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  1. Aug 20, 2013
    Saints Row 3 got a 7.6, so that's what I should give this game, because it's honestly SR3 on steroids.
    While playing it, it feels like the developers took Saints Row 3, developed a super powers cheat code, added some sort of campaign, intended for it to be DLC, but then decided the should make a full retail and see the money start rolling...
    Oh wait, that IS what happened!
    I WOULD give
    this game a 7/10, the same score SR3 got for being almost identical, but I'm giving it a 5 for literally trashing 90% of what SR3 tried to do.
    What the hell is even the point of upgrading/purchasing weapons and vehicles when you can just super sayan all over the place?
    This is the type of game that you can only enjoy in co-op where you're just dicking around with your friend and doing things without any goal or purpose, and that's pretty much what this game is.
    However, I DO NOT think this deserves a 2.8, the story isn't bad and I like the characters, except for a select few.
    However, I DO NOT recommend this game.
    You can literally find mods for Saints Row 3 with more content than this.
  2. Aug 20, 2013
    This game is just pure fun. I had only one problem with Saints Row: The Third: I felt like it was too slow. With the inclusion of super powers in Saints Row IV, the pace has drastically increased and I find myself giddy while playing it, because it is literally everything I had hoped for from this game. I would heavily suggest this game if you enjoyed Prototype or Crackdown, because I feel it is more fun than both of them combined!

    Also, while I think that this game probably deserves a 8, I am giving it a 10, because no game deserves a rating of 0.
  3. Aug 20, 2013
    Picked up a copy a couple days early and have clocked 16 hours so far. Thoroughly enjoying this game and the improvements go far beyond what looks like simply an expansion. I was concerned since the engine and game-play (with the except of superpowers) this game would simply be a glorified expansion with more features. However they have really excelled in crafting a brand new experience, mainly due to the superpowers which are really fun. Not quite on the same level a Crackdown 2, however the other experiences in SR4 easily make up for that. The storyline is silly as ever, but as the developers pushed and promised, the character development is more apparent and works really well. A fun, daft game like the third, but that's why we now love it! Expand
  4. Aug 24, 2013
    short game, worse than sr3 and thats saying alot i cant believe they would be so out of touch with their fans. if you like this game you are not true sr fan
  5. Aug 20, 2013
    I liked all of the saints row games up until this one. It seems like the writers/developers were trying too hard to make something "unique" but ended up making a silly game. The story is just plain stupid. The mechanics get old after a while. They could have done better. Deep Silver could have taken the game a little more serious. On the other hand, if you like silly a$$ games, they dont get any sillier than this. Also, i usually dont care much about graphics but this looks like early 360 graphics. Coming off of playing Splinter Cell blacklist to playing this made it feel like i was playing a PS2 game. AI are also dumb. Really dumb. Expand
  6. Aug 21, 2013
    Saints row is a celebration of having fun in a video game. Logic has meant very little in series and less in this game. The game will seem tedious at some points but the variety in this game is impressive from side scrolling beat'em up, text based adventure, racing, etc. it also shows how full of crap most games are with their bull**** stories and lack of real tension.
  7. Aug 21, 2013
    LETS GIVE AROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR DEEP SLIVER's epic and quite interesting conclusion to a great franchise called Saints Row! When I first saw this game... the first thought that came in my head was... SAINTS ROW III dlc expansion. But before you judge.. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Now a lot of these reviewers are giving this game either perfect scores or a 9/10 which bugs me because this game is far from perfect. As a matter a fact.. think of this game as the ULTIMATE PARODY TO GTA and many other great games. Now for those of you who gave this game a lower score than a 7... you might want to watch Angry Joe's review to see if it helps clear up some things.... NOW... The first Saints Row came out in 2006 with a strong storyline which than was continued along with the SUPERIOR version of Saints Row 2 with an even stronger stroyline and more elements. Than we had Saints Row III who just forgets about Saints Row 2 in anyway and actually has an average storyline with some weak elements (although it is very fun to play.) Now we have Saints Row IV... where you are the president and can basically do whatever you want! The super powers are either too powerful or just downright broken. The storyline is a little bit confusing and it SHOULD NOT be taken seriously. Some of the side missions are back from Saints Row 2 and Johnny Gat is back! The ending is basically showing the fans...... "hey, thanks for watching our movie and playing the game!" So lets recap because I am a little lost. In Saints Row 1/2... you are gangsters who are trying to take over a city. In Saints Row III, you succeed and you are not just as big as Michael Jackson and Oprah Winfrey. And THAN in Saints Row IV... you are like President Barock Obama except you are really rebellious and just do whatever you want. For more information on the storylines... check out the wikis and play the games for yourselves. All and all... this game is debatable due to bugs, glitches, DUMB A.I, easy gameplay/ missions, too much backtracking and a storyline that just seems to parody too many games, movies and Saints Row II itself. I can go on and on about this but the most honest review I have seen is "Angry Joe's!" Well... That's all folks! The final verdict for the Saints Row series as a whole is an 8.5/10 and will be known as a serious game turned bonkers but it is loads of fun! The final verdict however for Saints Row IV on console versions is a 7/10. It ends the series well and it is better than SRIII but that is not saying much huh? Oh well...SPEND $60 on this game and go have some fun. Be apart of this crazy roller coaster and just PARTY!!! XD Expand
  8. Sep 20, 2013
    This game is like playing Saints Row 3 while on an acid trip. Why?!? Same exact thing as the previous installment. But oh wait some how i got super powers and did i forget to mention i get to become the president of the good old U.S of A?? I get to call the shots while assaulting citizens with huge And some how on top of this an Alien invasion is taking place in my very familiar wonderful city of steelport. lol if your into bad games and have no taste for the good stuff you should go out waste your hard earn $60 bucks on this soon to be bargain bin game or you can get your money's worth buy picking up GTA V(SAME PRICE). If GTA not your style pick up Saints Row 2. AVIOD THIS GAME Expand
  9. LTR
    Aug 21, 2013
    This game is so much FUN!The story is amazing,the parodys in the game are hilarious and the superpowers are so much fun to use.This game was purely made for fun!
  10. Aug 21, 2013
    Great game! I have had no problems with it, the Machinima team thinks you should buy this wonderful game, it is action packed and fun to just free roam!
  11. Aug 23, 2013
    This is a fun game but its pretty much a recycled version of the last game. if you like off the wall quirky games then i highly recommend but if you have the last game then your not missing much. aside from the superpowers your character has now that's about it. save your money and buy GTA in september
  12. Aug 25, 2013
    Biggest letdown in the history of games. Saint's Row used to be a great series that you could have fun playing over and over again. This 'game' is noting more than something that should have been included on a dlc. No safe houses. Very few new anything as far as clothes or cars. Even took away the quick action melee combat. This so called game is not worth $10 brand new. Much less the ridiculous retail cost. Do not buy this. Period. Expand
  13. Aug 27, 2013
    I don't get why it's getting low reviews. People must be having a bad acid trip. The game has all the highlights of a SR game except the newer twists make it somewhat unrecognizeable at times. Overall, it's the old games with a beefier and faster and smarter set of developments. Who's to complain?
  14. Aug 21, 2013
    Like Saints Row The Third, this is a fun game and a great way to kill time while waiting for the release of GTA V. That is the last time, however, those games should be mentioned in the same discussion. While this new iteration of SR adds some bells and whistles and offers up some downright clever pop-culture spoofs, it has the overall feel of an expansion pack and really displays a lack of creative effort by Volition. Coming off such a terrific game as SR3, they really should have taken their time and followed up with something better. The aliens, like much of the new material, look like they were put together in a rush and many of the set-pieces are just rearrangements of missions from prior games. The graphics somehow have taken a step back and we are meant to believe the game is new simply because there are matrix-like ripples flowing over various city surfaces. Bottom-line: still a super fun game to play but there is nothing really new here and it will become tedious quickly. Not the follow-up most fans will and should be expecting. Expand
  15. Aug 27, 2013
    Stop taking life so seriously, this game is intended for pure fun and nothing more. Whilst there are a few minor flaws and the simple fact that it feels more like DLC than a brand new game, it's still great nonetheless. Don't compare it to Grand Theft Auto either, just because they're both "Sandbox/Free-Roam" games, it doesn't make them similar in anyway.

