Generally favorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. I may not be the greatest RISK: Factions player out there but it will definitely get my vote later this year when the time to choose our favorite downloadable games of the 2010.
  2. It's definitely fun to play with others, as the only real issues I have with the game is that the AI difficulty is a little lame, but the campaign is still worth a run through if only to unlock the additional maps and see the new objectives put to work.
  3. Much to my delight, Stainless didn't do just a one-to-one translation of the board game to your television. Clearly a lot of time was put into making sure Factions not only overflowed with personality, but was also able to capture the interest of new players. I can't recommend this game enough, especially at such an affordable price.
  4. A competently designed, if not elementary strategy title that brings a lot of new ideas to a remarkably aged franchise without utterly breaking the established rules in a way that would alienate lifelong players or chase off recruits who are still a bit green.
  5. Risk Factions is a superb board game title, and offers plenty of fun: provided you're playing in the same room.
  6. Taking all the great game elements from the original board game and enhancing them and adding online play makes Risk: Factions a wonderful Xbox LIVE Arcade title.
  7. Even with a couple of minor demerits that tend to fade into the background when you're playing a multiplayer game with friends, Risk: Factions is a great addition to the Xbox Live Arcade library.
  8. Not just the finest board game ever, but the finest version of the finest board game ever. [Oct 2010, p.75]
  9. With achievements, goals and a goofy storyline there's so much to love about Risk: Factions.
  10. With five excellent campaign missions to master, and local or online play for up to five players, it's hard to think of a single reason why you wouldn't enjoy battling it out with malicious cats, malfunctioning robots, slavering zombies and hairy yetis.
  11. It's two games for the price of less than one. [Issue#99, p.117]
  12. Compelling. [Issue#62,p.103]
  13. 80
    Succeeds at streamlining the classic game and adding a little personality to it. It hasn't been over simplified or cheapened. Instead, it acknowledges that there is more to winning a war than world domination.
  14. We'd have welcomed a simplified Arcade version of Risk with open arms, but Factions surpasses expectations. [Oct 2010, p.85]
  15. A lot of personality and a core built on a classic family game make Risk: Factions fun for anyone with a soft spot for the original board game.
  16. At around ten dollars, Risk: Factions provides a lot of gameplay and another motivation for ditching the tabletop for the console.
  17. Needlessly goofy presentation hurts a game which works well with friends and on a controller. [Sept 2010, p.121]
  18. Like any other boardgame that's made an appearance on Xbox Live, Risk: Factions is going to primarily be appealing to those who like the game on which it's based, regardless of all the fancy upgrades added to the mix. You either think rolling dice and taking over various countries is a lot of fun, or you don't.
  19. Solid strategic gameplay, clever, well-written characters and cutscenes, and a loyalty to the board game we played when we were kids all make Risk: Factions a great game.
  20. 77
    RISK: Factions is a Xbox Live Arcade board game worthy of any strategy fan's attention. It doesn't break the standard formula nor does it take any risks to become anything more than an adaptation.
  21. RISK: Factions is a Xbox Live Arcade board game worthy of any strategy fan's attention. It doesn't break the standard formula nor does it take any risks to become anything more than an adaptation.
  22. Risk: Factions takes all that is great about the fifties board game and thrusts it in to modern videogame - it's a worthy effort and a decent addition to XBLA; you should at least give the trial version a go.
  23. While it runs into issues in areas it likely didn't realize it would, there's no denying that the sacrifices made are more than justified.
  24. A worthy purchase for all fans of tabletop games.
  25. As long as the online community holds up, this downloadable title will certainly be worth picking up for anyone looking for a little conquest and domination on the side.
  26. 75
    While the factions aspect could have been fleshed out a bit more, the title still stands as a solid update to the game and a worthwhile purchase for strategy fans.
  27. As it stands, however, it will probably just end up disappointing Risk players old and new. In a Live Arcade packed with great games competing for your dollar, Risk: Factions just winds up being one die roll short of a win.
  28. Quality strategy game that's not for everyone. [Sept 2010, p.103]
  29. Despite the quirky, really-unnecessary cartoony factions attempting to infuse some humor in a game that's never been based on humor and being made part of what should be a hard-core strategy game, the opportunity to play with the classic RISK rules and gameplay really saves RISK: Factions from its own Waterloo disaster.
  30. Even if you're not a fan of strategy games, there is still a really enjoyable game here as long as you're willing to take the time to learn the game.
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 8
  1. Dec 6, 2012
    Well, I've been playing Risk Factions on my xbox since 2010. I absolutely love the game. It is addictive and I would gladly rate it a 10 if the developers could have produced a solid game. There are just a few issues with the game freezing during online ranked matches. These issues have been voiced to EA for almost three years without a single patch. Every other game I can think of will occasionally have an update that needs to be installed prior to online game play. I've been waiting since 2010 for EA to at least try to address this issue, or update the game at least once. Customer support forums on EA website were flooded with solid customer feedback regarding issues encountered by all users. EA locked the threads and removed them from thier site. If you are thinking of purchasing an EA game, I would suggest that you make sure its going to be a very popular game before investing your hard earned dollars with a company that wont invest in their own games unless they make millions in revenue. This game could be an easy 10 with a simple patch. Full Review »
  2. Aug 26, 2011
    Campaign mode is too short and multiplayer is the only way to continue playing it because it would become boring playing with IA after few matches. I also think IA is too weak. 6 is the maximum vote I can give, nice game anyway Full Review »
  3. May 27, 2011
    This is a fun game with nice graphics, by far the best out of any Risk game, and some nice improvements for most Risk fans. It's worth the low price unless you are colour-blind. I find it impossible to distinguish between the green and yellow colours. I've also had problems with colours in other EA games, namely NHL when you're on the same team as a friend. It shouldn't be so difficult for EA to choose 5 colour-blind friendly colours when up to 10% of players are colour-blind. Full Review »