otherwise you will totally lose respect for Capcom.
  75. Oct 12, 2012
    True fans of this saga are the strongly criticize this new release and not those who defend it. And the explanation is simple, this new release can not be considered a "Biohazard", because it simply has no basis to be. Biohazard is characterized for being a horror title, a title of survival. That is, a survival horror and not a bad shooter with a bad control. TRADUCIDO AL ESPAÑOL: Los verdaderos fans de esta saga son los que critican duramente esta nueva entrega y nó los que la defienden. Y la explicación es bien sencilla, esta nueva entrega no puede considerarse un "Biohazard", porque sencillamente carece de las bases para poder serlo. Biohazard se caracterizaba por ser un título de terror, un título de supervivencia. Es decir, un Survival Horror y no un mal shooter con un pésimo control. Expand
  76. Oct 15, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is monotonous, boring and extremely bad gameplay. Are missing the atmosphere, exploration and puzzles of the first deliveries. Delivery is not recommended.
  77. Oct 15, 2012
    First comment that RE6 (like most recent deliveries) should not have been included in the main series (numerical), and not at all like the first title, it's a totally different game. THE RESIDENT EVIL SERIES WAS CHARACTERIZED FROM THE BEGINNING, BEING A SURVIVAL HORROR AND SHOULD HAVE REMAINED SO. THE TURNING INTO A SHOOTER, SHOWS A LACK OF TACT AND RESPECT FOR EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWED THIS SERIES SINCE ITS INCEPTION.
    Focusing on this latest installment (Resident Evil 6), besides denying the genre that gave it life, can not even be considered a good game in its genre now (shooter). Where we have gameplay that is pitiful and a camera that lets you sold on more than one occasion, these aspects were forgivable at the time of the first chapters and more so considering the genre. But they can not forgive in current times less in the case of a genus (shooter) in which it is essential to good control and a camera chord.
    Other negatives of note would be ... that there is little exploration, the few puzzles that give no shame, the atmosphere does not compare to that of the first titles and nowhere near the argument seems a bad joke with many inconsistencies.The only good thing to note would be the length, but of little use if the content offered is bad and boring. All this would leave us empty and soulless game.
  78. Oct 15, 2012
    RE6 is lousy as Survival Horror, is disastrous as shooter. And as a game is not worth a penny. Future installments will not buy unless they have the quality of the first and return to Survival Horror.
  79. Oct 27, 2012
    Playing the resident evil franchise has been amazing over the years however this game is just terrible I'd only advise buying it when the price comes down to £5. There has been a huge decline in quality since RE4 in this series I'm not saying RE5 was a bad game but it didn't live up to RE4 capcom have seemed to ignore what the fans want. They have strayed to far from the survival horror genre and hopefully all theese bad reviews will show what the fan base wants. Expand
  80. Nov 2, 2012
    this game is awesome in almost every aspect i feel like this game is awesome maybe not RE4 awesome but defiently it's own kind of awesome and i wish people would cut it slack because i even found the chris campaign as an enjoyable expierence even though everyone says it was the weakest. very awesome game.
  81. Nov 6, 2012
    I love this game simply because it gives you OPTIONS. I LOVE options! Not only can I now play an amazing Leon campaign again (I LOVE RE4), but I also get a really awesome Chris campaign (which I thought the story was freaking outstanding, and I fail to see why everyone hates it [have you actually played it?]). Then to top it off, there's a whole new story with a really cool new character (Jake)... Plus more if you beat the whole game! I bet you people who whine about this game would be a WHOLE LOT more pissed if they made it a strictly Chris campaign, where you get no options. That's why I'm happy; I get the best of all the worlds, and the way the stories are interwoven, I think is really awesome and made my jaw drop on more than one occasion to realize where I was and what I was looking at.

    I appreciate the linearity because I think it delivers a better story, then if you had more of an open world type place. I think this is similar to an amazing blockbuster movie that you're playing. The sights and especially the sounds (if you have at least a decent home theater) are phenomenal. I love the characters, the stories, the connection, the co-op, the extras, the graphics, ESPECIALLY the sound, and pretty much everything else.