    Games were intended for fun,
    the experience this game offers is purely that. I am a fan of the franchise and I am aware of it's changes. Some I like and some I'm not keen on but nonetheless it's a great game that will keep me occupied until the release of Grand Theft Auto and even after that is released, I'm sure I'll be picking up my copy of Saints Row IV again without a doubt.

    If you don't feel like this is a game you'd like to buy, simply wait until a sale is on or sign up to a rental service and grab it that way.
  16. Aug 24, 2013
    They took everything great about the previous saints row games and used them to make saints row 4. It is by far the best saints row out of the 4. I thought the first 3 saints row games went gradually downhill. Then this one came along and surprised the heck out of me. I thought the whole alien thing would be dumb, however they made it work. This is a really fun game to play. A lot of missions, side missions, and activities. The only bad mission was the first one because it was so easy. They get a lot harder. The only improvement they could have made was to improve the graphics. They are still the same as before. If you ever enjoyed saints row it is a must buy. Expand
  17. Aug 24, 2013
    First and foremost. If you like your sandbox games to be grounded in reality, then look for a different game. If you prefer Saints Row 1 and 2 over 3, then go play Saints Row 1 and 2. This game is not for gamers who like their series to remain relatively the same with each new release. Once you take your retro glasses off and start looking at how this game on it's own, then you realize that it is a great game. The writing is well executed and everything that happens in the game does actually make sense if you think about it for more than 5 seconds. Case in point. All the side activities are essentially a way for the main character to exploit the simulation and bend it to the Saints will. The blazing activity is outright stated as to be trying to cause the simulation to overload so that Kinzie and Matt can try to exploit it. On to those complaining about it being short. These individuals are most likely ignoring the side missions and activities and just blowing through the main story. Of course it's going to be short at that point. I'm currently about 10 hours in with only a 47% completion. On to the bad. Glitching. I have see the frame rates plummet and the game stutter a handful of times. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones, but I've only had the game lock up once. In the end, the game is good if you give it a chance. But, once again, if you didn't like Saints Row 3, then go back to playing GTA 4 while you wait for GTA 5 to be released. Expand
  18. Aug 26, 2013
    I genuinely enjoy the direction this game series has taken, playing through SR1 and 2 was tiring as it felt like a half hearted GTA clone, but in SR3 and now SR4 the game has come into it's own as a series that combines combat, driving, and a not to serious story to provide a entertaining experience. I had a good enough experience to purchase the season pass and am optimistic that future SR4 content will be as much of a pleasure as the game itself. Expand
  19. Aug 27, 2013
    So after 30 hours I finally beat Saints Row 4. It was not at all what I expected but it was fun nonetheless. The big question though is; is it worth 60$? If not, what is it worth? Well graphically its the exact same as Saints Row 3, it feels the same it really does feel like an expansion pack. It was supposed to be one but THQ needed money so they turned it into a whole game. It feels incomplete and lacks in an interesting story. Basically, for those wondering (very minute spoiler starting now)

    basically its the matrix, you have a ship with your "homies" but you teleport to the city through a matrix like simulation experience. (spoilers over)

    It doesn't sound great either. It is full of glitches and bad textures. Some of the guns go through your character while they run. A lot of things like that. It feels like a copy and paste game. Was it fun? Sort of. I only really had fun playing co-op with my friend.

    As a whole is the game worth 60$. In short, no its really not. However, if you know what you're getting into and love a crazy game that makes no sense then sure go buy it.

    In my opinion after having beat it and played the hell out of it, I wouldn't spend a dime over 30$ for it.; its just not worth it.

  20. Aug 22, 2013
    At the top of this game, one of the Saint's gang members informs, "We don't do anything subtly!" Aside from the high production values, that's what makes this game so much fun and it richly deserves the 9 I gave it.. In a lackluster Summer waiting for the new consoles to be released, this game is a breath of fresh air!!! The graphics/cutscenes are state of the art, and the over the top "attitude" of the Saints as they assume the power of the Presidency fighting a formidable Alien race is hilarious ....and make no doubt, the high powered weapons and the easy game play will bring joy to your heart as you decimate the enemy during the captivating plot of wonderful scenarios that are both challenging and oh so, so funny.... .A great way to say good-bye to the old console Expand
  21. Aug 26, 2013
    It isn't hard to see that SR4 was originally meant to be an expansion pack for SR3, but you can also see that the sheer amount of content is far too big for a single expansion. The only decision I question is why they decided to call it SR4? It feels more like a spin-off than proper sequel. Graphically I could say it's slightly worse than SR3 in some respects, ALLOT of graphical glitches (no, not the intentional ones.) But they are forgivable and can easily be gotten rid of with a reload. If anything this games biggest flaw is that they reuse Steelport from SR3, same shops, vehicles, clothing, etc.

