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Summary: Jigsaw has killed your partner and destroyed your life. Now he has trapped you in an abandoned insane asylum that he alone controls. If you can defeat his brutal traps and survive, you may just discover the truth behind what drives this twisted serial killer. SAW is a third-person perspective, survival horror game based on the SAW film franchise. The game features many of the deadly mechanical traps seen in the film, as well as terrifying new ones. Players pit their wits against Jigsaw as they navigate his world in an attempt to evade and escape his gruesome traps, while also struggling against his minions in brutal combat by using weapons found within the environment. SAW, the video game, is based on a treatment from Zombie Studios and the creators of the SAW franchise, Leigh Whannell and James Wan. The timeline for the game takes place between the movies: SAW and SAW II, giving the game its own story, yet fitting within the narratives of the movies. The story centers on Detective David Tapp who awakens in a decrepit, abandoned asylum. He has been captured by his longtime nemesis, Jigsaw. Obsessed with catching this serial killer, Tapp’s mission has consumed him and ruined his family, resulting in divorce, mental imbalance, and abandonment. Worse yet, this frantic hunt destroyed Tapp’s career while he watched his long-time friend and partner get killed by one of Jigsaw’s traps. Now Jigsaw has the upper hand and has captured the detective. Tapp must play a deadly game - the likes of which he has been investigating for years - to escape, and in order to do so he must survive the lethal traps and puzzles that Jigsaw has put in place for him and others. But each victim has a dark connection to Tapp. Will Tapp save them? Can he survive his obsession to find the Jigsaw killer? [Konami]
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Rating: M
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Developer: Zombie Studios
Genre(s): Action Adventure, Horror, Horror, Survival
ESRB Descriptors:Blood and Gore Drug Reference Intense Violence Strong Language
Cast Credit
Dave White Voice: Minion
Joakim Wejdemar Additional Art
Ian Vogel Story / Designer
Jeremy Airey Executive Producer
Joanna Alexander Executive Producer
Bill Wright Technical Director
Douglas Rappaport Talent Director
Leigh Whannel Treatment
John Williamson Story / Producer
David Scully Voice: Minion
David Scully Voice: Oswald McGullicuty
Jen Taylor Voice: Amanda Young
David Kimber Cinematic Lead
Chris Harding Script Director
Chris Harding Story / Narrative Designer
Niais Taylor Assistant Producer
Niais Taylor Script Editor
Earl Alexander Voice: Detective David Tapp
Russell Nelson Engineer
Erik Bretz Level Designer
Richard Dormer Lead Level Designer
Nicholas Longano Producer
Duncan Kay UI Artist
Sean O'Connor Engineer
Adam Houghton Art Director
Jaimie Siedow Session Engineer
David Cohen Creative Producer
Brett Holton Lead Engineer
Kevin Hamilton Engineer
Rich Starr Level Designer
Alex Guilbert Audio Lead
Alex Guilbert Original Score
Morgan Green Sound Designer
Mitch Davis Producer
Marc Carr Voice: Minion
Marc Carr Voice: Obi
Troy Lund Voice: Jennings Foster
Troy Lund Voice: Minion
Dex Manley Voice: Jeff
Dex Manley Voice: Minion
Kahn Doan Voice: Melissa Sing / 911 Operator / School Councilor
Darraugh Kennan Voice: Minion
Simon Lai Producer
Hunter Peyron Level Designer
Terence Wright Level Designer
Susan Oleinik Level Designer
Steve Holt Lead Environment Artist / Concept Artist
Aimee Skeers Artist
Aimee Skeers Motion Capture Talent
Dani Roberge Artist / UI Artist
Michael McKinley Artist
Jeremy Estrellado Artist
David Sursley Artist
Ryan Bullock Artist
James Croley Concept Artist
James Croley FX Artist
Chris Hinkes Engineer
Chance Lyon Engineer
Noah Adler Engineer
Terry Hendrix Platform Lead Engineer
Troy McFarlane Motion Capture Lead
Warren Seeley Animator
Ben Stanton Animator
Jonathan David Pedersen Motion Capture Talent
Parker Levinson Motion Capture Talent
Brad Davi Motion Capture Talent
Ryan Ranerie Motion Capture Talent
Bob Summerford Motion Capture Talent
Ian Allen Motion Capture Talent
Ted Lockwood Additional Art
Corbett Sachter Additional Art
Max Chapman Additional Art
David Samuel Cohen Producer
David Samuel Cohen Writer
James Wan Treatment
James Wan Writer
Jeff Thomas Ridenhour Voice: Dex Manley
Sam Gray Recording Engineer
Mark Long Executive Producer
Tobin Bell Voice: Jigsaw
Leigh Whannell Writer
Toshiaki Ideo Audio/Video Specialist
James Cunningham Graphic Designer
Sa-dekaronhes Esquivel Concept Artist
M. Zachary Sherman Writer
Zachary Sherman Writer
Wendi Wills Casting Agent
Carrie Palk Recording Engineer
Tobin Bell Voice: Jigsaw
Mark Long Executive Producer
Sam Gray Recording Engineer
Leigh Whannell Writer
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