    Get off your high horse and stop trying to drudge up the past and let the series evolve. It's people who don't know how to spot a good game like this that keep us playing the same games over and over and over. You people make it sound like you want Resident Evil to be like Call of Duty for the survival horror genre, where you keep getting a re-hash of the same garbage over and over again.

    Me personally, I LOVE this game and I appreciate them evolving the series and leaving us with options!

    Thank you Capcom, you rock! :D
  82. Nov 22, 2012
    You have to credit Capcom for implementing four stories with a tangible amount of variety in each characters campaign. I myself dove straight into Leon's campaign for the return of Zombies. Chris and Jakes campaign are slightly linear compared to Leon's but Ada's campaign adds more value to the mix. I'm sure when Capcom fix the camera view it will be worth playing it again just for the wider zoom option and harder mode.. maybe a worthy 9 out of 10 Expand
  83. Dec 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I wouldn't normally write a review based on about 2 hours of playing a game, but I'm at the point where I can't even force myself to carry on with Resident Evil 6.

    Now don't get me wrong, I love Resident Evil. I mean, thanks to RE5 - not the best in the series by a long shot, but still an enjoyable experience - I use Wesker's final scream of "CHRIIIIIS!!" as my username on most things now. The first 3 games were great survival horror games, and the only thing that let Code Veronica down was it's cartoony graphic style. RE4 took the series in a great new direction, and RE5 built on that and added a fun co-op mechanic. Then things started going downhill - Operation Raccoon City was painful to play, but I had no idea that the usual Resident Evil team would use that as the basis for RE6!
    Resident Evil 6 is a third-person action game, and a bad one at that. It starts out with a big explosion, and the next thing you know you're running away from exploding cars and flying a damaged helicopter through a big city. Not the best way to draw someone in to what is essentially a zombie game.

    As I said at the start of this review, I've only played a couple of hours. The first chapter of Leon's campaign to be precise. And it was such an awful, clunky, Quick Time Event-ridden mess that I straight up refused to carry on. I was killed constantly by trains and cars because the QTE for dodging didn't come up thanks to another QTE for killing a zombie overriding it. It's QTE-ception!
    Anyway, the controls aren't great, despite finally being able to run without holding a button (you still use A to sprint, but it's a start at least). For some reason, the melee attacks are so powerful you can take down a standard zombie in about 3 hits. Each hit stun-locks them as well, making this the go-to approach for thinning the herds. A HUGE departure from ammo-conserving survival horror.

    The first chapter of Leon's campaign consisted of a nice, atmospheric run through a dark, almost abandoned college campus. "This is getting better", I thought. WRONG! Jump scares and kicking zombies to death! The kicking part might sound cool, but it's actually pretty boring, and feels rigid when you're actually doing it. The amount of QTEs is too damn high as well. "Quick, tap A! Wiggle the left stick! Press X to not die!" This is not my idea of fun. That being said, the bit where you get in a car and have to search for the keys, start it up, and drive off before the zombies break in and kill you was pretty tense though, and a good way of handling QTEs. Shame about the hundreds of other bad uses of them in this game.
    My interest in the game gradually lessened by the underground section - narrow corridors where you can barely see anything (even with the brightness turned up), trains coming along with very little warning - see the QTE issue I previously mentioned - and zombies literally jumping at you out of the shadows. Sounds fun. Tense, even. Nope. It's painfully dull, and this is where the cheap deaths began.
    Shortly after the awful underground section, you're back on street level. Zombies everywhere, but that's not the problem. Cars come out of nowhere with absolutely no warning or way to tell where they're going to veer off.

    After getting flattened by an ambulance whilst getting screamed at by a REALLY ANNOYING enemy a bunch of times, I gave up. I simply wasn't having fun. The game is a chore to play, and so far the story isn't even interesting. I have no reason to carry on with it.

    So, the positive things about this game... The graphics are nice, despite being horrendously dark, and the sound design is good, but not the best out there by far. Gameplay is generic and feels like a slightly improved Operation Raccoon City, which isn't a good thing. Story just isn't interesting so far. I can't honestly recommend RE6 to Resident Evil fans, let alone anyone else. If you feel that you absolutely MUST play this game, rent it. Don't waste your money on it.