    But criticism aside, it is more or less on par with SR3 in terms of fun. The super powers are fun as hell to use and you really do feel like a super hero most of the time. The humor and writing are ALLOT better than in SR3. Tons of easter eggs and references to other games. Voice acting is still phenomenal.

    Overall: SR4 is not as good as previous titles, but is a worthy addition to the series. Like with SR3, as long as you don't take it too seriously and you don't expect too much, you will enjoy it.
  22. Aug 22, 2013
    Saints Row IV is amazing! It's honestly a ton of fun. Don't be wavered by the fact that they recycled the city, there is a LOT more content in this game then there is in The Third. The character and car creator have been beefed up significantly and the super powers are awesome! Playing online with a friend is about as close to Justice League as it gets!
  23. Aug 23, 2013
    This game is awesome it's like the developers took prototype, crackdown, gta, and all the saints row games and threw them in a blender and created this amazing concoction. It is a little similar to sr3 but the fun gameplay is what keeps in refined and new. The powers are cool, customization options are vastly improved, campaign is longer, and it even has throwbacks to the first two games. The problems that plagued the third haven't been entirely fixed but IMHO this is the best saints row game. I definitely recommend it if you enjoyed sr3. Even if you didn't like 3 at least give this game a chance it's a blast to play! Expand
  24. Aug 25, 2013
    Saints Row IV is truly fantastic. The users are being unbelievably harsh on this game. Just like Saints Row 3 they have changed it up and made it yet again crazier than the usual game. Every super power in the game adds a unique way to kill enemies in yet another hilarious way. This game is yet again better when played with a friend. Such a fantastic game!
  25. Aug 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love this game, I really love this game, I love it so much, that I just haven't stopped playing it.
    The funny moments in the game are hilariously good, including all the super powers and weapons.
    The twists & turns were completely unexpected, especially the return of Johnny Gat (Alive & Kicking), and the surprise arrival of, WWE Hall of Fame Superstar, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, not to mention all the sex!
    The only down sides to the game, are the occasional glitches & crashes/freezes, that really must be sorted out ASAP; Apart from that, I can't wait for "Saints Row 5"!
  26. Aug 30, 2013
    This game is really suitable to be a sequel to its predecessor Saints Row The Third There are improvements in the game, storyline and the gadgets. They've had added new features which is we are able to use superpowers.To me its graphics is actually worse than Saints Row The Third. Anyways its quite a worth buying.
  27. Aug 25, 2013
    It is the humour, weapons, characters and occasional quirky gameplay that makes this a somewhat unique game. However for the most part the gameplay itself feels too much like Prototype and Crackdown. Instead of making a silly GTA4 version, which is what Saint's Row 3 was, they made a silly Prototype/Crackdown version. One thing that annoyed me is that you get all the superpowers pretty much from the beginning, which is not a good thing. Even though you can jump into cars and drive around there is no practical reason to do so because your jumping and running superpowers will get you there faster. So the driving function is completely wasted in this game. Also, as far as over-the-top gameplay goes I honestly think Deadpool did it better. The concept and storyline of the game is OK but I would definetely have preferred something closer to Saint's Row 2 and 3. Something closer to Earth. All in all you will probably like this game if you enjoy games such as Deadpool, Protoype and Crackdown. Deadpool in particular. Expand
  28. Aug 26, 2013
    Saints Row 4 blows the Third directly out of the water. I can never go back to simply driving a car. It's a game that's easy to pick up and put down, or play for hours on end. The music is excellent, the story is fulfilling, and the powers are polished and execute in a very satisfying way. At the risk of sounding like Old Shaundi, this game is an expression of joy. It's impossible to feel unhappy while leaping from rooftop to rooftop as a huge, balmy moon hangs lazily in the distance. This game is beautiful, and even though Saints Row 2 will always be my favorite and very dear to my heart, I don't regret this entry in the series one bit. Expand
  29. Aug 28, 2013
    I have to be much kinder with this game, than most 3rd person games, due to it's "retro" potential in not only game play, but it rips off endless books, movies, and music in the process in a hilarious way.

    First of all, i have to be honest, they stole a LOT from "The Matrix" and, quite literally, formed this game around the idea of it. I would have to say that the humor of everything
    kept me interested in it. Having super-powers, without being an actual "Super Man", was kinda fun.

    But there were, and still are, bugs in the game. I've had times where I've been phased inside of doors, while on a mission, and my "homie" was dying. The game, because of it's bugginess, kept me from winning.....especially on the "Asha" mission. Sometimes she would vanish completely and I would have to start over. I've had incidents to where i would be stuck, in a jump, in the air and not be able to move until the game righted it's self.

    But, other than that, the game was great. The controls were totally comfortable, the idea of making a game video glitch (on purpose) was genius. Sometimes people i knew couldn't tell it was supposed to be happening. The old retro platformer & 8-bit throwbacks were fun too....and i never get tired of an occasional 80s song being thrown into a mission. :)

    There was one thing about it that was a little dumb. Having the super-powers really removed the need for the use of an vehicles in the game. If you can jump high, glide for miles, and run like The don't really need vehicles for anything other than the sheer joy of watching the power you've gained blow them away :P

    I actually liked this one better than the 3rd roll-out of SR.
  30. Aug 28, 2013
    Hmm, good game I like it no doubt, but I feel as though it could have been a little better, I don't really like that the whole game takes place in the simulation. It all makes sense and all but I wanted to go back in the real world, or a world where all the simulation glitches weren't present. I hate the static on the people and cars, I enjoy customizing the cars but it's pointless since half the time it just does it's simulation static. Also, to get rid of the powers, it would be nice if only select suits could give you the powers, I don't really like having the powers, I prefer shooting and bombing. If it wasn't for that I would have given it a 9.
    On the Xbox there is a few bugs, like not being able to see the rims when you customize a car in the gateway, (not sure if this applies to PC and PS).
  31. Sep 19, 2013
    After the amazing spectacle that was Saints Row The Third, I was incredibly excited to see Volition take the series a step further into the purely ludicrous. Unfortunately, Saints Row IV simply can't shake the fact that it started as a DLC add-on to its predecessor and as a result fails to deliver a memorable experience of its own.

