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  1. 100
    To be honest, Rock Band is way too expensive. But is it less fun because of the price? No! The concept works perfectly, the story mode is motivating ‘till the end and the diversity of songs is excellent.
  2. 100
    It provides more game modes, off and online, than you could shake a stick at. There are so many ways to play and/or compete online, an ample character creator, cool venues and ready-to-release downloadable content that makes the whole package worthwhile even if you shell out for the all-in-one bundle. But regardless, you will have fun with Rock Band. We guarantee it.
  3. The experience is well worth its $170 asking price (for a guitar/drum/mic/game bundle, which is the only way you’ll be able to buy Rock Band for months anyway) and makes for one of the most rewarding co-op events you could ask for. This is the perfectly polished, logical extension of what Guitar Hero started and where the music genre needed to go. It just rocks.
  4. 100
    It's an experience like no other in videogames, and it's amazingly realized considering it's really the first time anyone's tried it.
  5. 100
    If anything, Rock Band serves as an almost perfect example of a game that caters to everyone, provided there’s interest in playing virtual instruments.
  6. 100
    There’s just nothing out there that comes close to what this game can deliver with three friends. And don’t even get me started on what will happen if you break this out at a party.
  7. The carnival atmosphere makes Rock Band a total blast to play, or to even just watch, waiting for your turn. Even with the high price of admission, Rock Band is well worth purchasing.
  8. I can’t imagine myself ever not playing Rock Band at least for a few hours each week.
  9. Give up everything else. This is your life now.
  10. 100
    An unparalleled, one-of-a-kind experience that represents the very best that gaming has to offer.
  11. 100
    With so much on disc content, and plenty of downloadable content being rolled out, Rock Band is an investment that will keep you and your friends rocking for a long time to come.
  12. It’s addicting to spectators, you may have friends and family who will start off just wanting to watch, but I’ll guarantee they will eventually be jockeying for position to get in the mix.
  13. This is a great game all around, and the few gripes really don’t amount to much. Get some friends, get this game, and get rockin’!
  14. Rock Band is certainly the most ambitious music game yet and largely succeeds.
  15. 95
    Indeed we have waited a long time for Rock Band, but it’s now here, and it’s fun. Really fun. Sell-your-grandmother-to-afford-the-$320-price-tag fun. This is the party game for all of those who have thrashed Guitar Hero and SingStar to their death.
  16. Rock Band is the ultimate role-playing game - the only way to win is to completely commit as a guitarist, bassist, drummer, or singer and do your part for the fellowship of meta-musicians sharing the virtual stage. And if you can lower your shield of shyness to let the game in, you're richly rewarded as the collective joy of making music pours back out. Unlike other games, the Rock Band payoff isn't visceral or technical; it's emotional. [Holiday 2007, p.34]
  17. Rock Band also doesn’t go where Neversoft took Guitar Hero III; namely, it doesn’t have any boss battles with celebrity rockers or frantic weapons-based multiplayer mechanics. Harmonix, however, outperforms its former franchise when it comes to the graphics.
  18. Rock Band is a must-have game. It's fun for even the most musically challenged, and it's a great game to play with friends and family. It may have a steep price tag, but you get more than your money's worth.
  19. Once everything gets updated and the new online features are available this game will only get better. There is already a thriving Rock Band community out there and plenty of information to digest. Rock Band is not a cheap investment but if played correctly can end up being one of the best social games ever played, and to me it was just that.
  20. 95
    The reason Rock Band works so well, aside from the instrumentation, is the intangibles that permeate throughout the entire game.
  21. Xbox Live support is great here as well. Online play is great, and you can jam with a band halfway across the world, which is seriously technically impressive. The downloadable content support is fantastic as well, even this soon after the game’s been released.
  22. In the company of friends who are willing to take the plunge and hop into a role, there's absolutely nothing that comes close to it on the market, be it in the music/rhythm genre or otherwise.If you're ready to rock as a group, I can't recommend the game enough. And if you're not sure if your friends are going to be down to jam, make some new ones -- the experience really is that good.
  23. Rock Band is an incredible evolution of what Harmonix has been doing for years.
  24. At the end of the day (or night even), Rock Band is easily one of the best party games ever made and one of this generation’s best, most enjoyable experiences.
  25. Picking up Rock Band and starting out is such an easy and enjoyable experience. You will feel like you are actually in a rock band, without playing thousands of dollars for equipment.
  26. 94
    While Rock Band doesn't offer the insanely intense (and perhaps impossible) challenge of "Guitar Hero III," it's a game that everyone will have fun playing. This may just be among the best party games ever released.
  27. I've spent hours and hours playing Rock Band and feel as if it's not possible to have as much fun when I go back and play Guitar Hero III. It's not even a question of whether you're a fan of that genre or not — if you own an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 2, you need to pick up Rock Band.
  28. Pelit (Finland)
    The best party game ever. It takes the mechanics from Guitar Hero and takes it to the next level. There is just something magical in the feeling when everybody is playing well and the crowd starts to sing along. The only downside is the questionable durability of the instruments, especially the bass pedal breaks up quite easily. [Mar 2008]
  29. It’s a tool set that will be revitalized every time a new song pack is released, and with all the improvements over the Guitar Hero formula, one that will eventually become the de facto standard in music and rhythm games. For those who can foot the bill, Rock Band delivers a gaming experience that’s simply like no other.
  30. Rock Band is the best music game ever made... It’s immensely fun and consistently rewarding. Nearly endless replay is bolstered by the promise of a musical catalogue that will have already dramatically expanded by the time you read this.
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  1. RaffiC
    Aug 7, 2008
    Overrated by most, overpriced by anyone's standards. The controllers/instruments are of poor quality and design. Gameplay is so-so. I Overrated by most, overpriced by anyone's standards. The controllers/instruments are of poor quality and design. Gameplay is so-so. I much prefer the fret board of GH2-3, and even their bango-sized guitar, over RB crap. I'll give them points for graphics and character customizability, as well as endowing the additional instruments for song play. Speaking of which, their song list isn't bad, about the same as GH3 in overall quality nd enjoyability. Overall, i thoroughly regret the purchase and would not recommend it to any soloists. It's, IMO, intending for those wanting to play with their friends or family 90+ percent of the time. Full Review »
  2. Apr 21, 2011
    What a fun game this truly holds tight a family reunion and shows endless hours of full entertainment . Guitar Hero did it first and wasWhat a fun game this truly holds tight a family reunion and shows endless hours of full entertainment . Guitar Hero did it first and was original, meanwhile this broke my expectations . It gives a personality on what instrument you want to use and actually more variety because (obviously) there are more instrument just like the guitar,drums and vocal totally a kick ass. Full Review »
  3. Mar 24, 2011
    this game is best as a party game if you have some friends to play with it can be a blast . playing by your self is pretty dull and not asthis game is best as a party game if you have some friends to play with it can be a blast . playing by your self is pretty dull and not as good as guitar hero 3 . the song list also isnt as good . the rock band guitar also sucks ass compared to the guitar hero one . but being able to play drums , sing and play bass give this game more dimension then guitar hero . the graphics also suck and look like the belong on the PS2 but this kind of game isnt made by the graphics . its a good entry by harmonix who did much better with rock band 2 which if you havent played any of them skip this one and get that and only get this if you wana pay $5 for a license on the xbox store to get all the songs off the first one on to the second. also a much better selection of DLC songs got to be enar or over a 1000 songs by now . Full Review »