    My 3 out of 10 is based on the graphic/sound design. Like I said, it's pretty good. I can't honestly say a positive thing about the gameplay. It's just that bad.
  84. Dec 15, 2012
    NO FEAR NO RESIDENT. Crapcom keeps finding ways to make RE worst, if you're a old resident evil fan you won't find much here and if you're looking a for a good third person shooter you should look elsewhere too.
  85. Feb 15, 2013
    great cod clone! better zombies,guns and action... but cod has more and better horror scenes. its a cod clone without horror ;D
  86. Dec 28, 2012
    I have only tried the DEMO version so far, but then again, it satisfied me more than the past games when I first played them. Resident Evil 6 is a totally new game that will entertain gamers even if they've never played a Resident Evil game before.
  87. Jul 10, 2013
    As a long time fan of Resident Evil, I actually enjoyed this game a lot. Is it straight on horror like the older games? No, but it's still fun and it had its scares for me (mostly in Leon's campaign). I actually really liked the controls, especially the dodge, roll, and melee capabilities--in fact that's probably a reason I keep to Jake on Mercenaries. The story was engaging, the characters interesting, complex, and captivating. I got rather attached to both Piers and Jake and I loved the growth and development they gave Sherry after not seeing her since RE2--she's definitely capable of handling her own. While I'd love to see Capcom go back to traditional horror settings, I can appreciate what they've tried to do with this game. I think if they focus more on the characters and less on making the gameplay something to compete with the shooters out there (because sorry Capcom, your game is not a shooter) they'll be much better off with the next installment. After all for a lot of us, characters are the reason we keep coming back (I'm looking at you Camp Leon). Expand
  88. Jul 14, 2013
    Wow what happened?.. Oh wait i'll tell you what happened.

    Resident Evil 5 made so much money (probably because Resident Evil 4 was a massive hit) and never truly lived up to the hype of Res 4. In my honest opinion they sold out to make more money and break into the COD target audience (12-16 year males) with action, action, action.
    Then there was Resident Evil 6, with 1700 different
    playable characters (where lets be honest 95 of us just wanted to play as Leon and maybe the other 5% as Chris) and more quick time events then you could handle. It seems they are just more interested in making a action based game for the yung'uns to make money then making a horror survival for a smaller audience.

    You would think they would of learnt their mistake with Res 5 but nope they saw that it took loads of money so decided to stick with that action horror genre (and even calling it action 'HORROR' is being grateful)

    If you enjoy playing as characters you don't care about and you have to have action every 2 seconds and just wanna shot some zombars then go for it, this is the game for you.

    If you are a fan of the series (well until Res4 that is) then i suggest that you don't go anywhere near it as Capcom are not catering for your needs anymore.

    They had such potential with Leon & maybe Chris that they could of done something so much better but as i read from a critic on this very website that apparently 600 people went into making this game then it is literally like a game where they didn't know what direction they wanted to take so just chucked random stuff together and then went "taaa daaaa" "please buy this game, we have explosions and quick time events for all you kiddies that don't have to work out any puzzles or even think a little"

    i get frustrated because they had it all and once again like EA they wanted to make as much money as possible and stick two fingers up at you..

    I apologize for keep repeating myself about the action and quick time events but imagine Res 1 when you first encounter the dogs through the windows in the hall way or the Licker on the ceiling or either res 2 with the zombies at the beginning or that bastard on the bus and it was all quick time events and you had to press the shoulder buttons to move left and right, it wouldn't feel the same now would it. They dumbed it down and made it in to a movie and lets be honest who gives a f about Jake or whats her name.
  89. Jan 20, 2014
    I think this game was the best of all RE games compared to 5, this is a better version with better stories and many more, I think the 2 PLayer part of this game, like 5, is awesome since the truth is that I'm not good with horror games or movies and it would be really awesome to have this kind of game in future references >(IMPORTANT TIP[Please Don't Edit])< I think it would be better if all RE games in the future would have 2 players. I know almost many fans of RE will hate this but, what do you think if there is a choice were the player who will play the game can pick if he/she want's the game to be with someone or not. Because in RE:Revelations i didn't like the fact that there are 2 characters but the AI doesn't help. Reason why i bought Revelations was because i thought it would be Excellent same as 6. But sadly that ruined my expectations (I'm still going to write a review for Revelations) So if someone here sees this and has a connection with Capcom or Nintendo please do send this on behalf of some of us