    As the story begins, the Saints are now in the White
    House with your titular main character taking the role of Commander in Chief. Not soon thereafter aliens invade and place the Saints in a Matrix-style computer simulation where most of the game takes place. This simulation is a virtual recreation of Steelport from SR3, and IV disappointingly brings nothing new to the table by way of setting. Not only is it the exact same layout from before, the entirety of the game takes place at night. Steelport didn't have a ton of personality to begin with, and shrouding the city in darkness certainly doesn't help that fact.

    One of the primary selling points for Saints Row IV is the superpowers that you incrementally learn through the course of the game. It doesn't take long at all before you're sprinting faster than a race car, scaling buildings in a single bound, and shooting fireballs from your fingertips. The whole thing feels ripped right out of Prototype and Crackdown (complete with orbs scattered throughout the city to improve your abilities), and it's appropriately fun to fling yourself through the Steelport skyline at 100mph. However, the superpowers quickly become a double-edged sword.
    As soon as you get your increased mobility, there is absolutely no reason to drive a car again. In fact, there's hardly a reason to touch the ground again. The entire bottom-half of the world is forgotten as you bound from one objective to the other. So on top of the uninteresting setting shrouded in darkness, the game actively encourages you to only traverse the even less interesting building tops throughout your travels.

    It seems like Volition realized this, so the game is peppered with constant and arbitrary reasons for you to lose your superpowers. These seem forced (because they are), and it's unfortunate that better reasons couldn't be found to keep your feet on the ground.

    After all the powers run their course, however, Saints Row IV doesn't have much else to say. The story is needlessly stretched to full game length by repetitive missions and an over-emphasis on side-mission activities. What story there is doesn't hold water, either. I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh often while playing SR IV, but it chooses to focus far too heavily on waxing nostalgic over providing a satisfying narrative. Everything follows a predictable path, and what should have been an epic clash to send off the series with a bang ends up being a redundant slog that presents its finale with a whimper.

    The humor in Saints Row has always been one of its strongest suits, but even here things have taken a downturn. It seems like Volition has forgotten the difference between parody and reference, and as a result falls into the Matt Hazard trap of simply recreating tired video game tropes and then calling them out. It's the developers wanting to have their cake and eat it too, exploiting lazy design shortcuts (an overabundance of fetch quests comes to mind) and hoping to get away with it by pointing out how bad it is. This problem is pushed to its derivative limits through your spaceship and crew, which is a shameless rip off of the entire structure of Mass Effect 2 without even trying to be funny about it.

    This is all irritating on its own, but the myriad of bugs and glitches were enough to send me over the edge. Throughout my playthrough, I encountered no less than 4 game breaking bugs which caused be to restart from a checkpoint or reboot the console entirely. From scripted events not triggering to NPC characters getting stuck in the game world to full on crashes, the entire experience felt sloppy and unstable. And no, the fact that it's set in a computer simulation is not an adequate excuse.

    In the end, I feel that Saints Row IV would have been better staying as the DLC pack "Enter the Dominatrix" for a budget price. The recycled content, lackluster story and half-hearted execution make it impossible to recommend at the full $60 price point, even for die hard Saints Row fans.
  32. Dec 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Saints Row IV is an adequate sequel in the Saints Row series, but it has some flaws to be certain. The inclusion of super powers, the virtual reality world, the style of humor, the elimination of a regenerating health system, and the dynamics between the characters is rather something to behold, as they all bring life to a game series that, in all other instances, would have puttered out by now. However, the demotion of vehicles to little more than things in the way has detracted from the experience, as few players will have ANY reason to use cars in lieu of super powered speed running across the city. Various mechanics introduced in the game are dumped by the wayside after the next big thing is acquired (see: Wall jumping vs Wall running), followers and homies who do not have or get super powers are almost useless unless guarding a store. The disconnect between the Saints Row 3, where everyone who was a Saint was a living breathing person, and SR4 is glaringly obvious: I find it hard to sympathize with simulations that wear my colors. I find it hard to give a damn when I run over 30 pedestrians in a row now, especially when they can cough up health upon death. At least in the 3rd Saints Row I felt some niggling guilt over running them over. Now I'm doing it to heal back up. Volition could have really made me feel guilty over shutting the simulation down in the end if they had a system where recruited gang members could level up with you, given names, armor and weapons to use, and have them tag along throughout the game... maybe even to the game's conclusion. Instead, everyone isn't real (except for homies) and thus I have no reason to give a damn. The Store Hacking mini-game causes to game to grind to a halt rather abruptly and only serves to break the flow of the game. Cash infusions happen AFTER a set number of missions or activities are done rather than "hourly", meaning you have to play the same boring mini-games over and over again to get that dough, which is annoying to say the least. Speaking of which, the annoying "play these mini-games to get control of territory!!!" mechanic from Saints Row 3 is back with a vengeance, much to my chagrin. I don't want to play your stupid mini-games to GET territory: I wanna play mini-games to make some cash on the side, have fun, and maybe get some unique upgrades (like SR2). Weapon upgrades for non-alien weaponry don't matter in the long run, as you'll be restricted to alien weapons when rescuing crewmates in the real world, or in the final assault. Get familiar with alien weapons if you want guns that won't suck in the end. You have no choice in what weapons you bring into those missions either, and some missions force you to use other weapons you probably haven't upgraded, inflating the difficulty a bit. Some new additions to the game (such as the mech suit) don't get the ability to be upgraded until AFTER the story is beaten, defeating the purpose of getting upgrades to win. There's also some game breaking bugs that can ruin the experience for the player as well (notable example includes the Tanya glitch during Ben King's loyalty mission), and the fact that the story missions are limited and over before you know it. In fact, most of your game time will be either playing the really short story mission campaign, or playing the activities before getting on with the story. So 6 hours, or 16 hours. Take your pick. Given that this game is selling for around 50 bucks right now, and that you may not like the idea of having to play every single mini-game just to get cash or territory, you may feel ripped off in the end. Lastly, the DLC is horrendous and should be avoided. Don't let them take money from your wallet for low-grade, cobbled together DLC. In all, the game is good but suffers from some bad decisions and missed potential, and the fact that they took the mechanics from crackdown to make a sequel. Not to say they aren't fun, but they are not exactly original. And writing one's self out of the hole Volition piloted the series in ("Where do you go after Space?") could be difficult. 6/10 Expand
  33. Sep 9, 2013
    I dont know rather i should define Saints Row 4 as "quite good" or "okay". I loved the previous games in the series (especially Saints Row 2), and has always loved the storylines This is my first problem with Saints 4: I think it feels kindda out of place. Saints Row used to be a gangster game, so the storyline of Saints 4 is just a bit too crazy for me. I mean, im totally down with the player being the president (thats awesome), but an alien attack? Thats a bit too much. Secondly, Saints 4 uses alot of assets from The Third, which makes it feel a bit cheap. Some aspects of Steelport has been changed up a bit, but never very much.

