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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 53 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 53
  2. Negative: 28 out of 53

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  1. Aug 14, 2014
    Hmmmm, where to start? From the outset and RISEN 3's earliest frames, blocky textures, screen-tearing and framerate issues abound. Technically, at least on 360, RISEN 3 is a functional mess; it hardlocked my console 5 times while questing or opening my inventory during the first island's initial journeys.

    Almost shovelware, certainly broken and unfinished, RISEN 3 at full retail price
    IS, imo, a moneygrab, brazen and egregious. Will Pirahna Bytes fix their "hot mess?" Not likely, as the first and second RISEN games still have most, if not all, of THEIR broken issues still present at this writing.

    Many other reviewers, professional and consumer, have also noted RISEN 3's poor FPS, microstuttering, unbalanced gameplay, and uneven presentation combined with poor texturing, bad lighting, and general lack of polish.

    Moreover, many gamers have noted the "simple" dodge and roll combat mechanics while yet another word may describe the combat in a more terse way: "stunlock." Your player-character will become stunlocked and killed repeatedly on various difficulty settings; mobs will attack and attack and attack while your character will recycle animations as hitpoints dwindle to a visit to the reload screen.

    Additionally, the game purports to have an autosave function that marks your place at random intervals in the gameworld; although, commonplace and effective elsewhere, in most games, in RISEN 3 during combat, while securing a potion or two, the autosave will cause the fps to plummet to slideshow effect, often locking up my XBOX 360.

    CAN these seemingly random issues be fixed? Imo, hardware issues, gameplay design and poor coding will forestall RISEN 3's rise above the rim of the porcelain bowl. :(
  2. Aug 16, 2014
    Heyyo, this is another broken Risen game... Pirana Bytes yet again seem to never learn their damn lessons... enemies attack in 1/10th of a second yet the player has a full second animation on his sword swing... brutal.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 8 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 8
  2. Negative: 3 out of 8
  1. Oct 11, 2014
    A veritable mess. [Issue#116, p.78]
  2. Sep 19, 2014
    The characters filling out the world are, frankly, insultingly stupid and voiced so badly it wouldn't have even been funny in the '90s.[Nov 2014, p.79]
  3. Sep 19, 2014
    Risen 3: Titan Lords fails to reach its full potential: it's got a compelling and interesting story, which clashes with a bad technical production and a too muddled and unsatisfying combat system.