    BTW= Loved the graphics of 6 and also how there were 3 different Story Lines. I also loved Revelations new graphics but the fact that i can't play 2 players or the AI doesn't help (Literally) Got me bad since i bought revelations cause i thought it would be fun, horrific, and had a lot of action
    Also Loved the part Jake and Sherry's Romance. I think it would be better if RE in the future would have romantic pairs like them (Jake and Sherry i mean)

    Advanced thank's for reading this I'm not saying that RE:Revelations was a huge letdown cause infact i loved it just a little disappointed that i can't finish the game without someone beside me :(
  90. Jun 13, 2014
    This game is nothing like any other re. re 6 sucks. why do they have to put in a little marker to tell u how many cm, m, mm you are from the check point is our generation so lazy they can't even open a map. WOW is all i have to say to this trash of a game
  91. Sep 4, 2014
    One of the worst games I've ever had the displeasure of playing. As a longtime Resident Evil fan, this game dissapoints on literally every front. It plays awfully, it looks awfully, and it even SOUNDs bad. I can't not reccomend this game enough. What hasn't been said? Please just never play this.
  92. Oct 2, 2012
    RE 6 is better than Dark Souls in every aspect, seriously would you believe me if i tell you how much I got bored with Dark Souls? but with Resident Evil 6 it's fun all the time because you have weapons and you fight monsters not just those boring zombies, REAL monsters.
  93. Oct 2, 2012
    I agree with the people who claims this game to be better than Dark Souls, dark souls have no story and its boring with an unfair difficulty. This game in the other hand is fun, with a fair difficulty and the best story of videogame history. If you dont buy it, you're retarded. Dont let the user score scare you, what are you? a fool who let others brainwash you into not buying what you want? lol
  94. Oct 27, 2012
    I've seen plenty of people voting this 0-4. Why? Because they have nothing better to do. "0mGZ, itz n0t az gud az RE4, itz n0t evn scurry. Thez iz da wurzt RE gam3 3VR." They hate the game because it's changed, when it really just added a little something for everyone. The campaign mode features 3 different character pairs, each with their own style of play. There's Leon/Helena, which is the RE that you know and love. Some puzzles, dark, and zombies, zombies, zombies. There's also Chris/Piers, which is more run-and-gun than the other two campaigns. Then there's Jake/Sherry, which is, as far as I've gotten, more about puzzles and simply not dying more than anything else. I've yet to unlock Ada's story.

    To anyone saying that they should take out partners... One, there's a skill that stops your partner from helping you. Two, there's Ada's campaign, where you're alone. And finally, why would they? Games today are about connectivity - playing with others - and for good reason. Co-op and multiplayer adds so much replay value and overall fun. You think as many people would buy the next Battlefield, Call of Duty, or Assassin's Creed if they said there'd be no multiplayer?