    Well enough with the negative stuff: Saints Row IV did bring me alot of joy, mainly because of the awesome humor, a stronger storyline (compared to Saints 3) and all the awesome throwbacks to the older saints Row games. You'll find cars from Saints 1 and 2 now roaming the streets, characters from the first games, hell, you'll even visit the church from Saints Row 1 (Now thats cool!). The superpowers effectively mixes up the gameplay, and is very fun to play around with.

    All in all, im giving Saints Row IV a 7, as it is a fun game with alot of awesome throwbacks, that unfortunately feels a bit too much like Saints Row The Third.
  34. Sep 2, 2013
    Although the game is graphically rough and buggy, I still loved playing through it with my brother. It's pure fun, and is chocked full of laughs, if you're into toilet humor. The story is wild, and unpredictable, plus the direction the game took was unlike anything I've seen before. I'd highly recommend this game to people who want a good time especially if they have someone else to play and laugh with. Expand
  35. Sep 21, 2013
    Boring.....boring game...... I liked SR games in the past this is pure garbage!!!! This review needs150 characters so, Ill continue to say this game is boring.......... boring ..........boring....... boring................. will that do?????
  36. Aug 31, 2013
    Hell NO. This can't be called Saint's Row IV. It could be called Saint's Row The Third: Alien Expansion pack. And it should cost around 10 euors, NOT 60! This is not a new game, is just an heavy modified version of SRIII with aliens! Missions are boring, repetitive, the story is nice and the story missions are good, but i can't believe they sold this game as a new Saint's Row. Very disappointed.
  37. Feb 28, 2014
    Just traded this in. It's pretty bad. Got so bored with it after about five hours. It's just stupid with awful controls and combat. It's like a very poor mans crackdown. Saints row 1 & 2 were great as well. Such a shame.
  38. Sep 20, 2013
    Reviews are too harsh for this, This game is great for open world fans, fans of Saints Row and Prototype will enjoy this.

    Plenty to do, plenty to unlock, which just about fixes everything wrong with SR3.
  39. Sep 14, 2013
    ......Um......what. SRIV is the worst of the series by far it should have been a dlc for SR3 but no. Some of the powers are cool and costume designs but the graphics suck i think there was one mission i enjoyed. SRIV is not as good as SR2 or SR3. If you are looking for a retarded game with lots of violence and "things" I recommend the game "Deadpool". I give SR4 a, 4/10.
  40. Oct 13, 2013
    This game was not what I expected to it to be. First off it is basically SR3 with a few new features. You are still in the city of steelport, you still have basically the same guns from SR3 and the same activities. But with the introduction of super powers. Car customization is better than SR3, but whats the use of cars when you can run at super speed. But if you crave more of the SR universe and still wanna goof around with friends, then this game is good for that. Expand
  41. Jul 6, 2014
    More saints row madness which is definitely a good thing. I think this game put many off because of the super power elements but i felt they were something new to differentiate it from Saints row 3.
  42. Sep 27, 2013
    This game is the shallowest in the series, originally slated as an expansion and that is where it should have stayed as chargeing full price for this game is criminal, even at $20 I would only consider this in a drought.

    The game is an exact copy of the previous game, same city, characters, textures, everything. There is not a single improvement to be had and numerous shortcomings
    thanks to its bloated and padded gameplay. There is no plot what so ever, you become the president, in a quick 2 minute intro and then aliens invade. From there the gameplay and story ends, you spend the rest of the time meandering from one part of the city to the other hacking stores collecting mindlessly tedious data bits (a woefull attempt at crackdown orbs, there are 1200 just to annoy you) and repetitively killing the same sets of aliens in the same manner for the entirety of the game. There is absolutely no variance and nothing of substance. The only thing actually added to this poor entry in the series is the addition of super powers which do nothing but ruin previous aspects of the genre (traveling and combat). Instead of driving a car you just jump and glide and sprint from one end of the map to the other in seconds. This ease of movement removes any and all tactics or danger from combat completly. Couple these powers which let you escape any situation at any moment with the elemental and telekinetic abilities you acquire and the game really hits its monotonous stride.

    For my entire play through the game my experience consisted of get quest,enter digital world, jump jump glide, arrive at location, hack shop, jump/glide to 2nd location kill batch of aliens(with ice blast and single pistol shot) sitting on the 25th bit of identical alien tech, exit the digital world and repeat.

