Mixed or average reviews - based on 72 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 72
  2. Negative: 2 out of 72
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  1. 75
    The power, brutality and creativity that Jason Bourne uses in the films are excellently handled with the hand-to-hand system. Unfortunately, the shooting and driving mechanics leave much to be desired.
  2. Translating the lightning-quick close-quarters combat of the Bourne films into viscerally satisfying gameplay is no mean feat, but High Moon Studios has done it and done it well. The adventure is a bit short, and the solid gunplay becomes tedious the second time around. Still, the combat system alone makes this game worth playing, and the dramatic moments it creates are the real treat.
  3. The Bourne Conspiracy does a marvelous job of giving us a taste of what it’s like being Jason Bourne and it captures the essence of the movie and Robert Ludlum’s books just right.
  4. By breaking all the assumptions that normally come with a movie-based license (such as using the film's actors and pushing to do a simultaneous game-film release) High Moon Studios has crafted a solid action game.
  5. The Bourne Conspiracy is a surprising gem of a beat-'em-up with plenty of riveting, arcade-styled action to entertain fans of the film or action junkies who are looking for a little wetwork.
  6. 80
    At around 10 to 15 hours, The Bourne Conspiracy isn't exactly a brief experience, but its addictive and gratifying combat can certainly make it feel so.
  7. 75
    There were definitely moments when I wanted to chuck my controller across the room because one of its minor design flaws sent me to a cheap and unfair death. And yet, there were also moments when the game clicked for me and I really did feel like I was a damaged super spy on the run.
  8. Disappointingly, the patented 'escape and evade' gameplay dynamic comes with a hefty price to pay; put simply, The Bourne Conspiracy might just be the most linear game since the original Dragon's Lair.
  9. Sadly, the shooting elements of the game are implemented rather poorly with the exception of shooting takedowns, and the driving game stuck in the middle is out of place and not that much fun, but you know they just had to try - it was such a huge part of the movie.
  10. The few places where it stumbles are more than made up by the polish and attention to detail everywhere else.
  11. Most games based on movies are cheap shovelware that are released to capitalize on the popularity of the franchise they're based on. The Bourne Conspiracy, however, is clearly a labor of love.
  12. Take any thoughts of how the game is based on a movie out of your head, as The Bourne Conspiracy is a compelling action game built on mostly solid gameplay ideas.
  13. Bourne Conspiracy screams weekend rental. It isn’t a one-trick pony, but it has three or four moves at best - enough to truly impress you for a while, but not enough to compel most of you to punch, kick, and shoot all the way to the end of the game.
  14. Even as I was enjoying the game's top-notch action, I couldn't help but be disappointed that the developers weren't doing more with the franchise's dramatic possibilities.
  15. Overall Bourne Supremacy is an enjoyable game.
  16. It's rare to see a movie game that is enjoyable in its own right. Even without the Bourne license, Conspiracy would be a great action game. It blends two totally different gameplay styles together and delivers them in quick, intense bursts.
  17. It’s not a perfect action game by any stretch, but one that does keep the player engaged from point to point—and that’s all you can ask.
  18. The Bourne Conspiracy is certainly as good as most other shooters that utilise the Unreal 3 engine, but it's no Gears of War. Instead, it's a thoroughly competent display of some top of the range next-gen tech.
  19. I was completely expecting this game to literally suck, but in fact it is well done and very fun game that does the Bourne name justice.
  20. A decent, fun game, but the excitement is much too short-lived.
  21. The Bourne Conspiracy, despite its shortcomings, is an example of a very good movie-licensed game.
  22. By no means does this look like a MGS4 or Ninja Gaiden 2, but the graphics are not a sour point and fit well with the environment. Finally seeing destructable environments used to such a strong degree in a game is a definite welcome.
  23. The Bourne Conspiracy is stylized and cinematic experience without the weight of sitting through long drawn out cut-scenes or overly dramatized storyline drags. Bourne pretty much sticks to the action, telling the story while you run and gun you way through each phase of the game.
  24. All this being said, The Bourne Conspiracy is definitely worthy of a rental for fans of action games. It’s a short game that pretty much does what it sets out to do, which is entertain.
  25. 80
    At the end of the day, Conspiracy is a winner.
  26. Sadly the game isn’t as spectacular as I was hoping and the repetitiveness will soon set in during your first trek through the levels providing very little replay value, however while it lasts, you will no doubt love whacking people time and time again with a few sequences, while also testing your timing and even driving skills.
  27. The Bourne Conspiracy is a valiant effort for a movie tie in game and captures the flavour of the movies it is based upon very well due to its unorthodox stop start action sequences and variant gameplay.
  28. The shooting isn't as tight as Gears of War nor the fighting as honed as a focused brawler, but the combination of simple, satisfying mechanics coupled with quality-oozing production values shoot this one to the top of the movie-licensed heap.
  29. It's not that often you encounter a game that mixes genres and still manages to be above-average in quality.
  30. Insanely linear and frustrating, but it absolutely nails the movie experience.
  31. The character models, even with the lack of Matt Damon’s representation as Jason Bourne, are great in retrospective. The level environments are exquisite and full of interactive objects to use for satisfying takedowns.
  32. 80
    Cinematic, exciting and at times tiring due to some control issues, The Bourne Conspiracy manages to deliver a licensed game which keeps the spirit of it's source material.
  33. It's fun to be Bourne. Great fighting moves and various takedowns. The story has some gaps, but you can fill them in if you're familiar with the movies.
  34. The fight scenes are excellent and some of the best I have seen in an action game.
  35. The Bourne Conspiracy is one of the better movie-based games out there, with intuitive and spectacular hand-to-hand fights, interactive cut-scenes and more than decent graphics.
  36. It captures the setting perfectly, going straight to the point. This also makes the experience somewhat short and repetitive, but it manages to be exhilarating at times.
  37. When I finished TBC I found myself somewhat surprised. I completed a fight with a particularly nasty assassin when all of a sudden I received a heap of achievements. I waited for the cut-scene to play before checking them out, but by the end of the video I knew what they were.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 64 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 64
  2. Negative: 9 out of 64
  1. XboxCheese
    Jun 30, 2008
    Fun game but don't expect a triple A game.
  2. RomanT
    May 9, 2009
    This game is straight up horrible. The controls are bad, the graphics are average and the gameplay is boring. I especially disliked how This game is straight up horrible. The controls are bad, the graphics are average and the gameplay is boring. I especially disliked how poorly the physics have been implemented in this game. The car driving physics were particularly terrible and lacked realism. Full Review »
  3. ApocalypseBrown
    Jun 11, 2008
    Good game that gets boring after a few hours. The set pieces are awesome and quite fun to execute, while the hand to hand fighting is Good game that gets boring after a few hours. The set pieces are awesome and quite fun to execute, while the hand to hand fighting is probably one of the best seen on this generation. But the shooting, driving and general A.I. is abysmal. Which makes the game unplayable after time. Good, but six hours too long. Full Review »