    Now that that's through, on to the actual game. This game is very well done. The graphics rival Final Fantasy's in-game graphics and overall mood and lighting of each campaign is fitting with each respective playstyle. The story was also crafted wonderfully. All three campaigns intertwine with each other in a magnificent manner, which leaves the player WANTING to complete all three stories. As far as controls go, I don't understand what all the hate is about. I found the controls to be much more intuitive than games in the past.
  95. Oct 8, 2012
    An epic action-game with it's own identity set in the world of Resident Evil. It features co-op just like Resident Evil 5 but they game works well to play it alone. The story is divided in 4 campaigns (one has to be unlocked) and the way they tell the story actually manages to get you sucked in. There is always something you want to shed light on in the story, questions that need answers etc, so you continue playing because of this. The bossfights are great and the J'avo are funny enemies. The zombies however, seem a bit uninspired and reminds you more of L4D rather than Resident Evil. The game isn't scary... except when it comes to one enemy IMO, the Raskaplanje, a regenerator-looking monster that is even more horrorfying to look at. Other than that, it is the action we have come to know from RE4, but improved. All the characters except Piers and Helena are interesting for fans that have followed the series a long time, as we have come to know them from several games before. Yeah, I really liked this game a lot. I've had some crazy fun moments with this game and I'm going to keep on playing it as there are still some stuff to look forward to. Expand
  96. Oct 4, 2012
    If you liked RE5 then you will love it. This game is awesome and even better when played with a friend! The reviews have been way too harsh. Do what I did. IGNORE THEM and have all out mutant zombie killing fun!
  97. Oct 2, 2012
    Its a evolution of the original resident evil series, but is a good game, just give it a try. Don't let this trolls scare to you, play the demo or go with a friend and try it.
  98. Oct 2, 2012
    I am gonna get right to the point and not waste your time. If you are looking for an outstanding survival horror game, leave this page and go play Amnesia: The Dark Descent. If you are looking for a game that successfully blends action and horror, again get off this page and go play Dead Space 2. Now, you are probably wondering if this is at least a solid action game. After spending 33 hours with this gigantic mess of a game, I can tell you with no exaggeration that this is a poor action game. As a die-hard RE fan, I really want to be somewhat generous, so let's start with the positives. The cutscenes and story are fabulous and mesmerizing. The enemy design is easily superior to most games out there. Furthermore, the graphics and shadow effects are truly well done and slightly better than its predecessor. Annnnnd that's it. Those are the positives. Now I really want to sum up the negatives with just one sentence if you don't mind: Ahem...The camera is poorly designed, quick-time events ruin immersion and annoy the living crap out of you, level design is utterly boring and uninspired, AI is mostly pathetic, horribly mediocre setpieces, horrible pacing, very annoying scripted events that screw you over each time, and finally the controls just don't fit a game like this. Overall, it is one massively disappointing entry in the Resident Evil series, a series I have loved for such a long time. It is not a good horror game (not scary in the slightest), it is not a good action game, and it is a very very poor Resident Evil game. Is it fun sometimes? Sure. Is it memorable? Kind of but definitely not in a good way. Not recommended. Expand
  99. Oct 2, 2012
    I am not going to go into an extended review, I'll just say avoid this game like the plague it fails as a resident evil game and it fails as a stand alone game. If you have to absolutely have to play it wait till the price drops to avoid been burnt.
  100. Apr 25, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 can be summed up in one word: disgrace. A game that has literally no values other than it's functional to some extent, can give you and a buddy a laugh from how awful it is, length and a strong identity. Capcom decided to rape the worst possible John Woo flick with it's Resident Evil member. The product of this travesty is a game that tries to duplicate the randomness and "epicness" of Micheal Bay's CGI effects. Unfortunately, it doesn't even get that right at times. The fact that the game strays from the horror experience is in no way a negative, but the way in which it executes its new direction is painful. The game is, like I mentioned before, functional to some extent. The combat is completely off, the controls try to get your character killed at all times, and so does the epileptic camera. The game feels clunky, like it's made by a developer with no previous experience. The fighting system, though imaginative, is broken to the bone. Your character can execute rolls, dodges and melee combat is always an option. Still, the clunky controls mess up the experience whenever it starts growing on you. Still, the game has some redeeming qualities. Like any co-op game, it's simply fun to play with a buddy. The lengthy campaigns also feature some stand out moments that I personally had a blast playing through. By far the most memorable being the Gun Store siege in Leon's campaign and the Cave scene in Jake's campaign. In short summary, pretty solid and memorable popcorn entertainment in half decent graphics with terrible gameplay. 5/5 Collapse

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  2. Negative: 7 out of 71
  1. Nov 6, 2012
    The game has some stumbling moments, but it is worth sticking it out. With the franchise changing over time it has lost a lot of what originally defined Resident Evil to us all.
  2. 70
    This new Resident Evil installment has definitely abandoned the survival horror genre and has moved into the crowded field of action shooters. [Nov 2012]
  3. Oct 27, 2012
    A varied and challenging game that continues the series' evolution into action territory. IT can be incredibly frustrating at times, but also very rewarding when you finally overcome the many challenges it puts you through.