    Had the game been left as an expansion these repetitive bits would have been kept at a minimum and we would have mostly story and some actual depth within the game. However the choice to make it a fully fledged number in the series forces me to rate it the very worst in the saints row universe and not even worth picking up at bargain basement prices, with its distinct lack of respect for player time and intelligence.
  43. Oct 23, 2013
    [8.1] A major improvement on the third installment, Saints Row IV is an endlessly fun super hero simulator, as well as many other things. It is by far better written than any of the previous games, and I would almost go as far as to say the story was engaging. The super powers blend in perfectly with classic Saints Row gameplay, and give a lot more options to how you play. It's not without its flaws, but most of them are easily overlooked. Rag doll occurs quite more often than one might hope which can prove frustrating, some activities can also be frustrating (while others are the most fun you've ever had). If you aren't patient, then this game might not be for you, but some glitches are an easy price to pay. The game is worth buying, especially if you haven't played the previous games. Expand
  44. Oct 16, 2013
    Welcome back to Steelport. Saints Row IV's world might be a virtual simulation, but there's nothing fake about the level of fun on offer here. The only downside is a nagging sense of diminishing returns, and a very real sense that the next Saints Row game should probably look at going back to its roots. Forget the absurdity of it all however and Saints Row IV proves to be a pure blast of videogaming escapism. Expand
  45. Sep 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Let me be clear- Saints Row: The Third was a game that I had thought did not require a sequel so relatively soon after its release, for more reasons than one. The first reason would be the sheer amount of content it already offered, and the premise that I'm sure much more could have been shoved into the already bustling and busting world. The second reason would be because of its witty and insanely comical storyline, dialogue, and antics- making for a very memorable and hard to top experience. And the third reason being that, with each iteration of the Saints series getting better and better, it only takes so many sequels before you inevitably fall down a notch in the process. Saints Row IV is a good game, but it is not a better game than Saints Row: The Third in many ways, although it might still top it in others. By no means does this mean that IV is not a worthy sequel, or that it is automatically to be trashed simply because it didn't do as well as its predecessor. In fact, I'd still say that, in terms of the craziness and carnage we've come to expect from the Saints series, IV ranks second behind The Third, and is worlds better than SR2 and SR1. It is particularly interesting how Enter the Dominatrix became a full fledged title, and you'd expect that title to be a little barebones because of that, but it is surprisingly immersing instead. If you're looking for a crazy, fast-paced, and exciting title, then this is definitely a game for you.

    The extremely apparent reason for Saints Row IV being ten times more crazy than its predecessor lies in the fact that you are in a computer simulation, and therefore anything goes- from superpowers to supercars. The fact that these powers are given to players early on in the game is a double edged gameplay sword. On one hand, it is awesome to be able to be overpowered and already leap buildings in single bounds a la Crackdown, however, on the other, you never get to really appreciate your powers so much by building them up and enjoying their ins and outs also a la Crackdown. In fact, on a Crackdown note, Saints Row IV can be easily compared to the first title in that series (or the second,, if you think about it) in that you possess a special set of powers, you fight overwhelming odds often, and you also find yourself in an abnormally hilarious and over-the-top experience every step of the way. First things first though, before I draw many more parallels between games here- let's get back to this review. You play as the President of the United States (or is it President of the United Saints? I'm really not sure...) and you have the power to veto bills or leap high buildings and run at dangerously fast speeds. Bear in mind, you can upgrade your skills and learn new ones, however, it is simply not as expansive and time consuming as it could be a la Crackdown, which is both good and bad. If you are looking for a more in-depth experience, it is a little disappointing, however, if you wish to level up fast and kick some booty, it is excellently paced.

    One of the other double edged gameplay swords present here for and because of your super abilities, is the fact that your transportation methods are drastically affected. You'll most likely only find yourselves utilizing cars or other forms of transportation in the missions that require them, whereas you would normally just fly, sprint, and glide around to your destinations otherwise. There are still some epic vehicles, and by all means you are welcome to take them for a ride, however, you are a lot less likely to when you've got the choice between flying and driving. It's just a no-brainer. Now, going back to something I mentioned earlier about Enter the Dominatrix- the majority of the game is spent within said computer simulation, so expect even more shenanigans and hijinks than usual. The best thing about this is that those hijinks don't just stop at gameplay and dialogue, but instead percolate into the entire world as well. There are several moments that parody entire scenes from well known movies, games, and books- such as, but not limited to, Tron, Matrix, MGS, and more. The humor that the series has become known for still elicits laughs here and there, but ultimately it is the over-the-top, insane gameplay that has you rolling on the floor, not the scripted sequences or fallback jokes.

    Let's talk about craziness and insanity for a moment here. No- not Vaas' definition of insanity, although that is a very good one, both metaphorically and literally. No, what I am referring to are the innumerable moments where something insane happens in Saints Row IV, and you simply stop and marvel at them. From the dubstep gun to the inflate-o-ray to the lightsabers (yes, you heard me correctly) to the black holes and more, there isn't a sane moment in this game. I mean, just take a gander at the picture above. That is the dubstep gun in action, and some of its finest work. Truly. Flying high above your enemies, descending upon them like a maelstrom, sucking them into a black hole, blowing them up with your mind, and much, much more is possible- and deadly fun(ny) as well. Some other craziness happens in the form of intentional (and unintentional) bugs or glitches. You might be walking (or flying) around, when suddenly the environment becomes all pixelated and wavy, or maybe you're people start going crazy and walking into walls and stuff- it all depends. Then, of course, there are moments when you can't tell whether or not the bug is intentional- such as one instance where I was flying around, landed near a bad guy, picked him up to give him a whooping, and he suddenly disappeared- or so I thought. Instead, he had teleported mysteriously to the top of the world's sky, fallen for several minutes, bounced off of several hard objects, landed on the ground, sat there for two more minutes, and then gotten up and walked away like it was an everyday occurrence- which, in this game it very well may be. It's the things like that that actually make the game all the more endearing, even if they are character flaws. The only true annoying glitches are ones regarding the usual freezing and loading issues games have every now and then, but aside from that- the game is solid.

    For aesthetic gurus out there, be warned- the entire game takes place in a gloomy atmosphere, so don't be expecting too much day to day changing world looks or locales. These night happening are made all the more interesting, but I could easily see how it could also irk people as it did our very own, beloved Dan Ryckert. Anyway, I for one, was not too miffed about it, seeing it merely as a design choice I would not have taken, but ultimately respect simply in the fact that it doesn't in any way diminish the gameplay or graphics- merely the visual palette. Saints Row has always been a fun and crazy experience, and always had its few little glitches and issues, and on the whole, IV is not entirely too different, despite the change in ownership. It's the same as the Metro sequel in many ways- from developer to the fact that some things have changed, whereas others have remained faithfully true. Solo, cooperative, or just time sinking are all viable options, and all with their respective personalities and gimmicks. Superpowers and superpowered enemies just make things all the more risky, fun, and insane, and I wouldn't have missed the opportunity to play with them for the world- or rather, for an animated Steelport simulation. The series has always been known for its customization abilities and upgrades, and those return in force this time around, with upgrades for everything from your techno weapons to your superpowers and looks. This might be the same old story as The Third, with controlling and protecting Steelport and your interests, but you can bet that it is far from the same experience as that of The Third- even if Johnny Gat does make a come back. (Sorry, had to spoil that- plus I'm sure you already knew anyway, and if not...oops.)

