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  • Summary: In Sanctum 2 players assume the role of one of 4 elite soldiers, each with his own unique abilities and weapons whose mission is to protect the Cores from hordes of mysterious alien creatures on the human colony planet, LOEK III. Melding elements of the tower defense and first-person genres, players are challenged to protect the Cores. In each scenario, players must set up defensive towers to take out waves of attacking enemies and ensure victory. However, Sanctum 2 is not just a game where players sit back and watch the action unfold. Instead they jump into the fray head-on in FPS mode to light up the opposition with a wide array of weapons, some of which you've never seen before in an FPS game. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 12
  2. Negative: 1 out of 12
  1. May 15, 2013
    Whereas the first Sanctum is a fun little oddity that brought some new ideas to the tower-defense genre, this sequel's a tightly paced adventure that builds on them and maintains its momentum to the very end.
  2. May 16, 2013
    Sanctum 2 shines brightest when it's forcing you to think and consider all the options it places in front of you, from tower choice to which enemies to gun down to what perks are the most advantageous.
  3. Jun 7, 2013
    Despite its technical issues, Sanctum 2’s blend of tower defense and first-person shooting forces you to think differently about both genres. The dichotomy has issues when it comes to balancing on a smaller scale, but it combines mechanics so well as a whole that the rest is easy to overlook.
  4. 80
    While the game feels rough around the edges, the core is so entertaining that such flaws don’t dominate the experience. Whether you play solo or with pals, solving Sanctum 2’s many challenges proves deeply absorbing.
  5. May 27, 2013
    Sanctum 2 puts a bit too much emphasis on the FPS aspect of the game.
  6. 73
    If you’re a fan of tower defense or FPS games, and you are looking for something new, Sanctum 2 deserves a close look for sure.
  7. May 29, 2013
    I strongly suggest saving your cash for something else, as this is very below average.

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Score distribution:
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  3. Negative: 3 out of 6
  1. May 16, 2013
    Sanctum 2 is a very worthy sequel, the limitations on maze building I feel ultimately benefit this game. It creates a focus on strategy and is a way to immerse the player in the action. In Sanctum 1 the enemies would just ignore you, and you could level up your maze to the extent that all you had to do was sit back and watch. That doesn't make for good gameplay. Thankfully that is all fixed in Sanctum 2. My only complaints are Skyes redesign and the lack of a reload animation. Collapse
  2. Jun 2, 2014
    Wow don't go by the low user score.

    If you are a tower defense fan you'll love this game. Great art/visual style, great humor and most
    important fun gameplay.

    I'm a big shooter fan but i must say this game was a breathe of fresh air. There can be intense moments where it feels like a frantic FPS (try with 5 feats of strength) but most of the time the game is slower paced and strategic.

    Kinda reminds me of a PS1 game i used to love L.A.P.D Future Cop.

    I have and still play this for 360, game looks great and is a blast in co op IMO.
  3. Aug 10, 2013
    A fairly interesting mix of first-person shooter gameplay and tower defense. Like any other tower defense game, you place various towers (gun towers, cannons, etc.) around a playfield, placing them to both defend the core and form a path for enemies to go through (making that path longer and harder to traverse is key). Class-based gameplay is integrated as well, with four different classes with different weapons and abilities, and unlockable perks add a little more variety in combat. Feats of Strength add more challenge, by increasing enemy health or movement speed, rewarding bonus XP if you're successful. Enemy variety is decent as well, everything from basic run-on-the-mill grunts to enemies that can take a lot of damage before falling. However, the game isn't perfect. Another game designed to be played with more than one person, as playing solo is an uphill battle. Level glitches also plague this game, as do somewhat bland visuals. Aside from that, this is an interesting take on the tower defense genre. Those who like first-person shooter and/or tower defense game should definitely give this game a try. Expand
  4. May 23, 2013
    First off, I love tower defense games, my IPad and Xbox are filled with them...THIS ONE SUCKS. Iron Brigade and Dungeon Defenders are awesome because they are fun and it is painfully obvious the people who made this game never played either of those. If I have to look up on the internet how to set up towers because their is basically one build for each map, where is the creativity in that? A tower defense game should have some flexibility.You can only build 10 towers on any map...are you kidding me? You get caught in the environment constantly which spells death.

    This game has so much going for it but in the end its not fun.

    The artists did their job, the style of the game is awesome. The programmers choked. If I had bought it on a disc I would have cracked in half by now...
  5. Jun 27, 2013
    I am not going to draw this review out in all honesty, I'm just going to be straight forward about this game.

    I thought it was incredibly
    boring, I've always been a fan of Tower Defense games and so forth, But this game just felt sloppy and poor to me. I didn't really enjoy it. Expand

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