    Concept: Simply put- Saints Row: The Third with more customization, more insanity, and more superpowers...well, actually HAVING superpowers, anyway.

    Graphics: The graphics are slightly improved over The Third's already pretty good looking graphical scheme, and the only slight inconvenience is the brightness or lack thereof present throughout your adventures. That is easily cured however by simply turning the settings and gamma up of course, so it is quite minor and not detracting from the experience.

    Sound: The in-game radio stations and the soundtracks and scores themselves are as silly as the game is, and often quite fitting to the scenarios you find yourselves in. Sometimes the game tries to be dramatic, and it is usually all the more hilarious for it.

    Playability: I wouldn't have though there would be much more room in the controls for your super abilities and augmentations, but by golly, they sure managed to pack them in there anyway didn't they? Now, not only can you curb stomp somebody, but you can inflate-o ray them, drop them off of a building, curb stomp them from fifteen feet in the air, AND toss them into a black hole for added measure.

    Entertainment: Saints Row IV certainly shines in some moments, and it has quite a few solid times, but overall, it's still just a close second to Saints Row: The Third, and seems too much like Saints Row 3.5 for me. But that's just my opinion, and has nothing to do with the solid gameplay and tight controls.

    Replay Value: Moderately High.

    Overall Score: 8.0
  46. Sep 28, 2013
    Las cosas van bien pues tienen de todo Saints row 4 es uno de los mejores juegos que he jugado que hasta me atrevo a decir que supera a GTA, es una historia interesante sin enlaces raros y logra ser entretenida, Saints row 4 tiene lo que le faltaba a Deep silver par llegar a un punto mucho mas alto en los juegos
  47. Sep 22, 2013
    My favorite game this year! If you come to this game expecting a serious game, well your out of luck!
    Totally off the charts amusing, you'll be rolling in laughter at most points. As to gameplay, it's great. The only downpoint is that vehicles aren't really needed at all, though they can be used for a change of pace.
    I endorse this game!
  48. Sep 14, 2013
    This is the most fun I've ever had playing a video game. Saints Row has finally let grand theft auto grab up the gang style realism and has completely immersed itself in the insane charm that the previous titles only dreamt of. Ask nothing of this game, and this game will give you hours of nothing. Just flying around, or super-kicking aliens in the balls, or destroying city blocks with dub step. The new alien vehicles are fun, the superpowers are amazing, and the weapons have introduced the deepest level of customization Saints has ever attempted. Brilliant good fun. Expand
  49. Nov 21, 2013
    The game is basically saints row 3 with a little more to do and super powers... and i am fine with that. The gameplay is fun, the story is compelling, and GAT is back!
  50. Sep 17, 2013
    When I first saw Saints Row IV I absolutely despised it. I thought they took the idea of everything being over dramatic and funny to being way over the top. Even for Saints Row! Because from what I saw and heard, You were the president with super powers in an alien invasion. But this is not how the game was.

    I bought the game to laugh at it. And boy oh boy, did this game prove me wrong.
    The story was executed in a fantastic way, the super powers were used in a way that was so clever. It was very similar to assassins creed in which you are put into a simulation, so you aren't just given superpowers because why the hell not. There is reasoning to it. I wont lie, the president bit was a bit over the top, but I liked it.

    The characters in the game were gripping. I cared for people like Kinzie because she cared about me. Well My character but I felt so attached to her. It was great! Other characters were not so lovable because it is all mainly based around you and Kinzie. I'm surprised we didn't get married!

    The side missions were quite annoying. They were unbearably repetative and just made you do the same 5 activities over and over with a different plot each time but the loyalty missions paid off for this. They were all different in every way and none of them felt the same as the others.

    So, overall, going into a game I was certain I would hate, Completely bi-est against it. I was delightfully surprised. The side missions might be a pain in the Arse But overall. This game rocked!
  51. Sep 18, 2013
    Saints Row 4 is a great game, with a few setbacks. I love the superpowers, but they feel a little overpowered. It ruins over 25% of the customization in the game. Also, the graphics are reused, the story is short, and the side activities can get repetitive. Yet the game has good controls, an entertaining gameplay mechanic, and an all-around great story to progress through. While it isn't worth the full 60 dollars, it is a great game that should be considered when buying your next game. Expand
  52. Oct 12, 2013
    Don't want get Russian language? Take google translation.
    This is not what I originally expected. There are innovations own cybernetic atmosphere pleases many possible tuning a lot of weapons that you can customize the screen, but it seems that something is not right The third was a masterpiece and this can not be called so Too much emphasis on the superpowers that the cardinally
    change the whole gameplay Why steal the car if you run fast Why fly a plane if high jump and soar The leader of the Saints a clown, even in the second it was more pathos and he looked better. Mission to capture areas have changed and now they look like a chore. Well at least left the insurance fraud only with superpowers they pass very easily. Overall, not bad but not the fountain Expand
  53. Oct 14, 2013
    This time round in SR i found that the game was much more compelling than the actual story, it just felt kinda lazy to me, the clothes you could buy where pretty much the same, th map is the same and really this just feels like a stretched out DLC for SR3 but it was fun cars where pretty much pointless since you had super speed and the Dub Step Gun is the greatest creation since Mr Toots in Red Faction, alot of people will say there are a lot of glitches but the story is based inside a digitally engineered world that your messing with so glitches make sense and if they were not done purposefully then the digital world was a good way of hiding it on the whole this isn't a bad game its a good game but i still waiting for the proper sequel to follow SR2 and continue to fight Ultor headed by Dex but i guess i'm never going to see that Expand
  54. Oct 22, 2013
    I've never been a big fan of the Saints Row series. I often felt they failed with the third one. But this is different. This game is probably in my top 30 games of all time. It's fun, addictive, and there is a lot to do. The super powers, the soundtrack, and all of the funny things they add to just fits almost perfectly. Though it is fun at first, you may find yourself just trying to get yourself to the next part. I have added up about 35 hours in the game and near the end too. Though cars are pretty useless in the game and the handling does kinda suck. I give this game an 8.5 overall. And it isn't like Saint's Row 3 or a dlc. Expand
  55. Oct 25, 2013
    saints row has always been a series that revels in madness and the next installment (which is the weakest in the series bar the first) is no exception, the game has the greatest customization options that i have ever seen in a video game, the best of which is the car customization. the missions are mostly fun but some are simply annoying, they are jam-packed full of references and jokes, like the streets of rage spin off level. the superpowers (which are meant to be a major selling point of the game) were a massive hindrance and make other aspects of the game pointless, there is no reason to customize a car, or even steal one. there is no reason to call in your homies when they can't even keep up with you and you can deal with all of the enemies on your own. alot of the jokes in the game fall flat which is to be expected but it happens way to often to be ignored. i will say however the music in the game is, as always great and when it uses it in the story it is always perfectly placed. all in all the game is just very par the course and any really good things they added are just far overshadowed by the many failures the game has (i haven't even mentioned the pipe dream mini-games) but, just because it's a saints row game, it kind of works. Expand
  56. Nov 3, 2013
    Saints Row IV continues an epic story line in a well-designed game. Much like it's three predecessors, this game is fun, challenging and has the perfect open-world availability I personally enjoy. They always manage to remain creative with challenges, weapons and character development.
  57. Dec 26, 2013
    Saints have taken the office, with you, the player, becoming President. Now aliens have taken over Earth and it's your job to save the world from Zinyak, an evil alien with a love for literature.Surprisingly, the game has a lot to offer. Having superpowers is one of the highlights of the game. The downside, you are basically invincible on casual with superpowers. The weapons are unique. I love how you can change the style of most of your guns, to either be a realistic weapon, or a space themed weapon varying from "star wars" style weapons and many more. Weapons can still be used in combination with your powers. A big problem is the vehicles. Vehicles are for the most part useless. Why spend 10 minutes driving a vehicle to one point instead of flying to said point in less than a minute. Sucks for the people who spent time on making the vehicle customization. Quests are still boring as can be, side quests at least. These are disguised as "quests" that are just for completing the activities around Steel port. There is an abundant amount of collectibles, including Audio Logs, Zinyak Statues, and clusters. With over 1000 clusters, you will be spending time after-game collecting these. Clusters are used to upgrade your superpowers. The writing is very good and is as funny as could be. For a game that was originally meant to be dlc for Saints Row 3, its a fun game that you will spend 10-15+ hours on. Expand
  58. Jan 11, 2014
    Saints row 4 has to be the worst of the series because its losing touch to the previous saints row games were the 3 one to it to its limits. even though this game was really fun, its just doesn't feel like a saints row game anymore. so a 7?
  59. Jan 30, 2014
    Still has PS2 level graphics even though they have been doing this for nearly 7 years. Recycled city from the last game. Still has crappy car physics but not as bad as the first 2 games. Storyline is stale at best but has some interesting and goofy bits. Same elements from the third game but added new stuff. Very phony guns. But at least I like some of it.
  60. Jan 25, 2014
    This game is cheesy, but it is a lot of fun! It's definitely better than the 6 that it has. There are so many side missions and different things you can do . This game is worth a buy because you will get plenty if hrs out it. I was skeptical about the whole alien thing at first, but the super powers actually make the game more fun. I would say this game is a mix of Prototype , infamous , and GTA . If you like all of those you will love this game . The down sides are it is very cheesy , the customization of your character seems like it has not changed at all from Saints the third , the audio was never right ( I couldn't hear the main story & other parts were too loud, and the graphics are not that great. But all in all it's a fun game and worth a buy Expand
  61. Feb 6, 2014
    at first i dint like this game but after i got adjusted to the new style i really enjoyed it it was good
    it just goes beyond dlc bit i go back to it even though i got gta 5 because it is not even a clone now i
    if it is on sale on xbox or steam get it
  62. Jun 19, 2014
    "Saints Row IV" is a great game. It has the Dubstep Gun and super powers and that should be enough. I highly recommend playing it. The parody of gaming is spot-on and welcome. The tough question is whether it is better or worse than "Saints Row the Third". Everyone knows "Saints Row IV" started as extra content for "Saints Row the Third" and then was spun into into owns game instead. Much of "Saints Row the Third" is recycled, such as much of the game world, vehicles, characters, and weapons. However, what little that has changed is just so fantastic, revisiting Steel City is fantastic fun.

    The story mode of the game is rather shallow. You can definitely see how this game is more of an add-on than full game. On the other hand, some of the missions are inventive for this genre. One has you in a 2-D style "Double Dragon" beat'm up. Another has your character commenting on shooting the lights in spy missions when he could just shoot the guard instead. Other revisit Saints Row history which is probably great for people who played the first two games. *shrug* Anyone who has seen the the 1980s "Transformers: The Movie" will enjoy some late game repartee between the "hero" and villain. The real special sauce is the additon of super powers, which eventually include creating a nuclear blast with a flying drop kick off a sky scraper.

    All in all, "Saints Row IV" is short for a sandbox game and burns out quickly. When you can run up buildings at 200mph, the Steel Port becomes a small city and vehicle and weapon customization become useless. Super powers are often removed main story missions, as are much of the customization. Yet, for anyone with better things to do, a short game is not a detriment. Look at the stats for GTAIV. Hardly anyone finished the game, and that's because finishing the game was a real chore. Finishing "Saints Row IV" was a joy, and though it might have low replayability, the initial run will be epic, promise!
  63. Jul 8, 2014
    The game IS fun, like its predecessor, that's undeniable.
    But the story...who the hell wrote that ? Nothing makes sense and everything is given a bad explanation.
    The game presents just a few innovations, up being more glitching than The Third, that's just annoying.
    We can see how the producers of this game didn't make anything about The Third problems.

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. Oct 3, 2013
    It may not blow your mind graphically and has some niggling issues, but this is easily the most fun you can have with you clothes on, or pixelated off. [Nov 2013, p.60]
  2. Sep 23, 2013
    Volition needs to plan its next steps carefully, or run the risk of losing the fan base it has worked so hard to claw away from those that didn't quite click with GTA IV. [Issue#139, p.86]
  3. Sep 20, 2013
    If it were released as a "mega expansion pack" Saints Row IV would have been a "must buy". As it is it can only be recommended to die-hard fans of the franchise.